[Story] O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 27

The Child of Thunder 27

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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Ogbanje came back quickly and ate her food. Thanking her father she left for her hut. The twins had earlier gone to bed after they had finished eaten their dinner so they weren’t awake when Ogbanje came back from the trip she took with Ebuka. it was towards midnight when Uhammiri left for the forest of doom. Not long afterwards, Ogbanje sneaked out of the compound and ran towards Ebuka’s hut. On reaching the hut Ebuka was already out there waiting for her. “Ready Alaolisa?” Ebuka question. Nodding her head in acknowledgment, “I am ready my love”. She replied. So saying Ebuka touched her forehead and they disappeared into the thickness of the night.
Ogbanje Kingdom: “After so many years of you living with the mortals you came home at last”. The queen Mother said as she stood up from her throne to hug Ogbanje. Ebuka and Ogbanje made their appearance right at the front of the queen who seemed to have been expecting them. “Greetings Mother”. Ogbanje greeted as the Queen released Ogbanje from her grip. She motion for them to sit down. The queen sat down back. “You’re are still as beautiful as you were Alaolisa. But that is by the way, the reason why I had sent for you is because I perceived something bad is about to happen soon so you must get prepared and ready to face it”. The Ogbanje queen told them. “Okay”. “Now the first thing is for me to return back all your old memories from your previous life. It would take some time though”. “But my queen I have been wondering to ask you this. When you appeared in Alaolisa hut I thought you were returning back her memories. I was surprised when you asked me to bring Ada to you to return her memories. If you didn’t return Ada her memories that night then what where you doing to her?” Ebuka asked what has been confusing him since. He had knew when the queen appeared in Ogbanje’s hut and thought she was returning back her old memories but was surprised by the following day when Ogbanje didn’t say anything about her previous life. “I was only there to prepare her soul, to open up her mind, body and soul once the memories are back. Ogbanje is in a mortal body so I must prepare her and besides she was the one who agreed to the consequence of me removing her memories. We don’t have all the time needed here. Breaking the oath that bonds with her memories would take time so we have to start the preparations now”. So saying the Queen started making her preparation as Ebuka and Ogbanje watches all. Soon enough the Queen turned to face Ebuka and said squarely. “I need to be left alone with my daughter Amadioha. The oath was between me and her and so it would only be between us. There shall be no eye witness to see it except the eyes of I and my daughter”. Amadioha nodded in understanding and left them. He quickly decided to pay a visit to his brother Njoku Ji.
The Black Forest of Doom: Uhammiri made her appearance and quickly went inside the cave. Going further inside the cave where a female was seen sited on the ground. She was meditating. “What do you see?” The lady question. She was exactly a look alike with Uhammiri. The only difference with her and that of the one standing in front of her were her voice. While the fake Uhammiri’s voice was light and soft, the one meditating voice was thick and sounded evil. “The girl in question is a very strong one. Her powers truly were no match for Adaku and the Eze Nwayi if combined together. I sent one of the evil beasts to the twins but she defeated the beast. You have to trend with caution over Ogbanje. I don’t think Ogbanje would be so easy to take down”. The impersonator pretending to be Uhammiri told the real one. “Hmm, I see. Then what about my lover, the one my soul yearn for what do you know about him?” The real Uhammiri asked. “I have tried studying him but to no avail. He looks suspicious to me as if he knew something we don’t”. “That would soon change”. So saying she stood up from where she sat down and said to the other Uhammiri. “It is time for you to return back to where you belong and for I to continue where you stop”. As soon as she finished saying this. The impersonator entered the body of the real one. She disappeared and appeared in her hut given to her by Okoro. She slept off with a plan forming in her head.
Njoku Ji Abode: “I went down to see the lady you spoke about because I had grown to like her but the way she responded made my love for her dissolved quickly”. Njoku Ji begun after he had welcomed Amadioha and had sat with him to discuss about how the new yam festival had went. He quickly told his brother what he did. “Really? But Uhammiri has never spoken like that to me before”. Amadioha said. “Well I don’t know but I am only saying what I saw. The girl is a very rude one and evil. You know after she left me I decided to monitor her movement and I discovered something about her something you need to know”. Njoku Ji told his brother quietly. “And what can that be?”. Amadioha asked. “She isn’t whom you thought she is. She a goddess who had came to end your lovers life and that of her entire family. In fact she is here on a mission”. Njoku Ji said finally. “And how did you get to know?” Amadioha asked bewildered. “With the way she responded at me, I sense an evil aura within her and decided to monitor her like you’d requested. I was with them when you requested for Alaolisa’s presence earlier today. The things I heard are too much for my mouth to speak. You must know that Adaku is also in league with Uhammiri. Uhammiri isn’t someone you could defeat so easily, tell Alaolisa that Uhammiri is after her life and she won’t rest until she sees the dead body of Alaolisa, okoro and the family”. Njoku Ji finally concluded. “I don’t need to ask twice if it is true because you don’t lie. No wonder I was cautious about her. I don’t think she is as strong as you have said because if she is then, she would have known you are there”. “That’s because she is an impersonator, the real Uhammiri will be the one you would see today. You must protect Alaolisa at all cost. She also wants to make you hers with force. She told Adaku that she would first of all kill you then bind your soul with hers. My beloved brother be very careful”. “You’ve done well by informing me, thank you so much my dear brother. All I know is that the Children of ChuckwuOlisa won’t be defeated that so easily. I will put an end to this madness soon”. “Speaking of father, he told once you came visiting again you should endeavour to pay him a visit”. “In that case I should go and meet him. Thank you once again my brother, you have been of great help”. Amadioha said truly grateful as he prepared himself to visit his father. “Oh and Ikenga is around”.
Ogbanje Kingdom: “I return your memories back to you”. The queen began, “Open up your mouth” she added. Ogbanje opened up her mouth and the queen placed something into her mouth. “Swallow it”. She told Ogbanje and Ogbanje did as She was told to. She fell down immediately to the ground in deep slumber. The queen smiled to herself, once Ogbanje wakes up her memories would be back and her powers would return. The queen waited for Amadioha to take her body back to her hut. She has done her part as a mother.
Kingdom Above: Somewhere above the sky Chidinmma stood before her father in his abode. She had summoned the courage in her to go back to her home. Even when she died in her mortal body she couldn’t face her father even knowing that her father killed her previous children but she wouldn’t blame her father for what he had done to her. “I came here today father to seek for your forgiveness”. “No, I should be the one telling you that my child. I am sorry for what I put you through. I should have respected your wish and let you marry the man you loved instead of forcing you into a marriage with Agwu”. The Sun god, Anyanwu, told his daughter. He had been remorseful after all he did and pray to Chuckwuolisa that his daughter find a place in her heart to forgive him. Chuckwuolisa answered his prayer by returning his daughter to him. After his daughter left him and in his anger he sent Agwusi to kill her children he became remorseful to what he did and asked Agwusi to put an stop to the killings. His change of heart towards his daughter began when he saw how ChuckwuOlisa forgive his first son, Amadioha, for nearly wiping off the humans race in his fit of his anger and still yet ChuckwuOlisa forgive him. If the creator of the universe can forgive him who then is he that he cannot forgive his daughter. Father and daughter both hug. “Your mother would be so glad to see you once again”. Anyanwu told his daughter. “Father there is one more reason why I am here and I would appreciate it if you can help”. Chi finally said.
“It’s been a while we spoke son”. ChuckwuOlisa said to his son. His light enormous and wondrous to even look at. It filled the room and the beings with him. “Yes father, I came to just see how you’ve been faring”. “Thanks son, nothing much just running around intervening into the affairs of the mortals. Your brother just left here some few hours ago he was complaining bitterly of how you both exchanged words”. “He was the first that started”. “I know that”. “I would be going now father, I don’t want to delay Alaolisa”.
Ogbanje Kingdom: When Amadioha made his appearance the queen quickly told him to carry Ogbanje’s sleeping form back to her hut. Amadioha carried her and disappeared.
to be continued

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