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WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 49

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 49



I took a step back, not knowing if I moved myself or the wind did.. Allan stopped moving his gaze ran up and down my body; like he was searching for something.
“You look so..different” he said, his gaze on my face. “At a time I didn’t think it was you” he said and I wondered why he was being so informal, like nothing transpired between us.
“Why?” My voice was soft and it itched my throat, I didn’t like myself getting weak by Allan.. I’m supposed to be able to speak boldly to him, I can’t still be afraid of him up till this moment after everything. “Is it because I now wear short sleeves? Or because the scars you were expecting to see are now almost invisible?” I asked, not knowing how or why I did but I was loving this person talking now.
He gave me a lopsided grin.
“I expected the guts and deserve more of it but that’s not why I’m here. I came Here because I was hoping to find you and I’m glad I did” he paused, took a step toward me then balanced himself on one knee, before putting the other down. I stepped back, looking at him in confusion.. My heart could only tell me to run but somehow I wanted to see what Allan was doing or what he wanted.
“I wanted to apologize to you”
That word alone created a lump in my throat and rendered me speechless.. “I couldn’t realize how evil I’ve been until you left, maybe your hit helped me see that.
After gaining consciousness, I realized that I deserved more than what you did, even death wouldn’t be enough.. I reminisce on the fun moments we had together in the past and I realized just how much I missed those times.. My stupid grudge didn’t make me see what I was losing. Im so sorry about everything, I’m really..sorry” his voice cracked and I had a hint that he was crying.. Allan was crying!!?
Am I in some kind of hallucination land?
Allan’s really apologizing to me and also crying.. He’s really back to the guy I once knew. I can’t believe this.. It’s like an almost impossible thing. It looked so surprising.. I didn’t know what to feel or say or do..
Should I hug him and tell him just how much I’ve missed him and how earnestly I’ve waited for this day?
Should I feel happy, joyous or extremely grateful to myself for staying until this time?
What do I do?
A tear found its way down my cheek, I stared at Allan with a blank yet emotional expression.. I feel like a confused soul.
Allan was still on his knee, looking at me and probably hoping for my words but I was speechless..
“I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness and it’s fine if you don’t want to give it,” he said and stood up, a sad expression on his face “I’ll just leave your life alone but just know that I’m truly remorseful” he said “I hope you live a good life”
He turned and was walking away.
“Wait!,” I said before he could take a second step and he stopped before turning to me “what do you want from me?” I asked, my eyes heavy with tears.
“Let’s move away from this country and start the family you’ve always wanted, the way we used to be. Just the two of us… We could do everything we didn’t get to do in the past” he said in anticipation..
Is my wish about to get fulfilled?
Is Allan truly back?
This has been my only desire for two years now and it’s happening.. Allan wants us to be family again, a real family together. I gulped down hard..
“What’re you doing here!?” Nicholas walked up to us from the back, anger written all over his face and like a bolt, a punch went to Allan guts.. Allan tended to the spot and Nick walked to me.
I gave him an assuring smile that everything was fine but he wrapped his arm across my shoulder, protectively. I wanted to move to Allan but somehow my feet didn’t succumb. Allan stood, blood at a side of his mouth.. Seeing him up Nick was about charging towards him again but I restricted that by placing a palm on his arm, he gave me a questioning look.
“Stop it Nick,” I whispered to him “He apologized” I said simply and Nick’s gaze went from me to him then back at me with a curved brows.
“And you believe him?” He asked.
I gave Allan a small look then I looked back at Nicholas..
“I think he’s being honest Nick” I said.. “I know I’m not supposed to be this soft but this has been my biggest wish for years now”
“So what’s gonna happen now?” Nick asked and I knew he was trying not to raise his voice at me.
“We’re moving away,” Allan answered “Far away to start a new family”
“You shut up!” Nick was charging at him again but I held out a restraining arm and he looked at me..
“It’s not true right Jacqueline?” He asked me, grabbing my wrist like it was his possession “You’re moving with me right?, I got our plane tickets already. You can’t believe him” He asked, looking into my eyes, tears fell.
“I’m sorry” I sobbed, releasing my wrist from Nick’s grip and he gave me a questioning look, from the corner of my eyes I could see Allan giving us a lopsided grin.
“Wait.. What’re you doing?” Nick asked, giving me a confused look “Are you choosing him over me?”
“I’m sorry–
“He’s just a hypocrite Jacqueline! he’s doing this for revenge. How can you fall for this so easily after everything you passed through in his hands?! Is this–
“Stop it Nick!” I said and Nick just opened his mouth, lost for words and staring at me. I took a step towards Allan and he gave me a genuine fake smile, it could look genuine to others but I knew better. Close enough, I raised me hand, letting all the anger, hatred and pain surface, I mustered it up in one piece and slapped him hard across his face. I guess it must’ve taken him by surprise cos he staggered back and Nick immediately rushed to me, my breathing was hoarse and audible.
“How does it feel like to be caught by surprise? Pretty cool and harsh right? That was exactly how I felt when you apologized until I realized you were playing me again.
It must’ve been fun to think that you could fool me again.. You don’t even look remorseful!. You thought I’d fall for this and go back to you!
You must’ve thought i was still that gullible and stupid girl I once was but you forgot that people grow and I did. I understand you still think our parents death happened because of me and I’m still so sorry about that but it’s been two years already.. Why can’t you just forget about it?
For two years Allan, I stayed with you, suffered both physically and emotionally from you, thinking you were still healing from our parent death, I kept believing you’d change! I was willing to stay for that long and it didn’t make me realize that I was staying with an animal, that the Allan I once knew was gone forever and it’s all good now cos I’ve given up on seeing you change…
I wanted to say this independently, I’m not going anywhere with you! Nick is my family now and it’s just normal that you pick family first, right?” I gave him a look “And you’re lucky that I’m not charging you for everything you..made me pass through” I said and Nick wrapped his arm around me.
Allan laughed wickedly and gave me a straight look..
“It’s good to know that you stopped being stupid and yeah, sad that you caught me this time but it’s not ending here. You didn’t think I’ll let you go after what you did to me, did you? And about those people lying there,” he pointed to our parent grave “they might be your parent but they’re not mine and yes we’re not related” he said and immediately a bombshell struck me..
“What?” I mumbled at the revelation.
Allan isn’t my brother!? But how and why am I just hearing it?
It sounds surprising but not so surprising cos I kind of thought of that too.. I mean what kind of brother derives joy from hurting his own sister..
“You were obviously too stupid to realize that,” he said and put his hand into his pant pocket, he took it out and it had a silencer.. I shivered at the sight and Nick, full of anger was about moving to him but I held him back.
“You sonofabitch!” Nicholas cussed and Allan only chuckled harshly.
“Don’t take even a step!” He warned. “I could take you both down before you do anything which of course I will but I’m not done talking to my stupid sister!” A smirk stayed on his lips. “The day our.. Or should I say your parent died.. It wasn’t you. I might’ve kind of fumbled with the brake and loosened something that could cause an accident” he said and the words hit me like a spear, directly at my heart..
He killed our.. My parent!.
But why? If they’ve been so good to take him in, why will he want to kill them?!
This was all Allan’s fault after all.
My tears wouldn’t stop falling, I had many questions I wanted to ask, many things I wanted to say, many things I wanted to do but I couldn’t do any. I could only cry and let Nick comfort me but it was all just too much for me right now.
“The accident was meant mainly for you, I didn’t care if your parent died, I just wanted you to go too. Mrs Dawson.. She was such a sweet nice lady, taking me from the streets and nursing me like her son, Mr Dawson contributed a father figure too and everything was going fine, I couldn’t ask for more until you came. All the love was switched to you, I didn’t like that but I didn’t complain. And then I was able to go through Mr Dawson’s files and I saw his will.. Both he and your stupid mom willed everything to you, it was supposed to be mine but they gave it to you and only wanted you to take care of me,” he chuckled throatily to that “I realized that everything would to go to me only if you pass away, that was why I did it. Everything I tried, you escaped it. I could’ve killed you a long time ago but my colleague thinks it’ll be suspicious, especially since we weren’t really related so I decided to take it slow and I waited until this time; and just when it was happening, you escaped again after breaking my head of course” he said and then steadied the gun at us. The tears kept falling rapidly, what I felt was unexplainable. How could Allan be this callous?!
“Looks like another opportunity’s here on it’s own and this time I’m taking both you and your stupid partner down. Nothing can stop me now” he pointed the gun at me first.
“Don’t you dare!” Nicholas gritted, moving to my front, I was too helpless to do anything, only the tears fell..
“Alright then. I’ll take you down first with all pleasure” he said sarcastically and raised the gun to Nick’s head. I could see his fist tightened beside him and his veins bulged out, completely red.
Allan pressed the handle and it all happened like a flash… The gun was jerked from Allan grip and he was sprawling on the floor. I looked up and saw two uniformed men, they had guns both pointed at Allan.
While they got Allan arrested, Nick’s arm was around me and I cried on his chest.. The policemen took Allan away and talked to Nick who nodded severally.. Nick led me to his car.
All through the ride my head was on Nick’s chest, consoling my uncontrollably sobs.. He was quiet while I cried.
I can’t believe Allan did all this to people who were kind enough to take him in. I had no idea Allan had this much hatred for me right from time even though he acted so nice and loving.. I would envision our family as the best because I thought everyone was happy and I had a sort of exceptional love for Allan then.. He was always protective of me and ready to defend me from bullies.. Honestly, I never noticed any unfair affection for the both of us from our parent, we were treated almost equally, except for the fact that I was younger and a girl.. They made every occasion special for us, birthdays, graduations, excellent semester result and so on..
Allan shattered all my happiness, how could he be so greedy, selfish and wicked?? How could a human be so callous.. I had been living with a stranger and my parent’s killer for almost three years, enduring his tortures and pain.. Allan was never my brother!..
We arrived home and I told Nicholas I was heading to my room..
“Should I come along?” He asked and I shook my head..
“I would like to be alone”
He sighed softly, I knew he was very worried about me..
“Call me if you need anything okay?” He said and I nodded and practically dragged my wobbly body to my room. Getting there, I collapsed on the floor and cried my eyes out, not being able to contend all the tears, I let them out in screams.. Promising myself there and then to make Allan pay for everything, I’ll make him rot for this! He’ll pay not only with his tears and sweat but also with his blood!!..
💐Nicholas POV💐

I stood close to Jacqueline’s room door, hearing her vent her anger and sadness on screams.. I wish I could go in and hold her in my arms, even though it wouldn’t change anything, I just wanted to be there with her and bear the pain together.. I feel so mad at myself for not being able to do anything..
I always knew that Allan guy was a beast, I never thought of him as human.. He’s more than voracious.
I stared at the door, hoping it could become transparent and let me see Jacqueline.. I just hope she doesn’t hurt herself. Today must’ve been a big shock for her..
I knew Allan was up to something when I saw him hop down a taxi, he glanced around first and while I watched him closely yet seclusively, he pulled out a silencer from a bag and tucked it in his trouser before throwing the bag away.. I knew better than to confront him so I alerted the police at once and ran into the cemetery before he would hurt Jacqueline.
I don’t know what I can do to help her but one thing I’m certain about is that I’ll make that animal pay with his life and his body must be fed to his fellow animals..I’ll make sure he suffers slowly and painfully first.
I moistened my lips with my tongue and plopped myself to the floor.. I’ll have to wait here until Jacqueline needs me.
T. B. C

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