[Story] The Mistress part 2

The Mistress 2

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke


Anianna was shocked. “You want me to abort an innocent child Mr John?” When John nodded his head Anianna shook her head, “I will not abort this child that did no wrong”. She said almost shouting.

“Don’t raise your voice. Look I don’t want my wife or dad to hear about this, and if you don’t want to abort that child like I said, you can leave and I will not have anything to do with that thing in your womb”. John said, angry at this point.

“I won’t abort this child, you put me in this condition and you are telling me to remove your own blood. Is this how heartless you’re, Mr John?” Anianna said with tears running down her cheeks.

“I won’t let you ruin my life and my reputation. I regretted ever helping you that night you shameless orphan. So leave this minute before I send someone to throw you out of here and never in your miserably life come back here. I told you to do away with that pregnancy but you want to keep it, well you can keep it if you like, but count me out of it, leave Now”. John shouted at Anianna who was crying out her eyes.

“What is going on here John? Why are you shouting and why is this young lady crying?” Paul Harryson demanded as he made his presence known. Anianna greeted him, he answered her and sited on one of the sofas in there staring at the both of them.

“Nothing father, she was just leaving”. John lied and was gesturing Anianna with his eyes to leave quickly.

“And because you asked her to leave, she started crying?” Turning to face Anianna, “Young lady hope there is no problem?” Paul Harryson asked.

“No sir, I only came here to tell Mr John the problem I had”. Anianna said in between tears.

“Oh, so what kind of problem, I might help you and what is your name child?”

John quickly jumped in. “Ehm, father her problem is already solved, she can go now”.

Anianna turned to leave.

“Wait child”. Paul Harryson said and Anianna stopped, he turned to his son. “If her problem has been solved why then is she still crying? And I wasn’t asking you John”, facing Anianna once again. “Don’t be afraid my child, tell me your problem”. Paul Harryson asked her gently. Another fresh roll of tears came out from her eyes

“My name is Anianna sir. Mr John helped me by giving me shelter and food in Lagos. Something happened between us and I came to inform your son that I am pregnant with his child, so he asked that I abort the child which I can’t”. Anianna quickly explained in tears.

“What!? He told you that? John I thought I trained you well. Well miss Anianna you are not aborting any baby. In fact you’re moving into this house right now, we will take care of you and your baby. This is my first grand child and my idiot son wants you to abort a gift. Wipe your tears child”. Paul Harryson said, he stood up from his chair and called out. “Dave!”

Dave quickly rushed in, he was standing outside the visitors structure so he heard everything.

“Yes boss”.

“Take her to one of the rooms up stairs and asked Rose to give her food”.

“Okay boss”. Dave replied and gestured Anianna to follow him, leaving both father and son behind.

On their way they met Josie whom they greeted respectively, especially Anianna.

“Hmm” she answered their greetings with her nose and focus her gaze on Anianna. “Who are you? Are you one of the beggars that usually comes here to beg for food and money? Sorry to say this, here isn’t a charity home, okay? So Dave walk her out quickly, her stench is making me have nausea”. Josie said with her elegant voice.

“I am sorry Ma but Boss Paul Harryson said to take her to one of the rooms in the house”. Dave responded.

“What!? Why will dad say such a thing?” Josie queried.

“Because according to him, she is pregnant ma”.

“And so? How is that our business?”

“The pregnancy is for your husband ma”. Dava revealed.

“WHAT? This dirty human being is pregnant for my husband, that’s impossible. I need to see him to get this dirty thing out of this house”. She shouted and left them, going towards the visitors house.

Dave shrugged off his shoulders and left with Anianna.


Greeting her father in law, she went straight to the point.

“John, Dave just told me something and I don’t belie….”

“Whatever he told you is true”. Paul Harryson interrupted her. “The pregnancy is for my son, your husband. And no she will not abort it. I make the rules here and you must obey it. Once she gives birth, he will marry her as his second wife whether he agrees to it or not”. With that Paul Harryson left them.

“I am highly disappointed in you John”. Josie said and left in anger.


Dave told Rose what Paul had said and she gladly took Anianna to one of the vacant rooms in the mansion.

Anianna was speechless when she saw the room she was given.

“You mean I have this whole room all to myself?”

“Yes ma’am”. Rose answered, smiling lovely at her and left.

“I hope I did the right thing by coming here”. Anianna told herself, she knelt down to pray when she heard a knock on her now room door.

She got up to open the door only to see Josie who pushed her hard to the floor, looking at her fiercely.

“Witch, you think you can use your pregnancy to hook my beloved husband so that he will love you and marry you? Sorry to disappoint you bitch he won’t fall for that you hear me”.

Getting up from the floor.

“I am sorry ma, I didn’t come here to steal your husband. He came home one night, he was drunk when he…”

Interrupting her.

“Shut up you little slut, I can see you’re a gold digger from the slums, signs of poverty is written all over you, in fact you disgust me”. Josie said with anger in her voice.

“Ma I am not a..” Anianna tried to defend herself but got interrupted by her once again.

“Keep quiet, you don’t talk while I am talking. Well since Dad has made you stay, you will regret why you agreed to stay back. I will make sure you live in hell while you’re in paradise”. Josie said with a wicked gleam in her eyes. She clapped her hands and smiled sweetly at Anianna. “Welcome to your new hell Anianna”. She said and left.

Anianna didn’t know when she started crying, she quickly closed the door before anyone could see her tears.

A knock was heard and she quickly wipe her tears away. “The door is open, please come in”. She said in her normal voice.

Paul Harryson walked in with Rose behind him, carrying a plate of hot jollof rice garnished with all sort of meats, cucumber, carrots, salads. She placed the tray of food on the table which neared the bed and left the room quietly.

“Well Anianna I came to tell you to forget about whatever Josie had said and even my son. They may hate you but you still have me. I don’t hate you, okay?”

Anianna nodded her head, she was crying and didn’t trust her voice at that moment.

“Tomorrow, I am taking you for shopping, you are now part of this family and should start dressing like one, eat your food okay and rest very well. If you ever need anything just ring the bell on the table and a servant would attend to you”. Paul Harryson told her.

“Okay sir, thank you sir”. Anianna said, smiling meekly at him.

“Don’t me sir Anni, please call me Dad or Grandpa, okay”.

Anianna nodded. “Take care then child”. Paul said and left her room.

She ate her food and took her bath, then slept off.


The early morning sun woke Anianna up from the king size bed yawning.

Aborting the child is the only option left for her now, but then again, John’s father is so kind to her and aborting his grand child would pained him. She has to keep this child, if not for anyone but for Paul. After her delivery she will leave the child behind and ran away from their lives.

She quickly said her prayers and quickly took her bath, changing into a nice clothes Rose brought for her.
She went downstairs and saw the Harryson family already at the dinning table. She greeted them, only Paul answered her greetings.

“My dear Anni I am so glad you came, was about sending Dave to call on you but you came at the right time”. Paul Harryson told her.

Anianna smiled at him and he gesture for her to sit beside him.

‘How dare she come and sit down with us, just because she is going to have my husband baby doesn’t mean she will give birth to gold. I have to do something every fast to get rid of that pregnancy’ Josie thought to herself and smiled at Paul. “Dad, I was thinking that after breakfast we should go to the new site and see if the workers are doing their jobs welk”.

“I am sorry Josie, I could have loved to go with you, but you see, I have already promise Anianna to take her for shopping. You know she didn’t bring any clothes here”. Paul told Josie with a sad smile.

“Oh, can’t you just shift it, probably tomorrow”. Josie said sweetly eyeing Anianna.

“Alright let’s do it this way, I will take Anianna first for shopping then come and we go for the site”. Paul suggested to her.

Josie smiled a forced smile. ‘How dare him choose that dirty thing over me, I am going to show Anianna who owns the house’.

“Okay dad, I shall be waiting”, Josie said and stood up, patting John who hasn’t spoken a word since Anianna walked in. “Darling, can we go upstairs, I don’t know what is smelling here and I can’t bear it again, can we go before I faint”. Josie said to John who has been staring at Anianna.

“Okay, dad excused us”. John said and left with his wife who smirked at Anianna.

Paul smiled. “Don’t mind my John Anni, he will come around and stop behaving like a child. I can’t speak for Josie, so please don’t over stress yourself because of the baby”. Paul said lovely.

Anianna nodded her head.

Josie overheard what Paul said and vowed to deal with Anianna, but first she will make sure she get rid of that pregnancy Anianna was carrying by mistake.

To Be Continued.
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