(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



Daphne wasn’t so sure when she heard the Alpha’s name; because first, what would Nir be doing there? He wasn’t a lover of crowd. And secondly, he always watched the training – whenever he wanted – from the balcony of the third floor which was clear enough to see everything. So, why would he be there?

But when the murmurings and excitements from the students persisted, she decided to turn, and to her dismay, was shocked to find him walking into the field. Wait,what?

The atmosphere seemed to change immediately, having the people’s Mini-god – dressed in his favourite black robe and gold mask on – walking into the field. Each step he took with his combat boots landed with a steam of power and elegance; his masked face was nothing to conceal his charms.

Quickly, Daphne ran to him, the rest of the guards on the field doing same. Ethan and another disciple had followed him in.

“Al… Alpha,” Daphne stuttered as she stood in front of him when he stopped walking. “Uhm… I’m surprised to have you here. Is there a problem?”

But Nir said nothing; looking so calm despite the disturbed imbalance that had been created in the atmosphere. The students were finding it so hard staying still, they were filled with so much fear, yet admiration for the Immortal ruler.

“Al… Alpha?” Daphne called when Nir said nothing. She noticed he was looking at the students – intently.

“Is it wrong for me to be down here, Daphne?” He finally said something as he walked away, going further to meet the lined up students.

As he got closer to them, his hands crossed at his back, he watched the students shiver in their breaths.

‘The lady you asked me to look for, Alpha, is right here‘ Ethan’s words replayed in his head, driving him nuts.

He walked through the first row of students, staring at their faces, but couldn’t find her. He went to the second row and walked pass each students on the row, but couldn’t find her. With each row he passed, the students lowered their heads and gazes to the floor as they fiddled with their hands. They looked so scared to breath, yet looked hungry to touch him. The feeling of his presence in front of them, the peculiar scent that stung on his cloth actually made some of the ladies orgàsm. Yes; it was that powerful.

Daphne stood behind and watched, wondering what was going on. Perhaps, he just wanted to survey the students, although, that was strange of him.

Standing on the third row, Nir finally spotted her – the face of the lady at the river, the one that had stolen his ring, touched him, and the one Ahiga had claimed was Anika.

She was staring tenderly at him – unlike the other students who had their eyes dwindling to the floor. It was her; and Ethan was right. She was indeed, there.

Slowly, he took his gaze from her and settled them on the fair lady in front of him, her head bowed and her breath wavering. She might probably be feeling lucky he was standing in front of her on the row – lucky or sad.

“You” he cocked his head. “What’s your name?”

The silence from the rest of the students intensified; and the lady in front of him had so much disbelief in her eyes. Her skin prickled with fear, the hairs on the nape of her neck became erected as she fearfully lifted her eyes to look at him – the masked face.

She went dumb and couldn’t say a word. Oh! She couldn’t.

And when Nir tilted his head, she felt everything in her spàsm.

“It’s…Au…Aurelia, Alpha” her voice wavered, the urine running down her legs immediately.

Not uttering another word, Nir walked away from her and moved into the next row, while she bursted into tears.


Ximena was stunned at the whole drama happening. First, she couldn’t believe the Alpha was down and close to her – she never thought it’d be so easy getting to see him. Secondly, somehow, she could understand why he was always talked about in a high manner. Because, staring at him right there – in that black robe and gold mask, having the gentlest, yet, deadly look on – she could feel that familiar feeling beneath her skin.

Her lids didn’t blink as she watched him walk up to their row and crankily, stood in front of her. That very instance, the cold words whispered to her head: “He is the monster that killed your parents”.

But… why was he standing in front of her?


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