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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



Nir rode as far away as possible from his mansion – following a special route where people rarely dominated. He didn’t want to see anyone; didn’t want to see anyone bowing their heads to him. Urgh; he didn’t want to see anyone at all.

It took him a while to finally get to the cave – the calm secluded cave. And climbing down from his horse, he looked around to be sure there was no one watching. Of course, there wouldn’t be anyone around. Like, who would want to come around an abandoned cave?

He led his horse towards a tree and tied it to it.

“Good girl” he kneaded the horse’s back as it obeyed his lead.

He looked around one more time to be sure no one was watching. And afterwards, took off his mask.

Yes, for the first time in the last twelve months, Nir took off his mask out there in the open – not minding the consequences. He just wanted to be himself, wanted to have that time alone where he could be just Nir and nobody else – like he’s always done once in every year.

Hooking the mask to the horse, he crossed his hands at his back and began walking away. That was the reason he had wanted to ride out alone.


Daphne tried not to hobble as she made her way to the room. Her thighs were still hurting, including her clit. But she didn’t want anyone noticing her condition. So, she tried as much as possible to walk properly. – despite how difficult it was.

But getting to her room, she finally let it all our and began limping.

“Ouch!” She groaned and made her way to the table.

“What is wrong with you, Daphne?”The woman sitting in front of the window suddenly asked, having that strict look on. She had been keeping herself busy with a needle and thread.

“There is nothing wrong, Mother. Just pain of pleasure” Daphne answered with a smile.

She took the water from the table and thirstily gulped it down.

“Hmm. He finally touched you, didn’t he?” The woman scoffed.

“Yes, Mother” Daphne replied with her cheeks turning all red. “He couldn’t even get enough of me. He just kept going on and on….” She covered her face with her palm and laughed. “It was so fun, Mother”

“Fun? And now, you’re limping” the woman added derogatorily and resumed kneading.

With her strict face, she was always looking like an Egyptian Queen.

“Mother…”Daphne drawled. Shouldn’t you be happy for me that Nir finally paid some attention….”

“Oh! Come on, Daphne; you tee need to grow up” The woman snapped in. “I’d be insane to show happiness to something as dumb as that. How long will it take you to realize that you’re nothing but a séx toy to him??? He uses you today, then what happens tomorrow? You come crying to me and explaining how you caught Rhea and Iris making out in front of him. Grow up, Daphne! I didn’t birth a dummy”.

Her words stung Daphne so hard in the chest.

“Well, what do you expect me to do, mother?”She shrugged, already looking frustrated. “Are you expecting me to use a love charm on him?? Nothing works on Nir, mother and you know it”.

Gently, the woman dropped her needle and stood up.

“What I expect from you, my dear child, is giving something other ladies are yet to give to him” she paused to let the curiosity digest into Daphne’s mind.

“Give him a son!”

There was a stunned silence after that.

“B…But, mother…” Daphne gulped down nothing. “You know he had… warned me never to get pregnant for him. He does same to every other lady he’s had intercourse with. I can’t break his rule, Mother”

“Oh! Please, stop being such a chicken, Daph” Her mother scoffed. “No matter how hardened a man is, he is always sure to act differently towards his own. So,” She walked round to stand behind Daphne.

“Why don’t you get pregnant for him, and worry about his reaction later?”

Daphne could feel her heart beating faster. Was that a good idea? What would Nir do to her if she ends up carrying his seed?


It didn’t take long before #Nir got to his destination as the river wasn’t too far from the cave – more reasons he had chosen the cave as a perfect place to keep his horse. It had been so long he walked on a bushy pathway; it had been so long he felt the natural breeze on his face. It had been just so long he last felt… himself.

Standing in front of the small peaceful river, the cold memories came brushing in – bringing some kind of tranquility to his soul.

He stood so close to the river bank, allowing the flowing waters to wet his feet. He stood that way for a long time, and bored, looked around for the a seat.

The bench was too far away from him; and stretching out his palm towards it, the bench pulled towards his direction without being touched and with a sigh, he sat on it.

He missed this day of the year – the only day he could take off his mask to pay respect to the moment…

Crossing his right leg on the other, he took a deep look into the waters, and seldomly, dipped his hand into his trouser pocket and brought out the ring.

An icy part of his heart cracked up immediately as the memories swung right in. It was it – it was that very day it had happened. That very twenty-fifth day of the month.

His emotionless eyes drooped as he rotated the ring in his palm.


Ximena was the only one left in the carriage.

Still looking around naively, she held her bag tightly to her chest and prayed she doesn’t get sold or something. Where were they even headed?? Every other person had dropped off at their various destinations; but there she was – still going. Was this really how she was going to survive? By being naive all through?

Her heart was beginning to beat so heavily, especially when the carriage stopped moving.

Hold on; why did it stop?

Next thing she heard were hard footsteps and the face of the rider finally showing up before her.

“What do you think you’re doing, young lady? Why haven’t you dropped off along with the others?” He rasped.

Really?? This was the best place he could stop to bring up such confrontations? – Shilah thought, realizing just how bushy the place was.

“Uhm…. Well, you never told me to go off?” She itched her nape, knowing her reply was as weak as a lame man.

“What are you talking about?” The chubby man scoffed. “Alright,fine. Now, get out off my carriage. Now!”

“What??” Ximena flinched. “You…you can’t just drop me off here… I mean, I can’t even see a single house around”.

“That is none of my business, young lady. Your ride is over. Now, get off my carriage before I pull you out myself. I have somewhere else to go to”.

“Oh! Come on, Mister. If you drop me off here, there’s no way I’d pay you because…”

“I don’t need your pay anymore. Just get off my property!” He snapped, and when Ximena hesitated, he climbed onto the carriage and began pulling her down.

“No!! Let me go!! Let me go!!” She tried struggling with him, but it was futile considering his strength as swiftly, he succeeded in pulling her out.

“You scumbag!” #Ximena cursed. “You’re so shameless, you know that? Showcasing your little power on a woman; shame on you!” She was holding her bag tightly to her chest, for fear of it being snatched from her.

“Whatever you say” the chubby man huffed and returned to his seat, taking off the horse immediately.

“Damn you!!” She yelled out after it. And by the time she was done,she was panting so heavily like a deer that had just escaped a hunter.

Afterwards, she looked around – her eyes coming in contact with nothing but bushes. Oh, God! What does she do? Where does she go from there?? Who’s gonna help her?

She was beginning to sweat. And realizing there was no going back, decided to just walk – walk until she finds someone – or something that could help.


Ximena had to walk a really long way before seeing a path that appeared to lead to somewhere. She let out a relieving breath, wiping off the sweats that occupied her face. She’s never had to walk for so long her whole life. It just wasn’t easy.

She decided to take the path and see where that leads her – maybe to someone’s home or a place she could get something to eat. She kept walking through it, her eyes going round to be sure she doesn’t get bitten by something she hated.

She couldn’t believe she was passing through all of these, just because of the monster that killed her parents. Dear God; how much she hated him! Now, she couldn’t wait to carry out her plans of being the one to drive a stake through his dark heart!


After what seemed like forever to Ximena, she finally saw something different – something that signified she was close to meeting with humans…

It was a river. But not just a river; there was a guy sitting in front of it.

She halted, noticing the serene mood he had in. Watching him from behind, he looked almost like he was in a different world of his own – like one lost in thoughts. Who was he?

She thought of walking away, considering how reserved he looked. But, equally thinking of the stress she had gone through finding just one human, she gave it a second thought.

Nir, on the other hand, knew the very moment someone stood behind him. And snapping out of his thoughts, he cocked his head to have a look.

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