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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“It’s just a stone, you don’t need to look at me like am a monster”Celine said stopping her laughter.

She realised now that until today after the accident, she gave her first real laugh and it’s all because of Nick.

Nick has seen a part of her which she hadn’t let anyone see for a year now,not even Stacey who always told her to smile again, to be cheerful but all her endeavours to achieve that were all going to waste and now out of the blue, here she was doing those things with Nick, Nick whom she dislike for his rudeness and insult towards her.

Nick noticed that she was quiet and he stared at her and also noticed the rigidness emanating from her, seems like she is back to being a cold , bitchy heiress again.

Nick knew that he liked it when she smiled a while ago and seeing her pulling herself back into her shell certainly made him determined to pull her out.

He liked seeing her smile and he will make sure he keeps seeing that smile on her face.

“Hungry?”He asked making small talk

“No, I think we should head back to the house now”She said carmly

“I don’t think so, am hungry and judging from the exterior of that restaurant I can bet that the food there is great, so why don’t we go there”He said

“By the exterior ? What if it turns out that the interior isn’t good as you have judged it ?”she said softly

“Then I will get to grant you a wish and if the food turns out good you will get to grant me a wish”he said

“We are not close, so don’t ask me that”She replied coolly and head off to the restaurant.

“This is great!!!”Celine enthused as she dig into the delicious porridge.

“I told you that it would be good, didn’t I ?”Nick said giving her a smile which was never returned, apart from that time when she smiled at him, she hasn’t smiled again.

“What ever, I just love this, not that Stacey food is not good enough, its good but this is great”She said happily.

“So then since you are satisfied and happy, can I tell you what my wish is”He asked and she dropped her cutlery, her happy mood gone

“I told you, we are not that close for you to ask me that?” She said softly

“But I consider this close enough and I will still ask you”Nick persisted

“Why didn’t you stand up for your self? Why did you let your step father say those things with out telling him how you felt yourself”he asked and for a while, she stared out of the window and he thought she wouldn’t talk but then she surprised him by responding

“I remembered some thing you said to me”she replied

“Some thing I said ?”He asked

“Yes some thing you ……”

“If it isn’t Celine her self ” Cathy said interrupting their conversation.

“I thought you were always locked up in that silly mansion of yours but you aren’t doing that now , tell me why?”Cathy added.

Nick watched Celine who was clenching her hand in anger and knowing how it would end, he was about telling her to leave when Celine spoke

“Just like you, I like to socialise and it just do happen that you had to be at the first place I thought of, it smells fishy, have you been following me again? Cause there was a time you were always trying to compete with me, even to the clothes I wear”Celine said and that put Cathy in an embarrassed state, it was hard for Nick to hold back the grin that threatned to spill out.

“Bitch!”Cathy muttered and walked off to a table at the far end.

“I think it’s best that we leave, she has certainly ruined my mood for a day “She said as got up

Nick got up too and he turned to leave only for him to stop when he saw that she wasn’t following him.

Instead she stood still at her seat, looking at the entrance. Nick turned to the entrance only to see a guy sauntering in.

He was handsome though and had a cute look which got all the girl starring, even the cold Celine was starring too

The cute guy was walking past when he saw Celine, he suddenly stopped.

He stared at her and smiled softly before moving towards her.

“Celine”he called softly

Celine kept starring at him,being quiet about it and it made him wonder why.

Who is this guy and how does he know Celine.

“How are you? It’s been so long “he said softly daring to take her hand.

Celine stared at their linked hand and she stared at him again, Nick was surprised to see tears glistening in her eyes.

“A year to be precise”she said coolly and pulled her hand from him

“Well I…….”

“Mark! My darling” Cathy called as she walked towards the table.

“You said you would be early but you…..oh I see you have seen Celine ” she said having a triumphant look on her face

“I think it’s best that I leave”Celine said wanting to leave but the mark guy held her back again

“Would you join us ?”He asked

“Why would she? Celine is a busy person and you know this is a date for the both of us” Cathy added

“It doesn’t matter if Celine join us for a while”Mark said still starring at Celine.

Nick stood starring at the whole scene,he was quite confused at first but then he realised what was happening.

“It wouldn’t be good if your ex have lunch with us Mark”Cathy said again

“Would you like to join us Celine?” Mark asked again not bothering to answer Cathy.

Celine clenched her hand and then turned towards Nick.

Nick was surprised to see her putting her hand in his and starring at him like the devoted girlfriend.

“Only if my boyfriend is there, you see I didn’t come alone too, I came with my boyfriend” Celine said softly.

She knew she was doing the wrong thing but she didn’t want to lose her face in front of mark, not again, not like this, she thought as she held Nick hand, she prayed silently that he would go along with her.

She stared at him to see that he wasn’t looking at her.

“That’s fine with me”Mark replied walking towards his table with Cathy all over him.

Nick found himself going along with Celine plan,just a while ago they were at their own seat enjoying the day and every thing it entails but every thing changed when she saw her ex, he still can’t believe that Celine had dated some one, he wondered if Celine had been the fault at them breaking up.

“So tell us, who is this boyfriend of yours, doesn’t he knows how to speak?”Cathy asked as our meal was served by the waiter, Nick had been quiet ever since seeing mark and he is still quiet , she thought as she stared at him, silently wishing for a compliance from him.

“Nick here hardly speaks that is why he is quiet”she said

“Or he is angry because I invited you to seat with us , you don’t have to be Nick, am her ex after all”Mark said sending a smile at Celine.

With the way they broke up a year ago, she wondered why he is suddenly acting nice and polite.

“What have you been doing for a year now? You haven’t even showed up at school?”He asked

“Obviously she is living the life of a pretty heiress, after all she doesn’t have to work because her dead father already left a lot for her”Cathy said acidly

She didn’t want to lose her patience, she had to show Mark that she is living well and that though he had hurt her in the past, she is living fine with out him but Cathy words is provoking her, she thought as she clench her hand in the folds of her skirt.

“Don’t be rude Cathy”Mark warned

“You don’t have to scold her Mark, she is right, I don’t do a thing and right now am just living the life of an heiress “she said giving Cathy an angry look.

” I thought as much”Mark said wistfully

“What about you?”Celine asked

“Still a student”He replied softly

“Don’t tell me you are still studying the course of an architect, still doing as your father say right?”Celine asked, mocking him intentionally

“Yes, after all he is my father and I have to do as he says”He replied looking a bit angry

“What a pity”Celine muttered softly

“What pity?”he asked looking at her sharply

“That you are still being used, you told me you will find a way to stop your father from using you but it turns out that you are still being used and now you want to use me too right?”Celine asked


“You asking me to sit with you when you have this thing with you is not because you care but because you want some thing from me and I can guess what that thing is!” Celine said

“My money, you never got to use me before and so now you want to use me now, well sorry, you won’t be able to do that and so my boyfriend and I will get going now, we should not intrude in your date with Cathy here”She said as she stood up

“Are you sure he is your boyfriend?”Mark asked suddenly

“Of course, do I need to spell that to you”

“Well am just doubting it, maybe you lied just to get back at me”He said and that made her more angry.

Taking hold of Nick hand, she stared at him only to see him starring back at her.

“Do you think that because am a cripple, I can’t get some one to love me, well you are in for a surprise Mark”Celine said now angry, with out thinking further and wanting to make a point to Mark, she moved towards Nick and kissed him on the lips.

It was just a brief, little kiss, yet it made her feel weird, she thought as she pulled away from him.

He was starring at her and she found her self moving close to him, she was about to kiss him again when he averted his face.

Was he angry? She thought as she kept on starring at him.

“What a great show but you are starting to Bo……..”

“Shut up!”Nick said and that made Cathy stop.

Taking Celine hand, he began to pull her out side, they were far from the restaurant when he finally let go of her hand.

“That hurts”she said softly

“Why did you do that?”he asked looking angry

” I…I just …..”

“You had no right to use me like that! You were angry that he had used you at the past and so you decided to use me in that manner right!”He yelled at her angrily

“Look,I didn’t mean to use you, neither did I….”

“You all give that sort of excuse each time you use some one, am sick of hearing it and right am sick of you as it is, am sure you can get home by your self cause right now, I don’t want to see you”he said and walked off.

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