WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 4

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 4



I walked back to the stairs and took it before turning to the hallway that connected the classes, I head to mine, I dipped a hand in my pant pocket trying to reach for my phone but I didn’t feel it and then I remembered and I sighed.. The bitch destroyed it, she had better fix it up. I reached for the other pocket and took out my iPhone, I tried to settle it on my palm but it slipped and fell, I cussed and bent to pick it up and I saw feet before me.. I picked up the phone and checked if it was broken but it wasn’t, I looked at the feet and anger welled up in me…
Those sneakers, they used to be mine. Crazy bastard!
I stood straight and saw him before me, a smirk across his stupid lips. I suppressed my anger, gave him no attention and moved to the other way but his palm holding my wrist stopped me and my teeth gritted. How dare him . I slowly turned to him, yanking my hand from his grip, I curled it to a ball and sent it hard to his face.. My anger surfacing.
I watched him tend to his face, the part that my punch had met and when he looked at me.. I noticed a slight slit on his cheek and blood lining it up. He first gave me a glare and then smirked.
“Looks like someone’s not In a good mood ” he said and my teeth clamped. His voice angered me. “You haven’t changed one bit. Still trying to violently get attention” he said.
Attention? It was him who came up to me.. Dweeb!
He touched his cheek, drew the hand to his face and frowned when he saw blood, he gave me an alarmed look then smirked again.
“I’ll let this pass and don’t think you’ve won because you haven’t.. We both know I’m always the winner and one thing you should learn is that you don’t get victory by throwing punches, you get them by being more human.. Just like me ”
My fist were already curling to a ball and I could feel the urge to batter his stupid face, growing in..
“Don’t you dare Jason!” I gritted and he chuckled hysterically before smirking.
“Don’t ju ja mason. That’s how you sound ” he mimicked with a smirk “And just so you know You’re going down when I want you to and trust me that time’s very close and guess what.. I’ll ruin you same way I ruined your stupid happy emotions” he said and I could feel my breathing becoming hard and angry. He tapped my shoulder and took a step forward then stopped.. “Mom gave these shoes to me, I brought them knowing they were yours.. And we both know it suits me better just like your place in her heart ” he said and I heard him walking away. I stood on my spot, taking ragged breaths and trying to control my anger.
Stupid jerk!
Gosh! Why am I so angry, that bastard always find a way to trigger my bad mood. I felt my veins coming out of my flesh and I closed my eyes and steadied my breath before opening them, I walked to my locker, opened it and grab my bag, slung it to my back and walked out of the school building. Mr Huston asked me to see him.. He can go to hell.
I walked to the parking lot and took out my car keys, I unlocked the door and threw my bag to the backseat, getting myself on the driver’s, I started the car and drove off.
Getting to the driveway, I parked, grabbed my bags and moved to the porch of my house, I unlocked the door and moved in. I threw my bag to a couch and sat to take off my shoes. My phone rang, I took it out and at a first glance I swiped to the receiver.
“Hey dad” I said into the phone, dropping it between an ear and my shoulder, I used my free hand to pull off my shoe.
“Nick. Are you home?”
“Yes. Why?”
“Nothing. I called to inform you that I’ll be staying here for a month or two more, an important contract came up” he said.
I’m used to that.
“Okay.. Is that all?”
“I’ve been trying your other line and–
“Yeah.. Something happened, it’s not really important but the phone was damaged”
“Alright son. And what about our previous discussion, should I do it or you will?”
“A nanny?” I asked “I already told you I don’t need one, why are you still insisting?”. I questioned, taking the phone and holding it on my palm.
“But you need help in the house, we both know you can’t do the cleanings. I don’t want a dirty house when I return”
“There’ll be nothing like that dad. I agree I can’t do the cleanup but the house doesn’t get dirty because I’m not that kind of person and besides getting someone else to live with me can be risky. Don’t you think?”
“It only can if you’re not careful but you are so that’s no biggie-
“Dad” I drawled.
“You won’t know how much you need assistance there until you get one and if you won’t do it then I will”
“Alright but not a nanny, I don’t want some old woman ordering me like a kid. I’ll prefer a part time service”
“Fine by me. I’ll make the call and have them send her in a week or two. Don’t forget to lock up when you sleep, I’ll call you when I’m less busy”
“Okay. Bye” I said and he hung up, I dropped the phone and sunk into the chair.

I looked around the house, the walls were beginning to look unpolished, I scanned around and noticed the drapes needs some serious washing and the floor tiles could use some scrubbing, the shelves needs dusting and the kitchen.. That wouldn’t be a problem except for the dishes.. Normally I discard my utensils after use and get a new one whenever I need them, either to make instant noodles or a simple dish. I mostly eat takeout food and snacks from the refrigerator which I always ensure is stuck with fastfoods.
Ugh! I shut my eyes and inhaled. I could use some help after all.
🌹Jacqueline’s POV🌹
“Bye Noel. Sir Gregg, I’ll be heading home now” Noel waved back at me.
“Bye dear, be careful on the streets okay?”
“Sure thing” I smiled a response and he returned it. “Bye Mag, I’ll see you tomorrow” I moved to Margaret who kissed my cheeks.
“Sleep well Jackie”
“Thanks. Bye” I said, waved once more and head home, my workbag resting across my shoulder, the one that wasn’t injured. I sniffed in the air as I walked home.. Will Allan be home?
I sighed. I hope he isn’t.
After walking for close to an hour, I got to our house and used the staircase because we stayed at the first floor. It’s a two storey building that my father built and the people living at the down floor were our neighbors and tenant. Two old couple with no children, I heard their kids school abroad.. We don’t get along well though.
I finished climbing up and got to the door, I turned the knob and it gave way easily, I sighed my fate and moved in. Getting to the sitting room, I scanned around for Allan but he wasn’t here, I walked to my room and got in.. I changed to my nighties, I sat on my bed and took out the hamburger from my bag.
I took my backpack, zipped it open and took out the phone. Nick’s phone. I looked at it, as if hoping for a miracle to turn it on. I turned it and saw the many scratches my boot had etched on it, I could see the tag on the phone. I have to show this to Fred, he knows more about mobiles than I do.
I had my dinner before going to bed.

Morning arrived with less sorrow, after getting ready for school, I had my breakfast without getting a sight of Allan. Is he even home? I wondered.
I grabbed my bag, slipped in my phone and few cent before hitting the road to school. After walking for an hour, I got to school, I walked to my locker, dropped my bag and took out two notes from it before shutting it.
I turned to walk back but my eyes saw Nicholas walking to me. I froze on my spot and watch him walk to my direction, I quickly turned, trying to hide.
Okay I don’t understand why I get really scared and dramatic when I see him, alright I do but I think I’m over reacting. It’s probably because he’s a scary person or because of the thought of what would happen to me if I don’t provide his phone.
I sighed, positioned myself and the notes in my palm and turned before continuing my journey to class.
He suddenly stood at my front and slowly, I raised my head to look at him, my heart thumping against my rib.
“Um Hi” I said with a witty smile. He tucked his hand to his pocket and started walking like he’s about to go right into me. I shifted back in alarm and he kept moving.. I kept pulling back until my back hit against a locker. I looked at him, my heartbeat accelerating as he bent his head towards me..
Okay, what’s he doing? He kept pulling downward, frightened I shut my eyes when his head was beginning to get closer than normal.
“Don’t!” I said my eyes still shut and I turned my head, trying to prevent whatever I thought was going to happen. I felt a cold tippy touch running from my hand in a swift move, very close to my palm, down to my fingers. I opened my eyes and saw him putting the lid over an ink pen. My gaze moved to my hand and I widened when I saw the writings on them.. It was a strange writing and I stared at him.
“Don’t even try to wipe it off because it won’t go off.. It’s a rare permanent Ink pen and the antidote is with me, the only one in the city” he said and I took my gaze back to my hand then at him.
“W-what?” I stammered
“I’ll release it when you release something that belongs to me” he said, smirked and took steps back.
“Hey!” I called and he stopped, not turning “You don’t expect me to walk around with this. I already said I’ll pay you, why can’t you believe me?!”
“Because you’re an annoying stranger. you don’t believe strangers do you?” he said and continued walking.
“Hey!” I called but he didn’t stop walking neither did he turn to me
“Hey! You can’t do this ” I yelled but he didn’t turn.
“Nicholas!!” I yelled louder but no response. Crazy jerk! I muttered.. Screw him! I breathed out and when I turned eyes were on me from different angles .. I rolled my eyes at them, adjusted my notes once more and walked past them.. Screw them all.
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