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The Mistress part 5

The Mistress 5

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke


Isabella quickly opened the letter and read it softly to herself.

She smiled and shouted “Yes”.

“What does the letter say?” Joy asked poking her head to read the letter which Isabella quickly folded.

“It’s a competition from a school, a singing competition. If I win I will be given a scholarship to study at the university, which happened to be his school”. Isabella explained the content of the letter, she had told Joy everything about her best friend Alex. “Somehow he had managed to convince the university board to set the competition not too far from here”. Isabella added.

“Wow, you’re so lucky”.

“That’s not all. Once I win this singing competition and have gotten the scholarship, I will be given an apartment to stay with my family until the end of my scholarship”. Isabella said happily.

“So you and your family will leaving this ghetto soon? I will miss you”. Joy said, tears coming out from her eyes.

“Awww, I haven’t even won the singing competition yet and you’re crying, don’t cry, I will always come to visit you Joy”.

“Okay, so what song would you play?”

“I would have loved to sing one of TY Bello songs or better still Asa, but no, I will sing one of my songs I wrote”.

“Wow, you know you wrote a lot of songs which are good but you have to pick one”.

“I know..anyway I have to go and inform my mum and grandma”. Isabella said and ran inside the bamboo house to inform them, she only met her mother in their little living room. Joy left quickly.

“Mum, Alex sent me a letter”. Isabella

“Really? After so many years, I thought he had forgotten about us…anyway what is the content of the letter, has he finally propose to you?” Juliet asked.

“No, I told you he doesn’t like me.. anyway there will be a singing competition that I will perform to win the scholarship, and if I get to be chosen, I will be going to his school and will be given an apartment that we all will be staying till I graduate”.

“Wow that is the best news I have ever heard, so did they say anything about our transport fare?”

“No they didn’t, Alex said he will pay for our flight tickets mum, this will be my first time entering a plane. I have to start preparing myself and song for the competition which is next weekend, tell grandma for me”. Isabella said and was about the room when Juliet voice stopped her.

“Isabella what do I use to tell you?”

She turned and smiled at Juliet, “That I should always keep my face towards the sunshine and shadows will fall behind me”. Isabella answered.

Juliet smiled at her answer. “Yes, Isabella, whatever you want in life other people are going to want it too. Believe in yourself enough to accept the idea that you have an equal right to it. There are others who will also want the scholarship so you have to prepare hard. Your talent is God gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God, I believe in you Isabella, I know you will win the scholarship, so win it”.

“Thank you mum”. Isabella said and went to hug her. “I will try my very best to win this, after all I was born to be a singer”.

On the day of the competition, many people came to perform, Isabella waited for her turn. When it was her turn, she climbed the stage with her guitar and walked over to the microphone.

She closes her eyes and felt all eyes on her.

“Your time starts now”.

The string of the guitar when she touched it filled the room as everyone became quiet.

She began singing.

Solo 1

“The star that is in the sky
Shinning inside my heart
I think is you do you hear my voice
Do you feel my lovely heart
I can’t express with words
My heart towards you
No body has made me laugh and cry
As you have done.


My shinning star
Engraved unto my heart
I am always lost in your love
Overflowing days and years
I will close my eyes and wait for you my sunshine
Even it takes a thousand years for you to come to me
I will gladly wait, for my shinning star.
You’re my shinning star in my heart.

Solo 2

I know you’re not a dream
I will look at only you
Will your eyes only be for me too
I know we’re each other stars
You who belongs to me
You’re always clear and clean
The star is shinning in your heart
Oh this beautiful you.


When she finished her song everyone began clapping for her.

She bowed and left.

A week later she was sent a Letter. She won the scholarship.

Alex sent her the flight tickets they will need.

Bidding everyone in the ghetto goodbye they left for the airport.

Arriving at Ikeja airport, Isabella was the first person to spot Alex, she screamed his name and ran to hug. They hug themselves for sometime, ignoring the whispers around them.

“You have gotten so tall Alex and handsome”. Isabella said looking all over him.

“You’re more beautiful then before Isabella, I knew you would win the scholarship. Once I heard of it, I remembered you”. Alex said and greeted Juliet and her grandma which they responded nicely.

Alex took them to his car and drove them to straight Lekki to their new home.


A week later, Isabella and Alex entered the Uni. Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and stare at her.

“Why are they staring at me? Is there anything in my face?” Isabella asked all of a sudden.

“No, they’re staring at you because you’re the new girl who got into the school through scholarship, and also you’re with me”. Alex answered.

“Oh I get it and why you?”

“Well because everyone mingle with their class, those who entered the school through scholarship mingle with the people who also won scholarship…so me being with you isn’t suppose to happen. Did you get my explanation?”

“Yes I do. Well, that’s rubbish because everyone is equal and also… O.M.G!”. Isabella nearly shouted, her eyes widened up as she saw what had picked her interest.

“What is Bella?” Alex asked confusingly.

“Who is that girl over there? Her dressing style is beautiful, look at the way people are staring at her, I need details of everyone with her”. Isabella said staring at the lady surrounded by her friends. She was immediately attracted to the one holding the lady hands.

“Oh you mean her, well she is Isobella Davies, a rich brat. She is the face of this school when it comes to modeling, her family is rich, stinking rich. And the guy over there is her boyfriend, his name is Rick, and the other guy beside them is Rick twin brother Fred, the rest are friends. The most funniest thing is that everyone in this school knows Fred has a crush of Isobella for a long time but sadly enough his crush is in love with his twin brother”. Alex explained looking at Isabella, they had stopped walking.

“Wow, She is beautiful.. hold on, did you just say Rick and Isobella are like..lovers?” Isabella asked and stared at Rick who was holding Isobella hands and peck her cheeks. Isabella felt a pang of jealousy when he did that.

“Yes they’re, in fact they have been dating since childhood”.

“Can you keep a secret Alex?” He nodded his head and she continued, “I think this is love at first sight, I am in love with Rick”. She whispered the last part to him.

“Hey don’t fall for him, he is too arrogant and proud, stay away from him to avoid Isobella wrath”. Alex said trying to talk sense into Isabella which proved abortive. It had hurt him when she whispered those words to him, he was already in love with Isabella and has been hiding it from her.

“That can’t be true, you’re just saying that because you don’t like him. I am going to go there and introduced myself to them, once I am friends with Isobella that would give me the chance to let Rick know”.

“Don’t go if you don’t want to feel insulted, they talk to people who are rich like them”. Alex said warning Isabella who began walking over to meet them.

“Thanks Alex but I am still going”. Isabella said and went to meet them. It seemed the whole school stopped to watch what would happen as Isabella finally stood in front of Isobella, she smiled at her as her eyes briefly stare at Rick whose gaze was on his girlfriend.

“Yes can we help you”. One of the girls with them asked Isabella coldly.
Isabella wasn’t moved by that and rather smiled the more.

“Hello, I love what you’re wearing. My name is Isabella and I am the new girl and you’re”. Isabella said stretching out her hand for a handshake from Isobella.

“Thank you for your complement which is not needed. Rick can we go now, I don’t want to be late”. Isobella said ignoring the hand in front of her as she and her friends walked away.

“Sorry by her rude treatment, I am Fred, Rick twin brother and welcome to our school”. Fred apologize on their behalf and ran to join the rest.

Isabella shrugged her shoulder and went to meet Alex.

“She’s very rude, just to shake my hands”. Isabella said as Alex escorted her to her class.

“I told you but you wouldn’t listen to me, anyway see you later”. Alex said and quickly left for his class.

Isabella sigh and entered her new class and was surprise to see Isobella in there.

‘I thought the rich will be given a different class of their own’. She thought to herself and made her way to the empty sit beside the rude girl.

To Be Continued.
Sharing is Caring.

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