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Hours later at the hospital, Nathan came out of the emergency ward and called some people from the hospital to prepare the emergency room. Nora was bleeding badly. In his heart he prayed the knife didn’t go through any important organ. Immediately they had arrived at the hospital with Rachael and Nosa, he had quickly put on his medical coat and went in to work on her.

When he came out he found Nosa seated on the bench waiting with his hands on his head. He noticed Rachael wasn’t there with Nosa but he didn’t bother to ask where she had gone. He had wished everything happening was not real.

Nosa saw Nathan coming towards him his face still down. “How is she doing?” he asked before he could get closer. Nathan shook his head. “She lost a lot of blood but we have managed to stop the bleeding. She is still unconscious though” he said in a sad tone.

“Oh my God!” Nosa frowned. “This is bad, so what next? Will she be okay?”

“I hope so” Nathan responded and sat close to him. “We just need blood, but the hospital bank doesn’t have a match for her. So I was hoping one of you could donate some blood for her if you would.”

“Yes I will give her my blood.” Rachael answered from behind as she joined them

“My husband has low blood pressure he cannot donate any blood” she said while moving close to Nosa.

“Well then it’s even better since you are the cause of all the mess. You can as well help your conscience by saving your daughter’s life.” Nathan answered looking away.

“Please not now,” Nosa interrupted. “Lets all focus on saving Nora’s life and this thing can be discussed later on.”

“Yeah whatever!” Nathan answered. “Just go to that room the nurse will tell you what to do ” he told Rachael pointing at the room adjacent to the emergency room.

Joe who followed them to the hospital with his driver, arrived as Rachael was donating the blood. He went to Nathan’s office immediately because he was told his son was there. Entering, he found Nathan facing the window his hands inside the coat. He cleared his throat to get his attention.

“Hey son! ” he called him.

“Hey,” Nathan answered looking at Joe and back to the window.

“You should have stayed home dad. You are in a delicate state to stress yourself coming here ”

“I had to Nathan. You are my son and I know you. I truly understands what you’re passing through and I needed to be here for both you and Nora. You know how I feel about her?”

“Yeah sure dad, ” Nathan responded still facing the window staring outside. “Its too late to stand for me. You could have thought of the consequences of your actions before it was this late. Just to make things clear, I’m no longer interested in being close to you or anyone else from now on. I’m moving out of this town immediately Nora gets better. It’s clear there’s nothing for me here and I have to find time to heal my heart and probably forget this episode of my life” he added.

Joe knew that whatever he would say at that moment would not help the situation, he decided to just listen and said nothing. when Nathan was through talking. He sighed.

“Alright son, whatever decision you make no one will blame you. Just tell me how Nora is doing?” he asked looking at his son who clearly wasn’t interested in his presence.

“She lost a lot of blood, thank God the knife didnt cut through any sensitive organ. The mother is giving her blood and any minute they should be through” he said. He moved to his seat and sat down like a professional doctor speaking to a client.

Just then, his phone rang and he pressed the received button. “Doctor, we are through but you need to come over, there’s a problem.”

“Okay, I will be there in a moment. ” Nathan answered calmly. He looked at his father and said “Dad I have to go now”

“It’s alright. I will just sit outside” he replied while gathering his clutches under his arms.

“Doctor, the blood sample of the patient’s mother did not match” the nurse explained to Nathan as he arrived to join them in the laboratory.

Nathan was shocked. “What do you mean nurse?”

“Doctor, it means the donor cannot be her mother, she wasn’t born by her.”

Nathan sighed and slowly looked at the records, “Oh my.. what the hell is going on with this woman?” He whispered.

“What did you say?” the nurse asked thinking he was making reference to her

“Sorry I was just thinking loud. Nurse please let me see what I can do. Call the lab and ask if we will have any more blood later today.” He said and left the room with the papers.

He called Nosa, Rachael and Joe to his office. They all sat silently waiting for Nathan to explain why they were summoned. Nathan took his time walking back round in circles in the room as they watched and anxiously waited. He was not sure whether to get excited by the news or feel sorry for Nora, who just like him would turn out to have lived in lies about her mother. All thanks to his so called mother. He thought.

“What happened Nathan?” Nosa finally broke the silence. Is everything okay?” he asked holding his wife’s hand.

Rachael was quite and praying for her daughter to get well. She silently prayed for the nightmare to end quickly.

Earlier, when Nora was taken to the emergency ward, she had taken a walk to the hospital Chapel. She knelt down near the altar and prayed for her daughter’s recovery. “My father my God, I thank you that today no matter how painful it is, you have let this secret out and the heavy burden might come to an end. I need you more now my God. Forgive my sins dear Lord and please heal my daughter. She’s innocent and does not deserve what is happening to her. Help me my God to be strong enough to face my mistakes and if possible find a solution. Touch the heart of my son and help him to heal and forgive me and his father. He needs you more than he needs us. Please Lord forgive them for being together, do not judge them on that sin, oh God please hear me.” She cried.

She had been there for hours and when she laid on the floor she felt a hand touched her shoulder. She turned to look at the person behind her, and there stood a tall and dark man with a small mustache. In a long white robe, holding a black bible.

“It is well my child ” the man told her.

” Who are you sir?” Rachael asked looking at him.

“Am Father Alozie, I visit the sick and work around this hospital. before I came here I had a vision. God told me I will find you and that I should tell you your sins are forgiven and that your enemy will soon be revealed and put to shame. “Rachael looked at him and shook her head. “What enemy Father? Idont remember having enemies.”

“Oh yes, you have” the priest said. “There is a woman who has a hand in all the ordeals you have gone through in your life. I dont really know who but in my vision I saw you and that woman. She has always wanted to destroy you, now dont worry the Lord has fought your battle and he heard your prayers. It is well. Go in peace”

Rachael couldn`t believe what the man was telling her but she thought it wise not to argue with him. “Thank you” She told him. Just as she was about leaving she heard him.

“Another thing,” the man said.

“Your son will be happy with the woman he has fallen in love with. They’re going to be together.” Rachael nodded and walked out thinking the man was surely crazy.

Waiting to hear she what Nathan had to explain after being summoned along with her husband Nosa and Nathan’s father.

Nathan sighed ” Mr Nosa, you and your wife, care to explain who exactly gave birth to Nora?” he asked without hesitation.

Rachael almost fell from the chair. She looked at Nosa then faced her son. “Whats do you mean? ” She asked.

“Excuse me Nathan, I know you are hurt but for you to insult us in that manner is not fair. I was the woman that carried Nora’s pregnancy for nine months and spent several hours in labour. How can you say I didnt give birth to her?” she added looking at Nathan this time very furious. She understood the pain Nathan was going through, but she couldnt take such insinuation from him.

Nathan got the test results from the lab and handed them over to her, “Well then tell me how the blood samples couldn’t match?” he asked folding his arm and sitting back in the chair, “That just came from the laboratory and they just confirmed you cannot donate blood to your daughter because your blood and hers did not match.”

Rachael’s hands were shaking as she confirmed what was written on the forms in her hands.

And all this while, Nosa was quite and he faced down. He started retrospecting twenty four years ago when Rachael was about to be born in the hospital.

To be continued…


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