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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“You are taking long to answer Celine”Thomas said as he tried to coerce a response from her.
“You don’t need to give him an answer Celine”Nick said as he barged in.
Just as he would have liked to hear her answer, he was also scared that he wouldn’t like the answer and so to prevent her from answering, he went towards them to stop it.
On seeing Nick, Celine felt relieved, saved from answering a question she didn’t fancy at all
” Why are you here? Your boss and I are having a conversation, I suggest you leave”Thomas said to Nick who stood still
“Celine isn’t going to marry you”Nick said feeling very angry
“And who are you to say that?”Thomas asked
“Some one who knows Celine well enough” and who knows you too, Nick thought and would have added it to his words if Celine hadn’t been there.
“Look here, I……”
“Nick is right Thomas, I don’t need to give you an answer because your question of marriage is out of the current situation, all I want is my father company to be back the way it used to be”Celine said
“Marrying me will be the only solution to it Celine, think about it”Thomas said and turned to glare at Nick before storming out of the study.
Celine and Nick stood quiet In the study room,both having their own problem to think of.
“You shouldn’t have done that, I would have handled the situation myself “Celine said to him.
“If I hadn’t come in you would have accepted his request “Nick said,angry that she could have even given his question a thought.
“If you thought of that, then you don’t know me at all”She said and began to walk away when he pulled her back angrily
“I do know you and that’s why I……”
“Stop it Nick! Just stop it, you have no idea how much you are hurting me right! So please just stop”She said as she began to cry again.
She hated crying! Hate it even more that she was doing in front of Nick but she couldn’t help it, she didn’t know that loving him this much could hurt.
“Hey, I hate to see you cry!”He said as he pulled her into his arms but she gently Shaked her head pushing him away.
“You enjoy seeing me cry! Cause you are the one hurting me more Nick! You have no idea how much I…….”She stopped before she Spilled the bean
“How much you what?”
“Forget it! It wouldn’t matter to you any way”she said wiping her eyes, she turned only for him to pull her again
“What now! Be rest assured that I won’t accept Thomas offer if that is what is bothering you, just leave me alone and go to Alicia”she said
“Why do you keep on bringing Alicia into our discus ……..”
“It’s because you prefer her! Because she is the one you are seeing…you said you are attracted to me but you didn’t want to get involved, I wondered why you must be keeping your self at bay but Alicia made that clear to me tonight, so please Nick, if you care for me, you would leave me alone”she said and with that said, she pulled away from him walking out of the room.
Nick followed suit, not wanting to leave her alone.
She went back to her seat collecting her things and leaving the party with out even saying a thing to Bruce and her mom.
She limped past Nick who stood at the entrance waiting for her and went into the waiting car.
“Drive safely John”Nick said from the door way starring at Celine who sat looking at the other side through the window.
“Aren’t you coming back with us?”John the chauffeur asked
“No. I have some thing to do as it is”He said hoping Celine will talk to him this time around but she didnt even turn to look at him.
“Okay then”John said and he closed the door sighing softly.
He watched the car leave and when he was sure that the car was gone, he head back in to the party, hoping to see Thomas.
He was still searching when he saw Alicia and wanting to use that opportunity to speak to her, he pulled her into a private room
“What did you say to Celine?”He asked
“What she wants to hear!”Alicia replied sacastically
“Do not play jokes with me Alicia, am not In the mood for…. “
“I told her the two of us were in a relationship”Alicia cut into his words
“Like I said I told her what she wanted to hear, it’s not my fault of she believes it or not. You shouldn’t be angry at me for trying to defend myself from her insult”Alicia said
“You could have defended your self in another way, why did you have to lie to her?”Nick said feeling very angry
“Are you angry that I lied to her or you are angry that she is now mad at you because of what I told her and because you like her?”Alicia asked hoping he would pick the latter
“I don’t have to give you an explanation”Nick said
“I want to listen to it Nick,you owe me …..”
“No I don’t. I don’t owe you a thing Alicia, if you weren’t my sister,I would have…..”
“Am not your sister! We are not related by blood, I know that for a fact, stop trying to keep me in dark, am not a little girl any more”Alicia said
“Alicia is right! She is not a little girl any more and while we are at it, why don’t we talk about secrets that have been kept hidden by us all, even though we aren’t related, we are still family”Thomas said as he walked into the room
“Do you think you can handle hearing another secret that has been kept hidden by Nick and I”Thomas asked
“What do you mean by a secret hidden by the two of you? Is there another secret that I have to know of?”Alicia asked starring at the two guys who were starring at each other with anger
“Why don’t you ask Nick to tell you, am sure he will want to tell you some thing”Thomas said making a joke at the situation on ground
“There is nothing you Need to know Alicia, you and I need to talk”He said walking past Thomas, heading to his study.
He knew Thomas would follow him, at least he would want to know the reason why Nick had called him out in ths first place.
As soon as he closed the study door behind him, Nick pulled him by the collar pushing him to the door
“Just what are you planning by staying around Celine?” He asked and Thomas replied with a smile on his face
“Nothing in particular?”He said
“Stay away from Celine, you are nothing but a jerk who is trying to use her”Nick said
“If am a jerk, then what should I call you? I can bet that you haven’t told her the truth about your self, she hardly knows a thing about you cause if she did, she wouldn’t want you near her….you murderer!”Thomas said,giving Nick a look of anger him self.
“Shut up!”Nick yelled at him still holding his by his shirt
“I won’t, leaving home hasn’t made to Remember what happened right! Instead it had made you more pompous, having destroyed some one life, you think you can be happy with yours, think again Murderer”Thomas said only to receive a punch from Nick.
“You and I very well know what happened that day”Nick said breathing heavily
“Seeing how you manage to give me a hit, you have really done well by attending that security guard bull shit….I wonder what will happen if I close it up”Thomas said wiping off the blood from his mouth.
Nick went back to him pulling him up by his shirt again
“Don’t you dare touch the security agency and most especially, stay away from Celine, I know you are just trying to use her to……”
“To get back at you. Stop kidding your self. Celine is an attractive girl, she caught my attention on the very first day I met her and she still keeps on doing it. Don’t think am going her just to get back at you. I think this time I really mean it”He said mockingly and Nick let go of him.
“You have been warned Thomas! Stay away from Celine.” Nick said and began to walk off
“I think that will be impossible to do, am now a partner at her father company, we will keep on seeing each other and I will do my very best to take her from you”He after Nick who was just getting out of the study.
He didn’t notice Alicia who stood in the shadows listening to it all.

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