WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 3

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 3



I gulped in nervously, repeatedly sending my gaze to the ruined expensive phone in my hand and then to the angry dude whose gaze sent daggers at me.
“T-this must be yours?” I foolishly said. Not knowing the best way to start a conversation in such an awful moment.
Of course it’s his .. My subconscious tells me and I gulped again, before slowly rubbing my temples in a thoughtful way, ignoring the pains from the gesture that followed. What do I say next??
“It was a mistake I–
“You practically running into me when your direction was clearly pointing to me, is a mistake?” He asked, his voice a little loud.. Okay what was I expecting? that he’d smile sweetly at me and his voice would be like melodious music to my ears.
“No.. I mean yes. You see I-I was actually in a hurry to get to somewhere really important and.. I guess I wasn’t really paying attention to people before me”
“That’s a really wacky excuse”
I gulped again. Okay what do i say. I’m practically getting in trouble right now.
“I guess you can say that but I’m being honest. I really was in a hurry” I said, praying in my heart that I don’t get a slap for this because it’s obvious that the dude is a senior and that I’m totally at fault.
“I’m sorry?” I said, more like questioned and he stared at me like I’ve gone bananas before scoffing.
“That doesn’t fix the damage you’ve caused” he said, I bit on my lower lip.. should blame Jason for this but I can’t.. My one sided love caused this and now I’m going to be in trouble.
“Yes.. ” I respond like a dummy “so what do we do?”
“We? You’re clearly the one at fault so why are you involving me?”
“B-because you’re also at fault” I said before realizing it and breathed in my pointless guts.
“Wait..what? How am I at fault?”
“You were too engrossed In your mobile to notice me.. You should’ve stopped me” I said and his looks were clearly like he was watching a psycho display stupidity. “Plus you’re using your phone in the hallway when you should be down for recess.. Who does that?”
He scoffed and gave me a disgusted straight look.
“You’re really a stupid bitch. You know I could get you detained for this?”
“Okay.. No one’s involving the law, let’s play it fair.. How about I try to fix your phone up?” I asked..
“Does this looks like something that can be fixed. You’ve completely damaged it!” He seethe and I took my breath slowly. From the corner of my eyes I could see Jason walk out of the class with his friends, my attention completely went to him and I admired his masculine beauty until he walked out of sight.. Without sparing a glance at me. I smiled.. At least I got to see him for the day.
My smile vanished when the problem before me hit hard on my chest and I quickly attention-ed myself to it.
“I can still try to get one or two things working.. You might not know this but I’m pretty good at reviving dead stuff.. I can try this” I said. If that was true my parent wouldn’t have spend a second in the grave and I probably won’t be in this school and this mess.
“And what if you can’t ?”
“Then I-I will get you a new exact one even though this one’s a little old–
“And that’s because you squashed it. I got that phone last week and just so you know it’s very expensive. I’ll be expecting it in two days from now ” he said and I gasped. Two days!!??
Today’s just 24th and they’re about 6 more days for the month to run out and for me to get my monthly pay.. Where else will I get such money from?? And besides I’m not even certain all my salaries can purchase this phone.. It looks way too expensive.
“That’s too quick.. How about we push it to 6 days, I’ll surely get your phone by then”
“Look you don’t have choice.. I’m the one who makes the decision–
“I agree but I really have to work to get the money, that’s if I can’t fix this one.. Just give me six days” I said pleading, my palms together and raised up to him. His gaze was on me for a while.. It was like it was trying to figure out something I couldn’t fathom and.. Wait! Is he misunderstanding me? Does he think I work as a fling or do some dirty jobs?.. Is he getting the ‘work’ wrong and besides is the phone that expensive that I can’t afford the money to get it even though I do dirty jobs for six days.. I gave him a disapproving look.
“Um okay.. Six days then” he said “And don’t even try to play smart on me because I’ll get you before you do” he warned and strolled off.

I faced my front, grabbing the rail for support, I shut my eyes and counted deep breathes before slowly opening them.. This is so real. I checked the phone in my hand.. It sure looks very expensive and well, damaged.. How the hell did I ever think I’ll be able to fix something like this? I’m not even an engineer or anything close to that occupation.. I’m just an aspiring doctor juggling school life, work life and my emotions together. I really hope this does not land me into a deeper ditch because for a dude that’s just a senior in high school to use a trending and expensive phone, I need no soothsayer to tell me he’ll be stinking rich.. He’ll surely get me arrested for this and that’ll only pile up my already set down problems.. Oh goodness, I sighed.. Why’s my life like this.
I forcefully took my hands down and winced almost immediately, feeling the pain tugging at my shoulder. I sighed again.. I’d better go find Martha.
I joined Martha at the basketball field after properly hiding the phone in my locker. We sat and talked about random stuffs but I didn’t tell her about the phone issue.. She might only get it worsened. While we waited for recess to end, we watched a movie in her phone and while away time. Normally I enjoyed recess a lot, they we’re actually one of my favorite activity in school and I always anticipated because I get to watch Jason and secretly admire him but today’s recess just wasn’t the likable one because when I look around all I see is an angry dude, whose expensive mobile I had destroyed, sending glares at me while wagging a threatening finger at me. Today seem to be not my day.

After recess, we went back to class and when I checked for the next class, it was practical, chemistry practical actually. I’m pretty good at chemistry, it happens to be one of my favorite class but not for Martha, she prefers maths and I’m not really a maths person.. I don’t have same energy I have for chemistry, for maths.
We all moved out of the class to our lockers, I unlocked mine and grabbed my lab coat and gloves. We moved to the chemistry laboratory and took seats. The teacher was in.. Setting the equipments we’ll be using for the practical. We were settled when the seniors entered the lab too, all on lab coats. We all exchanged questioning glances at ourselves and I slowly bent my face when I saw him.. The dude who’s phone I ruined.. He was standing up and scanning around for an empty chair.
“The senior class will be joining us for today’s experiment because it’ll be an advantage to them too” the teacher announced and suddenly the dude started walking towards me, there was an unoccupied chair beside Martha and I was sitting after her. He reached the chair and sat on it.. I gulped nervously and looked away.. Hoping he wouldn’t see me here.
“Okay class, we’ll be starting today’s practical and for it you’ll be grouping yourselves. Five students in each group, according to how you’re seated” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“Nick it’s your turn” a girl beside him said but he paid no attention to her.
So his name’s Nick? Cool though.
We were grouped, with Nick among and when he finally noticed me, he looked away like we never met and I was glad for it.
We started the practical, test for protein, each group were given equipments while the teacher walked around, directing us group by group.. He chose a leader for each group and got to ours..
“Nicholas, you’ll lead”
“I don’t want to” he simply replied getting everyone attention and I frowned.. That was rude.
“Jackie, you’ll lead then” Mr Huston said and I slowly pushed my gaze to him.
“Wh– me?”
‘That’s clearly what he said” Martha whispered to me. Okay why me?
It’s not like I can refuse.
“You have a problem with that Miss Dawson?”
“No sir” I replied and stood up, heading to the front of the lab table and facing ‘my team’ my gaze fell on him and I quickly advert it.. Looking at everywhere but at him.
“We’ll begin Now…..

I couldn’t be more relieved when the class came to an end, I felt really nervous and I was surprised when my favorite subject failed me because at a time my speech got slurred and at another I spoke In staccato. Martha kept giving me a confused questioning look but I had to cover it with a smile.
We all packed the equipments, took our gloves off, washed and started moving to class, I was already out of the chemistry lab when Nick came to me and blocked my path.. My gaze directly on his somehow made my hair rise.. He moved to me and looked strangely at my face, making me hold In my breathe.
“W-what?” I questioned, taking a step back. He pulled up and dipped his hand in his pocket.
“Trying to take in your face”
“Why?” I asked, my voice coming out soft.
“So I’d recognize you if you try to play smart with me”
I scoffed softly then gave him a straight irritated look “I’m not that type of girl.. I don’t run away from my mistakes”
“It’s normal for anyone to deny–
“And I’m not anyone!, I’ll get your phone the exact way it was” I said and he shrugged before walking away, a hand tucked in his pant pocket..
I sighed and changed directions to the locker since school was over for the day.. Getting to my locker, I stuffed my books in my backpack and the phone.. I have to find a way to get this back to him in it’s initially form..
“Done?” I heard Martha’s voice and I quickly zipped my bag before facing her.
“Yeah” I said, locked my locker and walked out of the school building with her.
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