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[Story] JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 8

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 8

By Zeemah writes

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🌹Ellen’s POV🌹

Damn! where did she got that strength from.
Everyone watched as Mara beat up Jessie in the garden.
Can’t Jessie freaking stand up and deal with her!
She just laid there screaming like an enstrangled puppy.

I loved the way Mara’s new iPhone was smashed on the wall.
She can’t be using something greater than mine.
That damn iPhone is the latest version and im sure her brother got it for her.
I’m pissed at mum..if only she had bought the latest version for me.

I watched as Bryan is trying to separate Mara from Jessie.
He’s crazy! He walked out of the cafeteria immediately Mara left.
I was infuriated when i saw them both in the garden laughing and watching whatever on her damn iPhone.

“Ellen, come talk to Mara to leave Jessie alone,she will listen to you” Bryan said rushing towards me.
I hissed.

“Please Ellen,Mara is gonna injure Jessie. No one is willing to separate them from each other…I’ve tried to,but i can’t.. please Ellen,you know she’s gonna listen to you” He pleaded.

“They should hurt theirselves…to hell i care!” I said and walked away.

Jessie should be the one beating Mara.

She’s such a weakling!!

🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

I sighed as i watched Ellen walk away.
I turned back to see Mara still beating the screaming Jessie.

I forcefully dragged her up making Jessie took to her race.
She ran out of the garden with the students running after her, singing a mocking song.

I saw Mara cleaned her tears as she bent slowly and picked the broken iPhone.
She sniffed before standing to her feet.

“Mara…” I called.
She turned to me,that was when i saw how red her eyes had turned.
Damn! Liam just got the iPhone for her yesterday..
Of course she will be so pained.

“Sorry Mara,i know you are so hurt she smashed your iPhone” I said.
She cried as she sat back on the bench.
“Li-a-m ju-st got t-he i-pho-ne fo-r me yes-te-rday” She whispered amidst tears.
“Yeah i know… Sorry” I said feeling truly sorry for her.

I cleaned her tears and made her rest her head on my shoulder.
I stroke her hair and sang “Till i met you” by Fallen angels to her ears..
That’s her favorite song.

She raised up her head and smiled after i was done singing..

Wow! I’m glad it worked!

I smiled back at her holding a handful of her hair in my hand..
She has a soft silky hair which i love to touch.

“Thanks Bryan,for making me smile even if your voice sounded terrible” she laughed.
“Im glad i made you smile” I said.
She nodded ” I just don’t know how to break this down to Liam..he will be so pissed and will come to confront Jessie”

“I’m gonna get another one for you” I said.
“No..no,you don’t have to” she said.
“I want to, I will get you another one and I’m gonna make sure it’s the same color as this” I said with a smile.

“Thanks Bryan I appreciate but never mind..Liam can still get another one for me” She said.
“So you want Liam to know about this broken phone,then you should consider Jessie in a mess cause he’s not gonna take it easy on her” I said.
She nodded…” I don’t want Jessie hurt but nevermind…I can stay off phone for some time”

“And what if Liam ask of it?”
“Mhmm…I’m gonna tell him it’s with Ellen,that we exchanged phone for the night” she said.
“Mara,you can’t keep telling him that forever” I said.
She nodded…”The iPhone costs a lot,i don’t want it to drain your bank account”

I laughed…”Drain my bank account?… Mara,you know me more than this,you know how much i control..just let me get it for you.. please” I said.
“Okay fine.. thanks so much” She said.
“It’s nothing…I’m glad i will be doing that for you,so should we go to get it after school or…” I said.

“No…let’s go get it tomorrow after school,i need to get home early today” She said.
“Okay.. fine” I said..
“Let’s go back to the class… lunch break is over… Mrs Hampton is gonna roll her big ugly eyes and yell at us” She said and took my hand.

I laughed as we both ran to the class.

(School is over💃)

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

Students trooped out of the class chattering loudly.
I gazed at Bryan who is already packing up his backpack.
I smiled…he made me happy today.
When he placed my head on his shoulder in the garden..I felt myself floating high in the sky.

Even his terrible voice sounded angel-like to me.

“Quit staring…let’s go” Bryan said and i flinched out of my thoughts looking embarrassed.
I looked over at Ellen and saw her still seated.

“Is Ellen not coming with you?” I asked.
“Oh..she is, Ellen let’s go home” He said to her.
“I’m not ready to leave” she said.
“Com’on Ellen, school is over!” Bryan said.
“I said I’m not ready to leave…you can leave with the female Mike Tyson” She yelled.

“Bryan…I have to be on my way,i need to get home early today” I said.
He nodded and waved me bye.
I waved back and headed out if the class.

I walked downstairs to the school’s parking lot only to realise Max isn’t here yet.
Damn! Where is he?
I gat no phone to put a call across him.

I sighed and rested my back on the wall.

“I will make you regret what you did to me…and trust me,that secret behind your sudden change…im gonna make sure i reveal it to the world” Jessie spat before hurrying to her car.

I stood still not knowing what to say.
What should i say?

“Mara” I heard Bryan called loudly.
I turned and saw him walking towards me.
“Liam just called me now,he said you should board a cab home…Max is sick and has been taken to the hospital” he said.
“Oh my God! Max is sick?…but he dropped me here in the morning” I said worriedly.

“Yeah… come with me,I’m gonna drop you home” he said.
I wanted to resist at first but dropped the idea.
“What of Ellen?” I asked as we walked to where his driver is.
“She’s still in the class”
“Won’t she go home?” I asked.
“She feels like staying in school for a while” Bryan replied.

“Good afternoon Rollins” Bryan and i greeted his driver.
“Afternoon students” he replied with a grin.
“Rollins…we are gonna drop Mara off,you still remember her house right?” He asked.
“Of course i do but Mara has changed a lot,she does not look fat anymore” Rollins said in amusement.

I smiled.
“Yeah…can we leave?” Bryan asked.
“Of course yes … Get into the car” Rollins smiled walking to the driver’s seat.
Bryan opened the car door…we were about to hop in.

“I’m coming with you!” I heard Ellen say behind us.
We turned to see her walking towards us.
“Ellen,your driver is over there waiting for you” Bryan said.
“I’m not going with him! I’m coming with you…Hey leave!” She yelled at her driver who quickly got behind the wheels and drove away.

Bryan sighed..
“Mara,you can sit at the front seat” he said to me.
I nodded and opened the door to the front seat.
“You mean you are gonna allow her seat there while your girlfriend is gonna sit at the back! that isn’t happening” Ellen said.

“Okay Mara..I’m sorry,come sit with me at the back. Let Ellen take the front seat” Bryan said.
“So she’s gonna sit beside you at the while your girlfriend will sit alone in the front seat…that isn’t happening” She said.

“Ellen what the hell do you want then?” Bryan yelled.
“I don’t want her to come with us”Ellen said.
I sighed and stepped back…I already know this is where she’s coming to.

“Ellen like seriously?you don’t want Mara to come with us? What the hell!”
“She isn’t coming with us, except if you wanna separate a serious fight in that car…im not as weak as Jessie” Ellen retorted sending me a glare…

“Mara is coming with us,you can go board a cab. I don’t care..Mara come in” Bryan said to me.
I shook my head staying back.
“Thanks Bryan…I’m gonna board a cab” I said.
“No Mara,you are coming with me.. com’on” he said.
“She isn’t stepping her feet into this car!”Ellen yelled.
“Ellen this isn’t your car!” Bryan yelled back .

Damn!! What the hell is going on.

“I will get going Bryan..bye” I said and began walking to the school’s gate.
I heard Bryan calling me but i can’t respond.
The gate keeper opened the gate and i stepped out… fresh air blowing wildly.
I walked a bit and stopped at a place i can easily board a cab.

I can’t believe Ellen can be treating me this way.
I can’t remember if i offend her or something.
She’s dating Bryan!
She doesn’t wanna be friends with me anymore!
There must be something wrong somewhere..
How could all this be happening at the same time!

I saw a cab approaching and quickly waved it to stop.
I got in.
“Lington estate,phase 3” I said..
He nodded and started driving.


I alighted from the cab and paid him his charges.
I knocked on our gate.
“Please who is there?”
“Mara” I said.

James opened the gate and i walked in.
“Good afternoon James” I greeted.
“Afternoon Mara…Max is in the hospital” he said.
“Yeah…I heard that…I hope it isn’t very serious?” I asked.
“I can’t say” James said sadly.
Max is his buddy.

“He’s gonna get well soon” I said reassuringly before heading inside.

I opened the door and walked into the living room.

I met Liam on the couch playing a video game.

“Hey…” I greeted.
He dropped the game controller and faced me.
“Mara i called you but it keep saying switched off…that iPhone doesn’t just go off like that.. what’s wrong?” He asked.

I forced a smile and cleared my throat.
“Really?… yeah,i switched it off..I don’t want it to disturb me in class” I lied.
I should have thought of lies before arriving home.
“You never switch off your phone…you either set it on silence or vibration… okay where is it?” He asked.

My throat tightened…
“Uh…I exchanged it with Ellen”
“You exchanged it with Ellen?…I called Ellen but she didn’t pick up,and that was why i called Bryan…he told me you and Ellen are not in talking terms” Liam said.

Ahhh… Bryan!!

I faked a chuckle “We’ve settled it all”

“Really? … okay…can i see Ellen’s phone?”


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