[Story] JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 7

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 7

By Zeemah writes

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🌹Mara’s POV🌹
I finished my morning routine and jumped out of the bathroom in my towel, walked to where my school uniform is laid.
I started putting it on one after the other.


I was done in a matter of minutes,I sat back on the bed and picked my iPhone.
Can’t wait to show it to Bryan and probably Ellen.

🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

“Wake up,sleepy head” I heard from my sleep.
I groaned opening my eyes slowly.
I already know it’s mum.

“Mum” I yelled.
“Shush…now get up and prepare for school it’s already 7 o’clock” she said and my eyes widened.
Damn! I quickly sat up on the bed.

“Mum you should have woken me earlier”
“And where did you keep your alarm?” She asked.
“Ohh…that?” I scratched my hair.
“Uh…I threw it off and it broke into tiny pieces” I said giving mum a one sided look.

I felt a hard knock on my head and yelped in pain.
“Mum” I yelled.

“Shut up,you broke your alarm into tiny pieces and you expect me to be your new alarm..i will get you a new one once i go shopping today..now get up” mum said.

I rubbed my forehead, getting up from the bed.
“Mum leave” I said picking up my towel.
She laughed…”no I’m staying here till you have your bath,get dressed and move to school”

“Okay,help me pick out my school uniform before I’m done bathing” I said heading into the bathroom.
“Okay son” mum said after me.


Mum finished brushing my hair and i hanged my backpack over my shoulders already dressed for school.
I winked at my reflection in the mirror before walking out of my room with Mum.

“Your dad will be back by next week” She said as we climbed down the stairs.
“Okay” I shrugged..dad doesn’t spend enough time with me so I’ve gotten used to his absence..I sometimes forget i have a father. Yeah!

“Kim…come serve Bryan his breakfast” Mum said Immediately we stepped into the dining room.
“Yes ma’am…” Kim said from the kitchen.
She’s our house help and has been working with us for years…
“Once you are done eating,meet me at the living room” Mum said.
“Okay Mum” I said.

I sat on the dining chair waiting for Kim to serve me my breakfast.

She walked into the dining room with a tray of pancake and coffee.
“Good morning Kim” I greeted.
“Morning Bryan, enjoy your breakfast” She said as she placed the tray in front of me.

I started eating a little bit fast,i love getting to school early and it seems I’m late already..

I gulped down my coffee.. wiped my mouth and stood up,i walked to the living room to meet Mum.
“Mum…I’m ready” I said.
“Okay,bye.. Ellen is already waiting outside with her driver” She said.
Can’t we just go to school separately… what have i gotten myself into!

“Okay Mum…bye” I pecked her cheeks.
“Bye darling…my greetings to Mara” She said.
I smiled…”okay mum”


Ellen and i walked into the classroom with everyone stealing glances at us.
I saw Mara looking happy as her head is bent towards something..
A white light reflected on her face.
Wait…is that a phone!

She grinned more happily still not noticing our presence.
I got to her table and tapped it gently.
She looked up and i saw the smile she wore faded away.

“What’s wrong…you were smiling just now” I said.
Ellen has went to sit on her seat, facing the window.
“Uhmm.. nothing,I’m okay and good morning” she said.
“Good morning to you also” I said sitting on my seat beside her.

“So what was making you smile?” I asked, hanging my backpack beside the table.
“Liam got an iPhone for me” She said.
“Wow.. like seriously..let me have a look” I smiled as she handed it over to me.

“Wow … It’s the latest version..Ellen, Mara has gotten a new phone” I said bringing Ellen’s attention to us.
“And what should i do about that?” She asked facing me fully.
“Ellen” I scolded.
“Okay… congratulations on your new phone, that’s what you want right?” Ellen said sarcastically.

I saw Mara placed her head on her desk and heard her sniffed.
Damn! Is she crying again.

“Mara…” I called.
She raised up her head and her face was dry which shows she didn’t cry at all.
“I thought you were crying” I said.
“Yeah…you won’t know how desperately I’m trying to hold my tears but i have to keep to a promise” She said.

“A promise…what promise?” I asked.
“I promised Mum that i will stop being sad and also not to cry on this issue anymore” She said.
“Okay can you just tell me the cause of your tears?” I asked.
I saw her face blinded with tears.

She quickly faced up to stop tears from rolling down her cheeks.

“What is that thing making you cry nonstop..just tell me” I said worriedly..

Everyone went silent as the teacher entered the classroom..

“Good morning class”


🌹Mara’s POV🌹

We sat in the cafeteria having our lunch break.
I ordered French fries and chicken,Bryan ordered pasta and Ellen,just a glass of juice telling Bryan she’s watching her weight.
We sat round a table in the cafeteria… students were walking about, ordering meals, eating and chatting.

I concentrated on my iPhone but i couldn’t help stealing glances at the both of them..
Bryan brought out his iPod and showed Ellen whatever!
I felt a pinch in my heart when she laughed out loud.

I eat my French fries slowly as my appetite has erased.

“Everyone listen” Jessie’s voice filled the whole Cafeteria.
Everyone kept quiet in expectation of what she’s about to say.
They all know her as the school’s bitch who bully any weakling.

“I’m curious about something” She started.
“How could someone who is fat and ugly be beautiful and fit just in the space of some months” She said.

My fork fell from my hand as i knew she was referring to me.
Everyone turned to look at me including Bryan who patted my hand.

I jerked my hand from his grip and stood up angrily.
I headed to where Jessie is standing.
I stood beside her and cleared my throat.

“If you had been this curious about your school work…I bet you would have graduated with the best grade” I said loudly to the dismay of everyone.
Some started laughing while others whispered to one another.

“I’m not fatty Mara anymore okay? You poke your flat nose into everything,it’s better you stay clear of me.. don’t try to pick on me this time cause I’m gonna make sure you regret it” I said and walked out of the cafeteria.
I heard murmurs trailing behind me as i headed to the school garden.


I sat on my favorite bench and stared at my feet..

I’m sad!

I had unleased the anger i felt for Ellen and Bryan on Jessie..
Well…she deserved it.

I closed my eyes tightly as cool breeze blew through my hair making it fly high.
Thoughts of Bryan filled my mind..
I love him so much!
I struggled to hold the threatening tears.

I noticed the breeze suddenly stopped..I opened my eyes and saw a pair of eyes staring into mine..i screamed out in fear.

“Damn!” I said realising it’s Bryan who had started laughing.
“You get scared at every little thing” he said before sitting beside me.
“Mara…i love what you did back there in the cafeteria,you put Jessie right in her place” .

“Yeah,she deserved it” I said.
“To be sincere…I’m also curious about your sudden change,how did you go about it?” He asked.

“Ellen helped me”
“She helped you?..how?” He asked.
“I workout for days and also apply an effective facial and body lotion” I lied.
Of course i can’t tell him the main thing and i hate lieing to him but i gat no choice here.

“Wow…you mean Ellen made you do that… that’s so nice and thoughtful of her,but why is she insisting that she doesn’t wanna be friends with you anymore?”
I smiled… it’s because of you!

“I don’t also know…maybe she just planned on not talking to me for some days” I said.
“Okay…have your iPhone,you left it on the table in the cafeteria” he said stretching my phone towards me..
I muttered and ‘oh’ and collected it.

“I downloaded the video of fallen angels concert in Mexico” I said.
“Wow…let’s watch it” Bryan said excitedly.
I smiled
We are both fans of the fallen angels.

I smiled and clicked on the video,we started watching it.
My heart started beating faster as he shifted closer to me.
This damn heart has always been like that.. beating every minute I’m with Bryan!

“They are so cute” I said admiringly as we watched the video.
“Yes they are…and they also have angelic voices,so perfect together” Bryan said with a smile.
I nodded and we kept on watching.
My gaze wasn’t on the video but on Bryan.

“So you think you can humiliate me in the cafeteria and go Scot free” I heard someone yelled..
I looked up to see Jessie with Ellen beside her.
Mig gave me a look to ignore her.
I did and we continued watching the video.

I suddenly felt her grab my iPhone from my hand..
She smashed it hard on the wall.
It broke into pieces.
Bryan gasp beside me.

My stomach rumbled with anger as i slowly stood up from the bench,i tried hard to resist the tears that has formed in my eyes.

I marched towards her grabbed her by her shirt sending two slaps on her cheeks before pushing her on the grass…..

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