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[Story] JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 3

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 3

By Zeemah writes

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🌹 Mara’s POV 🌹

“Angel you’ve caught a fever” I heard mum say from my sleep.
I stirred and yawned out loud..
My head is aching seriously.

I opened my eyes to see mum sitting beside me on the bed trying to wrap the towel around my body properly.

“Mum” I called slowly..
“Angel I’ve told you to always put on something anytime you wanna sleep…what if your brother or anyone else comes in and meet you like this” She said placing her hand on my forehead.

“I was too tired to put on something mum..I was..I was” I completed my statement with tears rolling down my cheeks.
“What’s wrong? Why are you crying, James told me you arrived earlier than your closing time ” Mum said worriedly.
“Are you not feeling well?”
“Did someone hurt you?” She asked and i nodded…im not used to keeping things away from my mum.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”
“No” I muttered in tears.
“Okay..you know what you’re gonna do for me now? Please just stop crying.. please”
I sniffed.
“I know you are hurt but do you think crying will solve it all,just look at yourself.. you’ve almost cried your eyes out and now you are burning hot ” mum said with a slight frown.

“Please stop crying” she said pulling me closer to her chest.
She patted my hair, singing gently into my ears.
That’s one of the things that normally calm my nerves anytime I’m hurt but right now it isn’t working..it isn’t damn working cause I’m in love.

“Mum..my heart aches terribly” I cried on her shoulder.
“I know, Mara. But please stop crying,it’s hurting me to see you cry.. please Mara” mum said with her deep black eyes narrowed with concern.

The tears didn’t stop and my eyes and head has begin to ache again.
“Please Mara..just stop,do you think your father will be happy to see you this way,Mara remember your last promise to him” Mum said sadly and i cleaned away my tears immediately.

I wiped them off my face completely..
Dad! I promised him… yeah i promised him.
“Good..” mum said with a smile..”You are burning hot,will you go to the hospital?” She asked.
” No” I said..I hate hospital..that terrible smell and all.
“You are running a fever,you need to g”
“I will take aspirin” I interrupted her..
She sighed and got up from my bed.
She rummaged my drawer for the aspirin.. removed two pills and handed it to me.

“Let me get you a glass cup of water” mum said walking put of my room.
I stared into space fighting the tears that were threatening to come..
I lost the fight and it came rolling down my cheeks.
I quickly wiped it off before mum entered.

“Here” mum said and handed the cup of water to me.
I threw the aspirin in my throat then gulp it down with water.
“Your friends are here to see you” mum said and i nearly choked on the water.

“Bryan and Ellen?” I asked.
“Yes of course..do you have any other friend?”
I felt my heart beating fast, almost leaping out of my chest.
The head ache i thought had gone came back with full speed.
It took all the strength in me not to cry.

Mum walked to my wardrobe.. pulled it open and selected some clothes and undies for me.
She closed it and headed back to me.
“Now get dressed and arrange your hair properly then come to the living room to meet your friends” mum said.
“No! Just tell them to leave..i don’t wanna see anyone” I said.

“Really? You don’t wanna see the people that came to check on your welfare all the way from school…what’s wrong?” Mum asked.
“I don’t wanna see anyone..they should leave” I insisted.
“Com’on angel,now get up and get dressed,come meet your friends in the living room” Mum said looking a bit surprised i could say i don’t wanna see them.
“No mum..they should leave!” I said.
“What’s wrong?” Mum asked.
“There is nothing wrong and you don’t wanna see your friends.. I’m gonna tell them to come meet you here?” Mum said already heading outside.

“No mum.. okay,i will go and see them” I said.
“Fine..I will be in the kitchen” mum said before walking out.
I sighed and stood up from the bed.
I picked up the clothes she selected for me.
A blue tank top with white knee-length skirt.


I finished dressing up,then brushed my hair before walking out of my room.

I descended the stairs down to the living room with an urge to burst into tears.
I drew in a shaky breathe when i saw Bryan and Ellen sitting on the couch.

“Hi” I said and they both faced up.
“Damn! Mara,you look like a walking dead” Bryan said before standing up.
He stood in my front,and i felt that attraction..
That freaking attraction that led me into all this!
That freaking attraction that made me fall in love!
That freaking attraction that won’t ever stop!

“How are you feeling now?” He asked placing his hands on my shoulders.
I felt my heart leap…yeah it always did anytime Bryan touches me.
“I’m fine” I sniffed.

He led me to a couch and i sat on it,he sat beside me,I saw Ellen stood up from the couch she was sitting on then come to sit beside Bryan.
I looked at her face trying to get everything straight.
Who could have believed Ellen would do this to me!
How could she!
She isn’t even considerate about my feelings!

“Mara..just talk to us,is anything wrong?” Bryan asked.
I shook my head negatively…”no,I’m not just feeling well”
“Your face is tear-streaked … Mara,you don’t cry when you are ill, what’s wrong?” Bryan asked.

“It’s nothing Bryan…I’m fine” I said.
He cupped my cheeks in his palms singing;

🎶 Fatty fatty Mara.

🎶 Running on a field,

🎶But ended up falling flat.

🎶With her fatty bum bouncing like a ball..

I laughed out before i could realize it.
His voice sounded terrible… Bryan’s voice is so terrible but he’s the best in drawing..
He can sketch this entire living room without any stress.
I have a lot of his drawings pasted on the wall in my room.

I stopped laughing…
How was he able to make me laugh when he’s the cause of my sadness!
“Wow.. I made you laugh,i just had to quickly compose that song and I bet my voice sounded best even better that Rihanna’s” he said proudly and i ended up laughing loud again…he joined me in the laughter.

“Bryan…I think we should go,my parents will be expecting” Ellen said and our laughter died down.
“That was the reason i said you should come with your … I want to stay longer with Mara,i can’t leave her in this mood” he said.
“But my parents will be worried” Ellen said, sending a glare across me.
“Okay,i will give you some cash to board a cab” Bryan said dipping his hands into his pocket.

“You know how much i hate cabs!” Ellen exclaimed.
“Okay then..my driver is gonna go drop you first then come back to pick me” Bryan said.
“Bryan!!” Ellen yelled angrily while he gave her a surprised look.

“Bryan,you are both free to leave,just leave with Ellen..i will be fine” I said.
“No Mara,i want to spend more time with you..just imagine,we didn’t see throughout the holiday,you didn’t even attended my house party..I’ve missed you” he said with a smile.
“I missed you too Bryan but we are gonna see in school tomorrow..you both should leave together okay..I need to rest” I said standing up.

Bryan shrugged and shot Ellen a glare..
” Wow! They aren’t even acting like they are in a relationship” I thought sadly wishing I’m in Ellen’s shoes..I’m gonna make Bryan go crazy with love.
But…that isn’t possible anymore…Bryan can’t be mine again.

I pulled Ellen into a hug,then Bryan.

“Bye” I said before running up to my room in tears.

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