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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 4






*Endy’s pov*
I just came back from New Orleans to rest at home after business and then when I came home there’s this girl, Selene who happens to be the new house keeper, she’s beautiful.. Very beautiful infact.. I mean the way her hair is, her eyes which is golden brown, her lips, her everything, she is beauty itself.. Her name to me sounds so familiar, and also once again she seems familiar, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never anyone as pretty as her in my entire life
But then she just has the stupid personality where she has to do everything stupidly, our past house keeper Jose, Josephine or whatever her name was would never act like Selene, Jose does everything perfectly and also stole my brother’s heart.. Jose’s beauty isn’t close to Selene’s but she actually stole my brother’s heart, and imagine if a pretty girl like Selene has good intentions and manners like Jose, she’ll have guys falling to her feet, they might be falling to her feet, cause she’s naturally pretty but when they get to know her personality they’ll understand what I mean…
And just yesterday she made very angry, by sleeping when she’s not supposed to like she owns this place and she left my grandma starving, I don’t get why my grand-mom likes her but I don’t like her,
And then there’s this again, I don’t get why I can’t look her in the eyes and talk face to face cause when I look at her eyes I feel something that I don’t want to feel, and when I don’t look at her eyes, I feel like its calling me to look at her, and all those time she keeps her head down I just glance at her and look away, she’s making me look too weird.. But what can I say, I was already weird since I was five, well I wasn’t actually that weird until when my dad took my brothers and I to visit grandma and grandpa, (grandpa) who was still alive then and when they lived alone.. Getting there my brothers and I were excited but not my sister, she doesn’t like my grandfather, .. That day we got to my grandparents house and my three brothers and I played liked never before I didn’t want that sudden Playdate to end.. But when it was nighttime my brothers became tired and got inside the house, while I stood outside alone still wanting to play more, I could still remember the night clearly the clouds were dark, the stars were shinny and the moon was big, golden, full and round.. That night I gazed at the moon because it was pretty and because it felt like it was smiling at me calling me to play and the next thing I know was that it was the next day and I just woke up, I couldn’t remember what happened last night, and just when we’re having breakfast that morning my mom asked what did I went to do at the river in deep down in a forest behind my grandparents house during nighttime, I just couldn’t give her an answer cause I didn’t know what they were talking about .. My dad persuaded my mom to leave me that I was still a child, but then later that day my older sister still the same one who hates grandpa, told me that last night I was found at a river side unconscious and that I was drenched, soaked and soggy.. When we all left our grandparents house and went home and I suddenly didn’t want to associate with anyone.. In school I suddenly became the quiet boy, I didn’t play much and didn’t talk much and my mom got worried and took me to a doctor and the diagnosis was that I’m okay.. I grew up like that distancing myself from everyone, not talking much and doing things my own way, my friends called me weird my brothers called me weird and so did my sister, I couldn’t do anything as much as I wanted to do something fun, and play like my brothers, that dull spirit still lives in me but all the time when I’m alone I don’t feel like I’m alone, since I didn’t want to remain a weirdo forever I had to force myself to associate with people including my brothers and suddenly everyone thinks I’m back to who I was but I know this isn’t me, that dull spirit still lives in me, thankfully I don’t see my self as a weird person until “she” came..
She’s not only making me feel like a weirdo, but also making me look totally crazy.. And then this morning we just had to bump into each other accidentally, I caught her by her waist and I couldn’t help it but stare at her face..
“no matter how hard I try to look away from these eyes of yours, it keeps calling me to look at them and.. an–
I stopped talking cause I realise I was being not only weird but dumb, why the hell did I say that, feeling embarrassed I let go of her said..
“Just ignore everything I just said” I said and walked away.. I could hear her mumbling something to herself but I just let her be and went to house garden at the back of the Mansion, as I opened the small gate to the garden my phone starts to ring and I brought it out of my pocket and walked in the garden
I looked at my phone caller and it was my father, I picked it and we talked the conversation was going smoothly until he told me my brothers are done with their jobs in England and they’ll be coming back home soon .. I sighed depressingly cause those triplets are one of a kind.. Not that I don’t like them but they’re mischievous sometimes, and also impudent.. After asking about my health and his mom health (grandma) he ended the call.. I dipped my phone back in my pocket and sat down on a wooden bench beside a huge tree, and sighed.. I looked deep down in the garden and remembered when my brothers and I use to play when we were kids.. Well that was the good old days, I didn’t Like the sun on my body, I never did liked the sun, but I can’t go inside cause I might bump into Selene and would see as me as a weird person.. But still who cares, I stood up immediately and turned to see Selene..
I flinched a bit but I got control of myself cause she suddenly came out nowhere.
“i-i uhm.. Made breakfast” she said and I nod
“okay well, go ahead first” I said rudely and she nods and gave me a quick glare before walking away..
Getting another glare from her .. She’s something else
I walked inside and went to the dining room and saw grandma eating and Selene standing beside her, “Mrs Ginger do you–
“Oh call me grandma dear” my grandma cut Selene off and she nods
“sorry! grandma, do you need butter on your toast?” Selene asked, and my grandma smiled and nod, Selene grabbed her toasted bread and help her spread the butter, I moved to the dining table and the Two of them finally noticed me.. I glance at Selene but she was busy buttering
I sat down and grabbed the Jug of tea and poured myself some tea..
My grandma suddenly stopped Selene from buttering her bread and held her hands
“why don’t you eat with us” my grandma said and I sighed
Selene glanced at me and I gave her a warning look not to but she smiled at my grandma and said “I’d love to”
My grandma smiled back as Selene sat down beside her, opposite me.. I gave her a look while she smiled back.. I turned to my food and ate it without looking at anyone, after eating I stood up and looked at Selene..
And she looked up .. At me
“make sure the Garden is clean” I said and made it very clear to her and she nods and I went to my room..
It’s been 55minutes since breakfast and I’m alone reading about the news on my phone, I got bored cause the news was about us.. My dad especially..
I dropped my phone and laid on my king-sized bed and stared at my wall clock which was opposite the bed on the wall, it was 10:24am and I guess Selene might be cleaning the Garden by now..
Maybe I should go check on her?
Or maybe not?
But what if she’s doing it wrong.. I sighed at my outrageous thoughts and decided to go check on what she’s doing..
I walked to the garden and I couldn’t find her so I had to walk deep down, it was a huge garden after all she could be anywhere.. Just as I passed a perfect trimmed bushes, I saw her on her knees touching my mom’s favorite flower plant..
“what are you doing?” I asked ..
She quickly stood on her feet as she noticed me and apologized, “sorry i-i was just admiring this plant” she said
“it’s not just a plant but a flower-plant and my mom planted that there and she doesn’t like it when someone touches it including her husband so what do you think she’ll do when she finds out its just a stranger touching her precious plant” I said and she tucked her hair behind her hair but it fell back to her face and I remembered when I asked her to get those trimmed or cut, but I’m sure there’s a reason she has to keep it, I’m not the boss of her life..
But I do know I’m her boss at work
“I’m sorry I was already done with cleaning the Garden and I got bored and on my way out I saw this flower and decided to admire it a little.. I’m sorry” she said, and took her bottom lip between her teeth.. I looked away cause she was kind of.. tempting..
“anyway you can hang around the garden or whatever, but when it’s lunch time make sure you don’t fall asleep and make the lunch perfectly okay!” I said and she rolled her eyes thinking I didn’t see her..
“Selene, do I make myself clear?” I said and she nods heavily,. I walked back inside but my didn’t want to be inside, I wanted to be out with her it was like she was calling me… Not the Selene with the clumsy personality but a Selene of bravery steel, mettle and temperament..
I know I like to distance myself from everyone, when I’m with my family I feel like running away from them.. And trust me I hate that feeling and it’s sad cause I force myself to be around grandma too, even when we go to company parties, weddings or any occasion that involves going out and meeting people I don’t do well with meeting people so I just sometimes stay home or while being at the party I’ll look for an empty place to stay and the worst part is that I don’t do anything while being alone and I just stay and do nothing, it’s a curse .
But even how staying alone is now my strange and stupid hobby, somehow I still want to be alone, with Selene..
*Selene’s pov*
That two faced porcupine, just because his dads owns this stupid mansion doesn’t mean he has to boss me around..
I mean he has every right to boss me around, but he’s way too rude
“make sure you don’t fall asleep and make the lunch perfectly okay!” I remembered his words and cringed..
Maybe I should just kiss him, then he’ll die, cause I’m cursed anyway I kiss people and they die.. I’ve killed two and trust me it was a real burden for me and I regretted it.. But I’m sure I won’t regret *killing* Endymion, not that I have bad intentions for him… Wait of course I do. .he’s annoying..
He just have to boss me around like I’m some crazy dumb girl who doesn’t know how her life works, I’ll totally *kiss* (kill) him if I have to. And no regret..
The thought of kissing him suddenly appeared in my mental screen, you know the type of kiss normal people have and my heart skipped and I shook my head roughly .
What am I thinking, me.. Kiss.. Endy, that is the last thing I want to do..
I looked straight up and found him staring at me. …
What’s he doing back here, again?
T. B. C

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