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[Story] JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 11

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 11

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

I entered the living room and met mum sitting on the couch with her eyes fixed on the television.

“Hi mum” I said pecking mum on both cheeks.
“Bryan,how are you?” She asked.
“I’m fine mum” I said dropping beside her.
“You came home quite late and I’m perceiving something from your bag” She said.

I smiled…”Yeah…I was at Mara’s house and her mum gave me some chocolate cake to give you”
“Wow… Mimi’s chocolate cake has always been the best” Mum said smiling as i brought out the chocolate cake from my bag.

She collected it from me.
“Wow…she added whipped cream” mum said more happily.
“Kim” She called.
“Yes ma’am” Kim said walking to the living room.
“Hi Kim” I said.
“Welcome Bryan,how was school?” She asked.
“Very fine” I said.

“Kim get me a small knife,a plate and a fork” Mum said.
“Okay” Kim said and hurried to the kitchen.
She came back with it and dropped it on the table in front of Mum.
“Do you care for some?” Mum asked her,she nodded shyly.

I smiled ‘who would refuse Mara’s Mum chocolate cake’

“Mum…I need to go freshen up” I said getting up from the couch.
“I’m still coming back for some slices of cake” I said walking to the stairs.
“Didn’t you ate some at Mara’s place?” Mum asked.
“Of course i did,but i want more” I said climbing the stairs to my room.
“Be fast Bryan,we are going to pick your father at the airport” Mum said.
“Okay mum” I replied not feeling as excited as i should..
My dad is coming home after three months,i should be damn happy but I’m not cause I’ve gotten used to his absence.

I walked into my room and dropped my backpack on the cushion.
I pulled off my shoes and socks before walking into the bathroom with my towel in hand.
I pulled off my school uniform, wrapped it and placed it on the sink before getting under the shower.

I stood under the shower for some minutes before realizing that I’m going with mum to the airport.
I turned off the faucet and picked up my towel.
I wrapped it round my waist and picked up a smaller one for my hair.

I sponged out most of the water from my hair with the towel as i made my way back to my room.
I left the towel on my hair as i opened my wardrobe searching for a nice wear.

I settled for a blue jeans,white T-shirt and blue denim jacket,i placed it on the bed then walked back to my shoe rack.
I selected white sneakers and picked a body spray from the drawer…it was a gift from Mara.

I put on my outfit and i know i don’t need to look at my reflection in the mirror cause i know I’m gonna drool at the sight of me.
I can’t help being proud of cute face and great body.

I slipped my feet into my white sneakers then picked up my hair comb.
I brushed back my hair and applied a little hair lotion…I styled it into my preferable style and sighed approvingly.

I finally took a look at my reflection in the mirror and mehn!
I had to stop myself from drooling..
I look just like Miguel Sydney,fallen angel … He’s my fashion icon and i try my best just to always dress like him.

That guy is just so cute with a perfect body,he’s truly an angel..with his wife also.
They already have a little daughter who is classed as the most beautiful girl in the world..
That little girl is the combination of Migvin…she’s just so cute.
I must attend that concert and i can’t wait.

Next month should hurry over!
I wanna see my fashion icon.

“Bryan are you not done?” I heard mum said from the living room.
“I’m done mum” I shouted and walked out of my room.

I met mum waiting at the living room..
She has added some touches to her face and dressing looking as radiant as ever.
“Sweetest Mum in the world” I said.
“Sweetest son in the world” She said and we both giggled.

“Where’s my cake?” I asked.
“It’s in the freezer,you are gonna have it when we arrive” Mum said dragging me along.
We got outside.

She collected her car key from Rollins and we both got into her black sedan.
She turned on the ignition, reversed and drove out of the compound heading to the airport.


Mum parked alongside with other cars in the parking lot of Shade Airport.
We both alighted from the car.
Mum took out her phone to call Dad..

“Darlings” We heard a familiar broad voice.
We looked up and saw dad walking towards us with a broad smile,he’s looking younger and cuter.
He held a travelling bag in his hand, wheeling it towards us.

Mum ran into his arms and i followed suit.
“Wow, Tina you are looking prettier. I’ve missed you so much” He said kissing mum who blushed like a teen.
I stood back and watched them.
“Bryan is starting to grow into a man, come here son” Dad said pulling me closer to him .
He hugged me and patted my back.

Hmm…I missed his scent or do i miss him?

🌅Next Morning🌅

“Goodbye Mum, Dad” I said standing up from the dining chair after having my breakfast.
“Bye Bryan”
I pecked the both of them and headed outside.

I met Rollins already waiting beside my car.
“Good morning Rollins” I greeted and hopped in.
“Morning Bryan” He said getting behind the wheel.
“I hope you know we will go pick Mara”
“Yeah i do”

🌹Ellen’s POV🌹

“Mum! If you won’t get me the latest version of iPhone,then don’t talk to me anymore” I yelled angrily getting up from the dining chair.
I picked my backpack and hung it round my shoulders.

I started walking out of the dining room angrily.
“Ellen” Mum called after me.
I ignored her and got to door.
“Okay…I’m gonna get it for you” She said making me turn.

“Really?” I asked happily.
“Yes” She said.
“Thanks Mum,I love you” I rushed to hug her.
“I love you too…I’m gonna go get it for you before you get back from school huh?” She said.
“Thanks Mum” I pecked her cheeks.
“I need to get going now…and i want the iPhone to be in my best color” I said before hurrying out of the house.

“Let’s go! Don’t come pick me after school okay” I said to my driver who nodded.
I got into the back seat,and dropped my backpack beside me.
Fort got behind the wheels and drove out of the compound.

I stared out of the windscreen lost in thoughts.

I kept regretting the reason i helped Mara!
She’s now getting everything her way…
Even the newbie is kinda into her and here i am forcing a guy to love me.
Wait! Do i really expect Bryan to love me?
He can’t!

I need to think of a way…to get either Bryan or the new guy,cause i can’t lose in two ways!

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

“Mara,check this out” Bryan said showing me a recent picture of Fallen angels and their little daughter.
We were seated in the class, Bryan came to pick me up for school and i was glad when we came in and didn’t meet Ellen in class.

“Wow…they are so cute” I said in complete admiration drooling over the picture.
“We will go get the tickets tomorrow” Bryan said.
“I can’t wait to see them in person,the concert is gonna be great” I said excitedly.
“Yeah it will”..

Just then we saw Kelly limping into the class,then towards his seat.
Students turned to look at him, wondering what’s wrong.
“What happened to Kelly?” Bryan asked me.
“How would i know?”

“Kelly what’s wrong?” Bryan and i asked together immediately he sat down.
“I hurt my feet” he said slowly and unhappily.
“Have you gone to the hospital?” Bryan asked.
“Yeah it has been treated” He said.

“Okay, sorry but you should have rested at home” I said.
“I missed school for three days. I won’t want to miss school again” He said.
“Why did you miss school for three days” I asked curiously.
“Hmm…I was away to Mexico” he said.
“OMG did you see fallen angels?” I asked.
“No i didn’t,i actually didn’t go there for them…I went there for something else” He said.

“Okay Mara and i are going to get the tickets tomorrow, would you like to come?” Bryan asked.
“No he can’t come with us, don’t you see he’s limping” I said .
“I will come with you guys….” he said making me shrug.

Ellen entered the classroom and walked briskly to her seat.
“Hi Kelly,hi Bryan” She said sitting down.
“Hey Ellen”
“Hey Ellen,how are you?” Kelly asked.
“I’m fine” She said with smiles.

“Hi Ellen” I greeted.
“Hey” She answered hesitantly.

Bryan tapped me gently and pointed to the front of the classroom.
I followed his gaze and saw Jessie and her parents.
Her father is a huge man scaring most of the students away.
Her mum stood with a mean look.

“Who the hell is Tamara Weston who beat up my daughter” Her father’s voice thundered the silent classroom.

I froze when Jessie pointed to me.
He barged towards me and i almost peed in my panties.
“You are Tamara Weston,why the hell did you beat up my daughter!”
“I..i” I was trying to talk but my lips are barged together in fear.
“Your daughter broke her newly bought iPhone” Bryan suddenly said.

“And so what? Does that require the beating of my daughter” He said more angrily to Bryan.
“Jessie caused it! If she had not broken Mara’s iPhone,then all that wouldn’t have happened” Bryan said boldly.
I noticed the entire students gaze are in our direction.

Can’t someone just get the hell up and go call a teacher!

“Why are you concerned about this! I have issues with Tamara Weston not you dumbass!” He said.
“Aren’t you ashamed to have issues with someone who’s your daughter’s age and classmate…that shows how regardless you are” Bryan said to the shock of everyone.
“Bryan” I scolded in whisper.

Jessie’s dad raised up his hand in anger, about landing it on Bryan’s face when Kelly stood up and hold his hand mid way.
Well…he’s fast enough cause that was what i planned on doing.

“This is Illegal! How could you come to our class and start beating up a student just because of your daughter who did something wrong…you are supposed to report it to the school authorities and they are gonna settle everything but this is not right!” Kelly yelled still holding the man’s hand.
His hand is so small compared to the huge man’s hand.

The man looked from Bryan to Kelly in surprise before flinging his hand away.

“Everyone of you should meet me in my office right now” Mr Allen the principal yelled.


“Mr and Mrs Baird,you don’t have the right to come to school,go straight to your daughter’s classroom and start beating up her fellow student, that’s totally wrong!” Mr Allen said.
Kelly,Bryan, Jessie and i were standing in Mr Allen’s office while Mr and Mrs Baird sat opposite Mr Allen.

Mr Allen is a strict man and I’m afraid of what our punishment is gonna be.

“I’m sorry Mr Allen,i actually didn’t plan on beating up the students but i was provoked” Mr Baird said.
“If you had come to report this to me first,it would have been better.. i won’t tolerate this next time..you both can leave,i need to talk to this students” Mr Allen said.
They both stood up, thanked Mr Allen and left the office.

“What reputation did you guys plan on giving this school… Tamara Weston,i don’t know you to be a fighter…what happened?” Mr Allen asked.
“Mr Allen, Jessie intentionally smashed my new iPhone on the wall and it shattered into pieces…she didn’t apologise or anything,so i got pissed and beat her” I said.

“Jessie Baird, can you tell me the reason you intentionally smashed her iPhone?” Mr Allen asked.
“It was unintentionally Mr Allen,she didn’t wait for me to explain before she started beating me up” Jessie lied making me want to hit her.

“Okay. Bryan Shaw and Kelly Yates,why were you being rude to Mr Baird?”
“We weren’t being rude,i just made some things clear to him,he got annoyed and wanted to hit him before Kelly stopped him by holding his hand” Bryan said.
“We are sorry Mr Allen” Kelly said.

“Of course i know you are sorry,but that won’t stop me from punishing you all…you will all be in detention for a week starting from monday after school work” Mr Allen said.
“Mr Allen please,we are sorry” We pleaded.
“I can extend the detention to two weeks if you like” He said adjusting his eye glass.

“Mr Allen…”
“Everyone should evacuate, don’t let me change my mind to something worst” He said and we all scurried out of his office.

“Jessie you caused all this!” I yell angrily at her in the hallway.
“Shut up! I caused what? You started it by beating me up” she yelled back.
“And you started it by smashing my iPhone!” I said.
“Enough of this! Think about how dark and scary that detention used to be” Bryan said.
Jessie shrunk…”Really!”

We got back to the class and met a teacher in.
We quickly walked to our seats.


“I can’t survive for a week in that detention” I said dipping fries into my mouth.
“Then you shouldn’t have tried to act like a female Mike Tyson in the first place!” Ellen shouted.
“What’s your problem with that? As you can see i wasn’t talking to you,i was talking to Bryan and Kelly,you don’t have to interfere!” I said half pissed.

“It’s my problem cause it was because of you Bryan also got detention… who is gonna he dropping me at home huh?” She yelled.
“What’s wrong with your driver?” Bryan asked.
“Nothing” She said.
“Then he’s gonna be driving you home cause we will be staying in the detention for 3 hours after school is over and you can’t possibly wait” Bryan said.

“I will wait”
“No you can’t!”

“Bryan is the detention truly scary?” I asked.
“Yeah it is…it’s so dark and filled with old and dead authors books” he said and i shivered in fright.
I saw Kelly smiling.
“Why are you smiling… aren’t you afraid?” I asked.

“I’m not afraid cause i will be going in with my phone” He said.
“Yeah…me too” Bryan.
“Me too?” I asked.
“Of course” Bryan said.
“Okay…I’m less frightened now … ” I smiled.
Damn! I’ve finished my fries and chicken.

Bryan saw me peering into his pizza rolls.
He quickly shifted it closer to himself and i laughed.
“I’m gonna take one from Kelly’s” I said and grabbed one pizza roll from Kelly’s plate.
“I hope you don’t mind?” I asked.
“No eat as much as you want” He said and smiled making his dimple appear.

“I love your dimple…it’s so deep and perfectly round” I said munching the pizza roll.
I reached for another one.
“Thanks” Kelly grinned.
“Don’t tell me you are blushing?” I teased.
“No I’m not…I’ve received more compliments than this” He replied.
I laughed…”I was only teasing”


I think I’m gonna start ordering Pizza rolls for lunch..
It’s so yummy.
I kept picking and picking more pizza rolls from Kelly’s plate till it got to the last one.

What’s up with my appetite?
I don’t eat this much!

Kelly and i grabbed the last one together making me laugh..
“I’m not gonna leave it for you” I said as we both drag it to ourselves.
“Tammy Its gonna break into pieces,let’s just share it” He said.

Awwwn….he called me Tammy.

“No I’m not sharing it with you,let me have everything or I’m gonna hit my fork on your head” I said and laughed when he quickly released the pizza roll to me.
I ate half of it and looked at Kelly’s face.
“I’m not gonna give you” I said with a mouthful.

“Okay” he said and stood up and suddenly began smiling..
He had grabbed the remaining pizza roll from my hand before i could say JACK.
He threw it into his mouth and ran out of the cafeteria.

“Kelly!” I yelled and began running after him almost laughing my lungs out.


“Will you come in?” I asked Bryan after his driver parked in front of my house.
“No…i will come in another day,i will come pick you up tomorrow for the tickets” He said.
“Okay…bye.Wait,are we still going to pick Kelly?” I asked alighting from the car.
“But he didn’t give you his address” I said.
“I know his house” Bryan smiled.
“How?” I asked.
“Nevermind…let’s just go pick him up tomorrow” He said.
“Okay bye,but i think you need a goodbye knock” I said with a grin.
I laughed when he quickly closed the door of his car and Rollins drove off.

I walked closer to the gate and knocked.
James opened the door and paved way for me to come in before locking it back.
“Hi James” I said.
“How are you Mara?” He asked.
“I’m fine James…is mum home?” I asked.
“No she went to pick Max” he said.
“Ohh… okay”

I walked into the house and met the living room empty.
Is Liam not home?

I walked to the kitchen and picked a glass cup and a bottle of water.
I placed the glass cup on the kitchen counter and twisted the bottle cap.
I poured half of it into the glass cup then gulped it down my dry throat.

Damn! I was so thirsty.

I dropped the glass cup in the sink and walked out of the kitchen heading upstairs to my room.
I peeped into Liam’s room but can’t find him.
Maybe he went out for a walk.

I entered my room and dropped my backpack on the bed, sitting tiredly on it.

I can’t wait to be done with school.
Now,I’ve gotten a detention which I’m sure is gonna creep me out!

I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket.
I brought it out…”Mum”

I swiped it to the receiver before placing it on my ear.

📞 Hello Mum

📞Mara how are you?

📞Fine Mum, how’s Max?

📞He’s fine and we are on our way home.

📞Ohh…I’ve missed him.

📞I Know. I want you to prepare Macroons with spiced chicken.

That made me frown a bit,but I’m gonna do anything for Max

📞 Okay mum.

📞 Alright bye.


I dropped the call and sighed…
I need to quickly freshen up then rush into the kitchen.


I danced to the tune of “Forever mine” by Fallen angels as i climbed down the stairs after freshening up.
I’m clad in a pink bum short with a white single,my hair is packed in a bun.

I got to the living room and stopped the music.
I placed my phone on the couch and headed to the kitchen.

Taking phones or any device into the kitchen is dangerous.

I opened the kitchen cabinet and picked my apron and hair net.
I wore it and headed to the sink to wash my hands.
I dried it and walked to the fridge.
I brought out some tomatoes and veggies.

I’m gonna slice the tomatoes first.
I placed everything on the kitchen counter then went for a chopping board and knife.

I rinsed it in the sink together with the tomatoes.
I started slicing it….

“Boom💥” I heard a thick voice shouted.

I shouted in fright, loosing my balance.
I fell hard on my butt shifting back in fear.

I heard a familiar laughter and managed to stand up only to see Liam laughing by the kitchen door.
I swallowed hard and picked up the knife.

“Liam you are so dead today”

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