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WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 50

WEIRD HEARTS (Love in circles) CHAPTER 50




(Final chapter🌟)
(Nine days later)
💐Jacqueline’s POV💐
I woke up feeling very refreshed after a long night rest on the extra soft bed.. Yesterday was pretty tiring.. You can call that an understatement cos seriously it was the most tiring/fun day of my life.
After all the very sad scenarios I got engaged in with my friends cos I told them I was leaving and it was a forever thing, Martha gave me the biggest hug ever and trust her, she made sure we had all the fun we could’ve had in a week; in just a day and Lance and Nick did their own thing and at Nick’s request, they exchanged numbers. I do miss Martha’s presence once in a while but we facetime like everyday and it kinda helps me feel close to her even though we’re miles away. Arriving at Seoul with Nicholas wasn’t as fascinating as my curiosity had envisioned, or so I had thought until yesterday..
It was surprising that up till this time Allan crosses my mind once in a while and before you think otherwise, it’s in a really bad way.. Nick got him charged to court and since there was no one to defend him and a few evidence pointed at him he was found guilty and given a death sentence.. Yeah I wanted that.
Ordinarily, I never thought I’d have the heart to be so revengeful but here I am, I guess certain revelations sometimes changes one mentality.. And it’s no doubt that revenge sometimes makes you feel good too. I am glad I avenged my parents death and when I visited their grave last and dropped some really big bunch of flowers, I suddenly felt more peaceful..
Being good to people pays off most times but I guess it just didn’t work for my parent.. Maybe it was because they helped an animal.
Nick was like a really big help during my trying times, he even had Martha come see me at his house cos she was really worried about me and somehow her presence contributed to my recovery..
Back to present times, Nick gave me a big tour yesterday all around the big city of Seoul, we also attended a huge concert in one of the city halls.. I was elated at the huge amount of crowd and I suddenly started feeling way out of their league because the artist performing sang in the Korean language and it was kind of a gobble-de-gook to me but with time, I caught the chorus lyrics and sang along, waving my light stick. Nick wasn’t completely a music person but seeing how happy I was, he just cheered along with me. We took so many pictures and later got treated to a Korean dish in a korean eatery; which was delicious, Nick had to order for two more plates because of me.
After the whole big tour, I found out Korea was a really fun big place, I couldn’t point which had more tourist spot, america or Korea.
Last night after we arrived home, in Mr McDowell’s house, I retired to my room and just when I finished changing to my nighties, Nick walked into my room with a plate of sticky and yummy hot fudge sundae and even though I felt really tired earlier and the initial plan was to retire to bed after readying myself for bed; I was soon wide awake at the sight of the treat and Nick giggled at me. I gave him a playful eyeroll and he settled beside me on the bed, I took a spoon and we ate the sundae together, with him spoon feeding me at intervals.
We finished and he set the plate aside, I stretched out on my bed and he laid beside me.. I stifled a yawn and half-asleep, I asked if his dad wouldn’t mind him spending the night on the same bed with me when we’re just ‘dating’.. He laughed and promised to leave after I sleep off. I snuggled myself under the warmth of his breath and I didn’t know when I fell asleep.

I finished brushing my teeth in the sink and I walked out of my room. I looked around the spacious sitting room which was void of human except me of course, I was about walking to the porch to check if Nick was outside when my gaze caught a piece of paper glued to one of the couch.. I pulled it and read the contents..
**Hey sleepyhead. How was your beauty sleep?
Dad and I had to visit doctor Kim, he called earlier. Sorry I couldn’t fix you anything for B, we didn’t have one either.. Don’t miss me too much, will be back before you know it. 💜**
I walked to the kitchen and left the note on the counter, I checked the list of breakfasts in my head and finally settled to make broccoli chicken casseroles.
I finished up with the meal and was setting the table to eat when the door opened and Nick walked in with his father behind him, they were laughing about something and seeing me, his laughter died down and he walked to me..
“Hey babe” he gave me a peck and I smiled.
“Good morning Dad Marcus” I greeted Mr McDowell.
“Hey. I smell something delicious,” he walked to the table “Did you make breakfast honey?” He asked me.
“Yeah.. You guys wanna eat? I’ll just get more food”
“That’ll be great. I’m totes stressed out from all those talking” he said and Nick gave his dad a look.
I walked back to the kitchen and returned with more food and plates, Nick and his dad took their seats on the table.
“So, what did doctor Kim see you guys about. I thought the surgery was scheduled for next week” I asked as I dished dad Marcus food.
“Actually, it was changed to two days from now.. Doctor Kim and the other surgeons that are supposed to take my case need to travel to India before next week, so my surgery was moved to next tomorrow” Nick explained and I stopped to give him a questioning arched brows.
“What? But that’s too near. It was supposed to be next week, how can he pull it so near” I said, worriedly and Nick gave me a calm look..
“I know it’s unaware and you’re scared, you don’t have to hide it but the earlier the better and I’ve told you that I’ll be fine”
“I know.. It’s just that.. We haven’t spent more time together yet and–
“We still have tomorrow babe and besides, we’ll have all the time after my surgery” Nick assured but I still felt really worried.
“I know Nick but-” not knowing what to say, I just moistened my lips and sat down.
“I’m worried to Jacky but in times like this we all have to be positive, left to me I’ll not want Nicholas to do this but he’s not a child anymore and beside this is one of his biggest dream. We can’t stop him from achieving it even though it looks too risky and dangerous, we can only encourage and support him by hoping for the best out of this and remaining positive” Mr McDowell said with a mouthful of casserole “Nick will come back to us, okay?”
I nodded, fearing that my words won’t sound too positive.
I ate my breakfast slowly, the food had suddenly depreciated to a not-too-delicious one and my mind was occupied with Nick.. In two days from now I’ll be saying goodbye to him and letting him go to a journey of risks.. I’m just really scared.
I wish Nicholas will not go ahead with this surgery..
After breakfast, I did the dishes slowly and went to my room, I sat on my bed and heaved a sigh.. As I stared out of the window from when I sat and saw the sky, I didn’t know what moved me.. I knelt beside my bed, brought my palm together and shut my eyes, and for the first time in a long time I muttered a long prayer for Nicholas.

Two days came quickly, it was as if I had only taken a blink.. We were in the hospital, Mr McDowell and I stood in the waiting room, my eyes were misty with tears and they still wouldn’t stop pouring out, Martha had facetimed me earlier and even though she wasn’t here with me, her comfort from the screen could be felt.
Nick was wheeled to us in a stretcher, dressed in the hospital gown and I rushed to him, I hugged him really hard and he reciprocated..
🌟Nicholas POV🌟
I had to pull Jacqueline away from the long hug cos I was sure she wasn’t planning on backing out anytime soon. I stared at her red and swollen face, it was obvious she didn’t get proper sleep last night, that’s If she had any. Her sunken eyes brought more tears and I felt sad seeing them.. I wiped her tears with my thumbs and gave her a smile which she reciprocated amidst the tears..
“I’ll be fine” were the words that came out from my mouth and she nodded then hugged me again..
“It’s not too late to stop this Nick” she whispered, her voice almost inaudible.
“Going negative again?” She pulled away and gave me a light negative shake of her head.
“I prayed a lot for you and I know you’ll come out safe.. I just want to be sure that you really want this” she said, slowly and I nodded.. She sighed and hugged me again, intertwining our palms in the process.
“I love you,” I whispered in her ear..
“I know and I love you more” she said, squeezing her palm in mine.
As she took a step back, dad came and he gave me a light squeeze on my shoulder with a slight nod.
“We’ll be waiting here for you, with a big party and a lot of your favorite foods” he said.
“Oh.. I’m sure my spirit wouldn’t want to miss that” I said and we shared a small laugh. Jacqueline brought her tablet to me and I saw Martha and Lance on the screen..
“Goodluck Nicholas, I’m positive you’ll come out of there. Superheroes don’t die early remember?” Lance joked and I nodded with a smile.
“I-I don’t know what to say Nicholas b-but no matter what you have to leave that place alive. Fight like the fierce guy I know, Okay?” Martha said and I nodded.
“I will”
“And if you leave my bestie there without you, then be ready for me on the afterworld” she said, smiling amidst her drop of tears.
“Yes ma’am” I said with a smile.
I feel completely loved right now.. I wouldn’t have realized how making friends feel like if Jacqueline hadn’t influenced me.. I feel so special and important. It’s like my whole family are awaiting my return and I’m glad I have people to call my own. Mom spoke to me on phone after that and her voice was totally shaking, I could barely hear her and after the cracking, I love you, the call ended. The nurses were about leading me again when Jacqueline stopped them, they were patient enough, it was like they could feel her pain.. She walked to me..
“I have to do this, if I don’t then I’ll feel really.. mad at myself” she said, leaned in slowly and gave me a simple yet really long kiss on my lip. Our very first kiss. When she pulled away, she rested her forehead on my lips and I kissed it.. She gave me a look, her face flushed from embarrassment.
“Goodluck” she whispered and walked away, hiding her face in my dad’s bosom. I was taken away to the theater. Before the surgery began and before I went into unconsciousness; for the first time in my life, I muttered a word of prayer, for myself and for Jacqueline. Sincerely, my hopes wasn’t as high as I made everyone believe.. I was scared for myself, my dad and mostly for Jacqueline.. How’d it feel like losing everyone you call family?
I hope she doesn’t experience that and I included that in my prayer as well…

(5 years later)
💍Jacqueline’s POV💍
I stood at the big balcony of the hospital where I worked, dressed in my nursing uniform.. I stared down at the parking lot, watching the Camry that recently pulled up, fit in a space.. I had barely just finish assisting one a neurosurgeon on a big case and after washing up, I came here to get a more soothing air, this has been a normal place to get it out of the other fifteenth storeys.. I sighed out when a man emerged from the car that had just parked in a hurry, walking to the other side of the car door, he quickly yet carefully brought a pregnant woman and almost immediately nurses hovered around him and took her on a stretcher. Alarmed for duty, I quickly rushed to the hospital and ordered one of the early nurse to prepare the labor room.
After another successful case and a few more treatments, work was over for me, I grabbed my bag and walked out to my car, I had gotten it just last year I threw my bag to the backseat and was on the drivers’, I flexed my muscles and was about starting the car when I heard my phone ringing; I took it out and peered, dad was calling. I swiped to the receiver..
“Hi dad,” I said into the phone to Mr Marcus.
“Jacqueline, are you coming home already?” He said, barely letting me finish my words.
“Yes, just got into my car. What’s up?” I asked.
“It’s not all that serious but you need to come home quick”
I was alarmed.
“Why.. Did something happen to you!?”
“No honey it’s not that.. It’s just something else. Come home quick okay and be careful on the road”
“What’s wrong dad?”
“It’s nothing going on in your head, it’s something else.. Don’t be too bothered, I’ll see you at home”
*click* the call was disconnected.
I quickly wore my seatbelt and started my car. I parked roughly on the driveway and hurried down, not fetching my bag, I hurried to the porch and tried opening the door but it was locked.. I knocked severally and rang the doorbell. I heard noises from inside and immediately the door was opened and I saw dad..
“Are you okay dad? Did something happen to you?” I asked.
“I’m fine, I’m fine and with the way you sound, I’m sure you didn’t have a smooth ride”
“Trust me dad, you don’t want to know about it” I said and he moved aside, as I stepped it.. Just above my head a big and thick placard covered with transparent glass, fell above my head, i moved back and studied the placard and the inscription on it.

Will you marry me JACQUELINE?💍

My gaze immediately shot up before me and my gaze caught Nicholas smiling face, ignoring the other presence, I rushed up to him and engulfed him in a tight hug.
He had left few months back to Italy on a school charity trip and he wasn’t supposed to be back until next week, at least that was what he told me and here, he’s standing right in front of me.
Nicholas POV
Jacqueline pulled away, stared at me for a while and hugged me again..
“Yeah.. I’ve missed you too babe” I whispered in her hair and she giggled before pulling away.
“You didn’t say you were coming home today”
“I wanted it to be a surprise” I answered and I sensed she was about asking another question but she suddenly looked back at the placard and before she could turn to me, I was on my knees.. A small velvet box rested on my open palms, revealing a silver ring.
Jacqueline gasped loudly and held her lips with her palm.
“Will you be my wife, Jacqueline?” I popped the question and she stared at me with agape mouth.
“Oh my God Nicholas” she stammered softly.. “Of course. Yes, yes! I’ll marry you” she released the words in one breathe and put out her palm. I slipped the ring into her ring finger, stood up and hug her.
Applause came next and Jacqueline buried her face in my chest..
“For how long have you been planning this?”
“Since I got out of that theater room” I whispered back to her and when she pulled away, I cupped her face in my palm.. And gave her a questioning look to which she nodded to, I tilt my head and fastened my lips on hers..
Not like I had expected a negative reply from her but hearing her agree to marry me so happily only made me realize more how much she loves me and how much I love her too.. It’s been five years after my successful surgery and after it, we both went back to school, while she had a degree in nursing, I was about getting mine in surgery right here in Korea and since we were both at the peak to almost achieving everything in life, I didn’t need a second thought to realize that she was my other half.. I couldn’t imagine my life without her, it’ll probably be no other than dorky and horrible.. She completes me and I know she feels same way about me too.
“Okay.. Will you both give yourself some privacy and have some pre-marriage Cookie first?” Martha asked, walking out of the kitchen with a tray. Sighting her, Jacqueline gasped first before rushing up to her, good thing she left the cookies aside cos Jacky literally jumped on her in a hug.
“OMG Martha! I can’t believe you’re here” she squeals with a smile.
“Nick picked me up” she said and Jacqueline turned to look at me, I shrugged.
“I’m so happy to see you! It’s been so long!” They hugged again.
“Good to see you too, soon to be bride. I’m happy for you Jacqueline, congratulations
“Thank you Mart”
There was a loud throat clearing and when Jackie turned, she gasped again..
“Lance!” She rushed up to him..
“I’m so happy to see you guys” she said.
“Couldn’t miss my friend engagement party” he said and they hugged. She turned to me in smiles..
“How did you do it?”
“I have my ways” I said and she smiled.
Martha pulled her and looked closely at the ring..
“This is pure silver girl, you really found Mr right on a platter of gold. I hope mine happens soon”
“Whoa! Who’s the lucky guy Mart” she asked and her gaze moved towards Lance, Jacqueline followed it.
“Wait. Lance? Like you guys are together?” Jacqueline asked surprised and she nodded. “How? When? Is he the guy you’ve been telling me about? The one that has been all over you”
“Yes. We started dating last year” she said and they both jumped together happily.
“Wow..I remember you mentioned Lance but I just didn’t think it was him, you guys were like tom and jerry back then” I said.
“Trust me Jackie, it never ended” Martha said and they laughed.
“So since we have two couples here, why don’t we have a double celebration party?” Dad suggested and I nodded, Jacqueline followed.
“C’mon.. Let’s go pick our dresses” Jacqueline dragged Martha along and I watched her with so much happiness.
Few weeks from now, she’ll be completely mine and I’ll be assured that she’s mine forever.
First she gave me a reason to deeply want to be something I never believed I could be which I finally became and now she gave me a reason to be happy forever..!
Can life get any sweeter?

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