WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 23

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 23




I kept my gaze on her for a while, thinking of the possible reasons why she could be here..
“Can I sit?” She asked, giving me a soft look..
“What do you want?” I asked, still leaving my gaze on her.
“I want to talk to you” she said.
I was silent for a while.. She probably needs answers to what happened..
I’m used to not having anyone around me, I’m sure she won’t be coming close anymore any time soon..
I’m pretty sure Jason should’ve told her everything about me, I mean they’re pretty close.. I just wonder why she’s here; probably to make fun of me or to just hear everything once again from me and laugh it out with Jason. They must be closer than I thought.. And honestly I’m damn tired of trying to keep up with Jason’s tricks.. I’m tired of everything. I just want to move away from this city and this country; from everyone that lives here.
“About what?” My voice came out huskily, probably because I was already getting angry.
“Can I just sit first?”
“If you want to talk about yesterday, then there’s nothing to talk about.. Everything you saw, everything you think, is exactly what I am”
“What! I’m sure Jason must’ve told you everything you needed to know and yes, everything he must’ve said is right.. There’s nothing else to hear from me”
“I need to hear it from you too–
“Why! So you can laugh it off at my face too?!”
“I’m not here to mock you Nick.. I believe we all have our own problems” she said and I scoffed..
“Don’t try to act all ‘sorry’ to me.. I’m done falling for tricks! You can leave my life too, you were never welcomed anyways” I said..
I stood up and was walking away when she stepped in front of me.. I gave her a cold glare.. Why’s she acting so pathetic?
“I’m not here to mock you, I just need us to talk”
“I already said I don’t want to talk to you and stop talking to me like we were ever close.. You’re nothing to me, you’re nothing to my life and now I want you to stay away from me.. Don’t act like you care and just stick to lowlifes like your self, you can inform Jason he failed on this one because everyday his tricks seem to get more familiar to me” I said, moved away from her side..
I felt her warm palm grasping my wrist, I stopped..
“Lowlife?” She turned to face me “I thought we were getting apart from hating each other”
“Apart” I scoffed “looks like you’re not only stupid, you’re also into dumb assumptions” I said, slipped my wrist from her grip and walked out.
To say I feel very angry is an understatement, i was completely boiling inside.. Yeah, I also thought we were getting closer too, not too close but I felt that she was different but what was I thinking.. It took just one day to turn her against me..
It’s great that she’s out of my life, for the meantime I have to stay away from everyone and everything until dad returns.. As it is, living itself is getting risky.
Jason’s actually one big idiot to think I would still fall for his tricks.. I’m used to him sending messages, I never knew he would use a human now..
I walked out of the door and moved to my locker, I grabbed my bag and walked to the stairs, after going down, I walked to the parking lot area, heading to my car.
🌹Jacqueline’s POV🌹
Alright.. He thinks I’m with Jason. Truly, I understand that Nick isn’t being himself, I know how it feels like to want to stop explaining yourself to people and to let them think what they want.. I know that feeling a lot but Nick went a little too distant.. I could sense a hint of truth in everything he said to me.. Like him saying I meant nothing to him, we probably weren’t as close as I thought.. All this while I’ve been nothing but a lowlife to him. That apart I know Nick needs help, just like me he might want to push it all away but it’s something that someone else, someone understanding needs to know. He looks so happy, relaxed and free on the outside but there’s a really big wound beneath his skin, he must’ve suffered a lot because of it..
I walked back to class and to my seat beside Martha..
“How’d it go?” Martha asked.
“Not too good but I know he’ll come around” she said.
“If it get too risky just let him be okay” she said and I nodded and looked away with a sigh.

As I worked behind the counter, I thought about Nick.. I thought about what he’ll be doing or how he might be feeling.. Since he had told me not to work for him I hadn’t bother going to his house.. He should probably still be getting his nerves calm then maybe I would appear after that.. I really feel sorry. In the past I’d have thought that I was the most pathetic being on earth, I would see myself as someone that is probably never going to be happy.. Everything went when I saw Nick yesterday, I wonder how it’ll feel like not to be able to mingle with friends nor keep any, to stay isolated and suffer from a deadly disease.. It’s way worse than just being abused and sincerely I won’t pick that over my problem. Wearing smiles, living in a mansion and owning a car but still not being happy, not having anyone to laugh out with.. He seem to be used to that life. He doesn’t have anyone, I wonder where his parent are, probably away from the state.. I have Martha, Noel, work mates, Allan and few others that I’m not particularly close with.. But Nick have no one..

My shift was over so I grabbed my bag, solemnly pecked ma’am Selena and journeyed out to my next work, I walked on the on the pavement, watching the busy road and thinking about something else.. Inside my bag I heard my phone ring, I pulled it out from my bag and checked the caller.. Nicholas. I stopped walking and picked the call, I moved away from the pavement.
“Uh hello ma’am,” a voice that wasn’t Nick’s said.
“Who’s this?”
“My name’s Jerome, I called because the owner of this phone is here at my bar and I have to lock for some reasons but he looks too wasted to walk on his own, I’m afraid he might engage himself to an accident if he venture to drive.. I was wondering–
“Where’s this bar located?” I interrupted him, alarmed.
“Simpson avenue, the name of the bar is J-drinks.. it’s actually at the end of the street”
“Yes.. I’ll be right there” I said into the phone, tucked it in my pocket and hailed a cab.. The cabbie pulled up in front of me and I got in, I gave him the direction and he started driving..
“Sorry but can you speed up a little more?” I asked and he nodded, soon the car was riding more faster on the road “thanks” I muttered to him.

He parked at the end of the street and in front of a bar, I saw a J-drinks design at the top, I quickly tossed some cents to him and hurried out of the cab.. I ran into the bar and looked around the almost empty bar.. There were two faces and none was Nick.. I took out my phone and dialed his pin, it started ringing and from the farther end, just at the small pub, a phone started ringing and Nick was there; his head was down on the table, I could recognize his clothes.
I walked to the table and saw Nick, truly he looks wasted and he was asleep. I took his phone on the table..
“Debtor” I said when I saw my number on the screen, this dude seriously saved my name as that.. I looked at the barman and he gave me a small smile and walked to me..
“You must be the–
“I’m Jacqueline” I cut him off..
He wasn’t about to call me Debtor, was he? 😒
“Yeah okay, just please take him home. My wife just had a baby and I have to hurry to the hospital” he said and I nodded.
“Nicholas” I tapped him and he shook a little, his eyes still shut. I tapped him again, harder this time..
“Nick it’s Jacqueline,” I said.
“What?” He asked, his voice slurred.
“You have to go home” I said and he made a funny gesture and slept back.
Ugh.. I tapped him again.
“Nick C’mon”
“I like it here, just leave me alone”
“But you can’t stay here, the barman have to lock up, let me take you home”
“No” he answered and raised his head up, he gave me a dull look. “It’s you” he said and laughed hysterically.
“Yes.. Let’s go home”
“Why did you have to go to Jason?” He asked.. “I thought we were friends but you chose him over me” he said in hiccups and hiccup after talking.
I sighed “you’re drunk Nick. Stand up, I’ll take you home”
“I’m not drunk a-and I don’t want to go home..go away from me, I hate you.. Yes you” He pouted his lips and shook his head at me “I like it here, I want to stay here” he said “please don’t take me home..”
Okay, did dude’s so not taking alcohol again.
“You can’t stay here, the barman says he have to go”
“But I don’t want to go.. Please” he said.
“No one wants me, all I ever wanted was to be happy.. I’m not okay. Everything is falling apart.. I don’t want that, I want to be happy.” he said and I watched him. He might be drunk but I knew he was being honest, people actually say the truth when they’re drunk.
“I didn’t want to be this guy.. I wanted someone else, a happy boy but I got this loner body instead” he said, hiccuped and pushed his head to the table. I searched his pocket and saw his car keys..
“Excuse me mister, will you please help me take him outside?”
“Yeah.. Sure”
I grabbed Nick school bag from the other chair and followed the man and he took Nick up and walked outside. I quickly hailed a cab and he helped him inside..
I don’t know how to drive so Nick will have to pick his car up tomorrow.
I sat beside him and the cabbie started the cab.
We got to Nicholas house and with my pleas the cabbie helped take him into the house while i grabbed his bag, he left him on the couch and I paid him, thanked him and he left.
Nick slept off.. I put his bag on a sofa and took off his shoes, I raised his leg to the couch, unbuttoned the first two buttons of his jacket incase he gets hot, I left his phone and walked to his room.. I grabbed a duvet from the closet and walked back to the living room.. I covered him up to his chest and adjusted his hand so he doesn’t have a sprain. I stood and watched him sleep. Unconsciously my gaze to the wall clock.
Shit, I gasped.. I’m damn late. I gave Nick one last glance and dashed out of the house to work.
I climbed the stairs up, threw a warm greeting to Allan on the couch and walked into my room.. I locked my door and stretched out on my bed, I stood up and changed to my PJ.. I felt hungry but I dared not go out to eat except I’m in for Allan’s trouble tonight.. I’m pretty sure that once he sees me, he must find a reason to take me to the toture zone and sincerely, i’m so not in the mood for any of that.
I laid on my bed and thought about Nick.. Will he be awake now.
I grabbed my phone and was about calling him but I kicked against and left it beside me on the bed. I reached for the light switch and turned it off then turned sideways to sleep.
The next morning, I brushed my teeth, had my bath and dressed up for school in my normal baggy wears, I grabbed my backpack, slipped a pack of juice and an apple into it and walked to school.
I walked into the school building and the school hallway seem busier with students than ever.. Is there a test today or some sorta activity?
I sighted a group of students staring at something like a placard on the farther end of the school wall.. Seriously, I gasped, is there really a test? But it wasn’t announced and besides the timetable aren’t posted here. I held the straps of my bag and walked to the small crowd.. I somehow successfully slipped in and moved to the middle, but I could still see the placard… I read it..
‘SHOCKING REVELATION’ The top read in bold letters… I continued reading.
‘A monster schools here.. Right in this school, probably among us is someone who isn’t human.’ The message read and my brows struck.. Below the writing was a drawing of a face with fluffy hairs sticking out of his face and there was a cross sign made with red ink on it. I looked around the school building and from every corner I could see more posters on the walls with the same thing and few students gathering to look..
My mouth opened slightly..
Oh no.. Jason!
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