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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 9






That night I couldn’t sleep I kept thinking about Endy and what I felt, but thankfully I fell asleep..
The next day I woke up, another non-beautiful day, I did my morning routine and went to work, if only I could just ask Endy if he felt anything last night but of course not he’s not a weirdo like me..
I tried to forget about it but I couldn’t so I just left it at the back of my mind as I took the bus as always, getting a thousands stares as always and getting to the blossoms mansion safely as always.
I slide the house key in the key hole but it wasn’t even locked because someone suddenly opened it from inside before I could twist the key.. I quickly pull the key out of the key hole and looked up to see Endy,
“G-good morning” I stuttered
“morning” he said and I walked in and dropped my purse on the living room couch, I don’t even get why I bring that purse I just keep my un-used phone inside and nothing else..
“Selene!!” I heard Wendy’s voice squeak from the stairs and she immediately came down and gave me a huge embrace..
“goodmorning” I manage to sag from the tight hug
“morning” she said and let go of me
“so how was the formal yesterday?” she asked like it was as if I went to a high school party.
“it was okay” I said and she smiled..
“aww you could have seen your self yesterday you looked fire, and I could have sworn I saw a pile of saliva at the corner of Endy’s mouth” she said and giggled and I suddenly heard Endy cleared his throat behind us and I turned and he gave his sister a cold glare while she rolled her eyes, and walked towards him..
“those chipmunks are coming back today right?” she asked her brother and Endy nodded and brought his phone out of his pocket..
“what time?” she asked
“I don’t know but it seems like their plane just landed” Endy replied
“okay if that’s the case I must do all what a good older sister would do” Wendy said and Endy raised his eyebrows at her
“and that would be?” Endy questioned
“cooking for them” she replied and smiled while Endy smiled too.
I think he’s cute when he smiles.
What is with me this morning?
“yeah good luck with that” Endy said and walked away from her but gave me a small glance before going upstairs..
“come-on Selene let’s cook” Wendy said happily and pulled me towards the kitchen, when she held my hand I thought I’d have that “feeling” again since she’s like family with Endy, maybe that blood can still at least be the same and I can feel it again, but I was wrong I felt nothing
“so what should we make this beautiful morning?” Wendy asked putting on an apron.. and I don’t understand why we have to make breakfast like a feast..
“should we just make tuna casserole,?” she asked
“i-i don’t understand why you want to make a breakfast feast” I said and she rolled her eyes
“my three dumb brothers are coming home and I just want to make them something nice as a nice older sister I am” she said and twitched a smile,
Why would she cook for the them if she just called them dumb, and speaking of nice, she’s not much of a nice person
“oh okay!” I said and gave her a small smile..
“so.. Should we make the tuna casserole? Cause it’s their favourite but not mine” she said
“yeah we should do it since its their favourite” I said and she clapped her hands gleefully..
“you know you’re really smart” Wendy said and I gave her a thank you look..
“well those triplets are gonna love this dish” she said and placed her hands on her waist..
Triplets?.. No wonder they have the same appetites

The food was ready and the aroma took control of the house. Wendy removed her apron, then washed her hands before walking out of the kitchen..
/why did you tell Selene To Help you, I thought you were going to cook alone/ I heard Endy tell Wendy from outside
/just shut up, I did all the cooking okay! Selene just helped me dice some stuff/ Wendy backfired and I chuckled cause it was totally the opposite I was the one who did all the cooking and she was the one who Chopped and diced some of the Ingredients.
I removed my apron and was about to wash my hands when the doorbell ringed around the whole house..
“they’re here” I heard Wendy said
I sighed, and washed my hands and wiping them on a clean towel.. I tucked both sides of my hair behind my ears and walked out of the kitchen but stayed at the entrance of the kitchen and watched as Wendy welcomed them her brothers,
The three of them walked in actually only two walked in with backpacks behind them on their backs and they look nothing alike, they still have that family resemblance but as triplets they don’t look identical at all and both of them look nothing like Endy even wendy.. Endy doesn’t look like them at all..
“yeah we’re back oh my God what’s that sweet smell” one of the triplet with creamy blonde hair said with a happily
“that’s the sweet smell of my cooking” Wendy said
“you cooked?” the second one with dirty blonde hair chimed in and Wendy glared at him
“what is that supposed to mean, that I can’t cook?” Wendy said furiously at him but he shook his head negatively and said
“you’re the greatest chef ever”
Endy walked up to them and they both pounced on him with a brotherly Hug
“okay okay that’s enough” Endy said and pushed them away from his body..
“where’s Louis?” Wendy asked and I think she’s talking about the third one.
“he’s still outside getting our stuff” one of them replied
“oh my goodness, you guys always make Louis do stuff for you and that’s why he’s my favorite cause he never argues with anything anyone tells him” Wendy said and walked outside..
“where’s Josie” the creamy blonde boy asked Endy and started to look around and then spotted me at the entrance of the kitchen, I gave a welcoming smile and waved at him and his eyebrows suddenly rose confusingly ..
“who’s that?” he asked Endy bewilderingly causing Endy and his other brother to look at my direction.. His other brother eyebrows arched too and Endy gave me a look to come over.
I walked up to them adjusting the hem of my shirt and tucking my hair behind my ear,
Honestly I’m getting tired of my hair..
“uhm.. Linc, Josie’s gone and she is replacing her until Josie gets back” Endy said as I walked up to them..
“wow” the creamy blonde boy breathed out smiling and I let out a silent sigh, I loathe attention like this and yes I know it’s because of my “magnificent” beauty I wish I could just peel my face off..
“selene this is my brothers Linc as in Lincoln and this is Lance. Linc, Lance, meet Selene” Endy said dryly and I shook the two of them hands politely..
Okay the creamy blonde one is Linc and the dirty blonde is Lance, thank god they’re not identical cause it will be hard recognizing any of them cause I think I can’t even remember their names anymore..
“so Selene rig–
Linc hasn’t completed his words when wendy came inside with the last one of the boys yelling “coming through!”
“and that is louis” Endy suddenly said, Louis had brown hair with poppy green eyes like Endy’s but not close to Endy’s..
Wendy walked passed us taking his brother stuff upstairs while Louis suddenly paused seeing me..
T. B. C

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