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[Story] JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 2

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 2

By Zeemah writes

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🌹Tamara’s POV🌹

My eyes stung with tears,my body in severe pains as i stood up from the bed facing Bryan with shattered heart.

“Mara are you okay now?” He asked in those cool voice that could melt one’s heart.
He walked closer to me and supported me with his arms.
Just the feel of his body made all my pains melt away,the tears stung in my eyes disappeared abruptly just like magic.

“I had to bring you to the school’s infirmary when you suddenly fainted in the hallway..are you sure you are okay?” He asked.
“Oh… thanks” I muttered.
“Did you had your breakfast?” He asked.
“It’s only when you don’t have your breakfast that you go weak…I was planning on saying hi to Ellen my girlfriend before saying hi to Mara my bestie” he said pulling my cheeks playfully.

Tears rolled freely down my cheeks.
I began crying loud holding my chest in pain.
“Oh my God…Mara what’s wrong?” He asked wiping my tears away.
More tears came …

“Do you want to go home…are you sure you are okay?” He asked with a worried expression.
I sniffed and clean my tears away with the back of my palm.

My heart is aching!

“I’m I..m..I’m fine” I stammered looking straight into his worried eyes.
“Mara you are not fine,what’s wrong?” He asked.
“I’m fine.. seriously,i just develop an head ache” I lied in a trembling voice.
“Sorry,can you go to class now?” He asked.
“Go ahead…I will join you,i need to rinse my face” I said in the most composed voice i can mutter.

“Okay Mara but are you sure you are okay?” He asked with an unconvinced look.
“Yes i am” I said with the saddest smile.
“I couldn’t recognize you at first cause you’ve changed a lot, looking more beautiful and you are gonna gist me about the guys hitting on you” he said with a wink.

I smiled ‘sadly’ .
He walked out with a grin.

I crumbled to the floor and cried out loud in pain.
I hit the floor furiously, holding my chest with one hand.
Ellen betrayed me after pushing me into what i did.
She went ahead to date the only guy i love,the only I’ve vowed to date,the only guy who has the key to my heart .
She knew the hell I went through just for Bryan to love me.

“I’m so broken” I cried silently beating my chest furiously.
How could this stupid heart made me love,how could this damn heart betrayed me.
Why the hell do i still love Bryan even after everything.


I stopped crying when i noticed my eyes now ache,tears couldn’t flow again.
My eyes felt heavy against my face as i stood up from the floor staggering back and forth.
I steadied my wobbling legs on the ground.
I sniffed as more tears threatened to come.

I opened my backpack and brought out my phone to call Max to come pick me .
I powered it and quickly threw it hard against the wall,i heard the screen shatter.
I began crying again.

Ellen’s picture is my lock screen wallpaper,and just seeing her ex-innocent face disheartened me .
I couldn’t unlock it because Bryan’s picture is my home screen wallpaper.

They meant a lot to me,i love them so much. How could they betray me, especially Ellen who is aware of my feelings for Bryan.
Or are they playing some kinda prank on me?
No they aren’t….they are both dead serious!

How will i leave without them,they are the only friends i had all my life .

Just tell me this is a dream…
No it isn’t! It’s reality Mara but just too hard to take.

I walked towards my phone and picked it up.
The screen is shattered beyond repair and it’s not coming up again,I removed the memory card and also the Sim card,put it in a small case in my backpack,then dropped the main phone in my pocket.

I walked to the infirmary restroom to rinse my face…


Few minutes later,i was trekking the streets of Paris lost in deep thought.
Tears kept rolling down my cheeks and i kept wiping it off.
I had to lie to the security that im not feeling well and i need to go to the hospital,he asked some questions and i answered with lies before he let me through the gate.

I walked for hours and surprisingly…I found myself in front of my house gate.
I quickly wiped off my tears and knocked on the gate .

“Who is there please?” James voice sounded through the gate..he’s the gate man.
“It.. it’s..s.. Mara” I stuttered.
“Mara?” James asked unlocking the gate,he seems more surprised to find me standing there with my puffy eyes.

“Mara what’s wrong?.. school isn’t over yet,are you okay?” He asked and i nodded.
He paved way for me to come in and i did.
“Is mum in?” I asked.
“No,she went to the company with Liam” he said.
I sighed in relief…mum would have been damn worried to find me like this.

“Okay” i mumbled before walking towards the door of the main house.
I pressed the code and the door opened.
I walked in and closed the door behind me.

I realised my legs ache terribly as i walked up the stairs to my room.
I opened the door and threw my backpack to one side of the room. I stood in front of the mirror and couldn’t recognize myself.
I look at the complete opposite of Mara in the mirror.
My eyes look so puffy and red and tears streaks drew a long line down to my jaw.

I picked a wipe from the drawer and wiped my entire face.

No difference!

I pulled off my school uniform, socks and shoes…I need to freshen up.

I picked up my towel and walked into the bathroom.


I stood under the shower for so long hoping the cold water will wash away my pains but damn! It didn’t.
I turned off the faucet and reached for my body towel. I tied it firmly round my body,then picked up my hair towel and wrapped it around my dripping hair .

I walked back to my room and sat on the stool facing the mirror,i examined my face .
It has lessen but my eyes still ache.
I opened the drawer and picked up my hair dryer,i plugged it in the socket beside my mirror then switched it on then began drying my hair .


I unplugged it some minutes later,my hair isn’t completely dried but im a little bit weak to continue.
I picked my teddy bear and walked to my bed.
I laid on it with a sigh then hugged Tom tightly to my chest.
“Tom…I’m heartbroken” I whispered to my teddy bear and started crying.
I found myself dozing off and I’m sure i cried myself to sleep.

🌹Ellen’s POV🌹

I rolled my eyes at the students staring at Bryan and i as we made our way to the school’s parking lot hand in hand.
School is over for the day.
Yeah…there are gonna be stares if you are dating the school’s most handsome guy.

Damn! I’m feeling so high,all thanks to my smartness😁

We got to the parking lot and met our drivers waiting beside our cars.
I waved to my driver in greeting.
“Good afternoon Rollins” Bryan greeted his driver who replied with a grin.

Damn! His teeth is so yellow.

“Let’s go check on Mara at home,she doesn’t seem fine and I’ve been trying to call her but it’s not going through” Bryan said.
“Is there a need to do that?” I asked.
“Of course there is”
“She might want to be left alone” I said getting pissed.
“No we need to check on her,she doesn’t seem fine” Bryan said.
“Okay” I replied calmly so as not to unleash my brewing anger.

Why the hell does he cares so much about her!
Even after all i went through just for him to date me.
Mara is now looking so beautiful and I’m the cause of that..
I should have allowed her grow with her fatty body.
Now everyone wants her .. what the heck!

“You go home,I’m gonna ride in Bryan’s car” I said to my driver.
“Why don’t we ride separately, there is no need to ride in my car” Bryan said.
“No I’m riding with you” I said.
“Let’s go in our different cars so your driver can drop you once we leave Mara’s home” he said.
“No I’m coming with you” I insisted secretly rolling my eyes.

I hopped into his car,he hoped in beside me and his yellowed teeth driver got behind the wheels,then drove out of the parking heading to Mara’s house.

I sulked in silence and stole a glance at Bryan who is concentrated on his phone.

Damn… shouldn’t he at least speak to me!


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