[Story] JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 1

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 1

By Zeemah writes

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🌹Tamara’s POV🌹

I opened my eyes and groaned at the discomfort I’m feeling,i tried sitting up but my head is pounding with headache.
I groaned loudly with my eyes closed.
I finally opened my eyes when the head ache relieved me a bit.
I took a short glance around the unfamiliar room.

This is definitely not my room…there is no mirror here and also my favorite teddy bear “Tom” which is always beside my mirror .

Damn ! Where’s this?

I finally struggled to sit up….
“Where exactly is this?” I asked rhetorically..
Just then my eyes fell on some medical instrument placed in a little tray on the shelf.

Is this an hospital?
Am i ill?
Was i involved in an accident?

I looked down at my body____im still in my school uniform and there is no blood stain on it…then what the hell am i doing here?

The door flew open as i was trying hard to remember…

I froze when i saw hi__m…him.. Bryan, and at that moment,i remembered everything in a flash.

💎 Flashback💎

“Arrrrgh” I groaned in annoyance as my alarm grinned loudly, almost blocking off my ears.
I picked it up from my bedside table, switched it off and threw it to only where God knows.

I yawned and rubbed my palms over my face.
I sat up on the bed and turned off the bedside lamp which have no use anymore cause it’s daylight.

I sighed annoyingly….cursing at the damn alarm.
I’m very sure i didn’t set it…it must be mum or Liam..

I rolled my big eyes tucking my hair behind my ears.

What am i supposed to do this morning and why should Mum or Liam set up my alarm when I’m still on holi…

“What !!” I exclaimed loudly..my eyeballs nearly popping out of the socket.

Today is the resumption day for grade 8.
I screamed excitedly jumping happily on my wide mattress. .

I’m not excited about today being the first day of school…I’m excited about something else..

Wanna know?

Yeah I’m gonna tell you__i will finally get to confess my feelings confidently to Bryan…my long time crush..i don’t just have a crush on him..I love him totally.
Bryan is the most handsome teen I’ve ever seen. His jet black curly hair is the first thing to make one drool.
His face alone melts the heart of every damn girl in our school.

His black eyes are the killer…his nose is perfectly shaped and his lips__oh..my..
Bryan has been my friend since grade 7 and it was since then I’ve loved him…I love him not only because of his looks but because my heart chose him..him and him alone.

Even when i was bullied and called “fatty Mara” ,Bryan stood up for me.. yeah..i was once a fat and ugly girl with no shape…I was surprised when i became Bryan’s friend in grade 7…I’ve always had a secret crush on him since grade 6.. becoming his friend was an honor to me.

The bullying got more intense,but Bryan always stood up for me.
We are three best friends___Bryan,Ellen and i..we’ve been friends since grade 7 and only Ellen knows about my secret love for Bryan..I didn’t have the nerve to confess my love to Bryan then cause of the way i looked..I was fat and ugly but now..no guy will see me and not take a second glance..

You’re wondering how that happened right?….well that will be a story for another day.

Right now … I’m as beautiful as the stars in the night…my features are model-like,my big blue eyes stood out against my brown skin..my black hair is full and thick, my nose stood pointed..and my lips is the perfect shape of love..
Who would resist someone with those possessions.

I look forward to seeing how those bullies are gonna react at my sudden change..
I graduated from grade 7 as the “fatty Mara” but now I’m resuming grade 8 as “the most beautiful Mara” … isn’t that worth a shock?…yes it is.

Once Bryan set his eyes on me..he’s gonna ask me out without delay but he might probably be shy to do that so I’m gonna ask him out myself…
Who would resist a beautiful girl’s proposal?

All thanks to Ellen…wow i can’t wait to see her too.

I stood up from the bed and walked majestically to the mirror.
I grinned as i admired myself.
I’m gonna knock Bryan off his feet and he would gladly accept to be my boyfriend.
Why won’t he?…I did all i did just for him.

My eyes flipped to the wall clock.
“Damn…I’m running late” I muttered and scurried to my wardrobe.
I pulled it open and un-hanged my well ironed school uniform,a pink shirt with “Makers high school” inscribed all over it in black colour then a white short flay skirt with black pop-socks.

I spread it on the bed and walked back to the drawer..I pulled it open and brought out my undies.
I closed it back and crouched in front of my shoe rack.
I selected a pair of new black shoes.
I placed it on the bed beside my school uniform and picked up my pink fluffy towel.

I strode into the bathroom,then hanged my towel on the bathroom closet.
I opened the closet and picked my tooth brush with a toothpaste..
I closed it and walked over to the sink to brush my teeth.

I smiled at my reflection in the oval mirror placed on the wall behind the sink.
I brushed my teeth happily humming Sorry by Beyonce.
I finished brushing..and returned my brushing tools back into the closet.

“Should i use the jacuzzi or just shower?” I deliberated while slipping out of my pink pajamas.
Using the jacuzzi is gonna slow away my time…I’m just gonna make do with the shower.

I opened the closet and picked my pink shower cap,body sponge and a bar soap..I wore my shower cap over my head before jumping naked under the shower.
I turned on the faucet, the tiny water splashed excitedly on my skin.

I scrubbed my sponge and soap together before scrubbing it all over my body.
I bath for some minutes under the shower then;i was done…I switched off the faucet.

I don’t take long bath.

I pick up my towel from the closet then wrapped it around my body.

I dried my body with the towel as i made my way back into my room.
I picked my body lotion “de-care” and applied it smoothly on my skin.
I wore my undies,then my school shirt..I buttoned it down before slipping into my pop-socks then my short flay skirt…
I tucked the shirt into the skirt perfectly before shoving my feet into my black shoes.

I pulled off my shower cap and sat on the stool facing the mirror…I picked my hair brush and hair lotion from the shelf.
I applied some hair lotion then brush back my long silky hair, making it fall down to my back.
I’ve decided not to pack it.

I applied a little lip gloss and stood up.
I looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled in satisfaction with my look.
I threw my phone into my backpack and flung it over my shoulders,making it drop to my back.

I stole one last glance at myself in the mirror before walking out of my room.
I climb down the marble stairs running my fingers through the stair rails.

“Yummy” I muttered as i drifted in the aroma of hamburger and coffee.
I climbed down the last flight of stairs then quickened my step towards the kitchen.

I met mum dishing out the hamburger and pouring the coffee into the coffee cup before dousing it with creamer.
She placed the hamburger and creamy coffee on a little tray then turn back to the oven.

“Come in Mara..I already perceived your scent” Mum said still backing me.
“Aaaargh…Mum,you a witch” I muttered hugging her from behind.
“Is that how to say ‘good morning’ to your mum … Silly girl” She said and i chuckled.

“Good morning mum” I greeted.
She turned pecking me on both cheeks.
“Good morning angel and .. how was your night?” She asked.
“Fine mum but did you set up that crazy alarm?” I asked whining.
“Yes angel..I did” She smiled.
“Mum” I scolded..”you know i don’t like alarms,they block off my ears” I whined.

” I wouldn’t have set it if you are one of those early risers but you are the complete opposite” She teased and i shot her a playful glare.
“Mum you should apologise for setting up the alarm without my consent” I whined.
“Okay…I’m sorry Mara and you look more beautiful this morning” She said and i smiled.

“Thanks mum… where’s Liam?” I asked.. Liam is my brother,he’s out of college and he and mum controls dad’s companies…yeah dad is dead.
“He’s in his room…he drank so much last night” mum said and i groaned rolling my eyes.

“Now take your breakfast to the dining…you are running late” Mum said.
I picked up the tray of hamburger and coffee,then walked to the dining.

I sat on the chair and placed my breakfast on the dining table..
I started eating… smiling at interval..mum is a good cook.


I was done eating in few minutes..I gulped down the remaining coffee and sighed at the way it glided down my throat.
I returned the tray to the kitchen and pecked mum goodbye.

“Good bye mum” I said rushing out of the kitchen.
“Good bye angel… I hope you are with some cash for lunch break?”
“Yes mum” I yelled loudly from the living room.
I walked out of the house and met my driver.

“Good morning Max” I greeted my driver.
“Good morning Mara” he smiled.
I opened the back door and hopped in.
Max got behind the wheels turned on the ignition and drove out of the compound.


He drove into Makers high school’s parking lot.
He applied the break and i quickly alighted from the car after waving him bye.
I walked into the school main compound.

I saw students turn to look at me in astonishment.
Yeah! Who won’t be surprised at my sudden transformation.
I adjusted my skirt and walked on in pride, smiling at the whispers i overheard.

~ OMG!…Is this not the fatty Mara.
She’s so beautiful!
Look! Her shape is damn perfect.
Gosh! Look at her straight legs…. ~

My grin grew wider when i saw my best friend Ellen,resting on the school’s pole obviously waiting for someone.

I ran to her happily and pulled her in a hug.
She disengaged quickly from the hug but i shrugged it off.
“I miss you badly” I said excitedly but she just gave a slight nod without smiling.

Is this Ellen?🤨
What’s wrong?
Bad mood?

“Ellen what’s wrong?” I asked…she shook her head.
“Is it your cramps?” I asked.
“No it isn’t” she said slowly.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“Do i look like I’m not?” She retorted.

“Well…I gat enough gist for you” I said holding her hands like i normally do but she flinched and removed her hand from mine.
Now…this is getting serious!

“Ellen what’s wrong?” I asked.
“I mean…you don’t act like this,did i do anything wrong?” I asked.
“Whatever….” She scoffed.
“Ellen,i don’t remember we had any quarrel the last time you came to my house…why are you being mean to me?” I asked worriedly.
“It’s not a must we quarrel before i decide not be your friend anymore” She blurted.

Ellen is my best friend i have and loosing her means i won’t ever be myself again.
“Ellen wh…” I was saying when i noticed the girls scream slightly all looking in one direction.
I followed their gaze and;

“There he is!” I screamed inwardly.
He walked towards us, looking more handsome with his black curly hair bouncing on his forehead,his bright eyes sparkled and his spotless skin glowed, his pink lips curved in a wide smile..I saw Ellen’s face dissolve in a smile.
I ignored her and face Bryan…he has gotten to us.

My smile froze when he walked past me to Ellen,he hugged her and placed his lips on her.
Ellen kissed him back rapidly.

I don’t know how it happened…i felt a strong head ache hit me before i felt myself going down slowly with my heart ripping away from my chest…my body hit the hard floor,I felt dizzy and my eyes started closing slowly, slowly till darkness enveloped me.

💎End of flashback💎



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