{She is cold, he is secretive}

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He moved towards the light switch and saw that it had been turned off.

Nick moved towards the switch to turn it on again and just then he felt some thing behind him

“Make any move and you die right here right now”

* * *

Nick stood still at first, not wanting to attack, knowing that either one of them might get hurt

“why don’t you put down the gun and let’s settle this peacefully, whoever you are, I know that you wouldn’t want to get ……”He stopped when he felt the gun pointed at the back of his head.

“You really don’t feel like talking right…well I also don’t feel like talking too”Nick said and in a flash he had the culprit pinned to the wall while he took the gun from his hand.

The first thing he noticed was that gun is not a real one, apart from it being a fake, it was also a toy.

“Let go of me! You are hurting me!”On hearing Celine voice, he let go and quickly he pulled down the hood covering her face.

“You!”Nick said a bit puzzled

“Of course it’s me! Who else will pull this sort of stunt on you, you should have seen your face,it’s a shame that I didn’t record this moment “She said laughing hysterically.

She found the situation funny and he got very angry about it.

Walking to the switch he turned on the light and then turned to stare at Celine who was now looking weary

He began to walk towards her and she shranked back feeling scared by the look In his eyes.

“What is this? Why are you……aaarghhh”Celine yelled when he moved towards her, hitting the wall behind her head .

“You making me carry those heavy things and then asking me to clean the garden is nothing to compared to this,how dare you pull a stunt like this! If it’s funny to you then it isn’t to me, you hate me and I know that, I certainly don’t like you either but what I would ask is for you not to make my work Harder, I don’t have time to play with rich spoiled brat like you”He said and began to walk off

Feeling very angry by his insult, Celine looked for some thing to throw at him and when she found nothing, she pulled one of her shoe and threw it right on his head.

“You know nothing about me! How dare you call me a spoil brat” Celine said fuming while Nick stopped to glare at her

“If you aren’t one then tell me why you result to this sort of thing, just to make me leave, you began to behave in a childish way and just so you could make your mom hate her self for leaving you, you decide to harm your self, lying that some one is out to kill you, you really are some thing Celine Clifford “He said and still feeling angry, she pulled off her second shoe and threw it at him again.

“thanks for this and while I have this with me, I hope you will walk by to the mansion bare footed”He said picking both her shoes.

“Hey give my shoes, give me back my shoes”Celine said limping towards him

“I wonder how you will be able to get them, when your leg wouldn’t be able to carry it to you fast”Nick added the last part intentionally, he wanted to make her feel angry, he wanted her to know just what he felt when she kept on frustrating him.

“I doubt that it will take you to it fast, you are now slow, when you have finally get to the mansion, your pretty shoes will be waiting for you”he added and walk out of the maintenance room.

Celine stood in the room bare footed, she knew she had over did it this time but what right does he have to talk about her leg.

A year ago she would have been fast, a year ago life had been rosy and she hadn’t been this way but because of the accident, she have become this way and she will keep on being this way, she thought as choked back the threaten tears.

Just who the hell is he and how dare him criticise her, he would leave her house right this instant, she doesn’t care about the deal she made with her step father, Nick will be leaving her house tonight and damned the consequence.

Limping back to the mansion, she got in only to see Stacey standing in the living room, looking very worried.

“Where is he?”Celine yelled


“Where is that bastard!”Celine yelled again.

“Are you talking about Nick”

“Yes I am, bring him to me, that man is leaving my house tonight….”

“But……”Stacey stopped when she heard the door bell.

Quickly she went to answer and a while later, she walked in holding an envelope

“What’s that?”Celine asked starring at the dazed Stacey

“Oh it’s nothing”Stacey said, hiding the paper behind her.

Celine knew she was trying to keep some thing from her and she knew that that thing must be in the envelope she just took from Stacey.

“You don’t have to see that Celine, please!”Stacey urged but Celine wasn’t going to listen to her.

She read the content and sat down on the bed, looking dazed just like Stacey did a while ago

“You don’t have to go Celine” Stacey said as she came to sit beside her

“They know! They know what being at the competition mean to me, they know that it will certainly remind me of the past and remembering the past hurts,it hurts a lot Stacey ” Celine said softly

“That is why am telling you that you don’t have to attend the racing competition tomorrow, I can just tell your step father that you are ill or some thing and……”

“You don’t have to go to that extreme for me, I will attend the racing competition, I know that Bruce is doing this to me, to make me realise what I lost when I lost my leg years ago and what hurts me most is that my mom, my mom is letting him do all of this to me, well if Bruce wants me to show up at the racing competition tomorrow then I will”Celine said smiling devishly.

“When you give that kind of smile, I know that you are up to some thing Celine” Stacey said but Celine Chose not to answer her, she stood up and began to limp upstairs, forgetting about Nick and her decision to send him away.


Dressed in his suit, Nick walked down stairs,he had been expecting Celine to come to him and with her anger, he was expecting her to fire him but he was surprised when none of that happened.

Certainly what he did to her must have shocked her a lot , surely no one have talked to her like that before , though he was quite harsh and he thought about going to her but he realised that if some one doesn’t make it clear to Celine, then she would never under stand that there is more at life even after going through that accident.

Even when he found her diary , he had a feeling that some one really wants to harm her but then she proved him wrong with what she did last night, she totally crazy, a freak, he just hope that very soon, he gets to leave this place for good.

When he woke up the next day, he was expecting her to turn up but instead he was faced with Stacey who told him to get dressed and meet her down stairs.

“There you are”Stacey said behind him

“You asked me to be punctual and so here I am, why am I even asked to get dressed? Am I going out?”Nick asked

“Of course, you are coming with me, why else would you be asked to get dressed ” Celine said at the top of the stairs.

Nick stared at the stairs and for a while he got lost in what he saw.

Dressed in white lace gown, she looked angelic, her hair has always been tied up and some how it made her look older than her age, seeing her with her hair loose now makes her much more beautiful and she even had make up on, Nick thought as he kept on starring at her.

She would have really made a beautiful picture if only she would smile, a beautiful smile but that won’t ever happen, Nick thought as she limped down the stairs towards him.

“I still think this is a bad Idea Celine, you really don’t have to go”Stacey said

“Just as have said, I will go , I certainly can’t disappoint my step father right?”She said and then began to walk off.

He was about to follow when Stacey pulled him back, having a worried look on her face.

“Please Nick, watch over Celine, I think some thing bad will happen, please keep her at your side, I beg you”Stacey pleaded and Nick nodded in response.

Why would Stacey think Celine will be in danger? He thought as he quickly walked ahead of Celine to open the door.


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