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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



Seated in the soaring plane, Ximena Webster closed her eyes as she listened to the cool songs from her headphones.

Her seatbelts were intact with her back leaned against the seat; and for a moment, she didn’t even realize she was on a plane. Oh; it felt so good.

In the goodness of the music, her mind kept playing around her educational achievement and how she couldn’t wait to get home and start up a new life. School had been both dramatic and educative for her and she felt so glad she had been able to attain such heights.

She couldn’t wait to get home, meet her parents and start working in her father’s company like she’s always wanted to. It’s going to be a dream come true for her.
Few minutes later, their arrival was announced and some tingles rushed down her system. She unplugged her headset, turned on her phone, got her mini bag ready and awaited it to get to her turn before alighting the plane.

Stepping foot out the door, Ximena paused to inhale the fresh air – the freshness of America she had dearly missed. Oh! How good it felt to be back home after so many months..

She smiled and made way for other passengers to come through, admiring the whole place as she headed for the baggage carousel. Excitedly, she scrolled through her phone for her parent’s contact to inform them of her arrival. Actually, she had been expecting to see a text from them already, but there was none.

Regardless, she placed a call to her mum, heard it beep to an end without getting answered. She called again – twice – and decided to try her dad since her mum wasn’t answering. But, same thing happened with her dad. He wasn’t answering either.

Okay; What was keeping both of them so busy at the same time when they knew she’d be arriving around that hour??

Not wanting her mood to get ruined, she decided not to think about it and got her luggages at the carousel.
Afterwards, she went through the exit.

Getting out and meeting the various people awaiting to welcome theirs loved ones, it brought Ximena to the realization that her family were meant to be there as well – or at least, send a driver. But scouring her her through the crowd, she felt upset they were not there.

Maybe she’d find the driver anyway – she consoled herself and pulled her luggages along as she walked away.

Ximena was confused when she couldn’t find the driver. She had seen a picture of him the previous day, but from the crowd, she could see no one that looked like him. What was going on??

She found a spot to stand and tried reaching her parents again, but they were still not answering their phones. Now, this was getting really annoying – she thought painfully. Why would her parents leave her stranded at the airport?

She waited a few minutes, but nothing worked. And getting fed uly, she ordered a ride.
Ximena’s fun ‘home coming’ was getting ruined as she sat moodily at the backseat of the moving car. Although, she had always known her parents for their ridiculous busy schedule, but not on a day like that! She’s been away for ten months and they dare act so non – challant during her arrival? She thought they had been excited over her return? So, why the unneeded attitude?

She continued staring through the window and couldn’t wait to get home and get an explanation from them.
A while later and the cab pulled over right in front of her gate. He kept honking his horns, but the gates wouldn’t open and even Ximena was beginning to get frustrated. Now, where the heck was the gateman?

“I think I might just have to stop here, ma’am” the cabby turned to her and said.

“Fine. How much is your charge?” Ximena asked while dipping her hand in her bag for some change.

“That would just be ten bucks, ma’am” he answered warmly, but grudgingly, #Ximena paid him and stepped out. She got her things from the booth and proceeded to the gate, cursing and swearing to make sure the gate man loses his job.

Knocked once on tbe gate and getting no reply, she decided to push it in and was surprised the gate was actually opened. Why would the gate to her father’s mansion be carelessly opened??? Without the security on gate?? What the heck was going on?

She paused and looked around, noting the two storey building was looking more beautiful than the last time she had seen it. It looked much beautiful, but… there was something wrong. She couldn’t exactly point it out, but she could feel it. There was something missing.

She dragged her luggages all by herself to the door, equally wondering why none of the maids were rushing out to come welcome and assist her already. She really couldn’t understand.

She dropped her luggages beside her and opened the door. And the first sight she saw right from where she stood, threw her off the edge.

Her heart stopped functioning, her hands shook and fell from the door.


She rushed in, her heart summersaulting in her chest as she felt her eye sight was failing her. But, getting close enough, she held her chest and screamed at the sight in front of her.


In a dimmed – light hall.

Some men could be seen, sitting around a long table and in an arrangement that was indistinguishable to a banquet pattern ; except there were no meals on the tables of the men, aside a bottle and a glass of water. Affording a meal was no problem to them, but they just didn’t think it was necessary.

Having just two windows in the big hall, the rays managed to penetrate, hence, creating the dimness. And that was exactly how the men wanted it. They’d always prefer a thin darkness to an overly bright room. But the clock was ticking and the hall wasn’t becoming their favourite anymore.

“Do you think he’s even going to come?” One out of the six men asked, his eyes dancing around the entrance door where two armed men occupied as securities.

“I do not know. But keeping us waiting for this LONG is totally OUT OF POINT!” Another blustered and thumped the table hard, making some of the bottles shake a little.
He looked really furious.

“You should calm down, Salem” the third person from the other side of the table chipped in.
“Perhaps, we should just wait a little longer and see if he shows up”.

Salem had to take in a deep breath and gulp down some of his water. And silence further descended in the hall.

Suddenly, the door went open and all eyes turned towards the entrance to see him finally walking in.
‘At last’ most of them mumbled in their minds.

Nir – adorned in his favourite color, paused at the entrance and observed the meeting hall – taking in the numbers of men present. He discovered they weren’t complete.

Crossing his hands at his back, he began walking into the hall, his gold jewelries shimmering all around him – including the mask covering half of his face.

As he walked, dauntlessness could be written all around him. It puzzled the others that he could intrepidly walk into the midst of people that had been his enemies for years. Well, how could a man who was death, be afraid of death?
Would there ever be a thing #Nir could be afraid of?

He got to the table and not uttering a word, took the only vacant seat left, sitting next to the one they called Athan. A bottle of water and an empty glass was in front of him.
It was still a mystery how one who’s face was hidden, could still look so charming in the eyes of others. Mystery….

A minute passed with everywhere being stone quiet until the others realized they were to start talking.

“Welcome, Alpha. And thank you for honoring this invitation” The most senior began.
He was seated at the head of the table and known as Cian.

“Wait a minute” Salem suddenly scoffed.
“Are we just going on like that? Shouldn’t there be some sort of apology for keeping us all waiting? We were waiting for close to two hours!”

The other men flinched, never expecting Salem to bring up the topic in front of Nir. Salem had always been the only one unable to hide his hostility towards Nir.

And as he spoke, he stared at Nir who stared back at him without uttering a word. Instead, he leaned back on his seat and stuck his thumb at the tip of his tempting lips.

He said nothing. And that silence ate Salem up.

“I think we should just let that be a bygone, Salem” The oldest chipped in.
“Let’s not waste more time and go straight to the point”‘
He paused and gave room for some digestion.

“So, Alpha Nir”, he continued.
“We wouldn’t want to hum and haw over the purpose of this meeting as we are as busy as you are.

“As you definitely must know, we are equally rulers of various communities and we’d like to congratulate you on the success and fast growth of the Obeddon Community. It’s something everyone would wish for. But over the years, there have been conflicts and misunderstandings between your community and a lot of ours. And we need it to stop, Alpha. We all want to live as one, just the rest of the communities have all been living under a just rule. And THIS is the purpose of this meeting. We discussed amongst ourselves and thought it wise to offer you the opportunity to become one of us. To rule your community alongside us, where we’d all be related and live together as one. There shall be no more discriminations, no more seperations, no confusion. Just .. unity among us. I really hope you see this in a positive light, Alpha” He concluded and leaned backwards, awaiting Nir’s reply.

All eyes were on his masked face, wondering what his thoughts would be. And it took quite some time to hear it out.

“Hm” he sighed as he twirled on his seat.
His mysterious reactions were always leaving people in suspense.

He tapped the table with his fingers.
“By becoming united, you mean…” he paused and touched his lower lip.
“…I’d have to follow your rules and become mere subject to the overall leader?”
That voice…

The question was a little tricky for Cian. But funny enough, the question was the truth.
“S…Something like that, Alpha” he replied.
“In other words, we regard it as a united Leadership”.

Nir scoffed, creating more suspense.
And after a minute of silence, he continued.

“That sounds like a good idea, gentlemen. But, I do not think I want to be a part of it. Nir prefers ruling his people by his own rules, and his rules alone. He will never be subject to anyone”.

The other men were shocked, especially when he drew back his chair and stood up.
“Since that is the only subject of discussion here, I think I would take my leave”.
And with that, he turned around to leave.

But abruptly, he stopped and turned back to see the speechless faces of his hosts. They wondered why he stopped, but got to understand when he took up his bottle of water, opened it and decanted some quantity into the empty glass. He took up the glass afterwards and drank from it – gulping every last drop to the awe of everyone.

Their lips were parted open – especially Cian who never thought he’d really end up drinking the water.

And with Nir’s lips stretched in a smirky smile, he muttered:
“And I will never be subject to a leader that would try to poison me”.

Pricking their consciences, he began walking away. But when he got close to the door, an unforeseen wind blew all around Salem’s chair, quaking him and making him fall roughly on the floor; in such a way, he fractured his arm.

He writhed in pain, while Nir walked out the door without sparing a backward glance at them.

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