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[Story] JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 12

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 12

By Zeemah writes

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🌹Mara’s POV🌹

“Slice the onions,then after that bring out the chicken from the fridge” I said to Liam who frowned.


“Liam you are so dead today” I said and picked up the knife.
He had already ran out before i could get to him.
I ran after him…
He ran through the corridor,and kept turning and turning till he stumbled over a stool.

I quickly met up with him and smacked his head first with the bottom of the knife.
“Ouch..my head!” He said sitting up.
“Liam why the hell would you scare me like that” I said.

“And why the hell do you get afraid easily” He said.
“I can’t believe you are still talking after making me land on my butt” I said
He laughed and i hit his head again.
“You are so mean!” He said.
“Not when you scared the hell out of me” I said.
“Okay…Sorry,go and continue cooking” He said about standing up.

I pulled him back.
“What again?” He asked.
“I’m not taking Sorry from you” I said.
“Then what do you wanna take from me?” He asked.
“I’m gonna smack this on your head till I’m satisfied” I said grinning.
“What!!” He exclaimed.
“Yes and I’m damn serious about that” I said, intentionally checking out the knife in my hand.

“Damn! Mara do you want my head to develop a swell!” He said.
“I don’t care…if only you know how my butt is hurting” I said.
He laughed.
“So You’re still laughing when I’m about to make your forehead swell”

“Wait Mara,are you serious about this?” He asked.
“Of course i am, do you think i was joking?” I asked raising up the knife.

“Mara please..

I won’t scare you again.

What do you want?

I will do anything” His last statement made me stop.

I grinned…”you mean you would do anything?” I asked.
He nodded hesitantly.
“I can’t believe you cherish your head that much but you said you will do anything to stop me from hitting this knife’s butt on your forehead…so what i want you to do now is come with me to the kitchen, you will do all the tedious work and wash the dishes once we are done eating” I said.

“What!…I’m not doing that” he shouted.
“Okay no problem, shift your head closer..let me go on with the hitting” I said positioning the knife perfectly in my hand.
I saw his eyes go wide and laughed inwardly.

“Okay…I will do it” He said slowly.

🦋End of flashback🦋

“You mean i should slice onions?” He asked.
“Yeah” I said lighting the stove.
“You know how much i hate doing that,my eyes will become watery in two seconds” He said.
“Why don’t you just bring your head closer,I’m just gonna smack it twenty times then I’ll release you to go” I said.

“No!” He yelled.
“Then slice!” I yelled back.
“Mara… please just let me go” he said and i sighed.
“I didn’t plan on keeping you here with me for long cause you are as lazy as a feather” I said and he smiled.
“Thank you” he said and began walking out.
“I haven’t said you should go..you have to promise not to scare me again”I said.
“Okay, i won’t scare you again” He said with a mischievous smile.

“Go” I said.
“Where’s your phone?” He asked and i can’t help but pray for Bryan.
“On the couch” I said.
“Okay” He blew me a kiss and left.

I began cooking…


“Max” I ran into his arms.
“I’ve missed you” He kissed my hair.
“Me too Max..I hope you are feeling strong now?” I asked.
“Yeah..I’m feeling stronger” He said.
“Does that mean you will drive me to school on Monday?” I asked happily.

“No! He’s not driving for a week…he needs to rest” Mum said closing the door of the car.
I frowned a bit.

I had rushed out of the dining where i was serving Macroons and chicken when i heard mum drove in.

“But after a week,you will continue driving me to school right?” I asked and he nodded.
“Max,go into your room,Mara is gonna serve you lunch” Mum said.
He smiled bowed and left…
I smiled when i saw James beaming happily.

His buddy is back!

“Welcome mum” I said as we headed inside.
“You look like one perfect chef with the apron and cap you are putting on” She said and that was when i realised im still wearing the apron.
I smiled and pulled it off when we got to the living room.

“Hi mum” Liam said and continued watching the movie.
“It’s a kdrama mum…I just purchased it” he said.
Mum quickly sat down beside him and they both started watching it together.

I walked back to the kitchen and wrapped the apron and cap
back into the kitchen cabinet.
I rinsed two plates and dished out Macroons and Chicken in both for Max and James.
I covered it and placed it in a food basket.

I carried it and walked out of the kitchen.
I met Mum and Liam still watching the so called kdrama.
I shrugged and made for the door.

I got outside and met James about to go into the room.
“James”I called.
He stopped and i walked to him.
“Here is your lunch” I said, handing over the food basket to him.
“Thanks Mara”

I walked back inside and quickly finish setting the table..

“Lunch is ready!!” I yelled twice.
“We are coming” Mum said.
“I’m gonna start eating” I said.
“You dare not!” Mum said.


I washed the dishes after we were done with lunch.
I placed them in the dish drainer and rinsed the last cup.

I dried my hands and walked out of the kitchen.
I joined mum and Liam in the living room and we watched the movie together.

It’s quite interesting but i don’t feel like watching anymore.
I stood up and headed upstairs to my room.
I have some assignments and i also need to sleep for a whole lot of time.

I got to my room and sat on the bed.
I yawned…”No I’m gonna finish my assignment before sleeping”
I opened my backpack and brought out my English text and note.

I quickly glanced through it… answered all the questions and dropped it on my bedside table.
“I’m gonna deal with the mathematics when I’m awake” I said to myself and yawned one last time before falling into a deep sleep.

🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

🦋I sat on the edge of our pool with my legs dangling in the water and began sketching an imaginary image of Mara sitting on the grass and facing the sun with a longing look.

I was surprised when the drawing came into life.
I saw mara sitting opposite me with her face filled with tears.

“Mara what’s wrong?” I asked.
“Bryan why are you doing this to me?” She cried.
“What’s wrong,what am i doing to you?” I asked.
“You are hurting me” She cried louder.
“Hurting you? How?” I asked.
She stared at me without replying.

Her tears turned into a flood which started moving her farther from me.

“Mara” I called trying to reach her outstretched arm,to save her from floating away.
I tried hard but couldn’t reach her outstretched hand.

She waved at me with a bitter look before vanishing from my sight.

“Mara!!!” I shouted in tears.🦋

I opened my eyes and rubbed my palms over my face.
It was a dream yet it looked so real.
What should i interpret the dream as?
Does it make any sense at all?

I sat up on the bed and saw my sketching pen and paper beside me.

“Ohh…” I laughed.
I was about sketching Mara when i fell asleep.
So that’s the reason i dreamt about her.

I’m starving!

I stood up from my bed and slipped my feet into my footwear.
I walked out of my room and climbed down the stairs.
I smiled when i perceived omlette rice.

I love you Kim!

🌅Next Morning🌅

I sat on the couch in the living room after having breakfast, going through my Instagram page to pass time…I’m waiting for Bryan.

I’m clad in a white sleeveless top and a black and white skirt with a striking pattern.
A black face cap is pulled over my hair and I’m putting on a white slippers.

I had taken some selfies in my room and uploaded it on Instagram.
I smiled as i read comments until i came across Ellen’s;

🛸Your dressing sucks! You look just like a Zebra.

I replied 🛸 Thanks for the compliment bestie,Zebra is one of the most beautiful animal…I’m glad.

Her comment hurt me badly,i logged out and dropped my phone on my laps.

“Why isn’t Bryan coming?” I said aloud.
“I’m here” I heard his voice behind me and turned to see him.

He’s clad in a pair of black tight jeans,a plaid shirt and denim jacket with sneakers.

“Hi” he said.
“Hi what took you so long?” I asked.
“We didn’t plan on a particular time” he said.
“Ohh.. okay,i guess I’m so anxious about the tickets” I said.
“Me too…is mum and Liam at home?” He asked.
“No they went to Dad’s company” I said.
“Okay can we leave now?” I asked.
“Of course”

We got outside….

“Max arrived yesterday,have you checked on him?” I asked.
“Yeah… Rollins and i did before i came into the house”
Just then i saw Rollins emerge from Max’s room.
“Hi Rollins” I greeted.
“How are you Mara?” He asked.
“I’m good” I said and opened the door to the back seat ..
I was surprised or rather shocked when i saw Ellen seated there.

I looked at Bryan and he gave me a ‘i-am-sorry-look’ .
“She just showed up at my house this morning and insisted on going with us…I promise she isn’t gonna pick on you” He whispered to me.
I nodded and got in beside Ellen, Bryan got in beside me and Rollins got behind the wheels.
“Hi Ellen” I said.
“Hey” she replied and bent back to her phone..
I noticed it’s new….she has gotten a new phone.

“Wow ,Ellen your phone is pretty just like mine” I said.
She looked at me for a while and turned back to her phone.

Rollins drove out of the compound,into the street then the road.
“Are you sure you know where Kelly is staying?” I asked Bryan.
He nodded.
“How did you know it?” I asked.
“Remember when we were in Mr Allen’s office,i saw Kelly’s file on his table and….” Bryan said.

He opened a small bag…
“I have something for you” he said and brought out a paper.
I smiled…”What?”
He opened the paper and there is me! Sitting on a rock and staring at the sun.

“Oh..my..God… this is beautiful” I saw and grabbed the paper from him.
I’ve been disturbing him for a while to sketch me and he finally did.
“Thanks Bryan” I hugged him and turned back to look at the drawing.

It’s so perfect and beautiful…
Bryan I love you!

“You are gonna be the greatest artist,I’m gonna be the greatest surgeon and Ellen is gonna be the greatest dancer and Kelly…I don’t know his future ambition yet” I said.
Bryan laughed…

“Why are you laughing?” I asked.
“Yo…” He was saying before Ellen interrupted him.
“Bryan where’s mine!?” She yelled.
“Calm down…Mara has been disturbing me for this…I’m gonna sketch yours and being it for you on Monday” He said.

Rollins parked in front of a white mansion.
“Is this where Kelly stays?” I asked.
“Yeah” he said and opened the car door.
We got down and walked to the gate.

Ellen smiled and knocked.

The gate opened and a man stepped out.
I guess it’s Kelly’s gatekeeper.
“Hi” we greeted.
“Whom do you ask for?” He asked.
“Kelly Yates…we are his friend” Ellen said.
“Okay come in” The gate keeper said.

We walked into the compound and i was wowed..
It’s so big and beautiful…

I clinged to Bryan when we suddenly heard the shattering of glass.

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