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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 10





“who is this?” Louis asked with a small grin on his face referring to me..
“this’ happened to be the new house keeper who’s replacing Jose” Linc said and moved his creamy blonde hair back with a smirk..
“hi I’m Selene” I said sounding polite…
“I’m Louis” he said and smiled fully,
I nod even though I know his name already. The three boys kept staring at me but I didn’t look at any of them cause I was feeling pretty weird..
“okay! Who wants breakfast??!!!” Wendy yelled from the stairs and everyone attention went to her
“oh you bet I do” Lance said and walked away to meet his sister and then the two other boys followed.. Endy looked at me and he made eye contact it seems like he wanted to say something but he just sighed and said
“come-on let’s join the others” he walked away but I stood there catching my breath slowly
I heard Mrs Ginger’s voice and I turned to see her coming down from the stairs and Wendy rolling her eyes..
“where are those familiar voices coming from” Mrs Ginger said and the three boys called “granny” at the same time each giving her a careful hug not to shatter her weak bones..
“who you’ve all grown so much, oh Louis my favourite look at you, you’re a man now” Mrs Ginger said and placed her hands on his cheeks
“no fair grandma I used to be your favorite” Lance said faking a pout
“yeah you use to be, not until puberty hit you and you turned out to be a real douche bag” Wendy said and Lance snarled at her..
“but still Louis’s the youngest how come he’s the one who gets to look more like a man, we all grew together” Linc said and faked a pout too making Mrs Ginger and Louis laugh.
“no dear, you all look so manly especially you Linc, but your father always complain about you two being too playful and leaving all the work for Louis too finish and any boy who sets his mind to work and forgot plays is known to be a real man, you judge from the inside not the outside” Mrs Ginger explained to the boys but Lance groaned
“whatever grams, I’m hungry as fuck is breakfast ready or what?” Lance asked and removed his backpack throwing it on the couch and storming into the kitchen. “yeah me too” Linc said and head into the kitchen
“you guys should hold your horses, I cooked okay!” Wendy yelled
“you cooked?” Louis asked with a smile and Wendy playfully glared at him.. “don’t push it Louis” she said and louis laughed and shook his head negatively..
Everyone was seated around the dining table excluding Wendy and I we were busy filling everyone’s plate with the meal we just prepared and the three boys couldn’t stop smiling, cause it’s their favourite.. After everyone’s plate was full and Wendy and I sat down..
Louis was sitting opposite Wendy, Linc was sitting beside Wendy and opposite Lance who was sitting beside Endy who was opposite me, I don’t know why I always end up sitting opposite him..
“so.. You eat with us right?.. Just like Josie do” Lance said and I just glance at him and turned to my food.
Josie must have been really close to them, real close.
“so.. How was China?” Wendy asked the triplets
“it was fun,” Lance and Linc said the same time and threw each other a smile while Louis just scoffed
“fun, for you guys, I had to do everything there while you guys hang out with different groups of people everyday drinking” Louis deadpanned and Wendy gasped
“you two are such jerks, you let my baby do all the work that you two idiots were supposed to be doing” Wendy half yelled but the two boys didn’t give any emotion or look at her they just continued eating..
“this food is wonderful, it’s better than mom’s I’ve got to admit” Lance said and Wendy suddenly smiled
“you know mom’s cooking talent actually rubbed off on me when I was born” Wendy said and Lance and Linc laughed making Louis and Endy chuckle too
“yeah right, I remembered when you tried cooking us mac and cheese, I almost died that day the food wasn’t just worst it was out of this world” Lance said and Wendy huffed and threw her spoon at him, but gladly he caught it and gave her a smile..
“so does that mean it was you that made this?” Louis asked giving me a smile and all eyes turned to me..
I nodded cause my mouth was full.. “wow you’re not only beautiful but also great in cooking” Lance said and I pass him one of my thank you smile..
I looked up at Endy and he was looking at me, I stared at him back and suddenly remembered that “feeling”.. I didn’t know I was still staring at him until Mrs Ginger touched me.. And I yelp
“was I interrupting something?” Mrs Ginger asked looking back and forth between me and Endy
“interrupting what?” Endy suddenly asked
“oh never mind” Mrs Ginger said with a smile while I just faced my food.
Breakfast was different that morning, different in a good way because of the triplets, they make everyone smile and they’re very lively and I think out of all of them Lance is the obdurate one..
I cleaned the dining room and did the dishes whilst the others were in the living room laughing and joking with the triplets, such a complete and happy family, I’m jealous. I was never born with any sibling, my dad’s dead and my mom doesn’t even stay home, she just comes home during midnight after work.
Cause I’d love to have a wonderful happy family breakfast with my own family..
After doing the dishes, I cleaned the dishes and went to clean the Garden since I’m doing that now because of Endy..
As I passed through the living room I saw everyone but not Endy and stopped on my tracks when Wendy called me..
“where are you going?” she asked
“to er.. Clean the Garden” I replied
“oh dear why don’t you rest you must be tired” Mrs Ginger said
“no grandma I’m perfectly fine” I said, I can never get tired
“okay dear do as you wish” she said with a smile
I nod and glanced at the boys whose eyes were completely on me, I threw them a small smile and walked away..
I walked to the huge garden behind the house and as I walked in the small gate, I grabbed a rake ..
As I walked through the trimmed and beautiful bushes I found Endy seating on the first garden bench under a shady tree..
His eyes was close and his face were facing upward with his arms folded
I stared at his face and then at then at his lips.. I didn’t know why the hell I stared at his lips and thankfully my female subconscious scolded me for it and I calm down and looked away.
I quietly walked passed him but halt upon hearing my name from him.
Damn it
I turned and he opened his eyes and turned to me, “yes?” I said
He sighed and then stood up..
“look, you don’t have to clean the Garden anymore” he said
Well that’s great news..
“why?” I asked, innocently like I’m not happy about it
“I just told you to do that cause.. Well.. I have my reasons, but you don’t have to do it, you’re just the house keeper not the Gardener okay!” he said and I nod.. This is amazing less work for me and more free time, it’s not like I don’t like doing all these works its just that I get bored doing it.. And boredom is not in my vocabulary..
“well.. Okay! Thank you” I said formally while he smiled..
His forest green eyes pierced into mine with him still smiling at me.. And I just can’t look away cause it feels like there was something in it that I need to know something everlasting and something that says “FOREVER”..
as we both stared at each other different kinds of strange feelings start to flow in me and when I tried to put all of them together in one place, I Couldn’t, but then I manged to figure something out but which my subconscious figured out first and asked me
“are you love with Endy? Endymion?!!”
I suddenly gasped breaking the eye contact between Endy and I..
No way I am not in love with Endy, I cannot cause then I’ll be putting his life in danger.. And I don’t want anyone’s life to be in danger again because of me.. I gape at my thoughts of maybe being in love with Endy.. He looked at me bewilderingly not actually knowing what the hell is wrong with me..
Well too bad he doesn’t know what is wrong with me, cause I know. I think I’m starting to like you Endy!! And that can not happen, I moved back not knowing I dropped the goddamned rake on the floor and when I stepped on it, it catapulted back, hit me in the forehead and gave me a stupid bloody injury around my ankle and made me fall to the ground
Fucking great.

I winced glaring at the rake like it was it’s fault when it was clearly mine..
Endy suddenly steps forward and gasped, he moved his hand forward gesturing for me to take it and help myself up, enduring my bleeding wound, I fixed my palm in his and he helped me up,
And there it was again, that feeling.. I gasped heavily not wanting to let go, but Endy suddenly let’s go of my hand breathing like he just ended a marathon race, and crying out a simple “oh my god” softly and I think he felt it too..
Ohhh.. That feeling was amazing and it felt better this time and it was making me tear up .. I glance at my palm then at him and before I knew it he steps forward and kissed me..
What the f..
I quickly Push him away sobbing.. Oh my goodness, he is going to die.. I said within me as droplets of tears dropped from my eyes.
T. B. C

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