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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“I want him Thomas, I love Nick,I don’t want Celine with him, I dont want him with her, please do this for me, please help me or….or….I will just go crazy “Alicia said shaking all over.
“Get a grip Alicia, stop acting like a child, the man you are longing for loves some one else and to top it all he have always been a brother to you, he wouldn’t want you the way you want him”He said
“He will, with time I can get to convince him that, all you have to do is to get them apart, you also like Celine right! “Alicia asked hurriedly
“This doesn’t have to do with me !”he said softly
‘”you do? You like her, have seen the way you look at her and I can tell that it is love just like I love Nick too, do some thing to help me, am begging you Thomas”she begged as the tears kept pouring
Thomas stood up and turned to leave only for her words to stop him
“Nick is digging up some thing and it has to do with you?”She said suddenly and he stopped ..
“What are you saying?”he asked as he walked back to her
“He asked me about you “She said
“What did he asks?”
“Well! He only just asked if you have been going out in the evening and I ……”
“And you what?”He asked looking very serious
“And I told him the truth”
“What truth?”He asked again
“That you go out late in the……”
“How dare you ? Why would you tell him that?”He yelled at her
“Relax,I didn’t tell all okay, I just told him that you have been going out late at night, I never told him that you visit some place and also bring back home a lot of money”she said
“Shut up! You don’t know a thing about it and so”
“I do know, I know that you are involved in some thing fishy and that Nick is on your trail”she added again
“That fool!”Thomas said silently thinking of Nick.
“I wont tell him any thing just as long as you do what I say dear brother”Alicia said suddenly and he faced her
“Are you threatning me?”He asked
“Am making a deal with you”She replied
“What deal”He asked
“Get me what I want and your secret will be protected and adding to that you can also have the girl you want? What do you think?”She asked with her brows up.
Just a while ago she had been crying and now she looked like the devil her self.
“While you give Nick false information, I help you separate the two of them and while Nick ends up in your arms, I get to have Celine, that seems like a good deal”He said starring at her
“So enough of my weeping, let’s start talking”Alicia said as she stood up from the floor giving her brother a smile.
“Just a few more days in bed and you will be back to being your self”the doctor said to Celine who kept starring at the entrance, obviously waiting for some one.
“Celine! Celine!”Stacey voice brought her back to reality
She stared at Stacey and then at the doctor and nurse who were all starring at her, waiting for an answer.
But she didn’t get to hear what the doctor asked, she turned to stare at Stacey trying to get a clue from her.
“The doctor asked if you are felling comfortable with the cast!” She asked
“Of course,I feel comfortable with it”She replied as she stared at him.
“That’s good, I will write down the drugs you need me, after getting them, you are free to leave the hospital but don’t stress your leg until it’s better okay”he said and with that said he left the room
As the doctor walked out, she was expecting him to walk in but still there was no sign of him.
She looked at her watch again and sighed, it’s evening already and soon she will be leaving the hospital. Is he angry at her for what happened yesterday? She thought.
“What’s wrong Celine? You have been starring at the door for a while now”Stacey said
“Well …it’s Nick! He isn’t here yet l, do you know where he is ?”She asked
“He might be at the agency, you don’t have to worry, he will be here soon”She said
“But it’s evening already, He didn’t show up since this morning, it’s unlike him, am worried”Celine said
“Fine then! I will give him a call”Stacey said as she picked up her phone, dialling Nick number.
“Hello, yes, it’s all going well as it is and Celine here is asking for you, well she wants to talk to you and…..okay”Stacey said and then turned off the phone.
“What’s wrong? “Celine said
“I told him that you want to talk to him but he told me that he doesn’t want to and then he cut the call”She said softly
“I knew it! He is angry! Angry at me”She said softly
“I doubt that. Nick loves you and am sure that if he is angry, he wouldn’t take it this far”Stacey said
“Don’t say that to make me feel good, I really messed up this time”Celine said as the tears began to fall.
“Come to think of it, what really happened between the both of you?”Stacey asked and between tears Celine explained the whole ordeal to Stacey.
“You poor thing?”Stacey said as she hugged her to her self
“Or a fool, I should have just accepted his apology but my stupid pride wouldn’t permit it “Celine replied as she held Stacey
“Don’t think about it too much, Nick will show up, maybe the agency is holding back but am sure he will be here to pick you when you get discharge”Stacey said softly and Celine nodded, hoping that will surely happen.
An hour later, Stacey drove Celine who was on the wheel chair out the hospital to the car which was waiting at the entrance..
There was no sign of Nick and that made Celine more sad.
“See! He didn’t come “Celine muttered
“Maybe he is preoccupied with…..”
“Stop making excuses for him, I certainly know that he wouldn’t show up, he is angry at me and I ……”she stopped when the chauffeur walked towards them.
As soon as they were both seated, Stacey asked about Nick from the chauffeur
“He was suppose to be the one to come pick us but…..”
“Well he called me and asked me to come personally, he must be busy with some thing because he barely finished what he was about to say before cutting the call” the chauffeur said and just hearing that made sink into the chair more deeply.
“Just take us home”Stacey said as she held Celine hand in comfort.
The chauffeur stopped out side the mansion which surprised Celine and Stacey..
“Why aren’t you driving in?”Stacey asked
“I think the engine is having an issue, why don’t you two go in?”He said as he got out of the car bringing out the wheel chair from the booth and putting it down for her to use.
“You should have checked the car before bringing it!, Do a proper job next time!” Stacey said as she pushed Celine in through the gates.
It was dark already and the house was all covered in the darkness.
“What’s going on? It looks like there is no one around”Stacey said as she stopped pushing.
“Let’s just go in?”Celine said and as Stacey was about to push the wheel chair, the lights which had been turned off began to turn on.
First it was the light in the garden then the house, every where lit up making it look beautiful at night.
But the house wasn’t what caught Celine attention, it was the lights decoration which was used to decorate the garden and every where.
“Wow!”Stacey said and just the workers walked out of the house starring at Celine and Stacey.
“Welcome back miss Clifford”They all said and that lighten up Celine mood a bit, even though Nick wasn’t there to lighten it better.
“Thanks every one”she said as she took a bouquet of flower from them.
“Thanks for welcoming this way”she said feeling happy to be surrounded by people who love her.
“You all never did the same for me, whose idea was it, am going to beat that person to a pulp once I get to know”Stacey said joking with them all
“It was my idea”Nick said from a distance and the workers made a way for Celine to see Nick walking out of the house too.
“Stacey your welcome will be a little different but tonight, this welcome is solely for Celine”He said as he got to her.
“Have been waiting long for me”he asked as he crouched in front of her
“You jerk!”She said hitting his arm
“Do you know how worried I was! I thought you didn’t want to pick my call because of what happened……”she stopped when she realised that they had an audience.
“Am glad to know that I got you feeling a bit worried, at least that would make you worry and love me a lot more”he said
“You really are a jerk”she said annoyed
“Get me out of here Stacey “She said to Stacey who began to pull the wheel chair.
“You might worry and love me but I worry and love you a lot more”he said softly and that made Stacey stop.
“You still haven’t heard what I want to tell you”He said as he walked towards her.
“I….I have nothing to say to you”Celine said faking anger on the out side but very happy and excited on the inside
“Stacey get me…..”
“I love you”Nick said as he stared down at her cutting her off
He knelt down in front of her and pulled out a ring.
“I love you and I hope that you will do me the honour of making me the most happiest man by marrying me Celine. Will….you marry me?”He asked starring at Celine.

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