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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



In his dimmed quiet room, Nir sat with his mask on, scribbling down on his scroll. One would wonder what he was always writing, but well, they had to do with matters of the Community.

Using his mind, he made the door go open when he felt someone about knocking and shortly, the person walked in – turning out to be one of his disciples.

“Greetings, Alpha” Caspian said with a bow, his hands crossed at his back as he stood so agile like a soldier. “Sorry to disturb you, but an important complaint just came in from one of us”.

Nir didn’t flinch nor spare him a glance as he just continued writing. Well, his disciples knew him too well.

“It’s from a hotel Manager” Caspian went on. “He claims a strange man had shown up yesterday at his hotel and seemed to possess some supernatural powers – just like you, Alpha”.

Now, that was enough to make Nir halt. His hand stopped moving on his scroll, but he didn’t lift his eyes. Well, he had expected the complaint.

“How can he be so sure?” He grunted and resumed writing.

“He’s actually here with some people who backs up his claims, and these people were lodged in the hotel when it happened. They claim the strange man had killed three men in front of their very eyes and they claim he killed them without touching them. They’re very worried, Alpha,as they consider him a threat and enemy and they’re requesting you to do something about it”.

“They’re just crying wolf” Nir said with a sigh as he rolled up the scroll in front of him. “It’s impossible for anyone aside me to posses such powers in Obeddon. I’d have felt it already”.

‘But the manager didn’t look like he was bluffing’Caspian wanted to oppose, but he valued his life too well to risk it, arguing with the Alpha.

“Tell them to go away and keep their mouths sealed. Let them know if another soul hears of this, they’d be punished”. He spoke authoritatively as he took out another scroll and began writing on it.

“As you wish, Alpha” Caspian lowered his head and left.

A few more minutes and Nir had his peace; Well, not until he felt another presence close to the door.

He made the door go open again and Ethan walked in. Ethan?

“I thought you must’ve left already? Or do you think my request is worth stalling?” He lifted his head swiftly and asked, looking displeased.

If it wasn’t for the fact he had something good to say, Ethan was sure that would’ve been the end of him.

“Please Alpha, I have feedback” He lowered his head, standing some feet from his table.

Nir’s eyes dimmed. “Feedback on the assignment?”

“Yes” Ethan bobbed. “The lady you asked me to look for, Alpha, is right here”.


Ximena knew the instance their trainer arrived. It wasn’t like she was being hailed or had the title inscribed on her forehead, but with her looks and steps, Ximena couldn’t boldly tell she was the one they’d been waiting for.

As she got closer to them, one of the guards – the one that had addressed them – budged forward to meet her and they had some indistincive conversations. For some reasons, Ximena found herself admiring the austere – looking lady – her hair was short like the others, but she had this white round eyes and killer shape; the training suite fitted her well. She was damn beautiful.

As she walked towards them with countable relaxed steps still having the obfuscated conversation with the guard, Ximena smiled at her hourglass shape that fitted the mood.

Finally, she stopped walking when she stood in front of the front row. Ximena was on the fifth row.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen” She looked up at them and said aloud, having a killing smile. “Am I audible enough?” It was obvious she was directing her question to those at the back.

“Yes, ma’am!”


They chorused.

“Can’t believe I’m staring at my role model” Ciri – the lady beside Ximena suddenly muttered and when Ximena turned to look at her, she found her smiling dreamily.

“Good” Daphne continued. “Now, it’s an honor to have you all here. But, as you may know, not everyone of you would be here tomorrow”.

“My colleague here told me he’s addressed you all already and I believe that has gone a long way”she took levelled steps as she took. “So, I’d just go straight to the point.

“You can address me as Miss Daphne. I have been and will be your trainer throughout this session. By being your trainer, it doesn’t mean I have the time to strengthen weaklings – no. It simply means I have the time to select the best. So, if you’re just like a cockroach – sorry to say – and think you can be trained here, I’d advise you to save us sometime and leave already because WE don’t train here. We are only here to select Skilled Fighters, and keep selecting until we get the very best.

“As you already know, you must be willing to take risk and do anything for the Alpha. Today, you all will be given a chance to show how you can fight with a stick. If your skills are good enough, you’ll be selected to the next level. But if your skills are poor and hilarious, you’ll be kicked out. Are we clear on this?” She asked conclusively and while the others chorused a YES, Ximena thought of how doomed she was.

Seriously? She thought they’d be trained?? God; she didn’t even know how to fight with a broom. There was no way on earth she was passing this stage.

Daphne was about proceeding with her announcement until the students started gasping and mumbling.

“It’s Alpha Nir!” Someone squealed.

Wait; what??

Ximena felt a skip in her heart as she swiftly lifted her head to have a look. And right in front, she saw a masked man, walking into the field.

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