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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



“You” Nir clicked his jaw. “What’s your name?”

Ximena had to look around, not wanting to believe she was actually the one being referred to. O..kay; why would the so called Alpha be asking same questions to her?

She looked up at him, the gold mask interrupting her from seeing that face of his – the face of the man that killed her parents. Right there, she felt the anger and irritation vibrating through her. Her bag was hung over her shoulder and that very instance, she felt like zipping it open and reaching for the knife so she could drive it through his chest – like she’s always wanted. The monster was standing right in front of her and oh! How sweet it would be to watch him die just like her parents did. But, Kyya was right – killing him openly would definitely cost her head as his minions wouldn’t let her go. She needed to return home alive to keep up her father’s legacy. Hence, she needed to make a clean death.

Taking a deep breath, she answered: “Ximena”.

It might probably be a surprise she had taken to answer the question, but well, she didn’t care.

She had expected him to walk away, but he didn’t and instead, asked another: “And what’re you doing here?”

She could notice the deep concentration he had on her face – if only she could see his eyes to know what his expression was.

“To do what everyone else is here to do” She nearly shrugged, wondering if the question was needed.

Some of the students in front were already turning to steal glances at them, and as for Daphne, she couldn’t help but wonder why the Alpha was questioning some of the students.

He remained standing in front of #Ximena like he was studying her. Then, suddenly, he turned and walked away, Ethan and two of the disciples following up immediately.


The moment he was out, the field instantly became noisy as the students muttered amongst themselves.

“Dear Saviors! I can’t believe I just stood so close to Alpha Nir!”

“He is so charming, I could hardly breathe when be walked pass me”

“Goodness! I’d do anything just to touch him”

“I can’t wait to become a full disciple and be around him all the time”

Ximena listened to all the chittering and released a deep breath. Well, not to lie, but she had equally felt so nervous when he stood in front of her. There was an unexplainable cold aura that clinged around him – an aura that smelt like death. It got her real hard, but that wouldn’t stop her from killing him soonest.

She looked at the lady that had peed on her clothes and noticed she was being taken away by the guards in tears. Oh, unfortunately for her.

“Hey. How were you able to act so cool in front of him?” A lady beside her suddenly nudged her and asked. “I mean, I’d have definitely passed out…”

“SILENCE!” Daphne’s deep roar shut everyone up, returning their gazes to their strict-looking trainer.

They watched her take in a deep breath before proceeding.

“We should commence with the first section already. One after the other, each person would come out, pick up a stick and fight against the scarecrows. Of course, scarecrows can be easily brought down, but the aim is to see how good you are with sticks. I’d watch your skills and know if you’re passed or not” she paused and walked over to the table set aside for her.

“When you come out, you’re to say your name before picking up a stick. And when you’re done, you’re to step aside. Have I made myself clear?”

“Yes” they chorused.

Daphne took her seat afterwards, drawing the blank papers and pen closer.

“Let’s begin!” She announced, pointing to the first boy on the first row. Dauntlessly, he stepped out.

“Good morning, Miss Daphne. My name is Jero Herman” he introduced himself and while Daphne scribbled down his name in her sheet, he went ahead to pick up a stick.

He faced one of the scarecrows and began showcasing his skills with the stick while everyone else watched. And from the look of things,he seemed good.

“Enough!” Daphne said aloud and with a bow,he dropped the stick and stood aside.

“Next!” Daphne called out and the next person stepped out.

Shilah took in a deep breath, trying to calm her heavy heart. Oh, God. There was no way she was passing this.


Short, thumping steps were produced by Nir as he took a predatory walk tho and fro his chambers. He was calm, hands crossed at his back with his gaze pinned on the floor where he walked, but only a sensitive person like Ahiga could tell he was worried.

“Uhm…Alpha”Ahiga called, standing by the table and watching the Alpha for a long time. “Why don’t we just bring her in and question her? Get to know why she’s here and if she actually knows who she is”.

“I do not think that’s a good idea, Ahiga” Nir grunted, not slackening his steps. “There is just… something about her”.

There was a brief silence afterwards.

“This lady is all you need to complete your immortality, Alpha and I can’t believe she’s standing right in front of us” Ahiga stated wistfully. “If only we could get hold of her, let her know who she is and convince her into having intimacy with you, it’d all be over”.

“I am not daft, Ahiga. I just know there is something not right” Nir snapped, giving a sign he was about losing it. Now, the old man needed to watch his next words carefully.

“There is just… something about her” Nir finally stopped walking as he stood in front of the window. “First of all, why is she here all of a sudden just when Oren and Shai were killed a week ago?”

Ahiga’s eyes dimmed. “They… they were killed?”

“When the boys got to the house and couldn’t find the lady, they killed the couple before leaving. Those people were betrayers, anyway” Nir snorted.

But the old man was finding it a bit hard to digest. He had been friends with Oren before his betrayal and just never expected him to die so easily. #Nir had been looking for them for over ten years and finally getting their location a week ago, he sent his guards to go bring Anika. But Oren and his wife claimed they had no idea where she was and claimed she had gone missing some years back. Ahiga had no idea the guards had killed them before leaving.

The lady they were looking for, Anika, was the same lady at the field.

“It’s just suspicious, Ahiga” Nir went on. “Finding her here a week ago after Oren and Shai were killed. Oren and Shai took her and I thought she must’ve grown up with them. Thus, when the guards returned and told me they couldn’t find her at Oren’s place in the City, I felt unassertive about it. And now .. she’s here?” He scoffed. “Something is just not right”.

“Um… maybe she actually doesn’t know Oren and Shai. Maybe she really went missing like they said”. Ahiga suggested.

“I don’t think so” Nir clicked his tongue. “The coincidence is just much, Ahiga. This is her first time in Obeddon. I remember… the first day I met her at the river, she didn’t even know her way around and had been looking for a place to stay. When I snobbed her, she got angry and said she wouldn’t be surprised the People of Obeddon are that rude, considering the kind of leader we had.” He left the window and resumed pacing tho and fro.

“Her words, Ahiga. It was her first day in Obeddon, yet she knew who Alpha Nir was and sounded like she hated him. And today, when I stood in front of her and questioned her, she didn’t even flinch. Unlike any other person that would’ve messed their dresses up, this lady in particular reacted differently. The way she spoke and looked at me, I could see so much hate and anger in her eyes, Ahiga. She wasn’t just fearless; she was vengeful”.

“Vengeful?” Ahiga furrowed his brows. Do you think she’s here for revenge?”

“Exactly” Nir stopped walking and faced him. “That lady is here for a reason and whatever that reason is, it’s definitely against me”.

“Oh, Blessed Spirits” Ahiga murmured. “Do you think… I should go talk to her? Maybe in disguise?”

“This lady is my final ticket to immortality, Ahiga; I cannot risk it” Nir returned to the window. “To complete the process, the intimacy has to be done willingly by the lady. And something in me tells me that lady would never open her legs for Alpha Nir – no matter what she’s told”.

“So… what do we do, Alpha? We need to find a way around it”.

Nir said nothing. Shortly, he walked out to the balcony where he could clearly see the training going on at the field.

He held onto the balcony rails and watched, spotting her amongst the rest of the students. That lady… he needed her in his bed. For the first time, he was the one craving a woman’s body. No matter what he had to do, he needed to get it done.

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