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[Story] JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 10

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 10

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Mara’s POV🌹

Bryan, Kelly and i entered the cafeteria after showing Kelly round the school.
Damn! The stares were too much.

“I’m starving” I muttered as we sat round a table.
I saw Ellen pick up her tray of meal, coming to join us.


“Bryan…” She called sitting down with us.
“Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you so we can have lunch together” She said.
“I’m sorry Ellen,we showed Kelly round the school” Bryan said.

“Okay” she said and started eating.
“Ellen” I called.
“Huh?” She fumed.
“Meet Kelly,he has become part of us” I said and saw her face brightened up.
“Wait…is she your friend?” Kelly asked.
“Yeah. She,Bryan and i are best of friends so there is no how you wanna be friends with us and won’t be friends with her” I said.

“Wow…nice to meet you Ellen,so can we be friends?” Kelly asked.
“Yes!” Ellen suddenly screamed to everyone’s amazement.

Wow! Is there more to this.

“Huh… Sorry,that just came out as a scream” She smiled.
“It’s okay…we should order our own lunch” Kelly said.
“Mara what do you care for?” Bryan asked..
“Normal” I said.
He nodded and stood up with Kelly.
They both walked away to order lunch leaving Ellen and i.

She concentrated more on her lunch.
“Ellen,you really hurt me” I said making her turn to me.
“Hurt you? How?” She asked..
“Don’t pretend you don’t know what you did.. that was cruel of you” I said.
She laughed ” You are still on Bryan’s issue,you have to let it go cause Bryan is all mine now and forever” She said.

“You know how much i love Bryan,you know what i did just for Bryan to love me and yet you went ahead to date him!” I said starting to tear up.
“You are talking like it’s my fault” she retorted.
“Whose fault is it then?” I asked.

“Hey girls” Bryan said interrupting the conversation.
I braced up and forced a smile.
He placed a tray of French fries and chicken in front of me.
“Thanks Bryan” I smiled.
“Like it’s the first time I’m doing this” He said.
I shrugged.
They both sat down and I can see Kelly ordered the same thing as Bryan…Pizza rolls.
Are they starting to get twinie now🙄 I hope not!

We started eating,i didn’t realize i was starving this much.
I finished my fries and chicken and had to dip my fork into Bryan’s meal.
“Get out!” He said holding his meal away, not allowing me to reach it.
I chuckled…” Bryan!”
“Don’t tell me you are starting to become a food monger” he said with a fake frown which made me laugh.

“You were the one who didn’t allow me to finish my breakfast” I said.
“No,you didn’t finish it yourself. When i came you were like ‘who’s this cute guy’ I was so breathtaking that you forgot to finish your breakfast” Bryan teased making me laugh more.

“Okay,for being so breathtaking and not allowing me to finish my breakfast,I’m gonna have a bite of your pizza rolls” I said reaching for his meal.
He kept moving it away from my reach making me laugh.

“What the fuck! Bryan,do you mean you were the one who picked her up in the morning?” Ellen suddenly asked making my laughter fade away.

“Yeah…i was the one and I’m also gonna be the one to drop her off” Bryan said with a note of finality daring Ellen to object.
She hissed and stood up with force, walking out of the cafeteria.

“I thought you said she was your friend?” I heard Kelly asked,and that was when i noticed he was here with us.
“Yeah she is…she is our friend,she’s going through some things now so that explains her behavior” I said.
He nodded with an “Oh”

I turned back to Bryan who is eating his meal at an arm length.
I laughed.
“Bryan com’on,let me have a bite please” I said..
“No…I’m not giving you” He grinned.
“Aaaargh! so stingy” I said hitting my fork on his head.
“Ouch” he rubbed his head.

I stick out my tongue and sat down, sending him a wicked grin.

“I actually wanted to give you but you just hit that fork on my forehead so forget it” He said.
“Awwn..How would i have known you wanted to give me… Okay Sorry,let me have some” I said with a pout.
“No..” he said with a mouthful of pizza.

I rested my chin on my palms looking at the movement of his mouth.
“So yummy” he said holding a pizza roll in my face before putting it in his mouth.

“You can have mine” Kelly said shifting his plate of pizza rolls to me.
“No..I’m okay, don’t bother” I said.
He smiled… “You can have it…I’m filled up anyways”
“Thanks Kelly but seriously,I’m okay” I said.
“I insist” he said.

Bryan suddenly stuffed a pizza roll from his plate into my opened mouth.
“I won’t say thank you” I said to him with a mouthful.
“I don’t need your thanks,fatty Mara” He said with a chuckle.
“I think you want another hit on your forehead” I said already picking up my fork.
“Okay I’m sorry” he quickly pleaded before the fork could land on his forehead.
I smiled “good boy”.

I heard a little sound,i turned to Kelly to see him shifting his plate of pizza rolls back to himself.
I saw a cut on his upper arm but he quickly pulled down the sleeve of his shirt.

What’s that cut about?…Well,just normal injury.

His face is down like he’s not happy or something.

I felt a little bit sorry for him but I just can’t take anything from him for now!

The time keeper signalled “Lunch break over” by turning off the lights in the cafeteria.

Everyone stood up from their table and headed to their classes.

💗 School Over💗

Bryan and Ellen walked in front while Kelly and i walked at the back to the school’s parking lot where different cars,bus and vans are waiting.
Students walked around, pushing their way past us.

We finally got to where Rollins is standing beside Bryan’s car.

“Good afternoon Rollins” We greeted.
“Afternoon students, this face is new” He said pointing to Kelly .
“He’s our new friend” Bryan said bringing Kelly forward.
It seems Bryan likes Kelly a lot.

“Hi Rollins…I’m Kelly” He said.
“Kelly how are you?” Rollins asked nicely.
“I’m fine Rollins” he answered.
“Alright.. Bryan and Mara should get in.. Kelly i guess your driver is here” Rollins said.
“Yes he is over there” Kelly said waving at a man who stood beside a white Lamborghini.
The man waved back.

Ellen stepped forward holding the handle of Bryan’s car, about getting in.
“Ellen is your driver not here?” Bryan asked.
“I told him not to come” She said.
“I want you to drop me off” She said..
“Okay no problem with that,but Mara is also coming with us .. if you are gonna argue over that you can go board a cab” Bryan said to her firmly…

She glared at me before getting into the car.
“Bryan…I think i should just board a cab” I said.
“No way!” Bryan said.
“I will be fine with cab… seriously” I said.
“No Mara…Liam doesn’t want you to board cab and I promised him i will pick and drop you off till your driver is able” Bryan said.

“I don’t want Ellen pulling my hair off during the middle of the ride home” I said.
“Will you come with me in my car then?” Kelly asked.
“No thanks…I will go with Bryan” I said.
I quickly got in the front seat while Bryan got in the back seat with Ellen.

Rollins got behind the wheels and began driving out of the school compound.
We waved Kelly goodbye but he stood there watching us leave with a not too happy expression.


“No you are dropping off Mara first!” Ellen yelled from the backseat.

I should have just gone with the cab or maybe Kelly’s car.

“But Ellen we are right in front of your house!” Bryan yelled back.
“You should have told your yellowed-teeth driver to drop her off first” Ellen said.

My gaze shifted to Rollins who shook his head with a sigh.
Initially, Ellen was a rude girl but she wasn’t this worst!

“Do you mean we have to go drop off Mara,then come back here to drop you off,do you know how far Mara’s house is from here!” Bryan said.
“I don’t care! All i know is I’m not getting off first!” Ellen said.
“I’m getting off,i will take a cab from here” I said unfastening my seat belt.
I quickly got out of the car before Bryan could stop me.

I waved a coming cab but it didnt stop..it sped past me.
“Mara” Bryan called already alighting from his car.
I walked farther away and just then i sighted a familiar white Lamborghini speeding towards me..

Oh! Kelly’s car…

Bryan has almost gotten to me …
“Mara wait” he shouted.
I waved Kelly’s car to a stop.
It stopped and i quickly got in.
I’m glad the driver drove off immediately.

“Tamara what’s wrong?” Kelly asked beside me.
I faked a smile… ” We planned to spend some time at Ellen’s house but mum just called me now and told me to start coming home” I lied.
“Oh… okay, what’s your address so Leo can know where to drop you”
“Ohh…Good afternoon Leo” i greeted.
“Good afternoon tamara” He replied.
” I will be dropping at Lington estate phase 3″ I said.

Silence filled the car and my mind raced back to Bryan..I know i shouldn’t have left him like that but i had no choice.

“So Tamara,tell me more about Makers high school” Kelly said breaking the silence.
I smiled…I love talking about my school a lot.

“Makers high school should be described as one of the best schools in Paris….


I smiled as i alighted from Kelly’s car.
“Thanks for the ride” I said.
“You are welcome Tamara…it’s nice having you in the car with me” He smiled.
“See you tomorrow…bye” I waved at him.
“Bye” he waved back before Leo drove off..

I smiled and turned back only to bump into Bryan.
I flinched.
“Damn! Bryan why do you like scaring my ass off” I said.
“Mara,Why did you leave like that?” He asked.
“Because i had to! Ellen won’t get off if i don’t” I said.
“You should have at least answered my calls instead of getting into a stranger’s car” He said.

“It’s Kelly’s car and Kelly is not a stranger to us,i didn’t want to get in at first but i had no choice..” I said.
“Ohh…that was Kelly’s car?” Bryan asked.
“Yeah it was” I said.
“Okay i didn’t know” he said.

We both stood there staring at each other..
My heart couldn’t stop accelerating as i stared into Bryan’s eyes.
That feeling arose and i felt myself wanting him more than ever.
The feeling i have for Bryan is indescribable…I love him so much!
Does this mean Bryan is starting to like me or probably having feelings for me?

I jolted out of my thoughts when Bryan cleared his throat.
“Are you starting to grow grey hair?” Bryan asked picking out a strand from my hair.

‘Damn! He was looking at my hair all this while and i was thinking otherwise, thinking he’s probably having feelings for me’ I thought and nearly cried.

“It’s just a strand” I said looking at the tiny grey hair in his hand.
When did i started growing grey hair?
Well…i hope it’s normal.

The gate opened..
Liam stepped out.

“Good afternoon Liam” Bryan greeted.
“What’s up B?” Liam said patting Bryan’s back.
“I’m fine bro” Bryan smiled.

“So you both have been outside… we’ve been expecting you,i was about coming over to your school” He said.
“How’s Max?” I asked.
“He will be discharged tomorrow but he won’t drive for a week or two” Liam said.
“Really?” I asked.

“So who’s gonna be driving me to school and back to the house?” I asked.
“Bryan will. Bryan won’t you?” Liam asked.
“Of course i will…I’m not complaining” Bryan said.

Damn! I will have to face Ellen’s problem for a week or two.

“So Bryan would you like to come in?” Liam asked..
“No i have to go now” Bryan said.
“Okay…Mara come in,Mum just made chocolate cake with whipped cream” Liam said making my smile widen.

Liam took my hand and we both walked in.
I turned back only to see Bryan walking behind us.
“What? I thought you said you are leaving” I said.
“Yeah, I was. But i can’t miss the chocolate cake” He said and i laughed.

Of course no one will want to miss my mum’s chocolate cake 😉
Even you!


Bryan,Liam,mum and i sat in the living room, watching a movie and eating the delicious and fluffy chocolate cake mum made
Rollins and James are outside chatting over some slices of cake with whipped cream.

I’ve freshened up and changed into a pink jumpsuit with my hair flowing down my back.
I don’t really apply lip gloss but i did and that’s because of Bryan.

“Wow…I have to get going,time is far spent” Bryan said eating the last slice of cake in his plate.
“Hold on,let me wrap some cake for your mum” Mum said.
“Ok Mum” Bryan said.
Mum walked to the kitchen.
I stood up from the couch getting ready to escort Bryan outside.

“Wow,the jumpsuit looks nice on you” Bryan said making my cheeks turn red immediately.
“Thanks” I said turning away only to see Liam winking at me.
I sent him a glare and he laughed singing Fatty Tam quietly.
I feel like taking Bryan’s empty plate and hitting it right in the middle of his head.

Mum returned with half of the cake wrapped in a foil paper,then the whipped cream in a covered plate.
She packed it in a small box before handing it to Bryan who grinned approvingly.

“Thanks Mum” He said.
“Alright dear,my greetings to your Mum”
“Bye bro” Bryan said to Liam who waved.
He cant talk cause of the cake stuffed in his mouth.

I walked Bryan outside the house,we met James and Rollins laughing and I’m not surprised to see an empty plate beside them.

Rollins saw us approaching.

“Wow…I gotta go buddy” he said to James and they shook each other.
“Bye Bryan” I said.
“Bye see you tomorrow” he said.
I smiled and walked back into the house.

Why is my cheeks getting hotter and probably redder even when Bryan had left.

🌹Kelly’s POV🌹

I placed the pillow over my ears to stop myself from hearing Mum and dad fighting in the living room.

That has been a daily occurrence…they fight almost everyday!
They quarrel everytime…i wonder why they got married and gave birth to me in the first place.

I wish i was never born!

They are the reason i don’t allow friends into my house,they are the reason i left Vaulint Hill high school.

I remembered when i invited Tony and Eric my bestfriends over to my house.
Suddenly my parents started fighting… throwing things, hitting theirselves, until a broken glass hit Tony right in the head..
He fainted immediately and was quickly rushed to the hospital.

His parents were pissed and threatened on sueing my parents but the case was buried due to how influential dad is.

Since then,i was isolated at school…everyone was avoiding me like a plague.
I got so lonely and fed up,i managed to graduate grade 7 before telling Dad that i need a transfer.

I was transferred to Makers high school and i resumed on the forth day of resumption which is today cause i was at the hospital treating my cut arm.
My parents had mistakenly threw a knife blade at me while they were fighting.

I love my parents so much,they are all i have … Even if they fight every minute and second they still remain my parents.

I removed the pillow away from my head when i noticed the noise had died down.
I stood and walked out of my room,then descended the stairs to the living room.

I met no one there,but met the living room messed up.

I walked to the table to pick my phone when i felt a sharp pain tore through my feet.
I quickly sat on the couch raising up my leg to inspect my bleeding feet.

I saw a broken glass pierced into it,the cut is quite wide.

I cleaned the tears i didn’t know were flowing down my cheeks.

It’s okay…this isn’t the first time.


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