[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 5





I looked straight up and found him (Endy) staring at me,
What is he doing back here again? Is he here to tell me to bathe him or clean his brain, cause I know I’ve done everything and now’s my freetime.. Till its lunch..
I glance at him and he gave me a creepy look, I wanted to give him the creepy look back but I just remembered the word “calm”
Because I know I’m not a calm person I might be, but I’m not everyone sees me as the good, nice, beautiful girl who doesn’t get angry or mad or upset, but I do get mad, angry and upset I just have to cover those up With a smile and everyone thinks I’m okay, it’s just that I don’t actually like it when people worry about me or get too comfy with me..
I glance at Endy one more time before moving to a small colourful two-person bench under a shady tree when he’s tired standing there he’ll leave. there are so many bench in this garden, I thought as I sighted two benches from afar
I sat down on the bench and sighed, the cool breeze started to blow smoothly and coolly and I closed my smiled and rest my back on the bench, enjoying the cool breeze, I suddenly opened my eyes and I saw Endy walking up to me and I cringed,
What does he want now.. I looked away pretending I didn’t see him and he walked up to me and sat down on the same bench I was sitting on.. Really?!!!!
And immediately a gust of wind blew making my long hair roar in the wind and I had to cover my face with my palm cause the breeze was too much, after some time it stopped and I wondered what kind of breeze that was..
I turned and Mr annoying was still sitting close to me and i adjusted a little but unfortunately it was a two-person bench so I couldn’t adjust and it was only two inches of space that was preventing us from touching and I had to tighten my self in the bench.. I remained quiet and so did Endy, he was looking at me and I could feel it as I stared at the floor.. Okay this is uncomfortable.. But seriously I have to say something, I suddenly turned to my left and looked at him.. And he looked away
“uhm.. E-Endy..
I said and he turned his gaze back to me and arched his brows..
“i-i believe this.. Is my freetime” I said and he nods
“I know that, but isn’t it obvious.. That I want to stay here with you” he said and fold his hands..
Be here with me? And no it is not obvious..
Why does he want to be here with me? To bore my life or be more annoying than usual..
“Oh yes that reminds me, I haven’t really have the time to know you better, how about an interview or something like that” he said,
An interview?
But I already got “this” job what does he want to interview me for?
“uhm.. Okay?” I said, and shrugged
“okay, first your full name..
“my full name’s Selene Murray” I said and he nods
“age?” he asked
“twenty two” I said plainly and he kept quiet but then continued
“okay, your date of birth?” .. Seriously dude!
“July 23rd 1997” I said and he paused for a second looked at me then nods to himself
“that means you’re not twenty two yet! But You will be next month” he said and I nod.. Yay.. He’s smart.. I didn’t expect that. . And what kind of interview is this anyway?
“okay, that’s all I need for now” he said and stood up
That’s all he needs for now?? Really!!..
“remember to make lunch this time and don’t sleep out here” he said and I nod not looking at him.. And he walked inside, at least it’s better to be alone than to be with him..
Since I didn’t know what to ask about her anymore, I left, technically i didn’t want to leave but it seems like she was uncomfortable with me.. I’m the one who’s supposed to be uncomfortable with people but yet I’m comfortable with her..
But it’s strange though, I rememeber my mom telling me that the day I was found unconscious at my grandparents house was on July 23rd 1997.. This could mean something.. Or at the same time be useless and just a coincidence..
I walked in the house and walked to my room but first I went to check if grandma was okay, and she was, she was sound asleep,
I flopped down my bed and fixed on my headphone over my head and on my ear, and I listened to the sound of the sea and the breeze before falling asleep cause it helps me fall asleep..
I woke up at exactly 6pm and went downstairs, I persevered a sweet smell of Deep fried turkey and ham..
I went to the living room but found no one and then I heard small talks and laughs coming from the dining room.. . I walked in and met my grandma and “Selene” eating dinner,
“oh you’re awake” my grandma said and looked up at me.. And then Selene noticed me too.. She removed her face and turned back to her food.
“Selene made lunch it’s such a shame you missed lunch, you slept too much” grandma said and I nod.
“yeah I’m surprised too” I said and Selene looked up and smiled ..fakely.. Even her fake smiles seem real and looks beautiful
“will you like me to serve you, your food now?” she asked and I nod.. She stood up grabbed a plate and before I know it I was eating..
After eating dessert Selene did the dishes, cleaned the dining room and it was time for her to go home,
And I kind of, sorta, didn’t want her to go but what the hell do I want to do with her!
My grandma and I were in the living room when she walked up to us.. My grandma actually..
“grandma, I’ll be heading home now, goodnight” she said and my grandma smiled at her and nod lightly before saying “goodnight dear” .. She smiled back and turned but our eyes jammed, she blinked rapidly and said “goodnight” slowly walking away immediately before I could even say a reply..
Grandma and I watched a little bit of TV before she started feeling sleepy and went to her room to sleep and I went back to my room too..
I couldn’t sleep again so I started playing video games on my phone but I got bored cause I’m not my brothers.. Video games are just not my thing.. I dropped my phone and laid on my bed with my eyes closed and thankfully i manage to fall asleep again..
I woke up at three in the morning by the sound of my ringing tone and I grunt and grabbed my phone to check the caller and saw that it was my dad and I sighed and picked it up
“hello?” I heard my dad said from the other side of the line
“for god’s sake Dad, it is three in the morning why are you calling me” I said into the phone and my dad chuckled
“oh I’m sorry I just well.. I’m not asleep cause it’s. Well I just have to tell you this in case I forget when it’s broad daylight cause there will be two much work for me then, I need you to go to a formal that is holding at Kim’s company, I need you to go in place of me cause i won’t be there, I might come but I’ll be late but please go in place of me” he said and sighed
“that’s it! That’s all I need to do, go to a formal?” I said and replied with a “yes”
“well okay you didn’t have to put please you know” I said and he laughed
“I have to you know and during the formal you have to take someone with you” he said and my eyebrows arched!
“someone?” I repeated
“yes like a lady, someone to accompany you cause it’s bad luck to go to a formal alone” my dad said
Bad luck?? Since when?
“okay well sure I’ll take grandma with me” I said
“if you’re trying to make a joke Endymion it’s not funny, you know what I meant when I said take someone with you, take a girl with you like your girlfriend not my mother you air head” he cursed and i rolled my eyes even though he can’t still me
He knows I doesn’t have a girlfriend
“you know I don’t have a gir–
“girlfriend?.. He interrupted me
“don’t worry every one knows just take Josie with you” he continued
“Josie doesn’t work here anymore dad, can’t I just go to the formal alone” I groaned
“well whatever live your life, you are one boring kid, son” my dad said
“thanks, that means a lot” I said sarcastically and heard him chuckle
“and also after the formal, your brothers are coming home, I don’t know about your sister cause she never contact us with anything going on in her life.. But till then your brothers are coming home to day after tomorrow, goodnight” he said more like *good morning*
“sure, goodnight dad” I said and hanged up.. I can’t believe my brothers are coming home, this once quiet mansion won’t be as quiet as before. But grandma loves them so much.. Since they’re so lively, playful and not boring like me.. And since they’re triplets, who doesn’t love twins, or triplets or quadruplets..
I couldn’t sleep again so I went to take a bath and brushed my teeth and by the time I was done it was 5:15am..
I went downstairs to watch TV and at the same time wait, for Selene, what time does she get here anyways?
My grandma came downstairs, and when I said a simple good morning she told me my dad called and told me what he said..
He told her she should make sure I go to the formal with “someone” and she persuaded me to take Selene but I declined..
Selene?.. Nah.. I don’t think so.
I don’t even think she’ll want to come but to be sincere I’d like to go to the formal with her but still I’ll like to go alone because I’d like to do everything I have to do there quickly so I’ll get to come home quickly cause I don’t like being with people.
Grandma went back to her room after I told her a hundred NO about taking Selene to the formal..
I glanced at the time and it was already 7:03am I’m glad time’s fast, can wait for Selene to get here, immediately the doorbell ring and I knew it was her. I kind of felt it..
I opened the door and it was her,
Speak of the devil and sh– actually speak of the angel and she appears,..
What is this? Why am I being soft around her.. I’m I starting to like her already??.
T. B. C


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