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[Story] O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 28

The Child of Thunder 28

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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Ebuka appeared at the front of Ogbanje’s hut. He quickly entered inside her hut, dropping her carefully on her bamboo bed and releasing his hold on her. He made to go outside the hut when he heard a noise. He peeked out from the hut to see what was making that noise. Lo and behold it was Uhammiri. She was all dressed in black attire. Her aura seem stronger than before. Ebuka watches as Uhammiri walked over to Okoro’s hut. She stood there for a while then turn and went over to the hut of the children. “Let me start with the children first. I will make them imbecile. Oh yes I will”. Uhammiri said quietly but Ebuka heard her never the less. He doesn’t want Uhammiri to know about his presence. As he was thinking of what to do, Adaku opened her hut and came out. She quickly walked towards Uhammiri who didn’t turn to see who it was. “Yes what is it Adaku?” Uhammiri asked. “This your madness has to stop Now. Your mission, our mission, is to see the end of Ogbanje and Okoro. Why do you want to involve my daughters to it. They don’t possess powers like the way Ogbanje has. You have to stop this now Uhammiri and focus on the ones you want to kill not my two daughters”. Adaku blasted quitely at Uhammiri bravely. Why would she be afraid of her, wasn’t she the one who gave birth to her in the first place? Why would the mother suddenly becomes afraid of her own child when she know how to strike such a child. Enough is enough. Uhammiri slowly turned to face Adaku. “And who gave you the impetus to talk back at me?” Uhammiri questioned. “I am not afraid of you. I can talk to you the way I want too because you are my daughter. Ogbanje and Okoro are our main target here not Ugochi and Uzochi. Let us keep it that way to avoid stories that touches the heart”. Adaku said trying to reason with Uhammiri. Ebuka who has been listening to their conversation was surprise on the things he is hearing now. That explains a lot of things. “I see you have grown wings to fly but I will cut off those wings of yours. No one dares stand in Uhammiri’s way, I will destroy everything Adaku, everything and not even you can stop me from doing that”. “Let’s get this straight and clear. You told me to kill your father and Ogbanje especially Ogbanje before she clocks 20 which I have been trying ever since I walked into this compound years ago. I tried all my possible best to kill the both of them but to no avail. Then I decided to bring you in into this fight by letting Arima to bring me to you. And now instead of killing Okoro- who is your father- and Ogbanje- your sister- you want to kill my twins that are powerless and also your sisters. May I remind you that you are the first daughter of this family and I will always remain as your mother the one who had birth you. I am warning you stay away from them and focus of those two”. With that, Adaku left for her hut leaving Uhammiri once again to herself. “This isn’t the end Adaku”. With that she carried on with her plans to make the twins imbecile regardless of what Adaku had said. Once she had casted her spells on the twins she left their hut for that of Adaku’s own. Since Adaku has the impetus to talk back at her she would so mercilessly deal with her. She waved one of her hand at the frontage of Adaku’s hut. Satisfied with what she has done, she left for her hut to await the morning sun. So she is Okoro’s daughter which means Uhammiri and Ogbanje are related. He remembered what Adaku had said about killing Ogbanje. He disappeared and appeared inside the hut of the twins. They did no wrong to warrant Uhammiri turning them imbecile. He moved silently towards them and lay his both hands respectively on each of the twins forehead. Saying some words he quickly removed whatever spells Uhammiri had casted on them. Holding the black thick smoke in his palms he commanded with authority and sent it to Arima- the old woman whom Ogbanje usually help- and heryou witches coven, no one could remove it not even Arima or their so called Aku. Those witches would end today. He disappeared back to his hut. He will tell his mother what he heard and tell Ogbanje onces she has woken up.
Ikenga abode: “There has to be something I can do to have Ogbanje all to myself”. Ikenga said to himself as he pace around his abode relentless. “There is nothing on earth that won’t make me have Ogbanje. I know by now my beloved would have told my brother to be weary of his anger that I might use it against him. Well she wasn’t far from the truth”. Ikenga said to himself again. He has to come up with something that would make Ogbanje all his. A thought came through his mind and he nodded his head as the plan formed in his head. Yes that is what exactly I would do, I will challenge Amadioha to a duel. If he losses then Ogbanje would be his but if Amadioha wins he can have Ogbanje all to himself that is if Amadioha can defeat the god of war. Ikenga laughed sheepishly at his thought. He had already know he would be the winner and no one else. Amadioha likes challenge and would quickly except his challenge for the hands of Alaolisa. Everything shall work in his favour once again. He has to get himself prepared and inform his brother about the fight. Whosoever that wins shall have the hands of Ogbanje.
Witches Meeting: Eze Nwayi was with comrade when it happened all of a sudden. “Iruka why haven’t you bring the blood of your only son to us? You know it’s your turn to bring your son blood”. Eze Nwayi said. Iruka stood up from where she sat down and bowed her head to Eze Nwayi. “Eze Nwayi please pity me, have mercy on me. How can I kill my only son, my only child now that he has come of age, biko tampered my case with justice”. Iruka pleaded with the Eze Nwayi. It has reach her turn to kill her only child but couldn’t, she didn’t have the heart to do so. “Silence woman, I killed my own children and family so does everyone in here. When you are busy enjoying the blood of everyone children you didn’t think that one day you would sacrifice your son. Iruka don’t dare me, your date to bring your son blood has long been over due but still yet I did nothing to you. Iruka to avoid the wrath of Aku upon your self kill your son before the cock crows in the morning”. Eze Nwayi declared finally. Iruka nodded her head as she had pleaded but her pleas wasn’t heard. “I will kill him Eze Nwayi”. Iruka said. “Then better be fast about it, delaying it is dangerous”. Eze Nwayi said and stretches her hands upwards. The knife of death appeared in her hands and she gave it to Iruka who collected it with shaking hands. “You know what to do with it, use it to kill your son now. He should die by your hands, you can go”. Eze Nwayi concluded her saying. “Yes Eze Nwayi”. Iruka said and disappeared to carried out the order. As soon as Iruka disappeared it happened all of a sudden. Thunder was heard above them when it suddenly strike Eze Nwayi. Shaking in her sit and vibrating fiercely. Long gummy spit was coming out all of a sudden, her two hands twisted in a way. The remaining of the witches were struck with the spirit of imbecile but the Eze Nwayi’s own was worse. The rest of the witches were not left out. Without ending their meetings they all fled to their various home.
Iruka: Iruka appeared inside the hut of Nnenna and was surprised to see her wide awake. It was as if she was waiting for someone. “Are you waiting for someone?” Iruka asked. “I have been waiting patiently for you Iruka. I know why you are here and why you seek for my help”. Nnenna began. “I know the Eze Nwayi asked you to kill your only son but you unlike the rest of us couldn’t, am I right?” “How did you know all that Nnenna. You take with so much confidence as if you were there with us when Eze Nwayo asked me to kill my son”. Iruka said in bewildered. “Surprise Iruka?” Nnenna asked. “Yes I am surprised”. Iruka confirmed. “You want my help, you want me to help you against the witches, right?” Nnenna questioned. “But you don’t need my help any more because justice has already taken it’s course. You did the right thing by coming here thus freeing you from what has befallen your fellow witches. Had you have gone to your son’s hut you would have been strike by the spirit of imbecile”. “Spirit of imbecile, I don’t understand you Nnenna. I only came here for you to help me. I don’t want to kill my only son, in fact I don’t want to join the witches again. I want to be like you that is the reason why I am here”. “And like I have told you, if you had gone towards your hut to kill your son you would have been strike by the spirit of Imbecile like your colleagues have including the Eze Nwayi”. Iruka was surprised when she heard those things omitting out from Nnenna’s mouth. She used her inner eyes to check on her colleagues but couldn’t see any one. “But who could have done such a thing to them. Who has the powers to strike both Eze Nwayi and my old fellow witches?”. Iruka asked. “Have you ever heard of a god whose name has been forgotten? No, I don’t think you’ve heard it”. “Then tell me who he is so that I can worship him. If truly what you have said about the Eze Nwayi and the rest are true then tell me who this god is so that I can worship him”. “Give me the knife of death”. Nnenna said as she collected the knife from Iruka’s hands who didn’t hesitate in giving her. “His name is Amadioha. Use a white ram as a sacrifice to his name and he will always protect you from harm, doing that would set you free from the oath you took with the witches. You can go Iruka”. Nnenna said with finality. “Thank you so much Nnenna”. “Thank the gods and not me”. Iruka disappeared as quickly as she has come. Nnenna hid the knife, she might need it very soon.
Opening up her eyes Ogbanje saw the morning sun rays peeking through her hut window. It was still morning. She remembered what has happened, her memories where back now. Her husband was the one who had brought her back. Even in her state of unconsciousness she over heard the conversation between Adaku and Uhammiri. She has to tell her father what she over heard. She quickly made for her hut door and opened the door, stepping out of the hut she met Ugochi and Uzochi crying out their eyes. “What is it Ejima?” Ogbanje asked immediately. “It’s mama oooo. We woke up this morning to see that she now has boils all over her”. Uzochi was the first to speak. “Black boils. They are so huge and scary, in fact we saw maggots in some of the boils”. Ugochi said. “I am coming, stay here the both of you”. Ogbanje ordered them as she went over to Adaku’s hut. “Cover your nose Ada, that hut is smelly so badly”. Uzochi called out to Ogbanje. Entering the hut she realized the twins were right. The odour coming out right from the door was too much. Embracing herself from the smell she walked further to end of the hut where Adaku lay. She was a sight to behold. “You see where your evilness has landed you too. Your plans has back fired to you Adaku. What goes around comes around you know that Adaku”. Ogbanje said. Adaku tried to speak but the words where coming out in shambles. She tried and tried but nothing came out from her mouth. “Oh look at how the mighty has fallen. Who would believe that Adaku the great woman, Amummamiri’s grand daughter would one day be like this. I would have ended your life just now but I will not because you wouldn’t let that witch kill my sisters, but that does not mean you are off the hook yet”. Ogbanje mocked Adaku. “Ogbanje, you have to…to save your father from Uhammiri”. Adaku managed to speak what she has been trying to say. Ogbanje eyes widened in shocked and ran out of the hut to meet the twins standing where she had left them. “Where did Uhammiri and father went too?” Ogbanje asked. “Uhammiri escorted our father to the farm today. When father woke up this morning and saw the way our mother was he said he was going to the farm to bring some herbs and Uhammiri volunteered herself to come with him”. Ugochi explained. “And how long had they gone?” Ogbanje asked, her heart racing. “A few minutes ago. Father had wanted us to wake you up so that you would be the one to follow him but Uhammiri told him not to bother you that she would go with him and they left”. Uzochi responded. “Which of the farms did father said he was going?” “The one at beside the boundary between Udum and Umueze”. Ugochi answered. Without any further delay Ogbanje left them. She hope that Uhammiri hasn’t done anything to their father.
Ebuka was coming back from the farm when he met Ikemefuna who blocked his way. Halting in his movement Ebuka asked solemnly. “Ikenga what is it?” “Well my dear brother, I came in Peace”. Ikemefuna said sheepishly. “You can come in pieces for all I care now tell me why you are here”. Going serious, “I came here to tell you that I will stop disturbing Alaolisa on one condition”. “And what can that be?” Ebuka demanded. “If we have a wrestling fight for the hand of Alaolisa. If you beat me, I will leave you and Alaolisa for good but if I beat you- which I am sure I can- you will leave Alaolisa for me”. Ikemefuna said finally. Ebuka laughed out loudly. “Oh, you’ve run out of ideas and this is what you came up with. We are brothers for crying out loud, we shouldn’t let a woman come between us. If Alaolisa were to be yours right from the beginning, she would have been. But no, love found us and embrace us. You Ikenga ought to have known by now that death can’t separate I and Alaolisa. Fine, I took away Alaolisa from you- not that I did it internationally- out of anger you made me destroy almost all our fathers creations. That happened a long time ago. Is that not enough? I have forgiven you and have forgotten about that incident, why can’t you also try and leave us alone. Ikenga we are one, and no matter what, you will still remain my brother. Do you think father would be happy if he hears that his two sons fought?. This madness has to stop Ikenga, I will not fight you”. Ebuka said finally in wisdom. He left a quite Ikemefuna who was replaying the words Amadioha had said.
To be continued

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