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[Story] JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 9

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 9

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

“Goodbye love” Ellen said alighting from my car.
“Com’on are you still pissed at me,i already apologized to you” she said with a smirk.
“I’m not the one you should apologise to… apologise to Mara” I said.

“Really?…I should apologise to Mara! No i can’t” She said.
“Okay bye” I said.
“Com’on Bryan… okay i will” she said with a smile.
“Yeah i will, trust me babe” She said.
I pecked her on both cheeks before she finally alighted.

Rollins shook his head and drove off..
“Rollins drive me to the phone slot” I said and he nodded.

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

“Okay…i want to see Ellen’s phone” Liam said.
Sweat poured from my forehead and i slipped my backpack from my shoulder pretending to be searching for it.

I heard the door opened and turned..
“Mum” I said rushing to pull her in a hug.
She smiled and touched my cheeks slightly.
“I hope there wasn’t a problem in boarding the cab?” She asked.
“No mum and how’s Max?” I asked.
“He’s getting better…the doctor diagnosed shortage of blood,I’ve paid for the treatment and he’s gonna be discharged a day after tomorrow”

“Who is gonna be taking me to school?” I asked.
“Put a call through Ellen to come pick you up tomorrow morning,you know how much Liam hates driving” Mum said sitting on a couch.
Ellen!! She won’t even pick up my call.
Liam has resumed his video game…I’m so glad he has forgotten about the phone.

“I will board a cab” I said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes mum…i need to go freshen up now” I said picking up my backpack.
I ran upstairs to my room.

“Liam…are your lips pasted together to greet” I heard mum yell at Liam.

I chuckled and entered my room closing the door behind me..
I dropped my bag and sat on the bed with a sigh.
I started pulling off my shoes and pop-socks .

I wish i had stopped Jessie from smashing the phone.
Now it’s gone!
Bryan is gonna get another one for me tomorrow.
I smiled remembering how i has rested my head on his shoulder in the garden .
That was the best feeling ever!

If only..if only,i can get him to date me.
It’s too late…he’s already into Ellen even if the both of them doesn’t act like they are dating or something.
Did they meet during the holiday or what?
I don’t seem to understand anymore…
How did they started dating all of a sudden…

Ellen never told me she likes Bryan and Bryan also never told me he likes Ellen so how did all these came about?
Well…I’m gonna ask Bryan tomorrow.

I stood up from my bed and picked up my towel.
I headed to the bathroom.


I stepped out of the bathroom and drying my body with the towel.

I just realised I’m starving…
I quickly picked a pink mini gown from the wardrobe,new set of undies from the drawer.

I put it on and combed my hair ,i selected a pink hair band…I packed it into a ponytail and slipped into my footwear.
I walked out of my room and climbed down the stairs to the kitchen.

I opened the fridge and brought out a chilled orange juice with a glass cup.
I rinsed the glass cup in the sink before pouring the orange juice in it.

I gulped down the entire juice in the glass cup before reaching for the cookies.
I munched it with my eyes closed, savouring the taste.
I poured juice into the glass cup and sipped it with the cookies.

I ate the cookies to my fill before stopping.
I rinsed the glass cup and put it back in it’s place.
I covered the remaining orange juice tightly and put it back in the fridge.

“Ahhh…I’m filled up” I groaned as i walked to the living room.
I met mum and Liam watching a kdrama.

“Title?” I asked sitting beside Liam.
“Fatty Tam” he said with a chuckle.
I frowned before hitting him hard on the back.
“Ouch… your hands are just like steel” he said.
“Thank you” I said concentrating on the movie.

“Fatty fatty Tam,fat,fat,fat” Liam sang quietly to my ear before laughing.
“You’ve started again” I said getting up from the couch.
He dragged me back grinning like a jolly panda.
“Okay okay…I won’t tease you anymore” he said.

“Liam you are gonna tutor me on more mathematics subject” I said.
“Really?… this is the first time you are willing to learn… nice change but I’m gonna charge you for it” he said.
I laughed…”like seriously?”
“Yeah…do you want to know what the charges is?” He asked.
“Okay what?” I asked.
“Go into the kitchen and make me pasta with chicken” he said.

“Ahhh…I can’t. I also had cookies and juice cause i was feeling lazy to cook” I said with a frown.
“Okay…it’s okay,forget the tutoring then” he said and faced the movie.
“Liam” I called.
He didn’t answer.

“Okay i will help you prepare it” I said.
He turned to me with a smile.
“Go make it fast … I’m starving” He grinned.
I felt like knocking off his head but i restrained myself.
I huffed and stood up.

“Mum do you care for some pasta and chicken?” I asked.
“Of course but get me a glass cup of water first” She said,her eyes not leaving the movie..
Mum loves kdrama a lot.

I walked to the kitchen,took a little tray from the shelf.
I placed a glass cup with a bottle of chilled water on it.
I carried it to the living room and placed it in front of mum.

I walked back to the kitchen,i wore and apron with hair net before rinsing my hands in the sink.
I dried it and reached for the frozen chicken in the freezer.

I’m gonna boil and fry the chicken first before making pasta.
I brought out the required utensils and ingredients before i started cooking.


“Lunch is ready” I said loudly from the dining room.
I’ve dished out the pasta and chicken on the dining.
I walked back to the kitchen and pulled off my apron and hair net.
I hanged it neatly in it’s position before heading back to the dining.

Mum and Liam are already seated..

I took a seat and we started eating.

“Yummy” Liam said with a mouthful.
“Yeah…Liam you are the one to make dinner” Mum said.
“Mum! I can’t” He said,his face already pulled into a frown.

I laughed inwardly.
“I want you to make dinner” mum insisted.
“Why don’t we employ a cook?” Liam asked.
“A cook? Hell no!” Mum said.
Mum and dad never liked the idea of employing anyone to work in our house..
We do everything ourself and it’s so frustrating!

We continued eating in silence….
“I want more” Liam whispered to me..
I looked into his plate only to find it empty.
“If you want more,go get it in the kitchen” I said loudly to the hearing of mum who eyed the both of us.

“Table manners” She said.
We nodded…I resumed my meal while Liam stood up and went into the kitchen.

So lazy! But loves food a lot.


I plopped on my bed with a tired sigh.
I yawned closing my eyes.

I need to take a nap😴😴

😇Next morning😇

I walked down the stairs fully dressed for school.
I descended the last flight of stairs and headed to the kitchen.

I met mum dishing out hamburger and cappuccino…

“Good morning Mum” I greeted.
“Good morning Mara, how was your night?”
“Fine Mum”
“Okay…come take your breakfast to the dining” She said.
I picked up the tray containing my breakfast, muttered ‘thanks’ before walking to the dining room.

I sat on the dining chair and began eating my breakfast.

“Bryan is here” I heard Liam said behind me.
I turned back and surprisingly i saw Bryan.

“Bryan…what are you doing here?” I asked.
“I called him to come,i don’t want you to board a cab” Liam said.
“But Liam…why would you do that,I’m okay with cab” I said knowing how Ellen is gonna react to this.
“What’s wrong,are you both not in talking terms?…cause this isn’t the first time I’m calling Bryan to pick you” Liam said.

“It’s not that but….”
“But what?” Liam asked.
“Nothing… okay i will go with him” I said.
“Like you have a choice” Bryan said.
I sent him a glare,he chuckled.

“Ohh… Bryan is here” Mum said walking out from the kitchen.
“Good morning Mum” Bryan greeted.
“Morning darling..do you care for hamburger and cappuccino?”
“No mum,i rushed here with my driver after having my breakfast” He said.
“Alright then… how’s your Mum?”
“She’s fine”

“Okay let’s get going…I’m done with my breakfast” I said standing up.
I adjusted my skirt and smiled.
“Goodbye mum” Bryan and i said.
“Goodbye darlings…have a nice day at school”.

We headed outside the house…
“Good morning Rollins” I greeted Bryan’s driver who nodded with a smile.
We got in the car.


“I have something for you” Bryan said on our way to school.
“Really?..what?” I asked.
He smiled and opened his backpack,he hesitated before bringing out my iPhone…

No it’s not mine…it’s the exact color of mine..

“Have it…it’s for you” He said stretching the phone.
“Oh…my… God” I screamed hugging him tightly.
“Thanks so much Bryan, thank you,thank you,thank you” I said happily checking out the phone which is the exact replica of the smashed one.

“How did you find the exact color?” I asked.
“I showed them the piece of the broken phone and they got the exact version and color for me… Liam is not gonna suspect a thing” He said.
“Yeah… thanks so much Bryan,i hope it wasn’t too costly?” I asked.
“Of course it isn’t…I’m glad you like it” he said.

“Yeah i do” I powered it and saw my picture already saved as the wall paper.
I looked over to Bryan who grinned.
“How did you do this?” I asked in amusement.
“Well…I inserted your old memory card and sim card into it and all your pictures, music, videos and all popped up” he said.
“Wow… thanks so much Bryan,i really appreciate this…you don’t know how happy i am” I said excitedly scrolling through the menu.

I didn’t realise Rollins has pulled into the school’s parking lot until Bryan tapped me gently.
“Mara…we are in school” he said.
“Yeah,you were so engrossed in your phone” he said.
I smiled..we both picked our backpacks and alighted from the car.
We waved Rollins bye before heading to our class..

The class went silent as we walked in.
They looked at us admiringly as we walked to our seat.
Ellen isn’t in school yet … Thank goodness!

We sat down,i picked my new iPhone and started from where i stopped in the car.
I so much love this phone.
“iPhone lover” Bryan whispered to me.
I smiled…”iPod lover” i said.

He chuckled.

Ellen walked into the class heading straight to her seat which is beside ours.
I’ve missed her company…why is Ellen behaving this way?

I felt my stomach twitch,my iPhone nearly dropping from my hand when Ellen bent and kissed Bryan who reciprocated.
I quickly bent my head on the desk and sniffed.

I remained that way for some minutes before raising up my head.
I noticed the class had gone silent.
Mrs Ardsley stood in front of the class with a new student beside her.

Wow…he’s so cute…but not as cute as Bryan.
The girls flashed bright smiles sitting with their legs crossed.
I looked at Bryan and saw him smiling.
He caught my gaze..
“The new guy is cute right?” He Said.
I nodded..
“Yeah but not as cute as you” I blurted out.
“Yes” I said.
“Wow… thanks,i gat the best bestie” he said holding a handful of my hair in his hand.

He loves doing that and i also love that feeling it always gave me.
I love Bryan so much.

“Okay… good morning class” Mrs Ardsley said.
“Good morning Mrs Ardsley”
“We gat a new student among us.. please introduce yourself..” she said to the guy,who nodded smiling brightly.
Damn! He gat dimple.

“Hi everyone…I’m Kelly Yates,nice meeting you all” he said with a little bow..


Oh…he’s the one who owns this empty seat beside mine.

I chuckled as i saw how the girls were already trying to get his attention.
“You can move to your desk Kelly..class i will be back for our morning class” Miss Ardsley said walking out of the classroom.

Kelly walked to his seat which is beside mine.
I turned to Bryan and caught him staring at me.
“What?” I asked.
“Nothing” he said with a shrug.
“Okay…” I said.

“Mara look…Fallen angels are organizing their concert here in Paris next month” Bryan said to me showing me the news on his iPod..
I screamed happily and quickly comported myself when i noticed the whole class was starting at me.

“Oh..my..God… Bryan we must attend the concert” I said excitedly.
“Yes we must…I will go get our tickets after school” he said.
“High-five bestie” I said happily.
We exchanged high fives and giggled.

“Seriously i don’t understand this… Bryan how could you think of going to that concert with her when I’m here” Ellen said.
“But Ellen,you said you don’t like fallen angels…you are not their fans so i don’t see the reason why you should want to go to their concert” Bryan said.
“Okay..but I’m going with you” Ellen said.
“Your choice” Bryan replied.

I sighed.

“Hi” I heard a cool voice said beside me.
I know it’s the new guy’s voice but how could i be sure I’m the one he’s referring to.
“Hey” Ellen replied him with a small wave and a little smile.
“I’m sorry…you aren’t the one I’m referring to” He said to her and i almost bursted into laughter.
“Hi” he said again.
“Mara…the new guy is referring to you” Bryan said.

I turned to him..
He looks cuter on a closer look with brown spiky air,big blue eyes,pointed nose with a small round lips..he also gat a nice body.
He can’t be compared anywhere to Bryan but everyone is fine in their own way.

“Hi…I’m Kelly” he said with a smile making his dimple appear.
“I’m Tamara and here is my best friend Bryan” I said.
“Hi Bryan” Kelly said with a smile.
“Hey Kelly…how are you?” Bryan said nicely.
“I’m fine Bryan”

“Welcome to Makers high school…if you won’t mind,Mara and i will show you round the school during lunch break” Bryan.
“Wow… of course i don’t mind.. thanks Bryan you are so friendly,can we be friends?” Kelly asked Bryan who nodded eagerly.

“Of course…we are already friends” he said.
They both shook hands and smiled at each other.
It’s so sure their friendship is gonna be great!

“Okay … Tamara,can we also be friends?” Kelly asked.
I looked at Bryan who nudged me to say yes.
“Yes Kelly,we can be friends” I replied with a smile.
“Wow … I can’t believe i gat two new friends on my first day at school” Kelly said.

“Yeah” we smiled.
“I heard you talking about fallen angels, are you guys also their fans?” Kelly asked.
“Yes we are” I said.
“Wow…I’m also a fan” he said.
“Really?” Bryan and I asked together.
“Yeah…” He said.

Mrs Hampton came in..

“Shush… don’t talk anymore,if not she’s gonna roll her big ugly eyes and send us out of the class” I said.

We laughed…

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