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[Story] The Mistress part 1

The Mistress

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke



“Is it true that you will be heading out tomorrow for that business of yours? I heard from your wife you are going to Lagos tomorrow”. Mr Paul Harryson, a 65 year old man, dark in complexion, asked his only son.

“Yes dad, I am going for that contract I signed a few months ago. I will be back in a month time, I intend telling you tonight dad”. John, a 34 year old handsome man, told his father and left his presence. He was muscular, tall and fair in complexion, he took after his mother.

John immediately went to meet his wife, Josie, 30, fair and beautiful, whom he has been married too for five (5) years without a child.

“Have you packed my clothes darling?” John asked.

“Yes Love, I have”. Josie replied as she kissed her husband on his lips and hugged him.

Josie has been married to the Harryson family for five years without a child, although she gave birth but that child, a son, didn’t survive. Ever since then, she utterly did everything to have a child but to no avail. John usually told his wife in his words “God time is the best Josie, he will give us children in his own time”. But Josie wanted a child badly, a child who will call her mother

Paul Harryson was the most richest man in the country, Nigeria to be precise. He was well known round the globe, with his company in almost every country, he was well respected. When his only son John had finished his university, he decided to follow his father footsteps and it yield him good profits and soon he was swimming in money like his father.

John also wanted a child very badly even when he was consoling his wife. He cried when he heard about the death of his son. He had lost his mother at a very tender age and his father would not re marry again. He knows his father cry himself to sleep because there was no one to call him grand pa. His father had called him once before and pleaded with him to take another wife but he was adamant and blatantly refused to take a second wife.

He returned her hug, breathing in her expensive perfume. He promised himself never to let her down.


Early the following day, all the family members of the Harryson which consist of Josie and Paul, with the entire servants in the Mansion all came out and wave at him as one of the drivers drove him out of the Mansion towards the airport. For reasons best known to him he decided not to use their family private jet this time.

John boarded his flight and soon they landed safely at Ikeja airport. He boarded a taxi who drove him to his mansion in Victoria Island, Lekki. He paid the taxi man and gave him some money for his tip.

He knocked at his gate and the gate man opened it and was surprised when he see Paul. He came unannounced. He greeted him and opened the gate wider for Paul to enter.

The servants too were surprised when they saw him. The head of the female servants greeted him first before the rest came out from their shocked state.

Paul entered the house with Caro up his heels.

“Sir, how was your flight to Lagos, hope it wasn’t stressful sir?” Mrs Caro, a 50 year old woman, asked as she ordered one of the female servants there to take the bag from John and instructed one to rearrange his room quickly. She with her husband, Steven, had been with the Harryson for 20 years, they first were at the mansion in Abuja before they were transferred to Lagos.

“No Caro it wasn’t, thank you for asking. Where is Steven your husband? I haven’t seen him”.

“He went to collect the foodstuffs he ordered for the house sir”. Caro replied.

“Okay then, I want to eat swallow, I will be in my room”. John said and quickly climbed the stairs.

Soon Steven, a 60 year old man and husband to Caro, drove into the compound and carried out all the foodstuffs from the van with the help of 3 male servants.

Caro quickly prepared hot semo with Egusi soup and set it out on the elegant dinning table.

Steven quickly went to John room, after exchanging pleasantries, told him his food was ready.

John came down stairs and ate to his fill after that he went back to his room to rest.

Towards evening, he went out for a walk and on his way back he saw someone leaning against a wall sobbing. It was dark already so he couldn’t make out the face of the person. He wanted to move on but has a second thought and he went over to meet the crying figure.

It was a young lady, fair in complexion, even the dark couldn’t hide her beauty. The lady didn’t noticed his presence until he decided to asked.

“Hello, good evening..sorry to ask you this, why are you crying and alone, hope there is no problem?”

The lady quickly cleaned up her eyes and looked up to see who spoke. With the way he was dressed, maybe he could help her, but she doubt it “Good evening sir, no sir there is no problem”. The lady quickly lied.

“I doubt that, if there is no problem then why are you crying?”

Her mouth opened up before she could close it. “My aunty chased me out of the house and told me never to return. I don’t have anywhere to go or anyone here. I have been trekking since morning and haven’t eaten, I don’t even know where I am”.

John pity the lady and made up his mind to help her. “Don’t you have any relative living in Lagos, from your mother side or father?” He asked.

“I don’t have anyone. My aunty told me I am an orphan sir”. She replied.

“Oh I see… well my name is John…John Harryson, may I know your name?”

“I am Anianna sir”, the lady now know as Anianna answered.

“Okay, well Anianna, since you don’t have anywhere else to sleep, you can come with me to my house which is not far from here. You will stay with Caro and her husband…”.

Anianna was surprised when he told her and interrupt him. “Thank you so much sir”. She thanked him.

He didn’t pick offense and continued.

“…and also I will employ you as one of the staff’s also that is if it is okay by you”.

“Sir it is”. Anianna said immediately. “Thank you sir, God will bless you”.

“Amen, so can we start going, the night is not getting any brighter”. John said. When he didn’t see any bag with her he asked. “Where is your bag?”

“I wasn’t permitted to take it along”. Anianna answered.

“Hmm, you have to tell me your full story once we get home, okay Anianna”.

“Okay sir”.


Anianna was left speechless by the beauty of the house when they had reached his home. He called out the servants and introduced them to Anianna. He pointed at Caro and her husband and told her that they are the head servants in the house and she should obey them. He asked Caro to take her to the servants quarter.

Caro took Anianna to one of the empty rooms. She showed her the bathroom and asked Anianna to take her bath. When she came out from the bathroom, she saw a gown the type the female servants wear, her size, and quickly wore it. Caro came and told her John was calling her.

When she came, she saw him eating in the dinning table and he gestured for her to join him. One of the female servant brought her own plate of fried rice and chicken. After eating, John reminded her.

“So what really happened?”.

“Since I was a child, my aunty hated me for no reason. She and her daughter hates me, I don’t even know what I did to them. I grew up as a slave, then today I and her daughter fought… out of anger I carried a huge stone and hit her on the head, it was a mistake. My aunty came in at that moment and saw what I did, she took the kitchen knife to kill me, I escaped and ran away then you found me”. Anianna told him the truth.

“I won’t blame you for the action you took. Anyway you’re safe here”. John said and stood up from the dinning table. “I have a contract meeting very early tomorrow morning, make sure you rest well tonight because you’re starting your work tomorrow, good night Anianna”. With that he left for his room.

Anianna went to meet Caro and thanked her for the clothes and food before going to her room.


5am met John eating at the dinning table, dressed in suit. He hurried his food and told Caro to look after Anianna and see if she’s fit for the work. When he came out, his driver was already waiting, greeting John he drove out of the premises.


Throughout the day Anianna proved Caro and every servants how hard working she was.

It was towards afternoon when Caro told them that John had won the contract, a contract worth of 150 billion. John came home, already drunk but still celebrated with everyone in his success and drank more alcohol. Everyone drank to their fill.

Caro in a drunken state then told Anianna to take John to his room while she and the rest rearranged the sitting room.

When the duo had entered John room Anianna wanted to go but John grabbed hold of her, drawing her dangerously close to him and told her to stay with him for the night. Anianna refused and tried to free herself from his grip which didn’t work. He pushed her to bed, tear of her clothes and forced himself on her, taking her virginity.


Early the next morning, John woke up with a bugging headache and saw Anianna on his bed, she crying out her eyes.

“Why are you crying Anianna, what happened?”

“Sir you forced yourself on me, and you’re asking what happened? You raped me and here I thought you were a good man”. Anianna responded, crying.

The headache vanished as it came and John realized he was naked and so was Anianna. He was shocked.

“I am so sorry Anianna, I was drunk and didn’t… I am so sorry”. John pleaded sincerely. “Please let us keep this to ourselves, do not tell anyone about what happened, please”.

Nodding her head she took what was left of her clothes and left the room shamefully.

That same day John left for Abuja.


Two months later Caro noticed the changed in Anianna body coupled with her constant illness, they went to see a doctor which after running a series of test informed them about the pregnancy.

“She is two month gone Caro, congratulations Anianna”. He had told them.

On their way home Caro asked who was responsible. Anianna lied and told her she doesn’t know.

“Spit it out Anianna, when you came to live with us you weren’t pregnant, if you do not tell me who got you pregnant I will have to inform sir that you were whoring yourself around and that got you pregnant, spill the beans, who got you pregnant?”

Anianna decided to tell Caro the whole truth.

“Are you sure of what you just told me?” Caro asked to be sure.

“Yes ma’am”.

She didn’t say anything else to Anianna till they got home. When everyone was asleep she called Anianna to her room.

Steven then told her she will be leaving for Abuja the following morning.

“Sir has to know you’re with his child, I have already booked your flight ticket to Abuja”. Steven told her that night.


Early the next morning Anianna left for Abuja. When the plane finally landed in Abuja she boarded a taxi.

“Where to ma’am?”

“Asokoro, Nelson Mandela Street no 21 C close”. Anianna replied.

The driver drove her to the premises of Paul Harryson.

She paid him and went to knock on the gate.

The gate opened to reveal the gate man.

“Good morning ma, what I can do for you?”

“I am here to see Mr John, please its very urgent”.

“Okay, what is your name so that I can tell him”.

“Anianna, just tell him Anianna is here”.

He told Anianna to enter the compound and took her to the visitors sitting room, a building on its own.

“Stay here, I am coming”. He told her and left.

Soon John came to meet her.

“Anianna what are you doing here? How did you even locate my place” He almost shouted.

Anianna greeted him which he didn’t respond. “I asked you question not greetings”.

“Sir I am in trouble”.

“Trouble? What kind of trouble are you speaking off, pls be specific”.

“Sir I am two month pregnant for you”.

“You can’t be serious, you’re not pregnant for me, who ever told you that is mistaken”.

“No sir, I am pregnant for real, here is the pregnancy result”. Anianna said and handed him the paper which he went through.

“This is not happening to me”. John said rubbing his head. “I am a married man Anianna…. I have a good doctor that I can take you too, you have to abort that thing in your womb”.

To Be Continued.
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