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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“What do you have to tell me about Nick ?”Celine asked as she stared at Thomas who sat at the opposite seat, admiring the house.
“Nothing interesting, I only used that as a way to get you to talk to me, I knew you wouldn’t want to talk me and so I thought of this way to get to you”He said
“Okay. Now that you have gotten a way to see me,tell me what you really want”Celine asked
“Won’t you even offer me a drink?”he asked
“No”Celine replied sharply
“You are quite blunt….okay then if you won’t offer me a drink then you can as well show me around your house “Thomas said
“Mr Daven port will you just get to the point, as you can see am a busy person, so are you”Celine said
“Well then since you want me to get to the point then I will start by asking you what your decision will be to what I asked of you last night?”he asked
“My answer would be no”
“May I ask why?”Thomas asked
“I found some better”She said thinking about Nick
“Your guard for example?”He asked
“Yes!you were right with your theory last night, I like my guard so very much sbd it turns out that he likes me back, he proposed to me and I accepted. So is that all my Davenport”he asked
“But you know that with your refusal to me, you will be losing a lot”he said
“If you mean that I will be losing the company control, am not fine with that and I intend on fighting to get back my father place but I won’t have to marry you to do that, all I need is Nick “She said as she stood up
“Since that is all you have come to talk about, you might as well leave, if you choose to side with Bruce after this l, I will consider you my enemy “She said and Thomas who was quite disappointed that Celine refused him stood up too.
“Fine then, you have chosen your guard over me. I can very well say that you chose wrong Celine, the man you might have put your trust in might just betray you later on”Thomas said as he turned to leave
“What do you mean by that?”Celine asked and he turned to stare at her.
“You find that out soon enough. Good bye Miss Celine”He said and walk out of the house.
Just what did he mean by that? She thought as she kept starring after him.
“Was he bothering you?”Stacey asked as she came to her
“No he wasn’t , I was just refusing his offer of yesterday”Celine said
“What was his offer?”Stacey asked
“That’s a secret and besides where is Nick? I haven’t seen him this morning”She asked
“Oh! I forgot, he actually got a call this morning and it was from the police?”Stacey said
“The police? Why”Celine asked
“Apparently, the owner of the body guard agency he works at was found dead in his office this morning and since he is very close to……”
“My God! Why didn’t you tell me about it?”Celine said as she began to limp up the stairs to get dressed.
Nick stood admits the paramedics and the police who were at the scene, taking out Zack corpse.
He still can’t believe that Zack is dead! He had just spoke to him a few nights ago and now the man whom he had grown to love for a year is now dead.
“You must the deceased relative?”A police officer said approaching Nick.
“I am, well we are not really related but I think of him as my father”Nick said and seeing his corpse deposited into the ambulance made him feel so sad and bereft.
He had been asleep when Stacey had come to him saying he had a call.
A call which was to tell him that Zack is dead, his body was found in his office apparently holding his gun in his hand with a darn letter explaining why he had to kill himself.
“From what we saw at the scene of the crime, Zack had killed himself but I find some thing strange”The police officer said
“What do you find strange ?”Nick asked knowing the man was going to voice out what have been bothering Nick for an hour now.
“Do you think he had any rival or sort? Was he in a fight with some one you know? Cause judging from what I see, it’s not suicide but murder”The police officer said
“He never had any rival, neither did he fight with any one and am also guessing the same with you, he was killed and i want you to do your best in finding the culprit”Nick said and the officer nodded knowing he was talking out of grief.
“I will do my best to get to the bottom of this!” The officer said and then went back to car, driving after the ambulance.
His body will be taken to the mortuary and knowing that he has no relative. Nick have to go there to claim it but first, he has to return to the office to do more investigation him self.
The employees have been asked to leave the company for further investigation, the company had to be shut down and it hurt seeing closed like this.
He got to the office and though the room had been seen by the police and medics who came to take the body away it still looked like room a murder had been committed
He began to walk around the room, careful not to touch or dis arrange the stuff the police had kept there.
Blood which had been Zack had been splashed on the table, it hurts seeing the blood of the man he loved like this.
There was no doubt that the man who killed Zack is also the same man who is after Celine life.
He had been sure that he would succeed in getting him to tell him who is behind Celine life and also threatning him.
Zack wouldn’t have gotten involved with some one if he wasn’t threatned.
Nick sighed softly and turned to leave the room only to stop when he noticed some thing.
He walked a few paces to the book case and pulled out a book which had a piece of paper stucked in it.
He opened it to Zack hand writing scrawled on it.
“You must know me very well,if you end up
Finding this letter. I would like to
Apologise, for having kept the truth from
You. You are a very good boy Nick and I
Want you to keep on being that way, I
Don’t want you to end up like me who
Had been lured by money and the fine
Things in life. What am about to tell you
Is some thing that have been kept hidden
For years. I joined a gambling den just
For the fun of it and it ended me this way
The gambling den was quite lucrative
And I ended up going back to get more
Money, there I met a lot of wealthy
People, people in politics, people
That are not meant to be found in an
Illegal gambling den. Every thing was
Going well until some one began
Threatning to expose us all. The
People with power didn’t want that and
So they decided to shut the man up but
He ended up taking a confidential
Thing along with him.
It was a book which had the names of
Every one involved with the den. We
Have been trying to look for it but we
Have got nothing but the believe that
He left it with some one who is very
Close to him and that is Celine Clifford
The daughter of Marshall Clifford. Keep
Her safe because they are coming for
On reading the last part Nick raced out of the building heading to his car to get to Celine.

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