[Story] JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 6

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 6

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Mara’s POV🌹

“What’s wrong?” I screamed rushing to them.

“Mara” Mum called.
“Huh?” I answered worriedly.
“Today completes the second year your father died” she bursted out crying.
My face dissolved in a cloud of tears.
Dad…my dad!

Mum hugged me together with Liam and we all cried, remembering dad.

Mum wiped our tears with the tip of her finger.
She sniffed ” Today being your father’s 2nd year remember…I want you both to do something for me”

“What mum?” We asked.
“Liam” Mum called.
“Yes Mum”
“I’ve been telling you this for long but you didn’t listen,so i intentionally waited for this day..I know you will heed to my instructions as you promised your father…Liam, please i want you to stop your bad boy lifestyle..stop smoking Liam,it damages one’s health. I don’t want to lose any of you again.. please Liam stop it” Mum said.

His face changed and he sulked in confusion…

“Please Liam,for your father’s sake” Mum pleaded and i know Liam is gonna put a stop to his bad boy lifestyle.
Once mum adds ” for your father’s sake” in our conversation,then we will have no choice than to give in.

“Mum,i promise i will try to stop those habits…I promise” Liam said.
“Should i trust you to keep your promise?”
“Yes Mum…I will,for dad’s sake” Liam said.
Mum pulled him into a hug and kissed his blonde hair.
He pecked mum on both cheeks which brightened her face.

She faced me and i wonder what she’s gonna ask from me.
“Tamara” Mum called..
Wow…she called my full name.

“Uh?” I asked.
“Tamara, please my darling.. anything making you sad, crying around the house, would you please erase it off, seeing you cry burdens my heart. Just look at you, your face isn’t as bright as before.
My daughter was prettier than this,what went wrong Mara..I know heartbreak can be painful but please let go of …”

“Heartbreak?” Liam asked with a frown..Who broke your heart? I swear down I’m gonna chop off his head..is he crazy” Liam fumed.
“Com’on Liam” Mum said.
“Mara,there are a lot of guys who want you,you are not ugly and fat anymore,all thanks to Ellen whom you said gave you some procedures… Don’t cry anymore Mara,just let it go” Mum said.

“Mum…I can’t,i love him so much,my heart is in so much pain” I cried.
“Who is the guy,I’m gonna talk to him for you” Liam said.
I shook my head negatively…I’m not willing to expose Bryan’s name.
I know Liam is not gonna talk to him,he will punch his nose away from his face.

“Mara of course i understand how your heart feels,you can always love him but you don’t have to cry ,do you think i didn’t know you cried yourself to sleep last night” Mum said.

“Who the hell is this guy” Liam banged the table.
Liam has always being like that,he can’t stand me cry,he doesn’t allow anything or anyone hurt me..even when i was fat and bullied…he will always come with me to school and dared anyone to bully me.
Yeah…that’s expected of an older brother but Liam’s is exceptional.

“Liam…never mind,it’s okay” I said in a bid to calm him.
He shifted closer to me and used his shirt to clean my tears.
“Tam… don’t cry anymore okay,one crazy guy isn’t worth your tears” he said.

I nodded with a sad smile…’if only they know my best friends are the ones making me cry’

“Mara would you promise me,you won’t cry anymore?” Mum asked.
I nodded hesitantly.
“Please Mara, for you father’s sake” Mum pleaded.

Damn!…that word means a lot to us.

“Yes Mum..I won’t cry anymore for dad’s sake” I said.
Mum hugged the both of us kissing our hair.

I smiled…I love it when mum kisses my hair,it has this kinda feeling.
“Yes..you both have made me happy,now we are gonna prepare your father’s favorite dish..let’s go to the kitchen Litam ‘our sibling’s name’.

“Mum…I need to go freshen up” I said.
“Yeah i know… Liam will help me in the kitchen..go freshen up and join us soonest” Mum said, dragging the frowning Liam towards the kitchen.

I laughed… Liam is so lazy..

“The phone…on your bed” he whispered to me and i grinned giving him a thumb up..

Mum caught us…”what’s that for? Are you both planning something behind my back” she asked with a raised brow.

I chuckled and picked my backpack before running upstairs to my room.
I opened the door to my room and walked in.

I screamed in excitement when i saw an iPhone pack on my bed.
I dropped my backpack and rushed towards it.
I held the pack it in my hand looking at it admiringly.

I felt like opening it and bringing out the main phone but no! That will be after I’m done freshening up..
I dropped it gently on the bed grinning happily.

I picked my towel…pull off my shoes with my eyes not leaving the phone pack.

Damn! Mara you have to freshen up real fast.
I can’t wait to deal with this phone.


I pulled into my shorts and tank top after bathing..
I loosened my ponytail and let my hair flow down to my back.

I jumped on the bed and eagerly picked up the phone pack.
“Mara… lunch is ready,come to the dining” I heard mum said.

I groaned!

I ignored her calls and opened the phone pack..
My smile faded away when i saw my damaged phone inside the iPhone pack.

My stomach rumbled in anger and disappointment..

“Liam!!” I screamed in anger rushing out of my room.
I met him at the door laughing so hard, holding his stomach..
I hit him hard on the head.

“Ouch” he said still struggling to hold his laughter.
“Liam are you crazy” I half yelled dragging him into my room.
I closed the door behind us.

“Damn! I wonder how your face would be when you saw your damaged phone in the iPhone pack” he said laughing hard.
“Liam..this isn’t funny” I fumed.

“Chill sis,you look like one old nanny” he laughed.
I hit him and pushed him,he landed on the bed,still laughing..
I hissed…I’m also tempted to laugh but i won’t.

He jumped back to his feet.
“Okay… little sis is pissed with older bro” he said holding his laughter.
“Liam that was crazy” I yelled.
“Yeah..I know,you were expecting to see an iPhone but ended up seeing an expired phone” Liam laughed.
I also bursted out laughing.

He dipped his hand into the pocket of his jeans and brought out a golden iPhone..
I screamed excitedly, grabbing it from his hand.
It felt flat and great in my hand and wow!
It’s the latest version.
I never thought an iPhone could make me feel this way.

I now know the reason Ellen is always blabbing about hers even though hers is the old version.

I jumped on Liam hugging him happily.
He rolled me round the room in his arms.
I screamed happily..
“What are you both doing up there…lunch is getting cold” we heard mum shouted from the dining room.

We laughed…Liam dragged my hair before walking out of my room to meet mum..
I sat on the bed and powered my iPhone..

OMG…I feel so high.


I stood up from the bed when Mum yelled my name for the umpteenth time.
I used the pouch of the damaged phone to cover my iPhone.
I won’t want mum to know about it now, she’s gonna question Liam and he’s gonna be pissed at me.

I clicked on the boomplay app and list of music flowed it..
I clicked on “Till i met you” by Fallen angels and increased the volume.

I slipped into my footwear and bounced happily out of my room.. dancing to the beats of the music as i made my way down the stairs..


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