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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“I trust Nick,he wouldn’t do what you ask of him even if you are his little sister!”Celine said and that made Alicia smile.
“Seems like you don’t know him then, Nick will do what ever I ask of him, after all he loves me……”
“Like his little sister, Nick doesn’t love you the way you are expecting him to, he only loves you like are his sister!”Celine said to Alicia
“Shut up! You know nothing! For years Nick and I have been together, we grew up together and I won’t let a thief like you get in our way “Alicia yelled at her
“If you won’t open your eyes to see reality then I will make you see it, Nick loves me and I do too, I don’t think your charm will work on him, he only sees you as his sis……”
“Shut up!!”Alicia yelled at Celine, looking very hysterical.
“It is the truth Alicia and you have got to listen …….”
“I love Nick, always have and no one will change my mind, I will steal him from you and make him mine,that I promise you!”Alicia said and turned to leave and just then the door opened and Nick walked in
“Alicia! What are you doing here?”he asked as smiled radiantly
“What else? To see you of course”Alicia said and she walked right into his arms to hug him.
Celine knew that Alicia had intentionally did that for her.
“I had heard that Celine was in the hospital and knowing that you must be here too, I came immediately, I thought some thing bad had happened to you ” Alicia said as she kept hugging him and Nick who was already feeling uncomfortable tried to pull her away but she wouldn’t budge
“You really are not well, I can feel you temperature rising as it is and…….”
“Alicia am not the one sick. Celine is the one and besides she is now doing well”Nick said as he manage to freedom self from Alicia hold, turning to Celine to give her a smile which she also returned.
“I know and that Is why I came here to see Celine,I was with her before you even arrived, the poor thing is very fray”Alicia said this walking towards Celine.
“I don’t know maybe when next I visit, I should bring some make up along, she looks pale and old”Alicia said and Celine knew that she was directly insulting her.
“What do you mean by old, she looks beautiful to me!”Nick said as he walked towards Celine to give her a kiss.
Celine smiled at him, as much as Alicia tries to steal his attention and insult her, Nick makes her see that she is wrong.
“Well still, I think I will being her some make up and then help her to……”
“Since when have you and Celine been friends!”Nick asked surprised by Alicia friendliness towards Celine
“Since today!”Alicia said taking Celine hand and starring at her.
“I know you and I haven’t been on a good term but then I will like us to be friends, I want us to end this quarrel, i don’t want there to be a problem between you and I and i certainly don’t want us fighting in front of my brother”Alicia asked
Celine knew what she was trying to do and she knew that Alicia didn’t mean what she said.
“I don’t think it’s a good time for us to talk about this”Celine said
“But why? You and I have been some thing of an enemy in the past but now I don’t want that to happen again,so your answer is the only thing we need right now”She said and Celine stared at her angrily.
“Your answer my love?”Nick said urging her to talk unaware of the current between the two ladies.
“No! I don’t want us as friends”Celine replied after a while
“Celine!”Nick called softly
“We have been enemies for long and I know that it will be hard for us to be friends,but I want us to do this for Nick, he is my brother and you are….. “
“Have said No! I don’t want you as a friend, I don’t want you close to me or Nick!”Celine yelled at her.
“Celine! Why are you acting this way?”, I know that Celine and I have never been friends, once I hated her and now that she can’t run any more and am the one taking her spot, she hates me more, I under stand”Alicia said looking like an innocent.
“Would you stop fooling around and just tell hi what you…….” Celine began softly only to be caught off by Nick
“Would you just stop it Celine! She is stretching the olive branch to you, what you should do now is to accept it”He said
“Am not accepting it, I don’t want her close to me, neither to you too”Celine said adamantly
“Celine!”Nick called now and telling by his voice, he seemed angry, just what Alicia wants , Celine thought as she starred at the girl again.
“You don’t have to worry Nick,if she doesnt want me as a friend, I under stand and I will do my utmost best to stay away from her but she won’t succeed in making me stay away find you!”Alicia said and then began to leave.
Nick went after her just as she got to the door.
“Wait for me,we need to talk”He said and she nodded and left the room.
He went back to Celine, feeling angry by her behaviour.
“You shouldn’t bother to scold me Nick, my decision to stay away from Alicia wouldn’t change”Celine said
“Until when will this great decision of yours change then?” Nick asked and she didn’t reply
“You know that this is the attitude that I don’t like at all”He added
“I don’t trust Alicia and so should you, you weren’t here to listen to what she had been telling me earlier, please Nick stay away from Alicia “Celine begged
“Alicia is my sister……”
“Who is after you!” She yelled at him hating the fact that Alicia was winning.
“Explain better!”,
“Before you showed up, your sister or better yet your step sister was making it clear to me that she intends on having you”Celine said
“Having me?”He asked surprised
“Yes, she wants you Nick, not as a sister wants a brother but as a woman, she made that clear to me right here”Celine said
“What are you saying! Are you saying this just to get back at Alicia?” Nick asked
“Why would I say such a thing just to get back at some one?”
“It’s either that or you are delusional, I will get the doctor to check on you!”He said turning to leave
“I don’t need a doctor, am saying the……”
“It’s rubbish! Alicia and I have always think of each other as siblings even when she found out that we weren’t related, she still made me feel like a family, stop saying such weird things, it doesn’t suit you Celine!”he yelled at her
“So you prefer to believe her than to believe me?”She asked
“Don’t turn this to a preference thing okay, I don’t want to fight with you and so I think we should stop this conversation here”Nick said
“We aren’t going to stop any conversation, answer my question Nick!”She yelled at him
“What question exactly?”
“Do you believe Alicia word over mine?”She asked
“I never said that …..”
“You are still not answering my question Nick!”She yelled at him
“Stop yelling at me, am not one of your employees”He said
“You really are a jerk, get out! Get out Nick! I don’t want to see you “She said
“I will certainly leave, you need to get some rest and think about what you just did”He said and left the room almost bumping into Stacey who stood by the door.
“What’s going on? I can hear you two yelling at each other from out here?”Stacey asked
“She is being unbearable as it is !”He said to Stacey and then left the room in a rush.
A while later Nick and Alicia sat at the hospital cafeteria drinking a cup of coffee together.
“I hope you and Celine didn’t get into a fight ?”she began softly
“We got into one, I couldn’t control my temper and she couldn’t control hers, maybe that is what makes us a perfect match”Nick said softly and Alicia face turned to one of anger before she looked away quickly.
“Really? Are you sure you two are that perfect together ?”Alicia asked
“Yes we are!”He said
“Fine then,if you say so!”she said nonchalantly
“Why do I feel that you don’t mean what you say “Nick said
“What do you mean by that? I certainly mean what I say, I wish you two all the good things in life”Alicia said acidly
“You like me don’t you?”Nick asked suddenly
“Of course I do, I like you as my brother and.. “
“Not as your brother but as a man, you like me Alicia?”he asked looking very serious .

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