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[Story] O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 29

The Child of Thunder 29 (THE END)

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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Ikenga was rendered speechless after his brother left him. Somehow- within him- he knew Amadioha was right about one thing, ‘they are brothers’. But how can he just forget about Alaolisa just like that? He was left with no choice, after all according to what Amadioha had said a few minutes ago if Alaolisa was meant to be with him she would have done so right from the beginning. Rather than fight immensely for what he couldn’t have why not he leave the two lovers alone. Amadioha and him are brothers and there is absolutely nothing that can change it. Ikenga felt as if something heavy has been lifted up from his shoulder when he realized the truth. Just this once he would do as Amadioha had told him. He would leave the lovers alone. He disappeared. **** “What troubles you my dear daughter?” Anyanwu asked his daughter as soon as he dispatched himself from their hug. “What kind of help do you need?” “It’s about a girl who wants to kill my daughter”. Chi told her father. Anyanwu gave out a laugh. “If you are talking about Alaolisa then you shouldn’t be bothered about a thing”, Anyanwu told her. “How did you mean father?” Chi asked confusingly. “Alaolisa is the daughter from the Ogbanje world. The queen mother is her mother. Like you Alaolisa left the Ogbanje world to dwell with the mortals fortunately for you, you gave birth to her”. Anyanwu explained. “But that hasn’t answered why you wouldn’t help my daughter father?”. “Alaolisa full powers has been restored, so don’t worry about her, she will take care of herself”. Anyanwu reassured his daughter. “We should rather celebrate your return”. He added. “If you say so father”. ***** Ogbanje quickly ran towards the farm direction the twins had told her Okoro and Uhammiri had left a couple of minutes ago. She got to the said farm and didn’t see anything. She searched every hook and canny of the farmland but couldn’t find her father nor Uhammiri. She quickly ran to Ebuka’s hut. ******* Earlier on: Okoro and Uhammiri were walking alongside together going towards the farmland to get some special herbs for Adaku when Okoro suddenly laughed. “Nnayi what is it?” Uhammirri asked surprised at seeing him laughing all of a sudden. “A man who rushes into battle does not realize that battle entails death”. Okoro said out of blue as they started approaching the farmland. “Meaning? I don’t understand you Nnayi”. Uhammiri questioned confusingly. “The mind is like a bag; everyone has one. Uhammiri you should quit your pretense now and carry out your plans”. Okoro responded confidently at Uhammiri who wore a look of Surprise. Trying not to show how the words affected her she decided to pretend not knowing what Okoro is saying. “What are you trying to say Nnayi, I don’t get you”. “You and I both know what I am saying. From the moment Adaku, my wife, brought you into my home I knew that there was something suspicious about you. I once confronted Adaku to tell me what she knew about you but she couldn’t and started bringing out flimsy excuses. There and then I knew something was up. Yesterday night proved me right”. Not pretending anymore her eyes balls changed completely to her normal ones. “So you over heard our discussion yesterday night?” “Yes I did and I got to know that you are my daughter. Uhammiri whatever Adaku might have told you about me is a lie. I never neglected any one of you. I and Adaku weren’t meant to be from the beginning. I was already bonded with the Sun god daughter before I was brought down to earth. My earthly parents betrothed I and Adaku before I got to meet Chi. If I had known that Chi would also followed me down to earth to be with me I wouldn’t have believed it. Adaku left and didn’t informed me that she was already pregnant. Maybe you got angry that I didn’t come to look For you neither Adaku and that was why you both killed the mortal Chi. I knew all along of all the plans she made. So when my suspicious was confirmed I had to pretend that I want to go to the farm because I knew you would quickly volunteer yourself to go with me, and you also know the twins are harmless thus my deciding to leave for the farm with you. I know you want to have me all alone, so here I am”. Okoro concluded his little speech. However Uhammiri wasn’t moved by any of that rather she smirked as Okoro further revealed what he know. “You are making this more simpler for me. And this is not about Adaku it is more than you think oh wise one. I did not carry you here to kill you now. I am here to take you as a hostage, your death shall be a slow painful death. Adaku’s death and that of your entire household will not be compared with what I have in mind for you. And as for your beloved daughter, Ogbanje, her death would be so…. I won’t say anything other thing, you are coming with me to the Black Forest of Doom”. “I curse the day you were conceived, the day my seed was planted in Adaku’s womb to form you, you’re purely evil but be rest assured that my daughter would look for me no matter where you take me too. They would come”. Without any further delay, they both disappeared into thin air, not quite long, Ogbanje was seeing running towards the scene but she couldn’t find either of them. ***** Nnenna’s Hut: Getting there she saw Nnenna and Ebuka talking quietly amongst themselves, Ebuka was telling her about the encounter he had with his brother. Nnenna and Ebuka were startled with the way Ogbanje ran into their compound with much vigour. “Ada ogini- what is it?” Nnenna was the first to asked after they had overcome their shock with the way Ogbanje made her appearance. But Ogbanje was still breathless, she was regaining her strength she had used in running. “I was even planning to come to your hut this evening to come and see how you are doing, but with the way you came in here tells me that something definitely is wrong, so what is wrong”. “It’s my father”. Ogbanje said at last. Bewildered with surprise and confusion both squarely asked together without missing a beat. “Your father? What had happened to him?” “Uhammiri took him”. Was all Ogbanje would say. “Ada, how about telling us everything from the beginning Ka anyi wee mara ebe anyi guzoro- So that we can know where we stand”, Nnenna said. “You know I was all aware about the conversation between Adaku and Uhammiri. I was asleep but my whole body was awake”. Ogbanje began softly facing Ebuka- who was not that surprise- as she spoke, then she continued. “I woke up not long ago to see Adaku with big black boils with some maggots coming out from it. She told me to save my father and then the twins told me where he went with Uhammiri to fetch some herbs for Adaku. I got to the said farmland but couldn’t see anyone of them. She has took him”. She added. “Hmm, this is Strange, Okoro that I know very well would have fought to his last breath before been taken away”. Nnenna said aloud in thought. “He knows very well that I would look for him, I need to go home and ask my sisters very well if truly they had went towards that farmland”. Ogbanje told them. “Then I am going with you to your hut. Uhammiri might be up to some mischief and we must all be at alert”. Ebuka said. “I will stay here to look after your brother and sister. Adaolisa, once you’ve reached your hut remember to inform the twins to rush down to my hut to stay for the mean time. I have this feeling that Uhammiri would use everything you held dear against you, now hurry before it’s too late”. Nnenna instructed. Without any form of hesitation, Ogbanje and Ebuka quickly left for her compound. Nnenna went inside her hut to get prepared for the up coming battle which she knew was coming…. ***** Okoro’s Hut: They arrived and were elated when they saw Ugochi and Uzochi in the compound. Startled by their appearance the twins quickly brought out the kitchen knife which they hid under their wrappers respectively. They had sharpened the knives so well that it would kill whatever it is. Taking by surprise with the stances they took Ogbanje managed to asked them. “What do you think you are doing?” “Father had warned us to be very careful that Uhammiri would send a clone to take the shape of you or Ebuka to deceive us into following you, so who are you and what have you done to our sisters”. Uzochi asked bravely. Ogbanje burst out laughing at their childish behavior. “And who told you that ordinary knife would kill spirits?” Ebuka asked amused by their acts. “Any way, we came to see if Uhammiri has gotten to you both before us, but thank the gods that hasn’t. I quickly ran towards the farm you told me papa and Uhammiri were going only to get and didn’t see anything at all. And now I and Ebuka are going to look for papa”. Heaving a sigh of relieve the twins ran to where Ogbanje was. “Stay with Ebuka, I want to asked Adaku if she knows the whereabouts of our father”. So saying, she left them for Adaku’s hut. Entering inside her hut, Adaku’s case has increased and the hut were oozing with smells. Her boils were increasing the more. Ogbanje felt pity towards the woman “I am going to help you get rid of this whatever you call it. I only want to know where Uhammiri might have gone too, do you have any atom of idea where she might be?” Ogbanje asked. Nodding her head with difficulty was very hard for Adaku, but Ogbanje understood her. “Very well then”. Ogbanje brought forth her right hand and place it upon the fore head of Adaku. Embracing herself Once more, Ogbanje closes her eyes. “You’re no longer needed in your victim’s body any more”. Ogbanje opened her eyes in time to see the boils disappeared. Adaku getting back to herself knelt down and thanked Ogbanje remorseful and pleaded with Ogbanje to forgive her for whatever atrocities she had committed. “Now is not the time to beg, I have done my part by healing you now it’s your turn to take me to where Uhammiri lives”. Ogbanje told her. “She might have taken Okoro to the black forest of doom and I can take you there”. Adaku responded. “Very well then if you are sure of what you said. I want to take the twins to stay with Nnenna before we set out for the Black Forest of Doom”. Ogbanje said and Adaku agreed immediately. Getting out of the hut with a healed Adaku up her heels the twins where elated and happy to see their mother well. With their question look Adaku told them. “I will explain all to you”. Without any further delay they all went towards Nnenna’s hut. ***** “I won’t fight with my brother again, he was right about one thing though that a woman shouldn’t come in between us father. I am sorry for not listening to you”. Ikenga said as he bowed down in respect to his father. “I have always told you that love should rule. Where have it been heard or written that gods fight amongst themselves. I am happy son that you have realized your mistakes and has accepted it. I made things happen in my own way. I made Alaolisa and your brother fell in love for her to subdue his anger. You shouldn’t be disappointed that things didn’t work out the way you planned, you should be happy for your brother, Amadioha, and not the other way round. I have big plans for you Ikenga, you will fall in love again”. ChuckwuOlisa told his son. “I have heard you father”. Ikenga said and left the creator presence. **** “I am happy that finally we all are going to have some peace”, Njoku Ji told Ikenga who smiled at him. “Were we disturbing before?” Ikenga asked sheepishly. “You don’t know that? Any way I am very happy that you are now yourself once again”. Njoku Ji said happily. “Of course, after all we are all brothers”. Ikenga said after him as they walked along the brighten hall. ****** Nnenna was surprised when she saw Adaku with them and Ogbanje quickly told her what had transpired and how Adaku will take her to where Uhammiri is. Ebuka, Adaku and Ogbanje all left for the Forest of Doom. When they where further away from the hut, Adaku held both hands in hers and disappeared. Nnenna brought out a white calabash which she had hidden and started pouring out it content which was like white clay round the huts. She made her children with the twins stay in door as she poured out the whitish substance around the hut. “Do not come out of this hut no matter what”. She warned them. Removing the knife of death from her wrapper she waited patiently for what she know was coming. **** Uhammiri sited in her throne and seeing everything and knowing Ogbanje is now on her way here. If she had earlier know she would have struck Adaku dead. “Let me see how Nnenna would kill my scorpion god”. Uhammiri said and invoked the scorpion god to her presence. It appeared, half of the scorpion were in human form and the other in scorpion form. “Take all your scorpions with you down to Nnenna’s hut. Kill and destroy whosoever that is in there”. Uhammiri commanded. The scorpion king bowed his head and disappeared. ***** “I can’t sit and watch that evil girl destroy Nnenna and those children, we have to do something father”. Chi cried out to her father Anyanwu. “I think it’s time we come in”. Anyanwu replied. ***** Nnenna saw them coming towards her hut spiritually. No ordinary eyes could see it. They attacked. Uzochi, Ugochi and the two children watched with utmost dismay when they saw Nnenna swinging her hands as if she was fighting an invisible being. They watched with fascination. Suddenly the bright sun darkened and hail storms started falling on the scorpion king and his comrade. None of it touches Nnenna as the hailstorm killed every single scorpions in sight. Nnenna sent a silent thank you to Anyanwu. ***** Appearing at the edge of the forest Adaku decided to wait for them there. “Only those of strong spirit can enter this forest, I cannot enter the forest but you both on other hand can”. Adaku told them. They ventured into the forest killing whatsoever that stood in their way. Not long afterwards they came at the cave Uhammiri stays. Without any delay Ebuka and Ogbanje quickly entered the dark cave. They didn’t have to search for long. Uhammiri was sitting on her throne with her head high in pride. “So you managed to defeat my demons and entered the forest that spirits and gods dreaded to enter. “We are not like the other gods you just mention”. Ogbanje said. “I can see that dear sister. Well if you don’t know about me let me brief you a little bit….”. “I know enough Uhammiri, you are my sister and my father is your father. What I don’t get is why you want to kill us, haven’t you have enough bloodshed soiled in your hands already? You kill my mortal mother and my siblings that came through her is that not enough, what is really your problem”. Ogbanje said cutting off Uhammiri. “I seek for my revenge, for a father who abandoned me and my mother for your worthless mother”. “If Adaku hasn’t vanished into thin air then my father would have known about her pregnancy and cater for you and your mother but no your mother choose to flee with you. How would he know that she was pregnant. Uhammiri you have to stop all these rubbish you are displaying right now. If you want to find who to blame you can do that to Adaku and not to the innocent souls that did nothing to you”. “Whatever you said can’t change the fact that he wasn’t there and I will surely kill Adaku when I have finally killed you”. Uhammiri said without any atom of remorse in her. “Not while I am here”. Ebuka decided to contribute this time. “Oh, I forgot you came with her. Once I am done with her I will have you to my self”. Uhammiri said and turned to gaze back at Ogbanje. “Prepare to die”. She struck them with a lightening but Ebuka was quick to divert the lightening before it hit them. They both started exchanging all sort of powers. When Uhammiri saw that she wasn’t winning she made Okoro appeared in their presence. If not by the quick interval of Ikenga who struck Uhammiri at the back with his sword and at the same time removed Okoro out from black fire Ogbanje had sent to her, Okoro would have been a dead man. Uhammiri laid there staring at nothing as she slowly died. “I came as soon as I saw the lightening, I have been here waiting for the right moment to strike her”. Ikenga said and was surprised to see a confuse and surprise look on Amadioha and Ogbanje faces most especially Amadioha’s own. “Surprise I came to help? Listen to me and don’t interrupt me because I won’t repeat myself again. Well I thought over what you had told me and I realized my mistake and I am not lying. I realized I was the one at fault from the beginning. I made you do what you were not suppose to do and I am very sorry for that. You were right, we are brothers and nothing can change that fact. I have apologized to our father for my mistake and I came here to beg for your forgiveness and let us start afresh once again like brothers”. Ikenga finally said and stretch forth his hand for a handshake from Amadioha, “So brothers?” Smiling Amadioha nodded his head and clasp his hand with his. “Brothers”. Feeling at peace within himself Ikenga vanished. Okoro smiled at that and gave praises to ChuckwuOlisa. Ebuka and Ogbanje laughed and hugged themselves before they left the cave. Ebuka took the dead body of Uhammiri as he, Ogbanje and Okoro made their way towards Adaku who stood anxiously waiting for them. They left home and buried Uhammiri in a glorious way. After all she was their sister and daughter. Okoro forgive Adaku and they once again they lived their normal lives. And when he died his soul went to meet his lover and Anyanwu finally gave out his blessings to them. Adaku attitude towards Ogbanje changed and she started loving her as her own daughter. The twins grew up to become the first female hunters in Udum. They were both feared far and wide and was widely known around the villages. Ikenga once again made the people remember a god called Amadioha. Amadioha was greatly served. And finally down to the two lover birds, Ebuka and Ogbanje later got married and gave birth to two beautiful children a boy and a girl. They stayed together even after their death both returned back to their god and goddess form. Once in a while Alaolisa visit her mother in the Ogbanje’s kingdom and other times visit Chi, Anyanwu’s daughter. And that is the true story of how Amadioha and Ala (igbo god and goddess) met and got married.
The END.
Thanks for reading
Copyright. All Rights Reserved
©Ifeoma Isabella Okeke.

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