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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Nick got back to the house, looking for Celine only to find Stacey there starring at him.
“What happen?”he asked the angry Stacey
“Celine has been through enough as it is, why would you make her cry?”Stacey asked
“Look I ……”
“She came back home looking all sad and with out you..she wouldn’t say a thing and when I went to her room,it was to see her all cuddled on the floor crying and calling your name, just what did you do to her?” Stacey asked not giving him a chance to speak
“She was calling my name?”Nick asked finding that part hard to believe
“Yes she was? The poor thing have been feeling a Reck because of the feelings she has for…….” Stacey stopped to stare at him in shock
“Feelings?”Nick asked
“It’s nothing….just stop making Celine feel bad, stick to that girl…Alicia and leave Celine alone”She said and hurriedly walked off.
Nick had his doubt earlier when he was talking to Celine but with what Stacey said to him, he knew that she was about to say the same thing earlier.
Knowing that made him happy! He thought as he took the steps two at a time, heading to Celine room.
He didn’t bother to knock, stopping when he saw Celine standing in front of the open window only in her night gown.
“What are you doing here?”She asked as she quickly picked up her robe which was laying on the bed
“Don’t!”Nick said and Celine found her self stopping.
What is he doing in her room this late,she has spent the few minutes of her return from the party crying and promising her self that she would be all good if he didn’t show up to her face today again but he just had to.
She needs to start locking up her room,she wouldn’t have him barging into her room all the time.
“I just asked you what do you……”
“And I said you shouldn’t put on your robe!”He said shocking her that she stopped putting on the flimsy material to stare at him
He closed the door and walked towards her, never leaving her gaze.
Celine found her self moving back until she could feel the wall behind her.
Nick moved towards her starring down at her, making it hard for her to breathe
“What’s….what’s wrong?”She asked starring at him
“Why didn’t you just tell me? Why did you have to hide it, even when I….even when we kissed”He asked starring at her
“What are you saying? I don’t get what you…..”
“You know what am saying Celine.why didn’t you tell me you like me?”He asked again
“Who…told you that I like you….well I like you…I like you because you are my guard and you protect me all the time ….I”
“Liar….I know when you lie Celine and right now you are lying !”He said giving her a smile.
With out warning.he bent giving her a kiss, a kiss she found her self succumbing to.
She pulled him close kissing him back and wishing the moment would last too but she knew it wouldn’t.
She broke the kiss moving away from Nick, with her back turned to him.
“Leave Nick! Please”She begged softly.expecting him to do as she said but she was surprised when he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close and causing her to shiver in his arms.
“A lady wouldn’t shiver in the arms of the man she likes as her guard, she wouldn’t respond to his kiss the way you had, she wouldn’t avoid looking at him too. You like me Celine and Its not because you see me as a guard, you like me for me Celine”He said kissing her neck and she moved out of his arms to stare at him.
“Yes I like you! I like you so much that each that I see you with Alicia hurts me so much. You have no idea how much I like you Nick! “
“No! let me finish. Have liked you for a while now and when we shared our first kiss, you made it clear to me that you didn’t want that sort of relationship between us and I agreed to it, believe me when I say that I tried to fight it. Would have believed that I, Celine Clifford will end up liking you”
“But people like each other and I can’t fault my heart for choosing you even though it will end up being broken just like how mark did “She said raising her hand up to stop him from talking.
“I like you Nick and am not expecting you to like me back.infact I know that’s impossible because you and Alicia are a ….”
“Are nothing! Alicia and i are nothing Celine. When will you open your eyes and see that I don’t like Alicia the way you think?”He said cutting her off
“But she said !”
“Forget what she said,it’s you I like okay! I like you Celine Clifford and I don’t think I can bear losing you”He said pulling her close to him.
“Don’t say that to make me feel better….I know you are only faking it and”she stopped when he kissed her again on the lips and this time he drove deeper.
Kissing her deeply, meshing his tongue with hers while he careessed her fragile body.
When he broke it to stare down at her, Celine found her self feeling breathless and down to earth again.
“Do you still think that am faking it? ” He asked starring at her
“Oh Nick!”She replied softly and he hugged her tight in his arms.
“I like you Celine! So very much,don’t you ever doubt that”He said hugging her back
“Forget about what Thomas said to you earlier “He said a while later while they both cuddled together on the chair
“What exactly did he tell me?”She asked jokingly and Nick had to laugh, poor Thomas.
“With you in my arms,i can’t think of any one else”Celine said smiling up at him
“You really are brazen Celine Clifford!”he said as he bent to give her a swift kiss on the cheek, some thing he found to do all the time.
“I can be brazen when it comes to you Nick.” She said softly
“I like that part a lot”he said and then suddenly he looked more serious.
“I told you not to think about Thomas proposal because am planning to do the same “he said softly and that brought Celine up from his lap
“Nick.”she called softly
“I know our relationship has just started and I know that you need some one, a man who is willing to get married to you just so you can claim your inheritance, am willing to be that man Celine and not just because I want to help but because I like you so much”He said
“Perhaps once we are married and every thing is settled, we can get to work more on our relationship,who knows. We might end up living each other”He finished waiting for her reply.
“What do you think?”He asked when she took long at answering.
“I….are you sure you want this Nick…I mean am not complete,am an….”
“Stop right there! I won’t let you insult your self, I like you Celine, all of you, so stop worrying about me and give me an answer now” he said and she nodded softly
“I would rather like it to be you than any one else”She said happily and gave him a kiss which he responded to.
It was quite late in the Morning when Celine woke up.
She sat up and stretched a bit looking,remembering the event of last night brought her smiling again.
She hadn’t just been dreaming it. Nick had to been with her last night, he had told her he liked her and had also asked her to marry him.
With a few kisses and a promise to see her today, he left her room last night.
She was on cloud nine right now and nothing and certainly no one can bring her down from it.
“Celine!”Stacey called out and that brought her back to earth
Stacey never called her that way if it isn’t some thing important
“You have got to come down stairs”Stacey said as she head out of the room
“What’s wrong?” Celine asked but Stacey was long gone.
Putting on her robe, Celine went down stairs and was surprised to see Thomas there waiting for her.
What’s going on?”She thought as she limped further to the room
“We need to talk Celine, it’s about your guard! Nick, I need to tell you some thing about him “Thomas said starring at him.

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