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(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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Kaylan was dozing off on the bed when the soft knock on the door woke her up. She stirred and opened her eyes, wondering who was outside the door.

Axel came in and bowed. “My princess. You’ve been released.”

Kaylan blinked and sprang up. “Really? I…can go back to my room now?”

Axel shook his head. “No my princess. I’m taking you to Lord Xander’s room.”

Kaylan’s heart rose. “Why?”

“Because he asked me to. Let’s go. You don’t want to keep him waiting.” Axel said and opened the door.

Kaylan sighed and stepped out of the room while Axel followed and closed the door after him.

He escorted Kaylan to Xander’s room just as he requested.

They got in front of the door but Kaylan refused to get in.

“My Lord. She’s here.” Axel announced when Kaylan wouldn’t get in.

“Bring her in.” Xander’s cold and deep voice said from inside the room.


Kaylan stepped into the room, her arms around her as she suddenly felt cold.

She didn’t know why but being there in his room was somehow terrifying. She could be somewhere else but not here.

She turned and saw him standing in front of the window, staring outside the dark. She studied him, wondering why someone so cute and handsome lived such a lonely and wield life.

He had no joy in the depth of those dark and dangerous eyes and she wondered what had taken the joy out of them….those beautiful dark eyes.

Her mind travelled back to the night of the treat and how he appeared a little different that night. She had jumped on him but he didn’t push her away or retaliated in any way.

He even said thank you to her but how, he was back to his old grumpy self.

“Thank you.” She mumbled, taking her eyes to the floor.

Xander turned his head slightly. “Why?”

“For sparing the man.”

Xander said nothing and only turned back to look at the window.

Kaylan lifted her eyes, staring at his back. “No matter what you do or how you appear…I know you have a good heart inside of you. I know there’s a place more human in you than you look.” Kaylan suddenly said. She didn’t know why she said it but she found her tongue rolling on.

“I’m sorry for whatever I did. I really didn’t mean to upset you.” She added, her eyes still on the floor.

Xander didn’t reply. His mind was on the night of the treat.

He remembered smiling after such a long time. The feeling that night had been different in a way. He was somehow lifted from his unending thoughts watching her that night as she fidgeted about the snake.

He turned now to look at her, his eyes on her face. “You have to learn how to stop provoking me if really you are sorry. I didn’t give that man what he deserved not because of you.” Xander said in his usual cold voice.

Kaylan nodded, still glad that she stopped him from killing him.

“You are free now. You can go back to your room.” Xander said, not looking at her.

Kaylan looked at him, sighed and left the room.

Xander turned and stared at the door immediately it closed up behind Kaylan.

“Axel.” He called, leaving the window side.

“Yes my Lord.” Axel replied, coming into the room.

“Keep an eye on Anya. Bring her here immediately she leaves the physician’s place.”

“Yes my Lord.” Axel replied, bowed and left while Xander walked into his study room.


“Kaylan!” Jaden squealed happily as soon as she saw her friend approaching the front corridor. She was waiting all night there with Akim.

Kaylan smiled seeing them. “Guys.” She sighed.

“Thank goodness he didn’t kill you!” Jaden sniffed, hugging her friend happily.

Akim patted her back. “I’m glad you aren’t hurt. Did he have you whipped like the other time?”

“Oh no. He didn’t. I was o my locked up for some time. It wasn’t something serious.”

Akim shook his head. “Xander will never know how to treat a woman. He doesn’t love you a bit.” Akim said sadly.

Kaylan looked at him and shrugged. “I…. don’t love him either.” She mumbled, hoping that was true.

Akim smiled and took her hand in his. “Don’t worry pretty one. I know perfectly how to make you feel better.” He said, smiling.

Kaylan smiled back. “Thank you Akim. I wish everyone were like you.” She replied.

Jaden stood, glaring at Akim with the corner of her eyes. She was starting to get uncomfortable with his excessive care and attention.

“How about taking you out for sightseeing tommorow?” Akim asked and kaylan’s eyes widened.

“Oh yes! Are you really gonna do that? Thank you so much Akim.” Kaylan said smiling happily.

“Don’t thank me Kaylan. I just want you to feel better.” Akim said.

He escorted the girls to kaylan’s room before saying goodnight.


Kaylan took her bath and after having a mug of hot chocolate, Jaden decided to say out her mind.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to go sightseeing with Akim.” She said, sitting on the couch beside Kaylan who glared at her.

“I don’t understand.”

Jaden rolled her eyes. “What don’t you understand? You are married and shouldn’t be seen with some guy.”

“Akim isn’t some guy. He’s part of family. Why do you like getting unnecessarily bothered?” Kaylan asked.

“Don’t get too close to him. That’s all I’m gonna say
to you.” Jaden said and walked to the bed, yawning.

“I’ve heard you mom. Goodness…why do you always have to sound like my mother?” Kaylan asked, following her to the bed.


**The Next Morning**

Anya stood up from the old cranky bed in the physician’s medical room and put on her shoes.

She still felt weak but really wanted to get out of the physician’s custody to prevent Xander from suspecting anything.

The physician came in, getting ready for the day. “Good morning. How are you now? Do you still feel pain in your lower region?”

Anya shook her head although it was a lie. She just wanted to get away. “I’m fine now. I really have to go before Lord Xander suspects a thing.”

“Be careful.” The physician said and watched her leave.


Anya sighed deeply as she traced her step toward her room. She was taking the stairs when she saw Axel standing at the top. She stopped, wondering if he was waiting for her.

She swallowed hard and continued her way upstairs.


“Lord Xander has sent for you.” Axel replied, staring at her.

Anya’s heart beat accelerated. “So early in the morning? What’s wrong?” *Oh my God. Does he know* Anya asked herself the last question.

“I don’t know. You have to come with me immediately.” Axel said and turned then started walking away.

Anya followed immediately with her heart beating so fast.


Kaylan stood in front of the mirror, brushing her hair and smiling happily. Akim was gonna take them out that morning for sightseeing and that got her so excited.

Jaden stood hopelessly beside her, thinking of anything possible at all in order to stop Kaylan.

“I know he’s gonna take us to the market too and I’m gonna get us pretty dresses.” Kaylan said, turning to look at her friend.

There was a knock on the door and Akim came in.

“Are you girls ready?” Akim asked.

“So ready! Where are we heading to first?” Kaylan asked as she grabbed, grabbing her flowery bag.

“To the florist first. I know how much you love flowers so you can go see dozens of them.” Akim said, holding Kaylan’s hand. “Come on Jaden. Let’s go.”

“Huh….. Akim give us some time. I need to join them at table for breakfast.”

“Okay. I will be waiting outside the corridor.” Akim said and left.

“What do you want to have for breakfast?” Kaylan asked Jaden.

“Hmmm….. anything Sweet.”

Kaylan chuckled. “I knew you would say that. I will be right back.” Kaylan said and left the room.


Anya tried hard to stay calm as Axel opened the door for her. She breathed in and walked in feeling feverish.

Xander came out of his study and saw her standing in front of the door. “Anya.”

“G…. good morning my Lord.” She greeted with her head bowed.

“What happened to you?”

“Huh? I mean… Lord…I was a little bit sick. I felt dizzy while climbing the stairs and fell.”

“Have you been taking your pills?” Xander asked in his deep cold voice.

“Yes my Lord. Always.” Anya quickly replied.

“Go now. You will be here tonight by 10.”

“Yes my Lord.” Anya replied and bowed.she opened the door and fled from the room.

Once outside the door, she breathed in a sigh of relief and walked to her room.


Madam Nadie and her daughters were already at the table even Sharon also joined them for breakfast.

She smiled sweetly when Kaylan walked in. “Kaylan! Good morning. How are you doing? Oh please sit. The meal is incredibly delicious.” She beamed.

Kaylan smiled and sat next to Mansi. “Thanks.”

After the maid had dished out her food, Kaylan looked up only to see Xander coming down the stairs. Everyone stared up surprised to see him coming down for breakfast after a long time.

Kaylan quickly stood up and pulled out the head chair for him before the maid would do it. “Good morning my Lord.” She greeted as he sat down.

Xander nodded, his eyes on the table. ”
Madam Nadie smiled happily as she stared at him. “I’m happy to see you here today. It’s great to know you acknowledge us as family.”

“Can we eat in silence?” Xander asked, placing one of his hand on the table.

“Leave it… I will do that.” Kaylan said to the maid who was trying to dish out Xander’s food. She took over and did it instead.

“Eat up my Lord.” Kaylan said with a smile as she finished serving him.

Xander looked at her briefly and started eating.

Sharon couldn’t stop boiling as she watched Kaylan dishing out Lord Xander’s food. How dare her show off in front of her?

She grinned her teeth together, grabbing her napkin with extra strength. She stared at Xander, day dreaming about him….. fantasizing on becoming his wife some day.

She couldn’t wait to get Kaylan out of the way. She just couldn’t wait.

Some minutes later, Xander left the table leaving his plate almost untouched.

Madam Nadie stared at Kaylan and shrugged. “Maybe he isn’t hungry but…I wonder why he came downstairs.”

Ailen stood up from the table and was about leaving when her mother stopped her.

“Clear the plates.” Madam Nadie said and Ailen gasped.

“And why should I do that when the maids are here? Why should it always be me?”

“Ailen, don’t speak to mother that way.” Mansi tried scolding her sister.

“Oh please. Keep it shut right there. You are cool with it because she didn’t ask you to do it.” Ailen attacked.

“Must you always be so isolated and stubborn!” Madam Nadie scolded.

“I’m not gonna clear the plates. I’m not a maid!” Ailen snapped and marched away angrily.

Kaylan only watched the drama. She couldn’t wait to leave the dinning so she could go out with Akim and Jaden.

Madam Nadie sighed, really stressed out. “By the way…. where’s Akim? He didn’t come out for breakfast.”

“He must be somewhere outside mother. Don’t worry about him.” Mansi said softly.

Kaylan excused herself and left the table. She quickly went to her room, and saw Jaden already waiting for her. “Let’s go Jaden. We are already late.” Kaylan said hurriedly.

Sh picked up her bag and practically dragged Jaden along when she hesitated.


Akim saw them coming out to the veranda and smiled.

“Sorry we kept you waiting.” Kaylan said as they approached him.

“Shall we?”

They all walked into the compound, chatting happily as they proceeded to the large gates.


At that moment too, Xander who was coming out of his main entrance with Axel and two other guards behind him saw the duo as they walked towards the exit.

For a moment, he stood…. looking at them. What caught his attention was Axel holding kaylan’s hand.

Axel and the other two guards stopped too, looking at the direction Xander was staring at.

They wondered why he was looking so intently at them.

They walked out of the compound, their laughter lingering behind.

Xander stared on although they’ve disappeared out of sight.

His hands tightened beside him as he continued walking, wondering where Kaylan was going with Akim.

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