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WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 47

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 47




🌹Nicholas POV🌹
I watched as Mr Huston kept boring us, me especially with chemistry lecture, normally I’ve always been a big lover of the subject but I guess that changed today.. It’s even lunch time already plus I haven’t seen Jacqueline all morning after I walked her to her class.. Ever since we started staying together, I happen to be so over protective on her (that’s how she sees it though)..but I’m only being cautious. And somehow I get this uncertain feeling when I don’t see her for a long time. It’s like I have a very loyal obligation to always be with her and watch out for her, she’s my property now and that will be fully legalized when she agrees to be my girlfriend.. After my disease might’ve probably been gone, I plan on moving away from here with her, from all the bad memories and starting a new life..
It’s been three days already since we started living together and sincerely, I take those days as one of the best of my life.. Her presence took this loneliness away and It made me feel more human, everything we shared during that time was something I wasn’t sure would ever go away. Mom was here yesterday and the day before it, as much as I enjoyed her presence, I still look forward to moving away and getting myself treated to become fully human..
A slight creak sound from a chair jolted me back to reality and I realized Mr Huston was no longer in class and almost half of the students were out of the class of the class for lunch break..
Phew.. Finally!
I sighed and pushed my butt from my chair and walked out of the class to where the stairs were located.. I ran down it and got to the narrow walkway where Jackie’s class was located. I sighted her on a chair in her almost scanty class, scribbling down something from a notebook to hers.. It was among the new ones I got her.
A wide smile automatically formed itself across my lips, I walked up to her and obviously sensing a presence; she looked up and smiled. I sat beside her and stared at what she was doing..
“What’re you doing?”
“Taking down notes from classes that I missed” she said..
“That can wait right?”
“Yeah.. Why?”
“I have something to tell you” I said.
“Okay.. Spill” she urged.
“I’m not doing it here.. We’ll go buy lunch first then go to our secret schoolroom and I’ll tell you” I said, referring to the rooftop room.
“Mm-h.. I think I have a hint about what it is but let’s go” she said “hold on.. I’ll just pack these”
We walked to the cafe and while she ordered our food, I had a brief chat with my dad.. She walked up to me with two wrapped up snack and drinks, I took it from her and we walked to the stairs, we successfully got into the rooftop room and she wiped the dust particles that found its way to the bench with a napkin.. We sat and I unwrapped one of the bagel and strawberry cream, I pushed it to her and started unwrapping the other one for myself.. As we ate, I couldn’t help but stare as her mouth moved while she chewed on the food, my gaze decisively moved to her thin full lips as the conjoined, her throat moved as she swallowed and then her mouth, when she took in another bite.. It was like I was watching a movie that I’ve always watched and will never get tired of watching.. Lately watching her while she eats have become a habit for me, a very fun one too.. I’ll take in all her facial structure and imagine how it was all put together to make such an beautiful face..
I could watch her all day without getting tired..
“Okay.. What’re you doing?” Her voice jerked me up a little but I kind of expected it because most times, she catches me watching..
I first gave her a slight grimace before taking a little bite from my bagel with uninterest.
“Eating” I said in response, chewing dryly..
“No. You were watching me.. Again” she said.
I gave a clueless expression then smiled lopsidedly “I couldn’t help it..sorry”
“I’m not offended Nick. Why don’t you just say it?”
“Say what?”
“You said you had something to ask me, go on and ask” she said, keeping the wrap away.
“Actually.. Well it’s about my–
“Your question?” She cut me off and I gave her a brief eyebrow arch.. “I knew that was it Nick.. It’s been close to a week already and it’s not that easy to keep holding it. Truthfully it’s not been easy for me too, I’ve been looking forward to the day you’ll ask again. You know at a time I started thinking that maybe you’ve stopped feeling that way about me and honestly, those thoughts scare me a lot but I’m really glad that you asked now and my answer is a big yes” she finally stopped talking and my brows stayed arched at her.. First I have no idea about what she’s talking about and secondly, that was a long gobble up speech.
“Yes to what?” I asked, with a grimace.
“The question you wanted to ask.. About me liking you too and ready to date you” she said in an uncertain tone. “Hold on.. Wasn’t that what you wanted to ask?” She asked.
“No but I..I mean I’m really happy to hear you say that” I said, smiling and her face reddened..
“You mean you didn’t plan on asking me that now?” She asked and I shook my head “Gosh.. I must’ve been a blabber mouth back then. I-I-”
She hid her face away, embarrassed.
I chuckled and pulled her hands that were hiding her face down and her blushed face got revealed..
“I never stopped loving you.. I just didn’t ask cos I thought you still needed more time. I’m glad you feel the same way too.. You have no idea how happy I am” I said and she smiled, before she could hide her face again, I pulled her into my arm in a hug and she buried her face in my chest.. I stroked her hair..
We pulled away and I made her look at me.. “We’re celebrating this once we get home. We’re a couple now Jacqueline! I’m so happy”
“Really?” She asked, suckling her lower lip..
“Yes.. I’m the most happiest guy in the universe right now” I said and she blushed and looked away. She raised her head up at me..
“So what is your actual question?”
“It isn’t a question.. It’s a news”
Her brows narrowed “Good or bad?”
“Great” I said and she nodded, urging me to continue “I’ll be getting cure for my disease soon” I announced and first she gave me a stare like I had said something abominable, realizing I was serious her face turned stiff..
“Wait.. You’re serious?” She asked and I nodded “but how? When.. I mean how did it happen?” She asked, surprised.
“Well my dad found this surgeon in Korea, he specializes in both normal and rare cases. My dad told him about my illness, how it started, doctors reports and how I get to stop it briefly. I’ve had video calls with him different times and even showed him the scar on my stomach. Fortunately, he said he has handled a case similar to this before and he can give it a try.” I said..
“A try?” Jackie repeated “I’m happy about this, you at least found someone that has an idea about you illness but isn’t ‘a try’ dangerous?” She asked
“It might. I don’t even think about that.. I’m only looking forward to fully becoming human”
“I won’t die Jackie.. I can’t leave you here alone. Let’s think positive okay?” I said and she wanted to say something but she nodded instead and smiled briefly..
“Congratulations” she said.
“Thanks babe”
“Oh.. Don’t call me that” she said, her cheeks flushed, she tried to hide it.
“You’re my girlfriend. Why can’t I?”
“Cos I feel..shy?”
“You’ll get used to it. We’re a couple now anyway” I said and she giggled.. I smiled.
My shy pretty girlfriend.
🌹Jacqueline’s POV🌹
As I walked to class after Nick saw me off to the walkway, I couldn’t help but keep thinking about what Nick said.. What if the surgery–
I shook my head, shaking the thoughts off.. I have to be positive, this means so much to him and I understand that he’ll be too clouded with the happiness of becoming human to think about the consequences.. I pray this comes out well.. It’s his greatest desire. I walked to my seat..
“Hey. Where have you been?” Martha asked.
“With Nicholas”
“Oh I’ve forgotten you have a boyfriend, I was searching for you in other places” she said.
“Well I was with him. We had lunch together”
“Aww, I wish I had someone that’ll do that with me too”
“C’mon Mart we have lunch together all the time”
“Not that type.. I’m talking about the type where you mix food with so much love.. Having both for lunch. You know what Jackie, it’s obvious Nicholas truly loves you and by now you should know that he’s not one of those guys that won’t easily hurt or leave you.. Why don’t you just give him.. you know a chance?” She asked.
“I did that today. I told him yes” I said and Martha eyes widen at me..
“Really? That’s a good choice. I’m happy for you guys.. At least one of us now has a boyfriend” she said..
“I’m happy too, same as Nick.. He says we’ll celebrate when we get home?” I said.
“Wait.. What do you mean home? Don’t you both live in separate places?” She asked and I sigh..
There’s so much revelation to do and I don’t even know how to start.. How do I tell her this?
“Um.. We actually stay together. In Nicholas house” I said and Martha gasp slowly.
“What?” She shrieked. “But how? When? Why?”
“I don’t know how to answer ‘how’ and when; it’s been close to a week now—
“A week!?” She said, not minding how loud she yelled, she continued “I’m glad to hear that but how come it’s been so long and what about Allan.. Didn’t he say anything about you moving in with a guy?” She asked.. Okay, how do I start this?
I prayed inwardly and opened my mouth to talk but no words came out..
“Martha,” Lance rushed to us and Martha gave him an irritated look for the interruption, obviously angry about it.
“I just got the movie on Netflix” he said.
“Really?” Martha asked, interested.
“Yeah.. I’m playing it now”
“Jackie we’ll continue our discussion later, you really have to watch this movie with us” she said and beckoned on Lance to come.
Glad for the interruption, I adjusted for Lance to stay in our middle.
“So.. Who’s ready to watch the movie of a lifetime?” He asked dramatically.
“Will you stop being a dork and just start the movie already” Martha primped.. He played the movie and we watched it together.

Martha and I didn’t get another time to talk cos the movie turned out to be pretty long and interesting plus the interruptions from teachers.. We couldn’t finish it and I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to do so because I enjoyed it a lot. After school, Nick came to pick me up like I was his little sibling and Martha gave me a knowing smile. I bade my friends bye as I moved into the passenger seat of Nick’s car.. He helped tighten my seatbelt without me asking..
“You know I can do that by myself right?” I asked.
“Sure but I don’t see any harm in giving my girlfriend a hand” he said and I felt my cheeks burning up..
Oh Nicholas.
After a brief shower, I pulled into one of the sweatshirt and pant Nick got me.. I tied my hair up and walked out of the room.
I heard small sounds and I walked to the kitchen, Nick was on the counter, busy chopping some veggies on a chopboard..
“What’re you making?” I asked, walking up to where he stood.
“Tuna casseroles” he said.
“Okay. How can I help?”
“You can start with the tuna fish, it’s in the fridge” he said and I nodded. I put on nylon gloves and walked to the refrigerator, I took out a piece of tuna.
I watched as Nick prepared dinner like a skilled chef.. I felt really proud of myself for having such a great guy for a boyfriend.. Oops, I can’t believe I just thought of him as my boyfriend.. Well somehow I’ll get used to it with time.
Nick brought down the pot and the nice smell waft in the air..
“It smells delicious” I said, clapping dramatically.
“You’re lucky your boyfriend’s a great cook. Wanna try some?” He asked and I nodded.. He took some in a spoon and blew raspberry on it, he lifted it up to my lip.. I opened up and he drew it close to my lip then pulled it away, I gave him a playful glare and closed my mouth. He chuckled.
“I’ll put it in this time” he promised and I opened up again, he put the food into my mouth and gave me an expectant look.. I chewed on the food, nodding my head at the taste.
“This is.. So good” I said, pausing on purpose..
“Yeah.. I expected that” he bragged. “Now feed me too”
I narrowed my brows at him.
“I don’t want to” I said.
“But that’s unfair.. You’re supposed to return a favor”
“I don’t remember asking you for it Mr McDowell” I said jokingly.
“Well Mrs McDowell if you don’t know; that’s how couples have romantic time” he said..
“Well I don’t want to do it” I said and turned but he pulled me by my wrist and caught unaware, I moved very close to him and a palm gripped his shoulder.. Our bodies were totally pressed against each other..
Our faces were inches apart and my breathing became hard, slowly, Nick hand snaked around my waist and we stared into each other’s eyes.. I couldn’t look away and I guess he couldn’t too..
Gradually, he started leaning in, I let him do the moving.. Watching like I didn’t know what was happening. His face was only an inch from mine and as his hand pressed around my waist, his lips reached mine. I enjoyed the feeling only for a second because the next suddenly felt ferocious.. I could picture Allan forcefully kissing me, I could feel his hand grasping my hair and pulling really hard on it as he tilt my head. His fingers pinching my side to get passage into my mouth.. I felt his rough kisses on my lips, the rough pushing of his tongue into my mouth, the hard tilting of my head, in a bid to defend myself both inwardly and physically, I pushed him off and moved away to catch my breath.. I looked up to see Nicholas giving me a questioning look and I sighed softly as the thumping of my chest increased.. Nick walked up to me gently.
“Hey. Are you okay?” He asked softly and I gave him an apologetic look and nodded slowly.
“I-I’m sorry,” I said amidst breathes “it’s not like I don’t want to kiss you or something but… ” the rest of my words hitched on my throat..
“What’s wrong Jacqueline?” He asked.
“I can’t stop thinking about Allan forcefully having his way with me.. I just.. I just don’t know why” I rushed my words.
“It’s okay. I perfectly understand,” he said pulling me into a comforting hug “And I’ll to wait until you’re ready for it. I promise” he said and I suddenly felt like slapping myself for being so emotional.. I shut my eyes against his chest and exhaled softly.. I started calming down in Nick’s comforting arm, I felt safe and secured, I felt assured that in here, in his arms.. There’d be no Allan.. It felt like a real home, my comfort zone.
T. B. C

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