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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 6






Selene almost rolled her eyes seeing me but she immediately faked a smile and said “good morning” lowly..
She dropped her small girly purse on the couch and went to do some house chores while I just sat down on the couch watching TV..
Few minutes later Selene came to me telling me breakfast was ready and she left.. I went to the dining room and met my grandma and Selene and having breakfast already, I sat down opposite Selene who sitting beside grandma and before I knew it I started eating,. Breakfast was quiet.. Mostly cause Selene kept taking big gulps of her tea and it was really bothering.. Me
“could you drink you tea slowly you’re making me uncomfortable” I said and she bowed her head apologetically and I rolled my eyes and turned to my food and then my grandma cleared her throat making Selene and I grab her attention..
“Luna dear how would you like to go to a formal” she said and I almost spit back my tea
“a formal?” Selene tilt her head in confusion
“it’s an occasional party wher–
“no I know what it means, but why do you want me to go to a formal” Selene asked and my grandma smile beamed,
She’s making a huge mistake, Selene is just going to say no and break her heart, I actually want to go with Selene but I’d rather go alone cause I just want to go there, do every stuff I want to do there quickly and come home, I don’t like being around people and going to parties are worst, especially the ones where you have to greet and shake hands with a lot of people..
“you’re not going to a formal alone, you’ll be going with Endy” my grandma said and Selene chuckled..
“no thanks, but I rather stay here” she said and my know it all grandma face frowned
“but why dear” she asked Selene and Selene sighed
“cause, one. I’ve never been to a formal before and two. Me and Endy.. no please, and can’t he go alone” Selene said calmly and my grandma shook her head negativelike
“no he can’t, it’s bad luck I could have gone with me but look at me I’m old and I don’t walk in heels” she said and I rolled my eyes..
“gran.. Can you please just stop you don’t have to force her if she doesn’t want to go then let her be and I don’t care if it’s bad luck you and dad are just being paranoid, you’re both the same” I said angrily and filled my cup with water..
“that’s why he’s my son, so Selene what do you say hmm,” my grandma said and Selene shook her head negatively..
“I’m sorry grandma I can’t,” she said and my grandma gasped and turned her face away
Good for her..
Selene glanced at me and we both made eye contact and I mouthed
“say NO!” to her and she sighed and turned to my grandma ..and said
“okay fine I’ll go” my grandma turned to her and smiled “oh wonderful and the formal’s tomorrow evening” my grandma said and Selene nods but she wasn’t smiling
“wait! Tomorrow? But I don’t have any dress or shoes” Selene yelled
“don’t worry I’ll get that covered” my grandma said
“get what covered?” Selene asked
“you just said you didn’t have any dress” my grandma replied
“oh my goodness did I say that out loud” Selene grinned embarrassingly and my grandma smiled and nod..
Grandma stood up and turned to both Selene and I and said “oh and also Endy your dad told me the formal’s dress code is white.. Just white” Selene nodded and so do I.. White’s my favorite colour it makes me think of many things.
Grandma left the dining room cause she was done with her food and so was I but I was just lazy to stand up from the chair.. Selene stood up and starts to pack all the dishes and cups into a big tray to wash I think..
I stood up immediately she grabbed my dishes and called her she looked at me and goodness her golden eyes are one of a kind
“if you don’t want to go to the formal with me you can just tell my grandma no, she’ll get over it she’s just overreacting she’s not like this” I said and dipped my hands in my pocket.. She smiled at me and I didn’t know if it was real or fake but she smiles anyways
“don’t worry I’ll go to the formal with you, not because I want to, but I will” she said and was about to walk out of the dining room when she suddenly turned and called my name..
“Endy have we like met—. Like i-i h-have.. . Well j-just never mind I’m sorry for that actually” she said and walked out,
What was she even about to say, well whatever she had to say maybe she’ll say it sometime again, I’m feelings sleepy right now, looks like the sleepless time I missed are finally coming back.. I walked out of the dining room and went to my room to see take a short nap..
°~°~°~SELENE`S POV~°~°~°
After doing the dishes and cleaning the dining room I sat down in the dining room quietly thinking about the formal, all of a sudden I’m invited to a formal I don’t want to attend and it’s with Endy.. Endy’s not so bad but he’s bossy callous and annoying, but I have to go to the formal with him I don’t want Mrs Ginger to hate me or something like that..
Mrs Ginger walked in the dining room smiling
“Luna dear, I just called one of my seamstress and she’ll get the prettiest dress in town” Mrs Ginger said and I smiled and said “thank you ma’am” .
“but Luna, why did you decline to go to the formal, is it because of Endy? Dont you like him?” she asked and my mushed my lips together.. Like is a strong word.. I just stared at her not giving her a reply, I seriously don’t like Endy
“no” I said plainly shaking my head negatively..
“oh dear, you may not, now, but Endy is a lot like you, when you get to know him soon you’ll understand what kind of person he is” Mrs Ginger said and I nod..
I don’t wish to know him or understand him I came here for a job not to understand or know Endy..
It was 3:00pm I was making lunch when I heard the doorbell ring, before I could get to the door Endy already answered the door and he slammed the door after talking to the person outside, he walked inside , holding a medium sized box, he handed it to me as he got to my side and I slowly took it from him..
“that is for you” he said and walked away, I took the box to the kitchen and decided to prepare lunch before opening the box, lunch was ready and I ate with Mrs Ginger and Endy and after that I cleared the plates I remembered the box and decided to open it and when I did I saw a tight white dress and a white four inches heel..
What the hell! Did Mrs Ginger buy this for me.. I gazed at the dress and found a price tag at the hem of the dress and was shocked to see the price of the dress the amount of this dress could pay triple of my college tuition fees.. Mrs Ginger walked in with a smile and said “that’s what you’re wearing” she said and I nod cause I know already
“thank you, thank you so much” I said staring at the amount of dress not actually caring about the dress but the amount , I can’t believe She’d spend this much For Me for just a dress..
“I should be the one thanking you, and I think you should go home early today” Mrs Ginger suddenly said and I tilt my head in confusion
“why?” I asked
“just trust me on this one and go home early cause that would Save your life, once it’s 4:30pm just make sure you’re on your way home don’t worry about making dinner” she replied and I nod.. Okay I don’t know what’s going on but I’ll take the chances and go home..
I placed the dress back in the box and while Mrs Ginger walked out of the kitchen, okay lately I appreciate that Mrs Ginger is being nice to me and Endy,.. Well Endy isn’t that clingy or annoying like he used to but he’s still Endy the annoying dude..
When it was four thirty I grabbed my purse and the box and left the blossoms mansion like Mrs Ginger told me I don’t know what’s going on but free time..
I got home early and made dinner for my mom and I before she gets back..
^•^•^•^ ENDY’S POV ^•^•^•^
I came downstairs and found grandma on the couch and couldn’t find Selene..
“where’s Selene” I asked
“she left” my grandma replied
“what why?” I asked
“she needs enough energy for the formal tomorrow and also you know your sister’s coming Back home and she can be very annoying” she replied
That’s right my sister’s coming home today she called me earlier and told me she’s coming that I’m the only one she can tell and then I told grandma, it’s a good thing she told Selene to leave cause whenever my sister’s back from a long journey she can be very hyperactive and take her stress on anybody and it might be Selene since she’s somewhat a stranger
Just as I eat about to sit down on the couch with grandma, the door bell went ringing and I sighed and walked to the door I knew who it was, i opened the door and found Wendy my older sister smiling at the door..
“Endy!!!” she yelled happily and engaged me in her tight nice to meet you again hug..
“hey wen” I said with a grin as she disengaged me from her hug.. She walked inside leaving her suitcase for me to carry and I did the honour..
“Granny!!” she yelled cheerfully and gave my grandma a cheerful but careful hug.. Grandma pat her back as she stood up and she couldn’t stop smiling.. And I didn’t notice but she died her hair purple and black cause it was blonde before,..
“so where’s Josie?” she asked looking around
“she’s not here” I said plainly
“well wherever she is she better be back quickly I have so much to tell her” Wendy said loudly
“she’s not worki–
“anyway I’m going to rest I’m so tired bring my stuff upstairs Endy” she interrupted me and started to walk up the stairs with her five inches heel.. She’s so bossy
I grabbed her suitcase and followed her to her room,
“home sweet home” she said as she got to her room and she laid on her bed.. I dropped her suitcase beside her bed and said
“anyways your suitcase is here and I’m going happy resting”
“wait! You’re going to the Kim’s formal right cause I don’t want to go the Kim(s) are so dumb, they’re rich but they don’t act like it and I can’t find myself being around those people” she disgustingly and I smirked
“don’t worry I’m going, dad’s already talked to me about it” I said and she breathed a sigh of relief..
“so.. Who are you going with?” she asked with a sly smile
Why does everyone keeps assuming I go to this formal with someone
“Selene” I replied and she gasped
“wait is she like your new girlfriend or something” she asked standing up
“no she’s not, she’s our new house keeper, Jose’s replacement grandma forced me to go with her” I said and Wendy tilts her head in confusion
“so you’re saying Josie doesn’t work here anymore?”
“yeah try to keep up” I said rudely and she rolled her eyes
“shut up” she said aggressively
“well whoever she is I know she’ll be cute but not as cute as Josie, you know I’ve always wanted you and Josie to be a thing” she said moving her hair back
“please don’t start with me Wendy” I said with a sigh
“hold your horses I was just kidding okay!..” she laughed
“well I’ll be downstairs, If you need anything call me” I said and ah nods and I walked out..
Wendy, she’s the scariest one in the family..
T. B. C

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