[Story] The Mistress part 4

The Mistress 4

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke


“That you will be my daughter”. Juliet answered smiling.

“I am ready to go mum”.

They reached the market which wasn’t far from where they lived, Juliet quickly shade her market which consist of; cold bottle/pure water, shoes and sandals for children and adults, alongside the road with the help of her daughter.

They stayed the whole day and no one came to buy anything.

“Isabella I don’t think we’re going to eat this night again, no one wants to buy anything from here”. Juliet told her daughter sadly.

“Don’t worry mum, I know what to do”. Isabella said, taking two pairs of shoes and sandals each.

“Be careful Isabella”. Juliet called after her.

“I know mum”. Isabella said and did her normal routine, “Buy your not so costly nice shoes here, buy your cold cheap drinking water here”. Isabella shouted running after some people, “Ma come and buy your fine shoes here, its not expensive”. She told a woman in a hurry and was being ignored.

Isabella left her and ran to meet a man who was about entering his SUV jeep. “Sir, sir I sell cold drinks and water and also children shoes and sandals”. She shouted as usual drawing the attention of the man to herself and showing him the shoes and sandals in her hand.

“What do you sell again?”. The man asked kindly.

“I sell cold drinks and water and also children school shoes and sandals”. Isabella repeated again.

“Oh, am sorry little girl, the little shoes in your hands are for children, I don’t really have any”.

“Well you can buy the shoes and give it to any children around you, the shoes or sandals aren’t expensive sir. Please buy one from me, I really need the money to buy food in the house”. Isabella told him honestly.

“Okay, how much is the shoe?” The man asked feeling pity towards the little girl.

“The shoe goes for one thousand naira (1000) only sir”. Isabella answered sharply.

The man took the shoe from Isabella and gave her a one thousand naira (1000) note which Isabella took gratefully. “Here, also take this, use it to buy yourself food, be a good girl”. The man added giving Isabella extra money.

Isabella joyfully collected the huge sum of money from his hand and thanked him earnestly. “Thank you sir, God will bless you”.

When the man made to enter his jeep Isabella stopped him with her question. “I am Isabella sir, may I know your name? You know to put you in my daily prayers”.

Entering his jeep he turned towards the girl, “I am John, John Harryson”. With that he drove off.

Isabella ran to meet her mother and showed her the money. Juliet counted the money. “You mean the man gave you Ten thousand naira (10,000) for food after paying for the shoe?”

“Yes mum, he did, he is a very good man”. Isabella said.

“I bless the day I gave birth to you Isabella”.

“And I am happy you’re my mother”. Mother and child both smiled at each other. “Mum, can we use some of the money to buy grandma’s drugs when we close for the day”.

“Of course dear, try to remind me once we’ve close”.

“You know mum, when I grow up, I will make sure I work hard and have a lot of money to help you and grandma. You won’t be selling any of these things again. You will have your own personal driver that will drive you around listening to my famous music”. Isabella said with a determine look in her face.

“Well we are waiting for that Isabel so for now concentrate on your studies, okay”. Juliet said and her daughter her head. “Good. You know what your great grandmother would have told you If she was still alive?”

Isabella shook her head sideways. “No mum, what will she say”.

“You have the ability to choose which way you want to go, you have to believe great things are going to happen in your life. Do everything you can- Prepare, Pray and Achieve- to make it in life”. Juliet told her.

“Okay mum, I will do as you have said to make it my life..”. She was interrupted by someone calling out her name.

“Bella, bella”. A young boy voice filled the air as he ran up to meet Isabella.

The market people greeted the little boy in respect which he ignored as he stopped in front of Isabella, his focus.

“I have been looking for you Isabella, anyway I have forgotten that you don’t stay in a particular place”. The young boy said, breathing out fast.

“You’re looking for me Alex, what for?”

Alex, a 14 year old, greeted Juliet who responded nicely. It was a good thing he is friends with her daughter as everyone tried to be kind towards him. His rich father gave them the land which they use in selling their markets for free. Even being a rich man son and only son, Alex wasn’t feeling pompous. With the recent death of his father, Alex still gave them the land like his late father did.

“I will be travelling tomorrow for my dad’s burial with my mum”. Alex replied with tears in his eyes. “I came to say goodbye”.

“How is your mum?” Juliet asked.

“My mum is taking it hard ma, we thought that he was going to survive, but we were surprise he couldn’t make it. I miss my dad”. Alex replied in tears.

“Take heart my son, all will be well. I should have come and pay my condolences with your mum, but you know how she behaves especially to the likes of us”. Juliet told him.

“I understand you ma”. Alex said.

“So you said you’re traveling, when are you coming back after the burial?” Isabella asked bending down to arrange the shoes in order.

“We’re not coming back, we are going to live in one of my dad houses in Lekki”. Alex replied bending down and helping her.

“My best friend is leaving me, I am sad now”.

“I promise to always be in touch with you”. Alex said.

“Promise me you’re going to write me letters Al”.

“Of course I will Isabella” Alex promised. “I should start going before they start looking for me”.

“Oh, you mean those body guards of yours? I wish I have one”.

“I for one don’t like having a body guard, but my mom won’t agree.. anyway can I hug you?”.

Isabella smiled and pulled him for a quick hug.

“Good bye bella, I am going to miss you”. Akex said.

“Me too, don’t forget your promise, I will be expecting your letters”. Isabella reminded him.

Alex nodded his head and left them, entered the waiting jeep.

Isabella cleaned out the little tears that came out in her eyes.

“I think you like him a lot to have tears in your eyes”. Juliet spoke after a while.

“You know I do like him a lot mum and he can never see me the way I see him. I will miss him so badly”.


Anna was staring at her daughter who was reading a book in her room. She loves the fact that Isobella always do whatever she tells her to do, she was a good daughter anyone will wish to have.

“Isobella dear after your reading, put on the red gown I brought for you recently. We are having dinner with the Kingston family tonight, so I want you to look your very best, okay?”

“Okay mum”. Isobella answered smiling as Anna walked out of the room.

Isobella heaved out a little sigh, her smile faded. She closed her book and went to take her bath. The Kingston family were rich like her adopted mother, and she is in love with one of the Kingston twins son.

After taking her bath, she went to her closet, opened it and took out the red gown. Her eyes went to her dairy, her true friend, which she brought out.

She opened it to pen down.

‘Dear Dairy I wish I could make my choice and be what I choose to be. Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow that is all that matters’.


“Isabella, a letter came for you. I think they said its from Alex”. Joy, Isabella friend said waving the letter in her face.

Isabella dropped whatever she was doing and straighten up to snatch the letter from Joy hand.

Alex had made a promise to her which he didn’t fulfil, now after so many years, he finally wrote her a letter.

To Be Continued
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