WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 46

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 46




🌹Nicholas POV🌹
She sniffed and blew her running nose on the napkin I gave her, i watched her solemnly, I can’t believe she pass through all this daily.. She already told me about how her maniac of a brother enjoys hurting her and she explained about the scars on her body.. I can’t explain how I felt.. Anger mixed with pity but mostly anger, at that maniac and at her for hiding it all this while, for bearing everything alone for more than two years..
“It’s not really Allan’s fault if you see it.. He’s never been that way to me before, he was all sweet, caring and.. brotherly. He stopped being that way when our parent died and he blames me for it” she stopped to sniff “But somehow I feel really guilty about everything, maybe if I hadn’t been so childish and demanding then my parent will still be here and Allan would’ve been the great guy I grew up with, I feel like I caused everything” she said in a soberly voice.
“You caused nothing Jacqueline, a maniac is and will always continue to be a maniac, he just haven’t find a right time to show you that side yet. I get the fact that he’s your brother even though I doubt that but what I don’t get is why you still stayed in that house and keep accepting his wickedness”
“He’s my brother Nicholas and about the question, I keep asking myself that too but you know people change and same way Allan changed in the past, I kept hoping he’ll change back to the sweet guy I know.. I stayed cos of my parent.. Allan’s my only family and same way I lost my parents, I didn’t want to lose him too.. I just wanted him to change” she said and I sighed softly..
“Two years wasn’t enough to tell you that that son of a bitchy monster can’t change!” I said, a little aggressively and sighed softly when she gave me a small look “I’m sorry” I mumbled. “Your friends.. Do they know about this?”
“No, well except you of course. Though Martha got suspicious at a time due to my baggy clothes but I was able to cover it up. Truthfully I wanted to tell someone, to tell her but the risks wouldn’t let me.. First I thought about how she’ll begin to see me knowing that.. I’ve been raped and abused by my own brother. It was too shameful and considering how Martha is, I know she won’t stop until she gets Allan behind bars and I don’t want that” she said and I gave her a long look. Was I talking to a human or an angel in disguise.. Has she always been this soft hearted and..gullible.
“So I guess this was also the reason why you rejected me?”
She nodded.. “It is. I was really scared about how you’ll feel once you get to know about.. this.. I was scared of hurting you and my heart a second time” she said.
“I’m sorry Jacqueline..” I said and she arched a questioning brow at me “for not noticing all this on time. I’m sorry for letting you pass through all this alone and not proving to you enough that you can always count on me.. I’m sorry for being a friend that you can’t trust and I’m sorry for loving you and still not noticing your flaws and problems even though we’ve been kinda close enough” I said and her lashes swept her upper cheek.. Her eyes was misty but she was holding the tears from falling out. I hugged her and she sobbed quietly.
“I’m sorry for hiding this from you even after you trusted me enough to tell me your deepest secret.. I just wanted to protect Allan” she said and my teeth gritted. That bastard.
“I know it’s normal for ladies to be so soft, caring and all but your’s too extreme and.. Extraordinary”
“I know right”
I rubbed her back and we pulled away. I swept her hair to her sides and wiped her teary face with my thumbs.. I gave her a small smile.
“Promise me you’ll never keep secrets from me again especially when they’re crucial”
“I promise Nick” she said and yawn.
“Sleepy?” I asked.
“I guess so” she said.
“You can use th guest room. It’s yours from now”
“I won’t staying here forever Nick, I don’t want to be a bother.. I’ll see if I can move in with Martha’s family tomorrow”
“No you won’t.. I want you to stay here with me so I can protect and watch you. I stay alone here and Martha stays with her parent and probably siblings, don’t you think you’ll inconvenience them more. I want to be the one to take care of you and be there for you” I said and she moistened her lips before giving me a honest smile.
“Thanks” she mumbled.
“It’s my duty. There are some blankets and something that can fit you in the closet” I said.
“Yeah thanks”
“Call me if you need anything at all, okay?”
“Sure” she stood up and walked away.
I stared at her until she went into the room then I grabbed my car keys and walk out.
I drove to the apartment where I dropped her earlier and stepped down, I looked around first then took the staircase to the floor where she lived, I rang the bell first and waited but heard nothing then I tried twisting the door knob to see if it would give way and it did, so I took a step in.. I looked around the room filled with lights from the bulb but the room had no one else except me, so I walked in fully..
“Hello” I called out, hoping to hear a move or a response but there was nothing.. My gaze caught something on the floor and when I looked closer, it was blood; lots and lots of it. It had traces on the wall and on some part of the couch.
“Hello here?” I called again and got no response, I entered a room but it was empty, I moved to another; same thing. I was about moving out when my gaze caught a pile of used cotton wool at a corner on the floor with so much blood, beside it stood a lid-less healing ointment and a big ball of plaster, a first aid box was left opened too and that means that Allan guy’s still alive. I sighed softly, why didn’t he just die??
Well I’ll wait for him here and kill him myself I was about sitting when another thought hit me; what if Jackie is awake, where will I say I went to.. I don’t think she’ll like the fact that I had to kill him..
Well, with time, she’ll have no choice but to like it and I’ll have to come back later for our fight since he isn’t here.. Arrgh how I hate that stupid guy.
I walked out and drove back home, after entering the house, I walked to Jackie’s room first but she was fast asleep, I walked to the bed to give her a light kiss and I noticed how wet the pillow clothe was, a thin and almost unnoticeable trace of dried tears was on her face, she must’ve cried herself to sleep, I watched her for a while before moving to the door.. I gently closed the door and walked into my room, I fell on the bed and unexpectedly, fell asleep.
It was 10:01A.M when Jacqueline walked out of her room, I was on the couch, stuffing my face in daily times.. I understood she must’ve been stressed out so I had let her sleep.
“Hey sleepyhead” I said with a smile and her gaze came to me, she smiled.
“Hey.. Sorry I overslept, I guess I was more tired than I had th– wait what day is it today?”
“Thursday?” I said.
“Geez.. Why didn’t you wake me earlier, we’re damn late for school. What’re we gonna do?”
“Not go to school. Today’s your first full day here and besides, we need to get clothes for you”
“Yeah right.. I need to get my phone” she said and walked to the couch, she grabbed her phone and turned it on..
“Whoa.. I’ve got ten calls from Martha plus a text and two from Lance” she said, checking her phone.
“I made you breakfast, after it.. Well go to the shopping mall downtown to get you clothes” I said and she nodded.. “Oh and if you need to brush, there’s an extra toothbrush pack in the bathroom sink” I said.
“Okay. Thanks” she took her phone and walked away.
💮Jacqueline’s POV💮
“Try this one on” Nick said and I arched an eyebrow at him.
“We have three carts full already Nick, isn’t that enough?” I said.
“They’re still so many pretty clothes I want you to try on.. Let’s make it four”
“You said that two carts ago and now you’re talking about a fourth one” I asked..
“Let’s make this the last” he said and before I could protest, he pulled me along and left the clothe on my palm and nudged me to go on into the fitting room.
I came out seconds later, after putting the cloth on and Nick ran his eyes up and down my body before nodding rapidly.
“You’re so getting this” he said and I shook my head.. Oh Nicholas.

After shopping for five carts in all, Nick paid and we had six bags to carry.. Nick left them in his booth.
We got hot fudge sundae next and took seats.
We watched the waterfalls next and I took pictures of it, it was the first time I’ll be visiting a waterfall and thanks to Nick it was so much fun..
We got into his car and he glanced at his wrist watch before nodding..
“It’s time” he said..
“Time for what?” I asked, locking the seatbelt.
“Um.. I meant time to go home” he said and started the car.
Getting home, Nick parked at the driveway and we took the bags out including the takeout sundae we got.. I had two bags while he carried four, we got to the porch and walked in..
“Leave the bags on the couch.. I have something to show you” he said..
“It’s a surprise” he said..
“I hope it’s food cos I’m so hungry” I said..
“That’s a bonus” he said and I smiled. “But it’s not in here”
“Where is it?”
“Close your eyes and I’ll lead you there”
“Aww.. Are you being romantic right now?”
“Yes.. Just because I’ve never dated doesn’t mean I can’t be. We’re in a world of technology, you don’t have to experience things first before you do them” he said.
“True.. And I’m starving”
“Alright.. Close your eyes and give me your palm” he said and I did what he asked, he started leading me and carefully; I followed..
“Hold on tight.. There’s a small stair case” he warned and I held tight to his palm and climbed down the stairs.. I felt a rush of a slight fierce air on my naked skin and it swam into my hair.. We took about seven steps more and he stopped.
“We’re here. Now slowly open your eyes” he said and I opened my eyes and looked before me, almost immediately a loud gasp escaped from my lips.. I was speechless for a moment..
Before me was a small camping house with a wide opening, designed with pretty curtains and amazing chandeliers, golden beads hung at each corner with a pink satin clothe and from the big opening, I sight the interior. I turned to Nick and he gave me a toothy smile.
“Wow!! You did all this?”
“Not me exactly, I paid people to do it but it was my idea” he said “Knowing how our last dinner ended, I decided to do a makeover” he said.
“This is so beautiful, can I go in?”
“Of course” he said and I walked in, stepping on the pretty floor clothes. I looked at the table and at all the foods on it, my stomach churned at the sight and Nick giggled.. I arched an eyebrow at him..
“Yeah I get it, let’s eat first” he said and I almost yelled ‘yay’.. He helped me on a seat and took the other..
I had a plate of sauced shrimps first while Nick had lasagna.. He forked a big piece of meatball into my plate and I ate it, with a mouthful of meat I mumbled a word of thanks to him..
“How’s it?”
“Super-duper delicious” I said, chewing on the food.
“Here. Try this one too” he passed me a plate of Salisbury steaks and potatoes and I took it.. I ate it up in no time and I was full, I took some water.
“Come, let’s sit over there, the atmosphere’s pretty nice there” he said and took my wrist, I brushed my hair aside and followed him to the bench.. We sat and I looked up at the sky.. It was giving way to darkness gradually and I sighed softly; releasing memories which I was sorta glad were now part of my past.
I felt a large warm hand encircle my palm on the bench and I looked at Nick..
“What’s wrong?” He asked with a slight grimace.
“I’m just thinking about Allan.. I’m scared that I might’ve killed him” I said truthfully.
“Isn’t that supposed to be great news, especially for you?”
“What? no. I don’t want him to die.. I mean I know he deserves it but I don’t want that for him.. He’s my only family”
“So you’re saying you’re ready to forgive him if he asks?” He asked.
“I have to.. It’s been one of my greatest wishes to see Allan become the person I used to know, for us to become a family and if forgiving him will bring that.. Then I have to” I said.
“Right from yesterday, killing him has been one of my wish but hearing you say this is.. Intimidating. You passed through all this and you’re still willing to forgive him.. Are you even human?” He asked and I smiled.
“My parents death changed a lot of things about me.. You can say this is one of it” I said and he smiled and drew me closer.. I rested my cheek on his shoulder while watching the sky.
“Oh there’s something behind you” he said and I raised my head up, ready to turn when he took his hand from behind me and stretched a red rose to my face. “I guess this Is yours?” He asked with a smile and I giggled..
“It is,” I said “Thanks. It’s beautiful” I sniffed it and rested my head back on his shoulder.
🌹Allan’s POV🌹
“Ahhhhhh!” I yelled, dropping another huge ball of bloody cotton wool.. The blood won’t just stop pouring out..
I felt a striking pain and I gripped the pillow close to me to suppress my scream.. I don’t want anyone rushing in.. I stared at the pile of bloody wools, my teeth gritted very hard thinking about how it all led to this.. That crazy bitch! She really grew some hard nerves didn’t she?
Breaking my head and running away with her boyfriend! Slut!
After killing my parents she wants to kill me too.. She must be feeling very happy, thinking I’m already dead but she’s so wrong.. I’ll make sure she pay for this, once I get this treated, I’ll come for her and this time I won’t hesitate in showing her hell on earth..I’ll track her wherever she is without giving up. She’s that stupid to follow me when I apologize and I’ll make sure I deal with her to an extent where she’ll cry for death..
“Arrgh!” I yelped. I grabbed myself up, grabbed a coat and my wallet and walked out.. I need to go to a hospital and get well in odxee for my plan to work out.. Get ready for me Jacqueline, it’s not over like you think.
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