[Story] JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 5

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 5

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

I gazed at Mara worriedly as we all sat eating in the cafeteria.
I watched as she picked on her fries looking moody with tears building up in those beautiful eyes of hers.

What could be wrong?

Mara is a cheerful person.
Could she be sick?….No she’s not.
Or heartbroken?….No,no sane guy will leave her heartbroken not now she’s looking like an angel.

Or does she had a fight with Ellen?…I think so cause they both aren’t talking to each other and Ellen kept on picking on Mara in class today.
I looked over at Ellen and saw her busy with her phone, dipping fries into her mouth.

“Mara” I called.
She looked up at me with puffy eyes.
“Mara, please don’t blind those eyes with tears.. you’ve been crying repeatedly since yesterday” I said passing her my handkerchief.

She collected it and dabbed her face.
“Are you Ill? I asked.
She shook her head negatively.
“Tell me did a guy break your heart,let me just go out if here and blow off his brain” I said and she stared at me without saying a thing.

We both turned to Ellen when she laughed out loud .
“Bryan look at this” she said stretching her phone to me.
“I’m not looking at anything… Ellen what’s wrong with you, aren’t you seeing how moody Mara is?” I asked,a little bit pissed.
“Of course I’m not blind” She said flapping her lashes together.

“Why are you doing all these?” I asked.
“All what? Should i start weeping like a bush baby simply because someone is moody” She half yelled.
“Wow!” I exclaimed in surprise.
“You just called Mara someone.. It’s obvious both of you are not in talking terms but if i may ask…what caused it?”

“I just don’t want to friends with her anymore” Ellen blurted out and turned her attention back to her phone.

I gasped in shock and turned back to look at Mara who didn’t look surprised.
“Have she told you these before?” I asked Mara and she nodded.
She quickly duck a tears from rolling down her cheeks.

“Ellen did Mara offended you?” I asked surprisingly.
“As i said earlier,i just don’t want to be friends with her anymore”
Mara stood up and walked away in tears.

“Mara, Mara” I called after her.
She didn’t turn nor stopped.
“Ellen why are you doing this? How can you just decide not to be friends with her anymore without a solid reason”
“Do you have to be bothered with that?” She asked.

“Yes! If you don’t want to be friends with Mara anymore then also cut off the ties between us” I yelled and ran after Mara.

🌹Ellen’s POV🌹


I hope he isn’t starting to develop feelings for Mara…
Well…I caused all this,i freaking caused all these…
If only i had let her remain fatty Mara who everyone hates,now she’s looking more beautiful than i..
I noticed people staring at her admiringly including Bryan who seems to like her more.

I don’t want to friends with her anymore.. isn’t that understandable!
I can’t be friends with someone who’s head over heels with my boyfriend.

Where the hell did both of them ran off to?
I stood up from the chair and started walking out from the cafeteria..
I saw Jessie fixed her gaze on me from one corner.

I hissed and walked away….

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

I headed straight to the school’s garden.
I sat on one of the benches and stared into space.

I don’t know why I’m so fragile, bursting into tears at every blessed minute.

How could love make me feel like this…
Just looking at Bryan made me love him more when I’m supposed to stop loving him! When he fucking went ahead to date my best friend who doesn’t even want me as a friend anymore even after betraying me.

She knows how much i love Bryan,she pushed me into what i did and even had the nerve to date someone i went through hell for .

Ellen and i talked over the phone during holiday and she didn’t mention a thing about Bryan asking her out,she even told me we shouldn’t attend Bryan’s house party and we didn’t..
How come they are now dating each other.

I coughed as i wiped off my tears with my school shirt.
My heart is in so much pain..the pain is almost tearing me apart…I can’t stop crying!

Should i blame Bryan?
He didn’t know of my feelings for him,not to talk of knowing how much i love him…he can go ahead and date anyone he likes but why does it hurt so much.
Why do i feel heartbroken?

Yeah…I’m in love!

I’m in a freaking thing called ‘love’ !!

* * *
* * *

School is over the day… students trooped out of the class in pairs..
I packed my books in my backpack and stood up, hanging it on my shoulders.

I started walking out of the class.
“Mara won’t you wait for us?” Bryan asked..I turned and saw him standing up from his seat.
“I need to go rinse my face in the restroom…I will meet you outside” I said and hurried out of the classroom heading to the restroom.

I know my face will look puffy and i have to rinse it off before getting home.
I opened the door to the restroom and walked to the sink.
I stared at my reflection in the mirror and damn! My face looks like hell.

I turned on the faucet and splashed water all over my face scrubbing and rinsing it with my hands.
I rinsed it for the last time and stared at my reflection again in the mirror.

Yes! It has gotten better… I dabbed the dots of water on my face with the handkerchief Bryan gave me.

“I’m gonna make sure,i find out about your sudden change” I heard and flinched.
Turning back,i saw Jessie. The beautiful proud bitch of Makers high school,she was one of my bullies.

“How could you graduate grade 7 as an ugly duckling and then resume grade 8 as one of the beautiful girls in school..isn’t something fishy?” She asked, letting out a wicked grin.

“That shows how jobless you are. Poking your flat nose into what doesn’t concern you” I retorted.
I smiled at the look of shock in her eyes.
Then,i will be trembling like a leaf anytime she approached me but now…I’m also surprised and happy at my sudden change.

I pushed her out of the way and walked out of the bathroom.


I walked into the school’s parking lot and met Max already waiting for me.
I looked around and there was no sight of Bryan and Ellen..

Of course the two love birds have gone!
I felt those stupid tears building up in my eyes..
I sniffed trying not to let if fall.

I greeted Max and got into the car.
He turned on the ignition and drove out.


Max drove in and parked the car under the parking shade.
I picked my backpack and alighted from the car heading into the house.
I walked in and closed the door behind me.

I gasped in surprise or rather shock when i saw mum and Liam crying.

“What’s wrong?” I screamed rushing to them.

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