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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Because of me you could get hurt and I don’t want that, I don’t want to carry the burden of your death forever so Stacey, I want you to quit and leave this mansion, you along with Nick should leave, am the one they want, I don’t want you or Nick hurt” Celine said

“Why are you still worried about us when your life is in danger?”Stacey said angrily

“Because I care about you Stacey and even though I dislike Nick, I wouldn’t want him to die because of me, so please go, leave me to my own demise”She said softly.

“I don’t know for you Stacey but I don’t intend to go any where “Nick said standing at the door way.

* * *
How dare her try to dismiss him, he hadn’t meant to eaves drop on their conversation but he couldn’t help himself from listening to their conversation and on hearing her tell Stacey that it was best that she leaves along with him made him furious and with out thinking he barged into her room.

“Have you been eaves dropping on us?”Celine asked having a frown on her that Nick find it hard to picture her as the girl in the video he saw last night.

“You didn’t hire me and until your step father asks me to resign, that is when I will cease to be in your life as for now , you will have to tolerate me being here”He said

“If you have been listening to our conversation, then you would surely have heard the reason why I don’t want you here”

“I heard and i also believe that you hate me Celine, so why are you suddenly worried about me uh? I can handle myself when it comes to stuff like that,after all am a guard and I will be useless if I can’t protect you “Nick replied

“I don’t need your protection, have been protecting myself always, I don’t need you or any one else to do that for me”Celine replied hotly

“Celine please…let him help, I don’t want you to get hurt”Stacey said and she looked at Stacey giving her reassured smile, she gazed back at me giving me an angry look .

Walking further into the room, he took an empty seat and stared at her.

“Why don’t you just leave, you are unwanted here”she said angrily

“On the contrary, I think it’s time we talk Celine”

“If talking to you mean I will have to listen to your insults,I don’t want to “She said making him Remember the harsh things he said to her at the event the day before.

“I have no intention on insulting you Instead, I need you to tell me why you think they are after your life, if we want to know who is after your life, we must start from there first”He said softly and for a while he thought she will deny him that information but then she surprised him by talking.

“I don’t know too, I don’t know why they are after my life, all I know is that since a month ago, my life have been threatned”she said softly

“Do you mean they have been trying to kill you since a month ago?”Nick asked softly

“You aren’t deaf and I doubt if you will be able to do any thing about it, so just leave while you still have the chance ”

“I doubt that, have been training for this sort of thing and for the first time it will be put to use,I will help you find out who is after your life and at the same time give you the protection you need”he said

“And in exchange I give you what?”she asked

“In exchange you give me nothing, have been hired to watch over you and even though I dislike you as much as you dislike me am still going to protect you because it’s my job and it’s best that you stop making every one around you worried, Stacey doesn’t deserve the worry you are putting her through and your mother and Bruce will be worried too” Nick said and for a while she kept starring at him strangely.

She didn’t get the chance to reply because the maid walked in through the open door way.

“Am sorry to intrude but you have a visitor ” the maid said Putting an end to the conversation.

Fully dressed and ready for the day, Celine went down stairs to confront this so guest of hers, she knew who it was even before she got down stairs.

Bruce stood in the middle of the room. Looking very angry and seeing her arrive he looked more angrier.

“I get it that you must be here because of what happen at the party yester…….”Celine couldnt finish her word because he slapped her.

Nick and Stacey who were watching this in the kitchen door way saw the slap he gave her

“Oh my God! Did he just hit her? Celine won’t let this slide, am very sure of it!” Stacey whispered at Nick who stood watching Celine action.

“Did you know that because of what you did,they are reconsidering me for the governor’s position, how dare you say that yesterday, how dare you ruin things for me ?”He yelled at her angrily.

Hands on slapped face, she stared at him, she wanted to speak but then stopped when she remembered some thing Nick said to her.

” you are a cold selfish bitch, just because life has been cruel to you, you decide to be cruel to others, you are unfeeling and cold and at this rate no one….not even Stacey will want to be close to you”

“What? Aren’t you going to talk back, you have always had some thing to say….seems like you don’t have a thing to say now?”He asked jolting her back to the present moment.

“I told your Mom that it will be best not to invite you and that it was a bad idea but she was adamant about you going ‘ she will get to see the race track she loves so much, she will get to leave that house even if it’s just for a while’ that was her reply, we wanted you there not because we wanted to spite you but because we wanted you to have a feel of some thing you love doing but in exchange you….until when are you going to keep on making us suffer, is it a crime for me to love your mom and for her to love me back ?” He asked when she still didn’t say any thing.

“Have had enough of this Celine, though your Mom is really sad and disasapointed, she still loves you and she hopes that some day you will get to see beyond your anger. I won’t apologise for the slap, you deserved it and I hope that some day you will get to realise that your attitude is just pushing away the ones who loves you”he said and turned to leave the house.

Celine stood watching him leave, part of her wanted to scream at him and tell him to go hell and another knew that he was telling the truth.

She was angry, angry at her mother and Bruce for being happy while she…..she didn’t want to…..she wouldnt cry.

“Are you okay Celine?”Stacey said behind her and putting on a fake smile, she turned to her.

“Am fine”She replied starring at Stacey and Nick.

“Should I get an ice and…..”

“No Stacey! I don’t need it, what I need right now is a walk, a morning walk, it will be good for me”She said softly

“But Celine you….”

“I know am in danger but I doubt If he would try to kill me in the street, I will be fine and Please do not follow me , I want to be alone” Celine said to Nick who was still watching her in an odd way.

“What are you doing here? “Stacey said to Nick when Celine had walked out of the mansion.


“Go after her,I know she said you shouldn’t go after her but you have to ,knowing Celine, she is not fine at all, please Nick go after her”Stacey begged and immediately he left the house going after Celine.

Celine never cease to surprise him, she has a lot of layers he would need to pull off before knowing the real her.

He wasn’t expecting the stunt she pulled at the party the day before and maybe that is what got him angry because he couldn’t get to be one-step ahead of her and today too, he was expecting her to say some thing, to defend her self against her step father but she kept quiet.

He saw her limping down the street and began to follow her gently.

She kept on limping off with out noticing that he was coming behind her.

She got to the busy street and limped right into a road and by the look of things she didn’t notice that a car was coming straight at her.

Quickly he ran the few paces that seprated them and pulled her out of harm’s way.

He stared at her, angry that she almost killed her self and he opened his mouth to admonish her when he saw her starring at him.

“Nick….”She called softly

The tears she had been holding in for a while now began to pour.

He has always seen her angry side and he knew how to deal with that side of hers but this! This is like seeing another Celine entirely.

She kept crying and with out thinking further he pulled her to him and held her tight while she Cried her heart out.

” This is taking far too long, when will we get it, I can’t stand this cat and mouse game anymore”the man standing in the shadow said

“You think I enjoy what’s going on too, if that thing is found out, it will jeopardise a lot of people, the ministers and governor, people who want their identity a secret, I will be in a lot of trouble because an the one running the business”Zack said

“Not you alone Zack”


“You aren’t the only one running that business, am also a part in it and so I would kindly ask you to stick to your job and do it well, that guard Nick or what ever is not really being useful over there?”The man said

“Nick have been updating me about the girl and he wouldn’t lie if there was some thing more”Zack said

“The scare we gave her the day before certainly didn’t work because Nick was there, playing the hero with her”He said

“He would have to protect her, that is his job after all but we both know that he won’t be able to protect her always and so when he is too busy to notice, we will strike again”Zack said

“Fine then, If you will put it that way,just make sure Nick doesn’t become a hindrance to us in the future ?” The man said agaib

“He won’t, he hates her and he hates working for her, so we have nothing to be scared of” Zack said and just then the man in the shadow got an message alert.

He took out his phone and after starring at it for a while, he smiled

“I think am now doubting what you said about Nick “He said giving his phone to a puzzled Zack.

Zack stared at a picture of Nick hugging Celine Clifford out in the busy streets.

“That was taken today, just as much as you trust Nick, I couldn’t seem to do that and so I got some one following him and this was what he sent to me today “he said

“Don’t you think they are getting quite close?”He asked

“I don’t think so but I will give him a call about it and you can trust me, Nick wouldn’t do some thing to betray my trust, he won’t get close to her and he will keep on giving me the necessary information”Zack said as he gave him back his phone .

“I just hope that this Nick guy doesn’t do some thing that will make us eliminate him at the end”He said

“Nick would not do such a thing as have said he doesn’t like working with her and so he wouldnt get close to her, just take my word for it, things will go as we plan”Zack said assuring the man in the shadow.

Nick walked along side Celine, when she stopped crying, she became silent and though Nick have tried to think of ways to get her to say some thing, she hasn’t uttered a word.

“Don’t tell any one most especially Stacey that I cried”She said suddenly

“Why?”Nick asked

“Because I don’t want them to think that I am weak and you!”She said suddenly startling Nick

“Forget what you saw today, it will be the only time you see me weak”She said and that got Nick smiling a bit

“Don’t worry, I plan to forget it all because you don’t look good when you cry”he said and received a punch on the arm from Celine


“Are you trying to say that am ugly?”She asked

“Some thing like that “He replied trying to mess with her head.

“That’s a lie, people tell me that am more beautiful when I cry or when am angry”She said

“Or more like ugly when you cry and an horror when angry”he said .

She bent to pick up some thing and Nick yelled at her to stop

“What’s wrong?”

“Are you going to throw your shoe at me again”he asked and she burst out laughing.

“Am just picking up a stone”she replied not noticing that Nick was standing dumbstruck starring at her.

This is the first time he will see her laugh , a genuine one at that and Nick wouldn’t deny that she looked very….very ….beautiful.

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