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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



Ximena could feel her heart beating so loudly in her chest. Her eyes began feeling so hot like they were staring directly at flames.

‘Alpha Nir’, she thought. Wasn’t that the same name Kyya had told her about?? Was she beginning to see wrongly? Or was this just a mere coincidence?

“Honey, is there a problem?” The female corp asked gently when she noticed how keen Ximena was with the object. But Ximena was almost being traumatized and couldn’t give a reply.


“I need some time alone. Please” she said with bated breath and ran up the stairs.

“Hey!” The male Corp tried going after her, but was restricted by his colleague.


“My God! I… I don’t even know what to say about this, Xi” Kyya faltered.
“Although… that looks a lot like his name and symbol. As a matter of fact, IT IS his name. I just don’t understand what it was doing at your father’s deathbed”.

“Oh! Kyya; please, I need more explanations” Ximena was nearly running insane from where she sat on the bed – her phone positioned in front of her.
She was on facetime with Kyya and had showed the symbol to her already. But even Kyya was confused.

“I know I told you I didn’t believe in supernatural sh!t. But, this…” She paused and sniffled.
“Could this just be a coincidence? I mean, you just told me about this guy like some hours ago, and now; I’m seeing his symbol in my house right after my parents were murdered?? Talk to me, Kyya. What’s going on?”

But Kyya could say nothing as she dipped her fingers into her hair.

“Kyya!” Ximena yelled, the shock of it shuddering Kyya out of her quietness.
She could see the desperation in her friend’s eyes and knew she needed to give her just what she wanted.

“Ximena” she took in a deep breath.
“The truth is – from the stories I know, this guy called Nir, he always leaves his symbol each time he kills a victim. So, for his symbol to be at your parents murder scene, it only means he was responsible for it”.
Ximena went silent for a few seconds, then scoffed with a tear rolling down.

“My God”it came as a pained mutter, her gaze lowering to the floor.
“Is this…is this even real?”

“Of course” Kyya chuckled – ruefully.
“I am a journalist, Xi. I don’t just cook up my stories; I find them from genuine sources. So, if I tell you Alpha #Nir and the Community of Obeddon exists, then it does. Trust me. Even the authorities know about him” she paused and sighed.
“I’m sorry, Ximena. But this is the only explanation I can think of”.

She went mute afterwards and watched Ximena sulk.

“If….if all of these is true” she swallowed hard.
“And this guy really exists, why would he come after my family? Why would he….why would he want to kill them? Just what?? What business does he have with them?”

She buried her swollen face into her palms and wept.

“I honestly do not know, Ximena” Kyya sighed.
“But… Nir can only kill someone he has connections with. I mean, he doesn’t just go home to home, killing strangers”.

“And what connection could my parents possibly have with him?!?” She yelled tearfully.
“I’ve never even heard of this guy”.

“Same way you’ve never heard of your relatives” Kyya’s reply nearly made her dumbstruck.
“Listen to me, Xi” she leaned forward.
“I’m not trying to accuse your parents of nothing. I mean, they’ve been one of the coolest people I know of. But…if you look into this deeply, you’ll realize you don’t even know much about your parents. The much you know is the company they control and that’s it – just business. You hardly know their friends, you don’t even know a single relative of yours, Xi! Remember when I asked you the reason your parents never introduced you to your relatives? You simply said they had told you they weren’t important. Really?

“I know this sounds crazy, Ximena; but right now, I just feel there might really be some connections between your parents and…”

“No” Ximena cut in tearfully, her throat cracking.
“I can’t believe this”.

“They might not be related, Xi” Kyya continued .
“But I’m beginning to think this mysterious guy had a reason to kill your parents. They must have been people he had connections with”.

A knock came on the door, making Shilah’s weeping eyes go to it.

“Ximena? You alright? How’re you holding up in there?” She recognized the voice to be the female corp’s.

She returned her gaze to Kyya on the phone.

“If any of this is true” she sniffled.
“Then, he’s a fool. He’s a fool for taking a life he didn’t give. He’s a fool!
“Goodness! I don’t even want to believe this!” She bursted into more tears.

“Ximena honey? Could you please, open the door? Please?” The corp cooed from the other side after a failed attempt to go in herself.

“I’m so sorry, Xi” Kyya mumbled.
“To be honest, I’m totally confused about this”.

“Ximena?” The female corp called again, still turning the knob.

“The Corp has been knocking. I need to tell them everything” #Ximena said as she ran her palm through her face.

“What?” Kyya flinched.
“Ximena, hold on. You can’t just…”

“If any of this is true, then it means that bastard really killed my family. And for that, he should be arrested. Okay?!” She rasped.

“I know. But…”

“I need to go”
And the call was ended.

Quickly, she stood up from the bed and rushed to open the door where she found the female Corp – waiting.

“Oh! Dear, you finally opened up” the corp – Anna – said in relief.
She noticed the symbol in her hands.
“Is there a….”

“I think I know who killed my parents” Ximena sniffed in.
Few Minutes Later,
And Ximena was yelling round the sitting room.

“Why are y’all acting like I’m insane?? For God’s sake! I know what I’m talking about!! This bastard killed my parents!!” She rasped raucously, her jugular vein showing up as she did.

“You just need to calm down, honey. There are certain things we have to consider” Anna gestured, trying to pacify her, but Ximena wasn’t buying any of it

“Consider?” She scoffed.
“Well, why don’t you consider my parent’s death?? Isn’t that enough?? It’s so annoying that you know of this guy, but don’t want to believe he’s responsible for this”.

“It isn’t like we just don’t want to believe, sweetheart. We need to work with evidence” the male Corp said.

“What God-forsaken evidence are you talking about??” She yelled.
“This is his symbol right here!! Take a look! His name is boldly written on it! So, what other evidence are you talking about?? I’m not even asking you to lock him up already. All I need you to do is consider him a suspect, bring him over for questioning and see what happens! That’s all I ask!”

“Dear, it’s not as easy as you make it look. We need to follow protocols. And by protocols, we mean taking the bodies for autopsy and knowing what exactly happened to them”. Anna interjected.

“Autopsy?” Ximena scoffed.
“Can you even hear yourself? You want to carry out an autopsy on a body that was obviously shot?? What the heck is wrong with y’all??”

“Miss Webster” The male Corp.
“Don’t forget we still have some names and people to interrogate”.

“What damn names are you talking about?? The hell! I just gave you a suspect, but you trying to ignore him and go for my father’s associates??? Why not start with this so called Nir and see where that leads you? you expect me to bury my parents and relax for your investigations?? For how long will I wait?? I don’t have such time!! Loneliness would eat me up and make me go mad Why can’t you do something??” A stunned silence stormed in right after Ximena’s roar.
It was so deep; it reflected in their eyes.

Ximena’s heart skipped immediately, the thought of it all dawning on her. Her brows arched in realization as she remembered it – what Kyya had said.

Oh, no…. She was completely right. Kyya had been right the whole time.

It took her a lot of time to gain control of herself as she had gone completely weak.

“You’re scared of him” the words finally left her lips in a mutter.
“You all are scared of him”.

Anna had to glance at her colleagues.

“You know him, know what he’s capable of. But you just don’t wanna approach him cause you’re scared of him. Kyya was right. You’re all scared little chickens!!” She yelled the last part, bursting into more tears .


“Don’t call my name!!” She screamed out again.
“I hate y’all!! I hate everyone of you!! I hate you!!”

And in tears, she ran up the stairs to her room, grabbed her bag and stormed out of the house.

Her hand crawled up to her back, moving towards and making it’s way into the lady’s hair which she pulled amorously.

Her eyes were closed in ecstasy – neckline dripping in sweats as the lady’s tongue did wonders in-between her legs. She’s always been so good at it – Iris thought.

The two ladies made out ecstatically in the middle of the room – Iris siting on the stool with her legs wide open, while her partner – Rhea – knelt in front of her and licked her up.

With Rhea’s face down to Iris’ womanhood, she directed her hand to her chest and squeezed the plump breast – giving the nipples a tiny pinch. It made Iris wince both in pain and pleasure as the rapture had become too overwhelming for her.
And when Rhea licked and bit her clitoris, she spasmed and was enthralled when Rhea licked every drop of release from her.

And in all of this, Nir was watching.

He sat at the comfort of his chair, his both legs lifted and resting on the table in front of him as he watched the two ladies in the middle of his room.
Yes; his room.

With his gold mask on as usual, he smoked from his tobacco pipe and enjoyed the show he had ordered for himself.

“Oh…!” The soft moan escaped Iris’ lips when Rhea inserted a finger into her vàgina admist the licking. It nearly drove Iris insane. It looked just like a perfect pórn movie to Nir and that was what he felt like for the day – watching two ladies make out in front of him.

Well, he was that powerful to get himself a live séx movie if he wanted one; he’s been doing it severally.

Shortly, a knock was heard on the door and that made the ladies stop at that instance.

Nir looked at the door and made it go open, ushering whoever was knocking, in.

Hesitant footsteps were heard until the face showed up – turning out to Daphne – a lady everyone referred to as his Mistress.

Daphne – adorned in a long purple gown – was startled at the sight in front of her – the two ladies making out. She wasn’t surprised ’cause it was normal for someone like Nir, but she stared irritatingly and detestfully at the ladies. And for some reasons, Iris had a simper on her face.

The young, beautiful Daphne had to pull herself together and remind herself of the fact that Nir was there. Tho, it took her a lot, but she had to force herself to ignore the ladies and look at Nir who was still seated comfortably on his seat.

“Good evening, Alpha” she greeted courtly, making a deep obeisance.

Nir didn’t need to reply to her as he stared down at his tobacco pipe which he took a long drag from before releasing the mainstream smoke into the air.

He snapped his fingers at the direction of the lesbians. And quickly, they seperated – picked up their clothes from the floor and after putting it on, left the room immediately. But, of course, not without Iris and Daphne exchanging glares at each other.

“What do you want, Daphne?” Nir asked, taking some drags from his pipe.

Any lady would demand an explanation or possibly, an apology for witnessing such act; but Daphne knew she didn’t have that right.

“Uhm… how are you doing, Alpha?” She feigned a smile, walking closer to his table.
She had the perfect hourglass shape – a shape every man would die to have in his bed. Too bad,her own man never dies.

When Nir said nothing, Daphne took that as his answer and decided to go straight to the point.

“Well…I came to inform you some people are already coming in for the training. And the numbers are impressive”. She said.

“Fair enough” Nir bobbed his head.
“You’ve always been in charge, Daphne. I trust you’ll do a great job”.

“Of course, Alpha” She flushed in a smile and genuflected.
Few seconds passed.

“Alpha, is there something you need me to do?” She asked, but Nir shook his head, making her boil with so much anger.
Of course, how would he need her when those low-life b!tches already satisfied him?? She cursed under her breath.

“Now, if that is all, Daphne, I would like to get busy” Nir said.
And with a bow, Daphne turned around and left the room – her heart feeling so heavy.


Running away from home, Ximena had sought for the nearest hotel and booked a room. She couldn’t afford going back home as the sight of the Officers had become irritating for her. And even if they had left already, she still couldn’t go back as the memories of her parents would perturb her.

So, she booked a room but wouldn’t order anything – not even some water.

She sat there on the bed, her back touching the wall with her hands and legs huddled together. She looked her worst; felt she was the ugliest person alive.

Her hair was rough, face swollen, eyes heavy, and her body emanated a bad odour – prolly because she hadn’t bath after coming in contact with her parents’ corpse.

Her phone was positioned in front of her, connected to FaceTime with Kyya who kept talking despite the fact that her head had been covered to her knees the whole time. Well, she felt the only thing she could do to help was encourage.

“I’m trying so hard to book the quickest flight to come over, but dad wouldn’t approve of it and has refused helping with some money” she complained.
“And you know my current project ate up my entire savings, Xi. I really don’t know what to do”.

But, Ximena said nothing.

“Xi? At least, say something. You’re getting me all worried, you know? Can I at least, see your face?”

And after a while, Ximena sniffed and lifted her head from her knees. Kyya could barely recognize the face of her friend. Good Lord; she looked terrible.

“There will be no need for that” Ximena mumbled, adjusting her knees.

“What?” Kyya didn’t understand.

And Ximena had to elaborate.
“There will be no need coming over”.

“Wh… Why? I don’t get; I have to be there for you, Ximena. Even if it means me getting a loan and….”

“I won’t be here when you come, Kyya” Ximena cut her off – her tone sounding so harsh.
She looked…. resentful.

“I will go to Obeddon”, she said.
“Meet with this Alpha, ask him why he killed my parents. And when he’s done explaining, I will drive a stake right into his chest; and watch him die”.

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