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[Story] JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 13

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 13

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Kelly’s POV🌹

I placed and headphone over my ear and increased the volume to the limit to prevent me from hearing Mum and dad fight.
I stared out of my window looking at the people and passing cars.

I know Tammy and Bryan would be on their way to get the tickets..
I forgot to give them my address and i don’t also have any of their contact… neither did they have mine.
I know Tammy’s house…Leo has dropped her their once but i just don’t feel like going not when Mum and dad is fighting.

I heard the sound of gate opening,I looked down and was shocked when i saw Tammy,Bryan and Ellen.

What are they doing here!
How did they found out about my address!
Mum and dad is freaking fighting right now!
How could this damn game keeper allow them in!

I removed my headphone when i saw Tammy cling to Bryan..
I heard the shattering of glass.

I quickly wore my footwear,arranged my hair, picked my phone and ran out of the room.
I got to the living room and met mum and dad still fighting.
I stood for a moment and cleaned the tears that were starting to form in my eyes.

I rushed outside and comported myself the best way i can .
I forced a smile as i walked towards them.
“Hi guys” I said in a fake cheerful voice.
“Hey Kelly”
“Wait what was that shattering sound?” Tammy asked.
“Ohh…one of the windows in the attic has broken again” I lied.

“Thank goodness…I was afraid someone is hurt” Tammy said.
I smiled.
“How did you found out about my house?” I asked curiously.
“I saw your file in Mr Allen’s office” Bryan said.
“Ohh… okay, can we leave now?” I asked.
“Aren’t you gonna invite us in?” Ellen asked.
“Not today…dad is having a meeting right now” I lied.

“We can just go to your room” She said.
“Ellen!” Bryan scolded giving her a look.
“Let’s go” He said and we walked out of the gate.
I saw his car parked beside my house.

We walked towards it..
“I’m sitting at the front” Tammy said.
“Of course that’s where you are gonna sit” Ellen said.
It seems there’s something off with these two.
We got to the car.

“Hi Rollins” I said.
“Kelly how are you?” He asked.
“I’m fine” I said.
Tammy got into the front seat.
We got into the backseat.
Rollins drove off.


🌹Mara’s POV🌹

We sat round a table in an unfamiliar restaurant eating and chatting.
We’ve finally gotten our tickets after all the stress.
Kelly offered us a treat in this nice restaurant.

“Their meals are awesome” I said biting into my chicken fried steak.
“Yeah…I love it” Bryan said.
“Me too” Kelly said.

We finished eating and started chatting about school work.

“Mrs Ardsley’s assignment was so difficult but Liam helped me out” I said.
“Who is Liam?” Kelly asked.
“My brother” I smiled.
“Wow…I wasn’t aware you have a brother” he said.
“Now you are aware” I said.

“We all have to exchange our contacts with Kelly”Bryan said and I nodded.
“Yeah…I was also planning on saying that” Ellen said.
Kelly passed his phone to Bryan who quickly inputted his number and passed it to me.
I did the same and passed it to Ellen who suddenly smiled.

What’s wrong with her?🙄

The Cloud started rolling in…

“Damn! I’ve forgotten the weather forecast Rain by Mid afternoon…we need to leave” I said already standing up.


I was the last person Bryan dropped off.
I waved him bye and knocked on the gate.
The rain is starting to pour heavily.
James opened the gate,i rushed in and quickly ran into the house..

One of the things I hate most is getting drenched.
Mum and Liam are not back yet.
I climbed the stairs to my room and almost tripped.

I began pulling off my wet clothes immediately i entered my room.
I’m glad my ticket is safe!

I grabbed a long and thick sweater from the wardrobe and pulled it on.
I picked up my teddy bear and hugged it close to my chest.
I got under the covers and closed my eyes tightly shivering in cold.

I ended up falling asleep….


“By tomorrow…I’m gonna select students for the practical” Mr Tommy,said,picked his books and walked out of the class.
I sighed and rested my head on the desk..
I’m feeling so cold.

The weather has been so cold for the last two days.
I had to wear the school’s cardigan over my school uniform…I’m not the only one who did that..most of the students did also.

“Mara are you okay?” I heard Bryan asked.
“Yes i am…I’m just feeling cold” I said.
“Sorry” he said.

Someone wrapped a cardigan over me.
I smiled thinking it was Bryan but my smile faded when i saw it was Kelly.
“Thanks” I muttered.
He nodded and continued writing.
I looked at Bryan and saw him talking to Ellen with his hand wrapped on her shoulder.

I felt hurt and sad…
Isn’t it high time i told Bryan i love him.
But what if he doesn’t feel the same way for me… that’s gonna spoil our relationship.

We has four more classes before going to the cafeteria for lunch break.


“What do you want to take Mara/Tammy” Kelly and Bryan said together.
I faced Bryan..

“Kelly take Mara’s order,I’m gonna take Ellen’s order” Bryan said.
“I want Fries, salmon with steak” Ellen said.
“I want the same thing” I said.
“Okay” They said and walked away.

“I bet you are feeling lucky,two guys offered to take your order” Ellen said.
“What’s lucky about that?” I asked.
“Do you know what?” She asked.
“What?” I asked.
“I regret helping you to get this perfect body and face of yours” She said.
“I also regret accepting your help” I said.

Our lunch was placed in front of us, Kelly and Bryan also sat down and placed their lunch on the table.
We began eating…

“Damn!” I yelled a student poured a plate of pasta on my hair.
It dropped down to my Cardigan, staining it immediately..
“What the hell!” Bryan and Kelly yelled.

I stood up and turned to look at the girl.
She seemed frightened.

“I’m sorry…I was sent to do so” She said before running out of the cafeteria.
“Come here” Bryan said and began running after hair.
I quickly held him back..

“Let it go Bryan…just leave her,she was sent to do so” I said and noticed the whole Cafeteria has started laughing on how messed up i look.
“It’s okay…I will go wash off this,i will be right back” I said and hurried to the restroom.

I got there and let out the tears i was holding.
I’m the only one that keeps getting hurt and hurt and hurt forever!
I’m the only weird one!
I’m the only one who keeps crying non-stop!
I’m fed up!

I cleaned my tears and pulled off my cardigan..
I’m glad my school uniform is not stained.
I fold my cardigan with the pasta on it and threw it into the waste basket.

I turned on the faucet and splashed water on my face…
I turned off the faucet and dried my face.
I repacked my hair and looked at reflection in the mirror..

Tamara…how did you get this beautiful!
I only worked on my body not my face!


I walked out if the restroom and headed to the cafeteria.
It was damn silent and the lights were off meaning lunch break is over.
Did i stay so long in the restroom?
I’m still starving!

I headed back to the classroom holding back tears.
My eyes is just so watery!

I entered the class and met everyone seated.
They stared at me and whispered and i walked down to my seat.
I felt so terrible.

I sat down and sniffed…
“Are you okay?” Kelly and Bryan asked.
“I’m fine” I said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah” I said.

“I packed your leftover lunch for you…have it” Kelly said and stretched a covered plate of fries, salmon with steak to me.
“Thank you” I said happily,grabbed it from him and began eating hurriedly before a teacher walks in.

“You might need water” Bryan said and placed a bottle of water in front of me.
“Thanks bestie” I said happily.

I finished my lunch and gulped down half of the bottled water…
I sighed happily and sat up when a teacher walked in…

We began another round of class.

🛸School Over🛸

Bryan, Kelly and i watched as students trooped out of the class.

“Ellen won’t you leave..we are staying for our detention” Bryan said to Ellen.
“I’m not leaving! I will be here till you guys are done for today” she said.
“You will be the only one remaining in the class” Kelly said.
She smiled “I have my phone with me” She said.


The whole school has gone silent…a lot of students have left.
Jessie sat at the far end of the class staring into space.

A prefect walked in…and we stood up.

“Bryan Shaw, Kelly Yates, Tamara Weston, Jessie Baird…come with me for your detention” She said and we followed her.
We walked through the hallway, cornered and cornered till she stopped at a door.

She opened it and told us to go in.
I shivered seeing how dark the inside is.
Bryan walked in first, Kelly walked in second, Jessie then walked in only to scream and rushed out back.

I also ran off in fright….

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