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WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 24

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 24



💕Jacqueline’s POV💕
I sighed and turned to leave but my gaze caught Nick, coming down from his car; with his backpack strapped to his back he walked away from the parking lot and with the look on his face, I’m sure he’s also surprised at the excess presence of student at the hall when homeroom was supposed to be on.. With an inquiring look on his face, he walked to one of the posters and my eyes widened as I watched him.. I could see his fright from where I stood, he suddenly turned and our gaze met, he gave me a long blank stare then walked away. I glanced one more time at the poster and walked into the big door.. I used the stairs and got to where my class was located.
“Have you seen the posters at the hallway downstairs?” Martha asked, rushing to me and I sighed and stopped to talk to her. I adjusted my backpack.
“Yes” I said, thinking about how Jason must be smiling stupidly about this.
“It’s not talking about Nick, is it?”
“Maybe” I said dryly.
“Oh geez.. This school’s starting to freak the hell of me out” she said and I sighed. “But who could’ve pinned those posters.. It’s everywhere downstairs”
“I only know one person that could’ve done this, it’s Jason”
“What? Jason knows about Nick’s disease too?” She asked, surprised.
“Yes and I have to talk to him but first I need to get those posters off before it gets too viral and Mrs Howard sees it” I said.
“I’ll help” she said and I gave her a smile as we hurried to the stairs.
We got down and looked as the student kept getting larger.
“The way it looks right now, it’ll be difficult to take it out.. And even though we do, we can’t take it out of their thoughts” Martha whispered to me.
“We have to try” I said and dragged her to the first poster.. We pushed our way in and got to where the poster was.. I stood in front of them and dragged the poster down, everyone attention moved to me.
“Uhm.. Hi people,” I said awkwardly, not knowing what to say I looked at Martha for help and she shrugged. “Uhm guys, this information that you all must’ve probably read is fake” I said and ransacked my head for another word.
“She’s right,” Martha begin, I sighed.. I was totally lost for words. “It was actually us that pinned this out here because.. Um well because..” Martha looked at me for help.
“Uh because we wanted to introduce our new friend Donster to you all.. Looks like the printer we gave it to made a mistake” I said and looked at the killer looks they were giving me.
“Yeah.. You know how autocorrect can be and we didn’t notice it until now and we apologize if this have actually gotten you guys freaked out but just so you know, it’s not real, there’s no monster here.. It’s just our friend Donster.. Uh that’s all” Martha finished and I gave them a fake placating smile. Even though our words sound totally stupid, I knew it worked because they all started moving away.
“Never knew this school breeds stupid people now” I heard one of them say.. Martha was about walking to the girl, probably to shove some insulting words at her face but I held her back.
“We have to part.. You take that side while I handle this side” I said and she nodded. We moved to work..
🌈Jason’s POV🌈
“So how’d it go?” I asked, raising my leg and crossing it on a table.
“Smoother than you can imagine, majority of the students are hovering around every poster” Archie said, smirking.
“This is just a tip”
“But seriously man, those posters; are they just meant to trouble Nicholas or is there something else to it that we don’t know?” James asked, throwing an arrow to the board.
“It does” I said.
“Seriously?” He turned to face me. “So Nicholas is truly a monster?”
“Not really.. He’s just suffering from a monstrous disease, it’s something you can’t understand”
“Wait, you’re saying Nick have a disease that turns him monster-like?”
“Yeah.. Something like that”
“Wow.. And how did you come to find out about it?” James asked.
“Mom told me” I said.
“You mean Nicholas mother?”
“She’s my Mom now”
“Seriously man you’re using his weakness against him?”Archie asked.
“That callous” James added.
“That’s exactly how I want to be described to him and soon I’ll bring him down” I said and Jason gave me a smirk..
“And you’re doing all this because Nicholas spilled his coffee on you last semester and didn’t apologize?”
“Nah.. That’s old news, I’m only doing it because it’s fun to me” I said.
“You’re evil man” he laughed.
“Yeah.. We all are” I said and laughed along.
“This is so going to be an adventure”
“I concur” James replied and went back to his arrow shooting.
I looked at the plaster at the back of my palm and gently rubbed on it.. She must’ve seen it and probably believe me now. A smile tug at my lips. She just seem different, no girl have rejected me before.. Not that I just fall for anyone but her courage was somehow daring..
The fact alone that she did it because of Nicholas and chose him over me makes me want her more.. I’ve been the one to choose not being chose over someone.. She seem too confident.
I’ll surely get her where I want and when I get satisfied, I’ll trash her off.
“Jacqueline again?” Archie tapped me on my shoulder.
I smiled “I’ll get her, no, she’ll come running to me, that’s how they’ve all been and when I’m done, I’ll dump her like she worth nothing”
“I’ve never seen you this determined to get a girl”
“She just have this courage that makes me want her and trust me, I know just how to get her” I said.
“Jason!” The door flung open and she walked in.
“Speaking of the bitch.. And she arrives” I said and climbed down from the table.. She walked up to me.
“I need to talk to you” she said, seriously.
“Whoa.. Looks like someone finally wants me badly now.. Tell me sweety, what are we talking about?”
“About this,” she threw a huge ball of paper to my face and when I looked down, it was the poster. “You have to stop all this Jason”
“But it’s the truth, Nicholas is a monster.. It’s just normal that everyone around him knows”
“No it’s not!” She said coldly.
“So you know about it too? You know he’s a monster don’t you?”
“He’s not a monster, he’s just suffering from something”
“A monsterous disease.. What difference does it make?” I asked.
“You seriously have to stop this Jason.. Why are you even doing this? We both know Nick is not a monster”
“True but I just love doing it and besides why are you so troubled about it? I thought you said you have nothing with him”
“You have to stop this.. It’s really getting attention”
“That’s what I want and if you want me to stop then you have to do something that’ll make me” I said,
“Something like what?” She asked..
Seriously, does she likes Nick that much?
“Be my fling” I said.
“Excuse me.. What?”
“You heard me”
“That’ll never happen!” She said and I chuckled. She started walking away.
“You’ll never find another opportunity honey and just so you know I don’t give second chances” I yelled behind her she stopped and turned.
“You know what? I thought you were only wicked, I didn’t know you we’re a dumbie as well and for your information, I’ll rather eat out of a pig’s plate than have a nightstand with you” she said and I felt my anger rising up.. She walked out..
“Wow man.. That was big” Archie whispered and I frowned at him..
Crazy bitch! I looked at the posters on the floor, it’s obvious she doesn’t want me, at least not yet but somehow I have to make her pay for doing this to me.
🍭Jacqueline’s POV🍭
I sighed as I walk out.. Jason’s one big dreamer and somehow I just can’t believe I once had an unconditional love for him.. He just keep disgusting me everyday, I can’t pick who’s worst; he or Allan..
I walked to the end of the hall and waited until it was clear before I entered the door to the roof. I got there and just as I expected Nick was on the seat and his gaze went to me once I walked.. His once blank expression now held disgust and something else that I can’t fathom.
“Nick,” I called and he took his gaze away from me.. “Are you okay?” I asked and he gave a lopsided grin.
“Why do you sound like you care?”
“I do”
“Well don’t.. I don’t need you feeling sorry for me. I already told you to stop appearing in my life, I told you to stay away from me!”
“I can’t Nick.. Why do you keep sending me away?”.
“Because I don’t need you, don’t you get it? You’re just making everything worse for me!” His voice rose.
I sighed gently, calming myself “I already took the posters off”
“I didn’t ask you to” he said harshly.
“But you think drowning yourself in alcohol solves anything?” I asked and he gave me a questioning look that I got. “Yes, I was the one who took you home, your car’s still parked at the bar and everything you told me didn’t look like you want me away from you” I said, getting emotional.
“Everything I must’ve said to you last night wasn’t real, I was drunk.. I just talk gibberish when I drink especially when I get drunk so you don’t have to act sorry to me, I don’t need you in my life” he said and I felt my eyes getting misty.. Geez, I just get too emotional.
He stood up and walked away. I sniffed and stared at my feet like they were interesting then I followed him out.. I walked out of the door and sighted Nick at the end of the hallway, he was standing and holding the rail.. I wanted to ignore him and walk away but my gaze caught his veins deeply pooping out if his flesh, my eyes widen in alarm. Oh God..
I hurried up to him. “Nick!” I called hurriedly and I noticed how his grip tightened on the rail, his hand have turned red with green veins running through them.. I could hear his ragged breathing . He looked at me and I noticed how he was struggling to hold himself.
“Oh goodness,” I shrieked as he trembled, the veins were beginning to get visible and Nick was getting weak. I saw students passing through the hall.. I quickly took off my jacket and wrapped it around Nick; not caring if my scars were showing.. I was on a sleeveless dress. The students walked past us, noticing nothing.
Nicholas tried to say something but he couldn’t.
“Where is it? I mean your medication, is it here?” I asked and he nodded slightly. Soon it’ll become too obvious because it was spreading fast on his body and he was getting weak but he was still holding the rail.
“Where?” I asked hurriedly.
“L-l-l-loc…ker” he stammered but I got it.
“What your password?” I asked but he couldn’t answer, he was getting too weak.. “Nick you have to say something”
“5… 3… 2… 1” he said with great difficulty and started shaking more. I took my phone to call Martha to get it while I hold Nick but she might take time climbing the stairs here.. The lockers are not too far from here.
“I’ll get it.. Try to not fall” I said and ran to his locker.. I quickly typed the pin and it opened, I grabbed his bag and pulled it open, in a haste I grabbed the box inside his bag and checked, it had syringe that had already been injected. I grabbed the box, slammed his locker shut and hurried back to him.. He was still standing but trembling when I got there, good thing no one passed, they would’ve noticed something was wrong.
“I got it” I tell him and quickly took out two syringes out of the box.. I opened it and pierced once into his wrist and another on his hand.. I threw the empty syringe into the box and closed it up.. Nick stopped trembling after a moment and gradually his skin started becoming normal and his ragged breathing reduced and then turned to normal.
I didn’t finish my sentence when he fell on me, his head rested on my shoulder and his body stilled. He’s asleep. I quickly held him back in a hug and pulled myself to rest at the rail so we don’t fall because his weight was too heavy on me.
I sighed, getting relaxed a little and my gaze moved around me.. I sighted Jason, standing close to a door and looking at me with something I could call anger in his eyes.. He stood there for a while and stared at me and then at Nicholas.. He looked away and walked out.. I sighed again..
T. B. C


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