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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky




At the saloon of the moving ship was where Ximena sat, a book in her hand while she tried getting over the distractions. Of course, there would always be a distraction at the saloon – the men playing cards, those playing table tennis and the women nattering and giggling endlessly. Everyone there had a partner or company, but being the isolated person she had grown to become, she sat alone – right there at the extreme of the room.

Travelling in a ship for days was something Ximena never envisioned in her many life adventures. The last three days had been the worst and most boring days of her life as all she had to do was sleep, eat and walk around the limited places the boat could offer. Of course, she’d have very much loved to take a plane, but unfortunately, planes don’t fly to Obeddon. Yes – as ridiculous as it sounded. The only means of going to Obeddon was by water. And poor Ximena had had no choice but to experience a water journey for the first time. First, she had to take a flight to Korea before getting a ship that was headed that direction. Definitely for her, it wasn’t fun.

She flipped onto the next page of her book – feeling so thankful she had taken one along. For the past three days, she had read five books already. Goodness! She’s never been so bored in her whole life. Anyways, she heard they’d be docking soon.

“Always alone, huh?” She suddenly heard that familiar voice – her entire system churning immediately.

Goodness! Does this guy ever get tired???

She tilted her head and confirmed the unappealing looking guy – dressed in his usual boring pinafore trouser and shirt. He had the dullest eyes #Ximena had ever seen – mere staring at him alone makes her want to throw up.

“Please, I beg you for God’s sake; can you just go away?” She asked acutely, staring up at the roof.

“But, why” he chuckled and proceeded to sit next to her.

“A lady like you is just too pretty to stay single. Sorry,I meant alone”.

Ximena turned to him with a repugnant look immediately.

“Even if you were the only man left in the world, I’d never give a handshake to you” She stood up and tried walking away, but the guy held her back.

“Why do you dislike me this much, huh?” He scoffed. For the past three days, I’ve been trying so hard, but you wouldn’t give me a chance. All I want is to be friends with you”.

“And I’ve told you multiple times – I do not WANT to be your friend. Just stay away, please!” She huffed and walked away, deciding to leave the room for him.


Poor Ximena was tired and frustrated. She couldn’t tell of if it was coming from her parents death, or the fact that she was passing through so much stress, or probably anxious for the mission she had in mind. Well, anyone would be nervous – going to kill a certain ruler who was said to be immortal. Either ways, she was determined.

She got out to an open space where only a few people occupied – chatting and having some drinks. Originally, she had gone there to have a view of the calmness of the waters – but her hope got litted when her eyes came in contact with something precious she hadn’t seen in the last three days – Land!!

Dear Lord! They’ve arrived? They’ve gotten to the port!!!

Ximena gasped immediately, a relieving smile creeping into her face. At last!!

“My little boy must be so eager to see me” one of the men in front said with a chuckle – confirming Ximena’s thoughts. They had really arrived!

But at the same time, she felt nervous, still. Could she really do this?? Of course, she could!



Some minutes later, and the passengers were already getting off the ship – including Ximena who kept looking around naively, wondering why the place looked so much like a village! For a minute, she had thought she was being sailed all the way back to the medieval times. Goodness! No wonder there were no planes flying over there.

Holding her big heavy bag, she took the direction majority of the passengers were taking and bursted out to what looked like a…. market.


Thank goodness she was dressed in a casual knickerbocker and sleeved shirt ’cause that was how simple everyone seemed to look. The women who were obviously the sellers were dressed in drabs and had a scarf over their heads, while the ones who looked like the buyers wore knee-length dresses.

Everything felt medieval – even the atmosphere felt medieval. And suddenly, Ximena stopped walking – beginning to have second thoughts about everything.

Where the hell was she?? Had she been sailed to the ancient times, or such villages actually do exist in the twenty-first century???

Although, she had made her research on the communities and knew they were nothing like the Modern; that was the reason she decided to look really simple and common – but she had no idea it was that critical. She had no idea she’d be seeing people looking like the characters she watched in medieval movies. The right word to use on them would be uncivilized. And the main question was – could she really do this??

“Confused with something?” She heard that peskily familiar voice and turned to see the pinafore – dressed guy closing up behind her.


“I noticed you’ve been standing there for a while now – seeming confused. You need some help?”

Ximena lowered her gaze to the floor as she bit her inner cheeks – she felt terrible that for the first time, she might actually be needing his help. Although, she still wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him, but at that moment, she had no choice.

“I uhm… really need some help” She cleared her throat and looked around.

Maybe she could start by knowing where to go from there.

“Where exactly is this?”

“Oh. Well, this is Kunturiah” he declared, inserting both hands in his pinafore pocket.

“Kunturiah?” Ximena furrowed her brows. That didn’t sound familiar at all.

“Uh… Is it close to Obeddon?”

“Obeddon? You’re headed to Obeddon?” The guy asked and she nodded. “Hmm. Why do all the pretty girls go to Obeddon, huh?” He added with a scoff, but Ximena had no idea of what he meant and just let it slide.

“Anyways, Obeddon is a different from Kunturiah but is not too far from here. And if you really want to go there, you’ll have to get a ride”.

“A ride? How?” Ximena wondered and earned a puzzled look from him.

“Hold on; where are you coming from? You don’t know a thing about this place, do you?” He scoffed, but Ximena could say nothing as she didn’t want to sound suspicious in anyway.

“Come with me” he rolled his eyes and began walking away. Reluctantly, Ximena followed.

They walked past the busy market and got to a place that looked like a street junction. There, Ximena could see some people riding horses, and others pulling long carriages. The carriages were more.

“If you want to go Obeddon, you should get on one of those” the ‘pinafore’ guy advised, pointing out to the long carriages. But Ximena was reluctant. Does she have the money to pay for it?? She didn’t even know what currency they used but was sure it wasn’t USD.

“What’s wrong? You should go take the ride”. She was almost vexed when the guy nudged her.

She had to force herself not to glare at him. Of course, she couldn’t tell him she didn’t have money for a ride.

“Come on” he held her hand and pulled her towards one of the carriages.


“Wait….” She tried to stop him, but it was too late as they had already gotten in front of one of the carriages.

“Yassas Keerios”he waved at the carriage rider. What language was that – Ximena wondered.

“She’s heading to Obeddon, please”.

“Obeddon? Right in time. I’m going that way. It’s five siliqua” the carriage rider – a chubby man with a moustache – replied and pulled the reins of his horses.

“Alright” he paused and turned to Ximena. “You should get in before someone grabs your seat”

The back of the carriage was nearly fool. But, how does Ximena pay? What the heck was siliqua?

“Uhm….I don’t…” She was interrupted when the guy dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out five coins.

“Here. You can use this” He placed them in her palm – to Ximena’s surprise.

“Next time, when you don’t have, I’d suggest you ask.” He scoffed and turned to leave, but suddenly paused and turned back to look at her.

“And also, even if you reject me as the last guy on earth, I’d always help” He added. And leaving Ximena completely tongue-tied, he walked away.


Oh! Xi; how could she be so dumb?? She couldn’t believe the ugly guy she had rejected the whole time on the ship had turned out to be her helper. She didn’t even know his name.

She itched her hair. And not wanting to miss the pathetic ride, had to climb in.

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