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(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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Lord Xander stood outside the veranda, his eyes staring down and constantly diverting to the gates whenever a movement was made.

He couldn’t deny the fact that he was thinking about Kaylan, wondering where she was right now and what she was doing with Akim. He wondered where they’ve gone to and couldn’t just take his mind off her.

It was upsetting and it really got him angry.

Axel walked up behind him and bowed. “My Lord. Prime minister Drake is in the throne room. He is seeking audience with you.” Axel announced.

Without taking his angry dark eyes off the gate, Xander replied, “I don’t wanna see anyone right now.”

“My Lord…. Prime minister Drake really looks troubled. I think it’s a matter of urgency.”

“Axel!” Xander thundered in a very thick and cold voice.

Axel quickly clamped his mouth shut, bowed and left the premises immediately.

Xander breathed angrily and just then, the gate opened and they came in discussing.

He stared at them, his forehead greased with a thick frown. Before they could see him staring, he turned and walked into the hallway.


Sharon stood in front of Mansi’s window, staring down as she watched Kaylan coming into the palace with Akim.

She breathed in, getting ready to carry out her plan.

“What are you doing?” Mansi asked, coming closer to her.

Sharon turned away from the window. “The princess just returned with your brother. You should have seen the way they looked like lovers.” Sharon said with an eye role.

“Stop matchmaking them like that. Kaylan is Lord Xander’s wife and Akim is just being nice to her because he felt she would be lonely.” Mansi defended.

Sharon dimmed her eyes and folded her arms. “Seems you really like this girl called Kaylan, don’t you? Maybe you should go be her friend,yeah?”

“Are you jealous right now? Come on. Kaylan is part of our family now. You don’t expect me to hate her.”

“She’s taking my place. Can’t you see that?” Sharon scoffed walking to the door.

“I wonder if you are really here to attend the princess classes as you claimed or you only used it as an excuse to be here in order to achieve your crazy aim.

“How the hell do you manage to view that cold guy as your husband?” Mansi asked, really amazed.

“You can do anything for love my dear.” Sharon said menacingly. She rolled her eyes and left the room.

Mansi sighed and shook her head.


Immediately Sharon stepped out of Mansi’s room, she saw Anya walking past the lower ground.

Anya stood immediately she saw her and folded her arms, waiting for her to come downstairs.

Sharon smiled evilly and climbed off the stairs. She stood in front of Anya and they both stared at each other.

“You? I will never forgive you for what you did to me.” Anya said in a strangled voice, her hands tightened into fists.

Sharon giggled. “Really? What exactly did I do, Anya? You should be thanking me for saving you from disaster.”

Anya frowned deeply. “You killed my baby you b*tch! I will never let you get away with this.”

Sharon chuckled and looked at her. “Oh really? So….what are you gonna do? Report me? Let me remind you Anya that you are nothing but a mere s*x slave. You live in the palace doesn’t automatically make us the same. You are nothing but a s*x slave. Get that into your dead skull.” Sharon said into Anya’s face before walking away.

Anya breathed angrily as she stared at Sharon walking away. “I will never let you get away with this!”


“Phew!” Kaylan breathed out as she laid flat on the bed. “Today was fun!” She exclaimed happily.

“Yeah except for the fact that we found out about the prank.” Jaden replied.

Kaylan sat up. “Yeah, right? I can’t believe someone framed me up with that boy and his fake mother. Anyway….I’m gonna find out now that I know where they stay in the market.”

Jaden rolled her eyes. “Kaylan…..I don’t think we should further with this. Let’s stay away from the market for now. It’s only gonna cause more problems.”

Kaylan scoffed and stood up. “I got badly flogged Jaden! The marks are still all there… on my back right now! How do you expect me to let go of this? No!” Kaylan snapped, walking away.

“Kaylan. Come on.” Jaden groused. She shook her head, knowing fully well that Kaylan would never listen.


Xander sat on the throne in the large room, his left shoulder resting on the handle.

A middle aged man was sitting on the chair in front of him.

“Greetings my Lord.” The man, PM Drake greeted.

“What do I owe this visit?” Xander asked, without replying the kind greeting.

“I would have come with the other cabinet but chief Farhan insists I come first to seek your presence and tell you the matter on ground.”

“What village are you from?” Xander asked, the corner of his eyes were creased with a frown.

“It’s the new neighbouring town my Lord. The Greenland.”

“What do you want?” Xander asked, looking at his long and neat fingers.

“We want to trade with the Xander community my Lord. We were hoping to come trade in this land and do our trading. We will be very happy if you give your consent… ”

“Give and take.” Xander replied, taking his eyes to the man who stared back at him. “It’s a matter of give and take. What are you going to give in return?”

“Speak my Lord. What do you want in return?” PM Drake asked.

“You may leave. I will send message across to your chief when I’m ready.” Xander said dismissively.

PM Drake stood up and bowed. “Very well my Lord. We will be patiently waiting for your reply.” The man bowed again and left the large room.

Now alone, Xander breathed in deeply, his mind focusing back on Kaylan.

He was annoyed with himself for getting bothered about where she has been with Akim.

He stood up from the throne and left for his inner chamber.


It was dark as Sharon stood outside the garden, instructing the maids to set a mini table for drinks.

She smiled as she went round, inspecting the drinks. She couldn’t wait to get this done with.

She sat down, waiting for Kaylan’s arrival.


“Are you sure about this?” Jaden asked as she watched Kaylan getting dressed for her little outing.

Kaylan rolled her eyes. “I will be fine Jaden. I’m just gonna be outside with her. You worry too much.” She replied, putting on her shoes.

“I would have loved to come with you but I don’t like that girl at all.”

“It’s okay. I will go alone.” Kaylan replied. “Don’t sleep off while waiting for me. I will back on time.”

Kaylan walked to the door while Jaden shook her head wondering how stubborn her friend could be.


“You are here!” Sharon said happily and stood up, hugging Kaylan.

“Wow. The moon looks so bright tonight.” Kaylan mumbled as she sat down with Sharon.

“Yeah. Very bright. Thanks for honouring my invitation. It shows you really want us to become friends.” Sharon said with a smile.

Kaylan smiled back. “You are welcome.”

Sharon took a bottle of a black drink and poured out the content into two different glasses. She handed one over to Kaylan and kept one for herself.

Kaylan waited for Sharon to take a sip first before she would drink out of it for safety measures.

Sharon started drinking and looked at Kaylan. “Come on princess! Drink up. We should make merry tonight.”

“Yeah. Sure!” Kaylan said, drinking too.

Unknown to her, the liquor was a very strong one and only a cup would get one so drunk.

Sharon was only pretending to drink while she waited for Kaylan to get drunk.

Kaylan finished her first cup and almost immediately, Sharon refilled it.

“So…how are you getting along with your husband, Lord Xander?” Sharon asked, watching Kaylan. She noticed she was already getting drunk. That was the first plan.

Kaylan laughed longer than necessary before reply. “Yeah! That guy is such a freaking boring dude!” She laughed again and emptied the remaining liquor in her cup into her mouth.

Few minutes later, Kaylan became so drunk she couldn’t sit straight.

“I feel so good!” She cried out and roared a laughter.

Sharon chuckled silently and stood up, glaring down at Kaylan. “You are drunk.” She said stiffly.

Kaylan belched. “Oh? Am I? Nah! I’m not! Watch me!” She said and tried standing up but only ended up on the ground.

Sharon laughed and shook her head. “You need to get back to your room……no, Lord Xander’s room.” Sharon said with an evil smile.

She called one of the guards and instructed him to take Kaylan to Lord Xander’s door.

The guard carried Kaylan on his shoulders and off they walked to Xander’s building.

They got in front of the door and quietly placed Kaylan there who wouldn’t stop uttering nonsense and laughing unnecessarily.

“Let’s go.” Sharon whispered at the guard and they left, leaving Kaylan there in the dark…at the door.

Kaylan started knocking feebly on the door, yelling weakly. “Open up! Who’s in there!!”

Xander’s eyes dragged open as the annoying noise reached his ears from outside the door.

It was already late and knew Axel would have retired for the night already.

“Hey!! Open up!!” Kaylan’s voice came again and Xander frowned.

Isn’t that kaylan’s voice? Xander thought and stood up from bed. He turned on the nightstand and walked to the door and immediately, Kaylan fell right in.

Xander was a little startled as he moved back and stared at Kaylan on the floor. “Princess Kaylan?”

Kaylan glanced up at him from the ground and smiled cutely. “Look at him!! My husband who is such a jerk!” She said and laughed again.

Xander sighed and placed his hand on his hip, staring at her. He was tempted to smile…. because she looked extra ordinarily cute while drunk.

He closed the door and bent to take Kaylan’s hand but was surprised at what she did.

She slapped away his hands and staggered back until her back touched the closed door. “Don’t touch me!”

“Princess….” Xander said, reaching out for her but got rejected again.

“Don’t touch me! I feel so sooooo lonely but you don’t care, do you? Nah…you don’t.” Kaylan said and bursted out laughing then looked at Xander. “I got you right?How does it fell getting rejected all the time?
“What’s your problem? Why are you sooooooo bitter and rude? You don’t even love me as your wife! I feel so lonely…” Kaylan belched and laughed again.

Xander walked to the window and stared into the darkness outside. “I didn’t just wanna be bitter. There’s a reason for it.” Xander replied, his eyes focused on the window.

Kaylan tried getting up from the floor. She stood up and staggered bit before she could hit the floor, Xander caught her right into his arms.

Kaylan closed her eyes now, already tired and feeling so comfortable in Xander’s arms, she slept off.

Xander stared into her beautiful round face and gently carried her to his bed.

As he placed her there gently, he realised it was the first time since they got married she would be sleeping in his bed.

His eyes lingered on her long and dark lashes then down to her small pointed nose and to her round pink lips.

He was feeling wield. A new feeling that started even without him knowing.

He gently covered her with the duvet and stepped away from the bed still looking at her.

Kaylan mumbled in her sleep and turned her face away and that was when Xander was able to look away.

He ran his hands over his hair, walking back to the window as Kaylan’s words re echoed in his ears.

She was drunk when she said those words but it was true… everything she said.

Standing in front of the window there, he knew he had only been trying to avoid Kaylan maybe he had loved her from the first sight and didn’t want to lose her like his two dead wives.

Him alone understands the risk of Kaylan getting pregnant for him. Maybe he had been avoiding her for this reason.

Xander ran his palm on his face as he remembered that one reason why he couldn’t and would never be able to have kids.

This, he thought about far into the silent night.

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